I can see it, Uriel. It's like a cancer; a tumor growing and festering deep inside of you, its black core enveloping your heart.

- Hachiman

Bellorkathvus (From the High Dracid The Shadow of Blood) is a supernatural entity of Descension energy that occupied Uriel Ultanos as a host. Thought to be a normal product of Descension, as all inner demons are, Bellorkathvus proved something much more dangerous having thought to have festered on the century-old repressed feelings of aggression Uriel had developed in his life as a soldier. Discovered some time around 2806 AD, the entity (or It as some addressed it) attempted to dominate its host. Thought to be gone after the efforts of Hachiman Hin-Sha to contain it, Bellorkathus' few moments of control demonstrated the extreme danger it posed should it ever take control and envelop Uriel's psyche.



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