Bengo Flett is a Soldarian Bounty Hunter who left his people a long time ago to seek employment across the galaxy. He killed for profit, and didn't care who it was... as long has he got paid. Even if it was a fellow Soldarian. His Past is shrowded in mystery. The only records on him are from when he began training to become a Soldarian Warrior for the military.



Bengo was taken from his family at the age of 8 by a mad scientist named Zard. Zard had ubducted 200 children to turn into super soldiers for the Soldarian-Hyperon War. He injected them with a serum designed to genetically enhance them. Only 72 children were able to take the serum and not suffer any pain. The other children died of pain and sickness. Zard then forcefully trained them in combat and barely let them rest. Eventually, Zard made them fight each other in violent battles. This went on for 5 years. Only 12 came out on top. They were all emotionless, killing machines. Unfortunately for Bengo and the others, the 5 years they spent killing their friends were for nothing: The war had ended 4 months prior. Bengo and the 12 survivors attempted to kill Zard, but he managed to escape. Zard ordered his top agents to kill the remaining kids to cover up his acts. Bengo barely got away from them. He then went into hiding for 4 more years.

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King Pulponious V talks to the last surviving victims of the SEP, including Bengo.

Military TrainingEdit

At the age of 17, Bengo joined the military academy. As a recruit, he had the skills of an elite warrior, besting all of his comrades at combat. His superiors had never in their lives seen such a soldier. The asked him questions frequently about where he came from or who trained him. He never responded, just giving a cold stare. When he was 24, Bengo was already an Elite Class soldier. That title was reserved for warriors who had at least 15 years of training. This made him the youngest Elite in Soldarian history.

Soldarian-Muselian WarEdit

The Muselian empire, led by Space Tyrant Pawnch, attacked Militora. The Soldarians quickly struck back and a huge, violent war broke out. Bengo was put on the front lines, showing that he was the best soldier for the battle. He even showed up his fellow Elites. Pawnch, fearing that Bengo would come for him, withdrew from Militara thus ending the 6 year war.

Bounty HuntingEdit

Bengo believed that his talents as a Super Elite were bing wasted on the Soldarian Military. He left the military searching for a job. Later he ran into a man in need of a Bounty Hunter. Bengo, low on money, accepted the job. All of the people Bengo was hired to kill or captured, were killed or captured. He did the job, no questions asked. Bengo became angry when the man cut his pay. Bengo killed him and took the money that he rightfully deserved.

Bengo later became known all over Militara, and soon other worlds. Bengo built a space ship capable of light speed and interstellar flight. He used the ship to fly to other planets, getting paid for his services. With all the money he earned, Bengo was able to buy an arsenal of weapons and bought tools that could upgrade his battle armor.

Bengo became very good at his job, in fact, he was one of the best. Even larger, more powerful empires hired him, paying him triple of what his usuall employers payed.

Galactic WarEdit

Bengo decided to join his people in the effort to stop King Ziskin's super weapon from going off. He led the Soldarians alongside Space Captain Pogo. Bengo and the Soldarians freed the imprisoned Volver from the prisons and fought the Antroth and Biskin warriors. When General Chainbarr sacrificed himself to destroy the core of the super weapon, Bengo ordered the allied troops to fall back onto the war ships and evacuate the planet immediately.

Pogo told Bengo that he and his people's efforts will not be forgotten and told him that the final battle is on planet Floo. Bengo did heard that Floo was the home planet of the Infectants, a race of beings who survive by infecting people with a horrible illness. He told the Soldarians to fall back to Militaria to avoid the infection and eventually the extinction of his people. Bengo went to Floo instead and helped the allied forces defeat the Infectants for good.

After the WarEdit

Bengo used the remains of the super weapon tho upgrade his armor even further, allowing him to survive in space for exdended periods of time and his weapons systems became more powerful. He used these upgrades to be a more effective bounty hunter.

Currently, he is still seeking employment.

Nebulorian-Alpha WarEdit

see the full war HERE.

Battle of AsconEdit

Bengo joined the war with the Soldarians in order to help the Volver Empire defeat the Nebulorians who were also allied with the notorious Dead Watch. Bengo and Ugandalorian Warrior Barda Clett helped take out the enemy and caused them to retreat.

New PlansEdit

Bengo was assigned the task of protecting his home world, Militora, from the impending attack. He and the Soldarian troops found themselves overwhelmed by the Dead Watch, Nebulorian, and the new Unitech armies. Many Soldarians died. He was later joined by Oskel, a general of the Antroth Empire. With the two armies, they managed to defeat the opposing forces. Suddenly, Lord Ne'yon, leader of the Nebulorians stepped out of the Mothership. He instantly defeated both armies with the flick of a wrist.


Bengo charged at Ne'yon, doing everything in his power to kill him. Ne'yon was unfazed by Bengo's flurries of punches and kicks. Ne'yon then picked up Bengo with telekinesis and electrocuted him to death. The Soldarians and Antroths had to retreat. Militora was lost, and so was their greatest warrior.



Being a Soldarian, Bengo is physically stronger than most races in the galaxy. He is fast, cunning, and very skilled when it comes to hand to hand or weapon combat. Not only did he receive advanced combat training prior to joining the military, Bengo also has Basic Military and Soldarian Elite training.


Bengo keeps an assault rifle and a Plasma Gun handy at all times. He also carries four different knives, and wears high powered gauntlets.


Bengo wears highly advanced super armor. It is the only armor of its kind in the galaxy. It is made of unknown materials and can protect against even a grenade. His helmet features a HUD that gives him vital information, such as the temperature, oxygen levels, armor strength, the time, mission objectives, and a radar/map. His body armor is upgraded to keep his body heat at a constant temperature, and can also send oxygen into his blood stream. His gauntlets give him extra striking power and allow him to bend or break thinks he couldn't have without them. Bengo also has a compartment in his right forearm brace that holds buttons that control certain functions of the armor, such as zero gravity, magnetic boots, jetpack, grappling hook, and armor shut down sequence. The armor shut down sequence shuts down Bengo's armor allowing him to remove it. It can only be activated or deactivated by his voice command.


Bengo is a man of few words. He hardly shows any emotions and always wears his helmet to keep his face hidden. All of his emotions as a child were forcefully removed. He always gets the job done and intends to get paid for his services afterwards. He doesn't tolerate liars and people to cheat him out of his money. Bengo is also known to be a man of his word and never tells a lie unless it is necessary.


I'll be back. Have my money ready.

I've seen things I wish I could forget. But because of those things, I am the man I am today

You've got a bounty on your head? How about I take it off for you?

I'm Dr. Bengo. Prescription: Death.

Don't run. You won't get far.

Quotes From othersEdit

Great warrior. I'd fight along side him any day.

- Captain Pogo

He is amazing! I'm glad he's on our side!

- Soldarian Warrior

Orphans are always the most dangerous. He could prove usefull to my Shadow Hunters

- The Dark One, Guildmaster of the Bounty Hunter's Guild

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Bengo Flett's name is a play on Jango Fett. His childhood story is based on the story of the SPARTANS from Halo.

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