If history teaches us anything, it's that the pride and dignity of Rambo Nation never dies. It endures through hardship and humiliation, blood and turmoil, smoke, tears, and sweat. Rambo Nation is greater than one man, and one man cannot bring it down. There is no doubt in my mind that it will overcome its current troubles to reclaim its rightful place among the great powers.

- Belle Lorraine, after signing the first agreement with the Rambo Senate

Belle Lorraine is a cunning and clever ambassador in service of the French Empire and a noted ambassador who eased tensions between Rambo Nation and France after the failed Franco-Rambo Summit in 19 AQF. At ease at the heart of the machinations and intrigue of the court of High King Rambert Ramveral, she emerged as a powerful force in Rambo politics despite the Rambo monarch's distrust of her. Indeed, she counts among her allies important factions within the Rambo Senate with whom she works tirelessly to diffuse tensions between Rambo Nation and France. She has also worked on behalf of the Rambo people, women, and key noble houses alienated by Rambert to counteract the monarchy's efforts to demonize her country.


Born at New Paris, Belle Lorraine was born in a well set family who worked hard to earn their money. Her parents send her to law school which she finished with her degree that allowed her to follow her dreams of becoming a diplomat of France.

Belle, Aurestor and Riyo meet James Rambo before starting their diplomatic meeting

In 19 AQF, Belle saw her chance for glory when Rambo Nation raised the fortification belt known as the (in)famous Gorge around the NZTO-territories in the Quadrant Galaxies. The following summit between Emperor Alexandre I and High King Rambert Ramveral turned into a disaster. At this time, Belle grapped her chance and remained in communication with Viceroy Aurestor Beldrin Savenium of the Draconid Imperium to re-start the diplomatic process with the Rambo.

A year later, in 20 AQF she was heard by the young Chinawkya ambassador, Riyo Apanoida and together with Aurestor the three had a secret diplomatic meeting at the Rambo Capital where the three together set the first step to ease the tensions between their nations. Belle attempted to avoid leaving the impression that France was dictating Rambo policy, and instead managed to convince the young Rambo diplomat of her intentions and at behalf of the Rambo Government Riyo allowed French military vessels to pass the Gorge once more if they had the right Rambo clearences. A small step, though at the same time a huge step to improve relations and trust between the Rambo and France.

Personality and Traits[]

Belle Lorraine is a proud Frenchwoman and a gifted yet cunning diplomat. As an ambassador she loves to wield her diplomatic power and uses it wisely to avoid any gossip. Yet she is ambitious as well, hoping her accomplishments will get her to a higher position.

However she has little patience for people who lack any diplomatic capabilities and will let them know as well.

She loves the French kitchen, her favorite include croissants and fresh orange juice for breakfast and has a deep love for the French wines.



Blue face.pngDiplomacy is very important!


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