Silveria is a Quadrantia Humanoid, serving as an officer within Rambo Nation and Rambo Command. Upon his promotion to fleet captain he was given the oversight over the fleet stationed within the Inner Colonial and Mid Colonial Sectors, where his prime fleet duties was to protect the wormholes that connect Quadrant 82 with other galaxies. He later recieved a promotion to rear-admiral and became the head of the Science Department.

Bill is a well respected officer within Rambo Command and one of few so called "experts" on the Quadrantia Grox. He is known for his stuborness and refusal to admit defeat. Making jokes about him being bald is not advised as he will not take kindly to that and consider it an insult.


Early History (52 BQF-04 AQF)[]


Bill Silveria was born in 52 BQF at the Rambo colony of Koerband, where he grew up and eventually left to join the Rambo Acadamy at the Rambo Capital. After graduating from the Acadamy he served onboard many vessels and eventually found his way as an enlisted officer and captain within the Rambo Navy, assigned to the Excelsior-Class, USS Juno.

Upon his promotion to fleet captain, he became a mentor figure for a pupil of his, James Rambo who would eventually become a captain himself. He also grew to respect and admire vice-admiral Ramcard.

During his time as captain he saw little to no action during the Second Galactic War and the Intergalactic War. During this time he also met his wife, married and got a child daughter.

Fleet Captain[]

Somewhere after the Second Galactic War, Bill recieved his promotion to fleet-captain. Near the end of the 6th monht of 04 AQF- during the Quadrantia Disorder he was dispatched to the outer areas of the Dissia-System where they engaged the Grox Empire.

Massacre by a Quadrantia Grox Sphere

The battle was fierce, taking damage to his ship and losing one of the captain Bill and his fleet managed to retreat. Afterwards he informed Rambo Command and led the defense of Koerband against the Grox as well. This 2-hour long fight was even worse though the Rambo forces managed to drive the Grox away.

During the 2nd month of 05 AQF, Bill attented the relaunch of the USS Enterprise-A which was scheduled for a long range exploration mission for three years under James Rambo. Using his position and influance he arranged his daughter Laria to serve onboard the Enterprise. After having diner he said his goodbye and best wishes to James and his daughter Laria. Shortly after, Bill Silveria took command of a fleet, combined of Rambo and Imperial vessels to engage an approaching Quadrantia Grox-Sphere heading towards Koerband. Bill lost his entire fleet and the USS Juno was heavily damaged during the battle. Taken severe injuries, he need medical treatment before returning to duty after he and his crew were resqued by vice-admiral Ramcard. The Grox simply attacked and later left, seemingly lost interesst in the Rambo planet.

Drastic decisions by Ram'Vell after the Viral Outbreak

In the evening of the change of year into 07 AQF, Koerband was struck by the Viral Outbreak, killing thousands in a single night. During the night Bill led the defenses and ordered the quarantine of the peninsula, resulting in a massive fence at Arthenost and the loss of the east bank of Cardolast and it's bridge.

The USS Juno approaches the Harbinger of Truth above Koerband.

When morning came he met with ambassador Ram'Vell, leader of Koerband who ordered him to shoot anyone who dared to enter or leave the peninsula. He was also to inform the empress and Rambo Command. Saluting, Bill did as he was told and returned to monitor the Virals from a far.

Later on, during the 2nd month of 07 AQF he engaged the Melkón-class Dreadnought of Thaur Vicliquam and Voro Acetenus when they attempted to resque their friends from Virals. Though the initial attack proved futile, he later returned with a larger fleet though was rebuked by Operative Claire Rambo and was forced to stand down.


In 15 AQF, Bill Silveria was promoted by Rambo Command to the position of rear-admiral. He was assigned to the Rambo Command Science Department (RCSC), tasked with collecting and analyzing scientific data (both onboard vessels and on planets). As rear-admiral, Bill and his staff assigned the various space ships in service of Rambo Nation on scientific missions. A position Bill eagerly accepted, a new challenge after his mostly tactical carreer.

Personality and Traits[]

Bill Silveria is a kind and noble person, who wishes the best for his crew and his Nation. He is devoted to serving within the navy and takes great pride in it. Though respected by many, he is considered a wise and noble officer with a tendacy to refuse to admit defeat. This gave him also the notorious reputation as a stubborn and elderly officer, still living a bit in the "old days". He also isn't very fond of jokes about his being bald.

He is very proud of his daughter, Laria who serves onboard the USS Enterprise as an engineer ensign and likes to talk about her to other officers.

Silveria is a devoted follower in the Rambo Pantheon.

As a rear-admiral, he wears the standard rear-admiral uniform and upon his promotion his hair turned white/grey due to age.



LoveRelation.pngFamily is very important to me!


Green face.pngMy duty is to the Empress!


Yellow face.pngNot sure about them

  • Ram'Vell - Ambassador and leader of Koerband


Red face.pngSurrender to the authorities of Rambo Nation!

  • Thaur Vicliquam - You are not welcome here, not even if the Operative agrees with your presence

Ships Commands[]

USS Juno

The USS Juno is an Excelsior-class ship with a length of 467 meters. The class is classified as a heavy cruiser and needs a full crew complement of 750 personel to operation effeciently.

The V3 version of the Excelsior class is one of the more powerful cruisers seen that dateframe (06 AQF/03 NE). The class became stronger and far faster than the Galaxy class- which was retired for that reason. The new Excelsior class V3 is equipped with all modern weapons and shields, like photon and quantem torpedoes, but as well as transphasic torpedoes and a warpdrive wich can reach Warp 9.8.


My mentor and a great officer of Rambo Nation!

- James Rambo


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  • He is considered one of the Nation's experts on the Grox.


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