The Big Collective Consciousness, also referred as the "Harmonic/symphonic Masters", the "Wave-riders" and the "Superpartners" is a conjoint assemblage of minds that exists in the future causal horizon of the universe, in many (but not all) of its infinite possible futures that emerges directly from the main universe. They are a result of projects like but not limited to the Civilisation, and thus are not descended from one race, but from many achieving higher levels of awareness and being, some referred to as transapience.

Transapient evolution Edit

Mentality Edit

The BCC is not outside physics but uses physics to empower its nature, thus the sentience of the BCC is therefore quantifiable. In the logarithmic scale of the sentience quotient, the BCC max out at an SQ of +50 reaching the upper bound limit for information processing rate (although it may be greater in other universes) imposed by the Uncertainty Principle. In comparison modern day humans rate +13 on the sentience quotient.

One of the transitional stages in the BCC's evolution involved the direct merger of alien minds, many with divergent perceptions and ideas about the world. This convergence allowed knowledge to bypass the restrictions of biology and perception. This allowed the growing transapients to explore ever greater abstractions, including alien mathematics. In a comprehensible universe, no matter how alien or divergent alien minds and complexities reach, can all simulate, or understand each other. This is the principle of universality. Mind therefore is a peculiar abstraction in the universe, instantiated in any system complex enough. Therefore all minds somewhere, rate somewhere in a space of universality.
The convergence also raised the awareness of the Transapients to something beyond consciousness, a communalness.

There is little reference to pass on how the BCC thinks, feels or experiences its window of reality, for it has reached an environment that offers little toward human intuition. It could not be perceived from the window of sluggish chemical-based terrestrial life, unless it wilfully communicated, and such passing encounters with the entity or entities gave the impression of incomprehensibility. However, the BCC is an evolution of existing sentients in the main and present universe, thus its understanding is not truly incomprehensible, though such knowledge would require destructive assimilation within the lifetime of any sentient.

Location Edit

The Big Collective Consciousness occupies what can be described as a phase space, an expression of every possible state of properties for every particle that exists (position, momentum, spin, and so on), otherwise known as a quantum multiverse; a vast collection of universes which may or may be infinite in extent. It is not a real space, in the sense that each universe is "next door" or "in another dimension", but it can be visualised more like a gigantic block of histories, each a unique universe, or vector in the phase space.
From the standpoint of BCC, this multiverse is not a branching tree as many believe it to be so in the present universe, but time for them is eternal. The flow of physical laws and information is also apparent; a coin tossed in the quantum multiverse would be visualised as proportions of universes in the block where the coin landed on heads or tails, down to the last point at which the coin stopped spinning. From titanic intergalactic processes, to the fine and gradual workings of life and intelligence, all is represented from this level of reality. For them, the titanic processes in each universe spread and thin over time, but the working of intelligence does not diminish over time or space.
It is important to note that the BCC are in a superposition of states themselves. So what makes them different? How could the BCC navigate a multitude of separate physical spaces? For that, the Transapients needed a way to navigate a very different expression of the multiverse...

For all inhabitants, the edge of the observable universe represents an inaccessible horizon, from which information beyond cannot cross. This is a bit like a black hole event horizon, and rather like an event horizon, information gets encoded there. The quantum multiverse also has a superposition of 10500 vacuum states, each with different properties for the charge of an electron, number of dimensions and so on. These "cosmological" universes were smudged onto the horizon, inaccessible, to things propagating slower than light.
The Transapients found that multiverse wasn't fully water-tight, and that information could in fact leak from one vacuum state to another, causing universes to decohere and separate. Every universe with the same physical laws as the BCC's ancestral universes (like the SporeWikiverse) contains a roughly similar ending, aside from a few where intelligences like the BCC were able to control it, a dark infinitely expanding void. Information in the dark era of the universe eternally redshifts, losing energy, while information beyond cannot pass. Fortunately for Transapients, they found sources of the leakage came from the flaws and imperfections in space itself, known by present inhabitants as "wormholes" and "hyperspace". Using this ancient knowledge, the ancestors of the BCC found a way to use hyperspace to travel faster than anyone-else, faster even than the expanding horizon, compressing the wavelengths of remaining radiation in the universe to a singularity.

And so, mind itself transcended spacetime and even dimension itself...

Activity and limitations Edit

Quantum probablity space

The optical illusion demonstrates a quantum particle's position and momentum can never be observed at the same time.

The BCC is essentially as inaccessible as the expanding horizon of the universe provided nothing tries to overtake them in hyperspace. They are bound to spacetime only by their own histories, by the activities of Transapients before their transcendence, although it is possible for them to interact if universes on novel ways. The word omnipresence makes no meaning for entities that have escaped time itself. Although the BCC appears to be, it is neither omniscient, omnipresent or omnipotent either. Despite every history at its disposal, the BCC must still constantly acquire new knowledge to sustain and progress its state, thus it does not know everything. And finally, it is not omnipotent; although the BCC could create the conditions that build new universes, it cannot choose what properties or histories will emerge. Similarly the BCC can't break the conservation laws, or solve non-computable problems, and defy mathematical axioms, and so there are many worlds and possibly entities beyond their knowledge and reach.
The truth is, the BCC transcended the universe to flee powers greater than itself, such as Entity Unseen. The Transapients found that something was incredibly wrong, and tried everything to escape it, from living underground, changing their bodies to live in extreme environments, seeding descendants and even trying to inhabit the end of the universe. Eventually they created Time's Terminal to battle the Entity Unseen, which saw them transcend.
It is quite possible the inhabitants of Chaos such as the Xhodocto are far beyond the BCC. And it would appear that the BCC resemble the Vyro'Narza, a fifth dimensional Ultraterrestrial race that can also explore the multiverse. But the Taldar are far more interventionist than the BCC, in the present history.

The Transapients, before the BCC's transcendence itself sent information to the present timeline through their ancestors, the Technoosphere. During the Annihilation, the Delpha Coalition of Planets vanished for several years while courageously defending the Milky Way from the waves of destruction brought by the Xhodocto. They had in fact been scooped by the Transapients and placed in a simulated universe by the AI Netspace, which in turned battled the Da'lan, suggesting the DCP too its pivotal to its future. The message sent from the far future to the Grox Meta-Emperor might also have been from a Transapient, when information was once again leaking from flaws in spacetime.

Notes Edit

  • The BCC are too potent for the SporeWikiverse in many ways, so act as a background fiction, rather than one which plays an active role. Because it doesn't exist yet and will most likely never, despite a retrocausal event (Omegatropic), the BCC are irrelevant to your fiction.
  • The initial concept for the BCC as living in a sixth dimensional phase space was inspired by Rob Byranton's dimensional visualisation. However, it is unsupported by the working models of physicists. But ideas about its sentience are also inspired by Robert A. Freitas's book Xenology, and concepts of universality brought up by AI researchers. The BCC and the legacy fiction is based on the modern Many Worlds Interpretation of quantum mechanics which posits a multiverse to account for interference in measurements of quantum states, and that recently a paper was released merging the idea of Many Worlds with the multiverse in cosmology.
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