Spread...corrupt...Consume! Nothing...can!

- The Mausoleum

THe BIo-Morpling Horde is a massive organization of zombie-like creatures native to the Mirus, and originaly creations of the powerful Multus Esse and created for an unknown purpose. Stored away during the Galactic War against the Grox, some where found and turned into Grox servants, some into Darkling Brotherhood slaves, and, later, the majority of them would become experiments of the Grox Followers before escaping and forming their own empire.

Dreaming of consuming all life, the Bio-Morphlings where origianly lead by a Queen, or a series of them, before it was revealed they where lead by an assimialted Ugandalorian called The Mausoleum . The Mausoleum's body was used as an avatar of sorts for the collective will and strength of the Morphling race as a whole, and commonly lead their greatest assimilation campaigns.

History Edit

Origins Edit

I don't know what's wrong with him, but he's really weird and pissed off.

- Last words of a Tarmealox crewmember to one of his buddies, before their third "companion" reveals himself.

The Bio-Morphlings started out as an un-finished Project by the Enlightened Ones. When the Alpha Grox rebelled, the Enlightened Ones stored away the Morphlings on two temple worlds until they could be retrieved. However, they never got the chance, the Alpha Cyber Collective and other revolting against their masters in an attempt to subjugate the galaxy. What became of the Bio-Morphlings is unknown after that, but they were unrefined, and the world they were stored on came to be inhabited by another, younger race. The race, what became known as Shapers, had come to believe the Morphlings were a gift from the Gods and released them, modifying and experimenting to use them for some unknown cause.

Somehow, the project glitched, turning into a virus and corrupting the few scientists who worked on it, their bodies becoming the ground work for the mass and collective that would become the Bio-Morphlings. Sabotaging the ventilation systems and food supplies, these infected began spreading their numbers, and modifying their bodies to further push the limits of their power. By time the wider population knew what was happening, the Morphlings had hunted down and infested much of the wider population, overtaking and spreading biomass over various starships to carry them throughout the stars.

As they subsumed more races, a group from the Tarmealox Hierarchy, attempted to bring them under control, establishing a research base near by, and began capturing and experimenting with the Morphlings to bring them under control through use of various Grox viruses, such as the Mechanovirus. This would, however, result in their full coming into being, achieving true sentience, rather then simply mimicking it. Managing to infiltrate through the infection of several workers, the Horde quickly consumed their supposed masters, and began their plan to consume the galaxy.

Enlightenment War Edit

During the Fiction:Enlightenment War, the Morphlings where called by their Alpha Grox allies to assist in an attack on Ugandalore. Working alongside their brothers who where servants of the Meeno, the Morphling horde attacked with voracious intent, consuming any enemies unlucky enough to cross them, many towns and villages devoured down to even life stock. Ugandalorian forces worked hard to push back these savage creatures at all costs.

However, they where surprised when their Creators reawoke across the galaxy, and soon joined their more benevolent creations and their allies in the fight. They tried to turn this around, but could not withstand the advanced technology of their creators, their forms unable to assimilate the genetics of the Multus Esse's warriors at that point. As such, the Hordes began focusing their attempts on other areas, where the advantage was theirs.

The Morphlings, the Bachyeon, and their Alpha Grox allies barely escaped the wrath of their creators, and the Morphlings' participation ended after that, retreating to their territory to heal and gather Bio-mass to build more forces. At some point, later, they would attempt to assimilate the remaining worlds of the Kramalin, and finish what the Alpha Cyber Collective had started. While at first largely successful, the Kramalin and Mendel teamed up to drive off the flesh eaters, and would result in many Kramalin becoming refugees within the Pact.

Gigaquadratic Conflicts Edit

The Morphlings, at one point, taking advantage of the fighting between Mendel and French forces, landed on the colony world of Kash'var, planning to assimilate it and claim the world as their own. With Mendel forces off fighting, the world seemed undermanned and unable to defend itself. However, the scientists had one trump card in play, one unit the Morphlings where not prepared for. The Kal'Ryana battlesuit, a large battle/mech suit designed for long-ranged suppressive fire against infantry targets. The 3, one still a prototype, where deployed, using their heavy plasma weapons and flechette guns, to cut down swarm after swarm of Bio-Morplings. Soon, the forces where able to push on and destroy the Death-Lord that commanded the swarm, and his forces crumbled soon after, every Morphling hunted down and killed.

When the Alpha Cyber Collective was unable to breach the territory of the weakened UAE, thanks to efforts by both the newly formed Covenant of Mirus and The Brotherhood of Darklings, the Morphling horde stood by and watched, planning their next strike carefully and preparing for the day they could finally unleash their full wrath upon their foes once more.

Traits Edit

Culture Edit

Morphlings are concerned with assimilating more Bio-Mass to grow their powerfull race. They are ruled by a Network of Queens who serve their master. They hate other races, tolerating none, only hesitating to attack their creators, but never the less trying ever under-handed tactic they can to win.

They where ruled by Queens, a network of gaint beasts that take milliana to creat from corpses and Bio-mass, and posses the intelligence of past queens, whos remeants where used to build them. However, they where later destroyed, and it was revealed that the Horde was ruled by a being named "The Mausoleum", though each of these rulers were more avatars of the Horde's collective will then anything else.

The Morphlings first plan of attack will be to assimilate and gather as Much Bio-Mass as possible. Once they have enough to connect with their queens, they will go about systematically attacking the population centers of a planet. After this, it is only a matter of time before you are finally conquerored.

Some Morphlings hide inside other races, as Imitations. These Imitations can re-strucuture their body to fight, or have pieces of their body break off to reap havoc. Each piece of an imitation is concerned with survival, and will abandon the main body or other imitations to survive.

While imitations can hide it better, all Morphlings can be identified with their heavy, hoarse breathing, as the spores growing in their body causes their lungs to fill with the spores, which they must constantly expel.

Technology Edit

Bio-Morphlings use mostly left-over tech from the Meeno Grox, but will Asimilate anything that comes near them. It should be noted that their ships are organic, like the Waptoria Alliance of Species.

Biology Edit

The Morphlings have no biology of their own, but once they infect a being, they will take on their appearance, and even health issues, as they do not wish to attract too many questions over what happened to a heart or lung condition. Morphlings can weaponise almost anything in their body, and split apart at will. The only down side to this, is each piece has a need to survive, and will let others of it's kind die in order to escape. As such, once separated, it is difficult to reattach themselves again.

Unlike most similar organisms, Morphlings do not rot. Since they are living when their cells takeover, their target becomes their vessel, or they fill a corpse with their own life-force. However, it is easier to take over a living being, then a dead one, as it's heart will circulate the cells faster, and allow the Morphling to take hold quicker. Also, many will question how a dead person can be alive again, thus attracting unneeded attention.

Since infected commonly have Morphling spores growing inside their lungs, they commonly talk in a wheezing, disjointed manner, and many attempt to hide this from those they have infiltrated. This was engineered on purpose, so that if the Morphlings ever went rogue, they would be easier to deal with. Those copied are noted to lack any gleam in their eyes, no matter what angle light hits these.

They cannot infect Xomorphic Parasites. Ironically, despite their joys in assimilating and taking over others, they are vulnerable to their cousins, the Shadow Morphlings and the Vias Fraudator

Military Edit

Land forces Edit

Bio-morphlings, unlike most Zombie-like groups, are more cowardly in approach. They will assimilate one of an enemies' number, and said them into the base, as an imitation. The imitation will do what it can to cause chaos and infect others. Once it dies, the others move in, usually at night.

An imitation can alter it's body to fight, though prefers not to. It will often even rat out other imitations, to avoid getting caught. Like all Bio-Morphlings, each piece can become it's own living being, as a head, arm, or even blood can try to crawl away. However, when it has too, a Morphling can be extremely dangerous, as it's teeth can become fangs, it's hands, claws, and can grow tentacles, or spray viruses at you.

Once chaos has been sowed on frontier outposts and the foe is weakened, as well as enough biomass being gathered to further the development of the Horde and its intelligence, the Bio-Morphlings will begin to coordinate on a mass military level, rather then relying on imitations to act independently, though will still use them in some form to attack their foes, and slow their advances.

After enough Mass is gathered to form a Coordinator, the Morphlings will slowly terraform and change the environment to suit their needs, turning the planet into one massive Morphling if given enough time. The only way to stop this is to deterraform the world to the point it is a lava-filled wasteland, burning the Morphlings entirely, and forcing their foes to take the slow process to terraform it again.

Fleet Edit

Bio-Morphlings spread their mass onto enemy ships, effectively making them half-organic, half-metallic. The organic tech of the Waptoria is especially sensitive to these beasts' corruption. These ships are grown to transport the Death-Lords across the galaxy in their quest to assimilate all life for the hive. As such, their Bio-ships range from small, life-forms barely a few meters across, to almost planet-sized behemoths. Even if destroyed, a Bio-ships' remnants can land on the planet, and begin creating new Bio-morphlings.

Bio-Morphlings organize in massive fleets, all connected physically by strands of Bio-mass, making them tentacle-like in appearance. However, this is the last stage in massive fleet invasions, and when this happens, little can stop their advance. This has only occurred once, when the Mausoleum organized his forces under the title "Hive Behemoth". However, Behemoth was broken apart and it's unknown when another could form.

Joiners Edit

Individuals Edit

I like you. I'll assimilate you last.

  • Name -The Mausoleum
  • Species - Ugandalorian
  • Role - Ruler of the Horde.

The Mausoleum is the creature acting as leader of the Bio-Morphling Horde, and was it's true ruler, using the Queens as avatars for his schemes. The first victim of the Bio-Morphlings before they rebelled, it was his emotions and memories that drove them, as they where so intrigued by his thinking, they wanted to unite all thoughts in one being. The Mausoleum now acts as a tactical leader, giving the mindless swarm direction in their offensive. Despite this, he has trouble suppressing their bestial nature, and often finds himself overwhelmed by their desire to consume that lurks within.

The Mausoleum actually hates his own existence, and finds himself a disgusting shade of what he once was. Hating to feed on the dead and living, Mausoleum wants desperately to finally die, but is kept from doing so by the Horde's will. Mausoleum is a strong warrior, mostly using his claws, though sometimes spawns tentacles and uses his bones as projectiles to fight foes.

Mausoleum, like most Morphlings, can take on his former visage, a victim's, or other morphlings in order to hide.

For...the Swarm!

  • Name - Varies
  • Species - Bio-Morphling
  • Role - Generals

Death-Lords are Bio-Morphlings created to guide the swarm in battle. Rare, and exceptionally intelligent, Death-Lords provide tactical knowledge for the Swarm. They are the closest thing the Bio-Morphlings have to a leader, channeling the might of their collective hive-mind into the lower Morphlings, enhancing their strength, senses and abilities to new levels. Outside of this, they act as generals, using their tactical sense to lead the lesser, more beastial Morphlings.

The weapon of a Death-Lord are all as different as the savages themselves, some preferring toxic and acidic weapons to melt and putrefy their victims, while others use massive claws and tendril-like weapons to smash and crush their way through enemies. Outside of this, each yields incredible psychic power, able to both guide the swarm, and enhance their own abilities, as well as block out the powers of others and create shields and mind-based projectiles.

Even if killed, a Death-Lord's mind still exists within the entire swarm, and, slowly, his minions will bring back his body through the collection and assimilation of new corpses and victims, until he is ready to stand among them once more. A Death-Lord can be killed a hundred times, and so long as his swarm is still alive, he will continue to rise again, remembering every foe that killed it and not stopping until it has gotten it's vengeance.

Death-lords are all twisted and insane, taking the darkest parts of the Mausoleum's personality and craving it into themselves.

Relations Edit

Yellow face Allies Edit

We...shall..tolerate you.

  • Alpha Cyber Collective - If could our master...
    • Meeno Grox - want...that...Queen!
    • Necrox - Descendants...Siblings...Kinsmen...
  • Dead Watchers - ...
  • New Grox Emprie - If the Cyber Collective...likes you...

Orange face Neutral Edit

Run...Hide...We will find you...

Green face Food Edit

You will...not know us...when we attack...

Quotes from others Edit

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A horrible mix between the Meeno Grox undead and us. We will defeat these pests at all cost!

- W'tze of the Waptoria Alliance of Species

Disgusting, simply disgusting.

- Barda Clett

Just when I thought that I was done with the Infectants..YOU guys show up..

- King Glynn of the Volver Empire

We share many things in common...

- The Infectants

Trivia Edit

  • Main inspiration comes from the titular creature of the John Carpenter film, The Thing, as well as the similarly inspired Necromorphs of Dead Space.
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