The one word many use to describe Brahkus is, in general, “loud”. Brahkus has little care for what others think of him and his actions, and it’s because of this trait that removes whatever sense of inhibition he has. Brahkus has a rather colorful vocabulary in terms of swearing, and he swears with an almost liberal frequency, often to the dismay of the more cultured individuals around him. Brahkus holds a nihilistic view towards the world, a result of his rather violent and abusive childhood at the hands of his master. Brahkus distances himself from other people and often berates them for little reason, though he is not completely infallible - he does make friends, though his minor psychopathy often causes many to worry for his health. Brahkus is, due to his young age, rather naïve and can often come off as foolish because of this. Brahkus will not bother to go through the trouble of helping others unless he is, in some way, benefited from assisting others. Brahkus tends to spend his time by himself, meditating to himself to keep the demon of his Descension at bay. Brahkus is rather hedonistic as well, and happily indulges many of his desires to the point of almost being dangerous, and Brahkus has been apprehended by many authorities for his actions. When it comes to combat, Brahkus is notably bloodthirsty, and often unnerves others with the sudden ferocity he throws himself at the enemy with. Brahkus understands that he cannot be killed by normal means, and because of this his ferocity is nearly unmatched in combat. Brahkus never intentionally goes for innocents, and he prefers to keep innocent casualties as few as possible, though he will not hesitate to kill even the most helpless civilians if they get in his way. Brahkus has his own doubts about himself - he believes he will never be strong enough to challenge l’Evaranur on his own, and he is secretly worried that the bloodshed he causes will ultimately cause him to go insane. Brahkus also has, more or less, a severe and barely restrained multiple personality disorder. Brahkus is constantly harassed in his mind by his own dark counterpart, birthed from his past traumatic experiences and fueled by his Descension. This dark counterpart is known as Indignant Manic, and constantly harrasses and manipulated Brahkus. Indignant Manic is, in truth, the mental embodiment of Brahkus’ Demon Form, and his personality has been drawn from the experiences Brahkus has had in the past. Indignant Manic is a destructive entity of pure and unrivalled malice that could (and has) made even l’Evaranur turn pale. Indignant Manic thirsts for destruction in any form, and often berates Brahkus for his inner belief that he is weak to manipulate him into embracing the Demon Form, and thus letting Indignant Manic free from his bonds. Indignant Manic is very intelligent, and although animalistic in the Demon Form, he is more than capable of outsmarting his opponents if he needs to. Indignant Manic seeks to supplant Brahkus and destroy him entirely, taking over his host and allowing him to spread destruction and bloodshed as he sees fit.


Bhrakus is a Zazane/Zurrok hybrid, and as such possesses traits unique entirely to him. Because of his heritage, Bhrakus is considered grotesque by most - his face is mutated and nearly demonic in appearance. Bhrakus stands much taller than the average Zazane, and his height is attributed to his Zurrok heritage. His skin is a deep red, his skin pigment originating from the Zazane portion of his blood. His skin is cracked and scarred, each scar originating from one of the many beatings he received from his late master as a slave. His lower legs and his forearms are charred and the skin is extremely thin to the point of his arms resembling a skeletal mass, or the exoskeleton of a hemiinsect. His hands are a grotesque mixture of the Zurrok and the Zazane hands - he has three fingers that take the form of large claws, and his hands are naturally large and muscular. Bhrakus’ muscles are well developed, and his stature is particularly large even out of his demon form. He possesses two, batl-like wings, though he incapable of using them to fly. He posses a long tail tipped with a spike - the form attributed to his Zazane heritage, and the length of which attributed to his Zurrok heritage. He has a set of demonic horns and a pair of two ram-like horns adorning his head, and his eyes are pitch black. He possesses a Zurrok-like crest, surrounded by Zazane horns, further emphasizing his nature as a hybrid. His armor is tarnished and ramshackle, constructed by what he could scavenge with the crew of the No Laughing Matter. It is covered in scorch marks received from Hegemony plasma weapons and is particularly rusted.


There are very few in the Gigaquadrant who can lay claim to the title of being capable of fighting Indignant Manic and survive.

Bhrakus’ form changes dramatically when in his so-called Kudalikra, or demon form. Indeed, his wounds on his skin open further to tear his scars open, revealing an orange glow one wouldn’t find to be much different from the same glow that glowing magma would have. He grow two extra pairs of ram-like horns, which mutate and twist grotesquely around his head. His mouth mutates and twists to resemble that of a Zazane mouth - though his jaw is warped considerably. Extra demonic horns grow and point backwards, as his eyes begin glowing red. His muscular stature increases considerably - he grows considerably in bulk and muscles, and his height increases to 14 feet high. His statue turns hunched over, as his tail enlarges massively and thickens, growing far heavier and growing a second spike, with both spikes enlarging and sharpening. His hands grow a second thumb opposite of his original, and his wings grow massively and widen, allowing him to fly. Demonic spikes tear their way out of his shoulders and point backwards, originating from a cyst-like growth on his shoulders. His feet split and his toes merge, forming two main spikes that point forward and act as his new feet. A set of sharp, fine spikes tear their way out of his back, and spikes shoot from his waist and point downwards, ram-like growths snaking their way down his legs. His ribcage widens considerably, and his ribs grow massively in thickness to the point where they are easily seen pressing against the skin, with a ribbed bone-like ornament moving from his crotch to his upper chest. Animalistic growling and hissing replace his normal voice, though the speech of the demon still exists, referring to itself as Indignant Manic with a malice and hatred paling even l’Evaranur.

Equipment and AbilitiesEdit

Bhrakus, due to his natural Descension and the strength and dexterity he has as a Zurrok/Zazane hybrid, has a wide range of abilities to help him in combat. Even with his bare hands, Bhrakus is capable of overpowering even Manitja combat robots and Tei’aine, and is capable of going toe-to-toe with the large and powerful reptilians of the Vaktorin clans. His physical enhancement are at such levels that his strength, even without Descension, are of renown across the Hegemony, with Tei’aine often making jokes at his expense. Agility-wise, he is capable of quick movements, though he is not particularly flexible nor is he particularly fast. He is incapable of flight, and his tail and wings often get in the way of his movement and slow him down. His armor isn’t particularly powerful, being made from scrap parts by scavengers to give him only a sense of protection. Despite this, Bhrakus charges headstrong into battle with little stopping him - he understands that due to his Descension, he is incapable of being killed by any normal means. Bhrakus, in combat, wields a plasma pistol and an electrified staff. Bhrakus’ staff and pistol are quite normal, though Bhrakus often uses Lotashkadarashim to enhance the performance and damage of his electrified staff immensely. Bhrakus is capable of limited teleportation through his Awakened Sin, and often uses it for the sole reason of closing distance between him and his target, which can often put his enemies off-guard. Bhrakus also is capable of telekinesis - though he only uses it to blast away his opponents if he finds himself outnumbered. Bhrakus holds a particularly feared ability as well - he is capable of Kudalikra, or in laymans terms, able to undergo the Demon Form. Often, Bhrakus holds back the urges to enter the Demon Form, due to the fact that the Demon Form is controlled by not Bhrakus, but rather, the demonic presence in his mind known as Indignant Manic. His physical power and speed is enhanced by an enormous margin, making him capable of singlehandedly tearing through armored vehicles with ease, and his Descension grows far more powerful under the influence of the Demon Form. He can shrug off attacks from sources as powerful as anti-vehicle tanks and continue to heal, and is capable of defeating some of the most powerful entities as his Demon Form. Unfortunately, this comes with caveats. His Demon Form is entirely unpredictable and cannot be controlled by Bhrakus. Indignant Manic seeks only to spread destruction, and he cannot exit the Demon Form willingly. Bhrakus cannot enter the Demon Form at will, rather he can only enter in a strong state of stress - anger, dread, and in general negative emotions provoke the Demon Form to emerge, though anger provides the easiest and the quickest transitions.



Blue face - Hah, you should be happy. I don’t usually pick friends.


Yellow face - Well, you don’t seem all that bad.


Orange face - What do you want?


Orange face - You’re going to become the victim of some raw, unfiltered violence.


Red face - I’m going to enjoy this, very, very much.

l’Evaranur - I’m going to tear you up like wet tissue paper, you piece of shit!


Add some!

I will personally tear your head off and feed your entrails to the Maroon itself, halfbreed!

- l’Evaranur
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