Bianca Fiercehart is a female Quadrantia Humanoid born at the harsh desert planet known as Terra Desaria located in the Unclaimed Territories. Escaping her life, she joined Rambo Nation as a medical officer and was soon the lead person in the study and experiments on the mysterious Scions.


Bianca with Qewtwo at the Proogency Facility

Bianca Fiercehart was born in 26 BQF at the harsh desert planet known as Terra Desaria in a poor, though hard working family. Her parents worked hard so Bianca could get what she wanted, to go to school and study. Her parents were killed by a rampaging Slashers, even since she disliked any of the known bug Scions. Eventually she escaped Terra Desaria and joined Rambo Command where she joined space fleet of Rambo Nation as a medical officer and doctor. After years of bringing up the topic of researching the mysterious Scions, she eventually gained the attention of Ramtainus Ramveral and used his influance as a captain to send her to Proogency, where she could study Scions and what she wanted to do most, study and monitor the dreaded Quadrantia Grox. When Ramtainus became a vice-admiral, he gave her permission to create her own Scion, resulting in the creation of Qewtwo. Ramtainus has hopes that such Scions could be cloned and serve as supersoldiers within Rambo Nation.

When she learned that Ramiron Le Rambo was to become the commander of the Proogency facility, she was disatisfied as he was a known supporter of vice-admiral Ramcard. During the second month of 07 AQF, the USS Excelsior under command of captain Chianwe Apanoida arrived at Proogency, ordering them to serve onboard the Excelsior during the duration of the hunt for the Infernal. Initiatlly not happy with this decision, she raised her objections due to her research, though after inspecting the Scion, Apanoida decided to take the Scion onboard as well. Pleasing the doctor yet endangering the entire crew.

In July 08AQF, after the Tormenting events at Arcaniox, she travelled to the Rambo Capital at behalf of Ser Rambert Ramveral to treat the gravely injured Empress Ramashe. Though she was unable to retrieve her from her comatose, Bianca did keep Ramashe alive and continues her treatment in the hopes she will ever revive from her comatose state.

Personality and Traits[]

Bianca is not accounted as a beautiful woman, she is regarded as attractive and eye-catching, with an exotic, sensuous flair. She has black hair in braids. She is described as a good woman, strong and brave, with a gentle heart though cold and fanatis in her research on the mysterious Scions and her own creation, Qewtwo. She can also be hard, quick, and hot-tempered. She is known to be an excellent Rhidor rider. She is fond of wine and often drinks a whole bottle.

A clever woman, she became a doctor and managed to serve within Rambo Command, being send to Proogency to do what she wanted to do most, study the most dangerous inhabitants of the Quadrants, the Quadrantia Grox!



Green face.pngI believe I can trust them!


Yellow face.pngHmm, not sure about them

  • Ramiron - Great, a Serindia with ambitions

Orange face.pngUrgh, stay away or I unleash Qewtwo upon you!

  • none yet


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