The Bearian Nations Space Command, or for short; the BNSC, was an alliance and another civilization of the Bearian race. They have existed since 7749 RCT (Reach Common Time, also equivalent to 3 Earth years), or 2583 CE on the Human calendars, years after the revolutionary Bearian-Human War. Their original goal was to gain vengeance on the Grox Empire for destroying their original homeworld, Adelphos-2425b, but as of joining many galactic organizations (e.g. the old and new Seven Starr Alliance, The Civilisation, etc.), they had changed their ways and goals of vengeance to helping the galaxy from any evils that threaten the ways of galactic life. However, they had fallen into very dark times when a civil war had arisen and had ended terrible for both sides, with the loss of billions of citizens and worlds. The New Eridani Confederation was forged in the aftermath and now governs the surviving Bearians, who have evolved into the Eridius species.

Military Edit

Branches Edit

In the BNSC military, there had existed three main branches. In each branch, there were different kinds of special forces and different trainings. Similar to other militaries, all branches had learned and presented cooperation and respect with their squad-mates, fellow branch servicemen and other branch servicemen.

The Bearian Nations Space Naval Branch (Bearian Nations Space Navy) Edit

The BNSN controls all planetary and galactic naval operations, including resupplying fleets and soldiers, planning out naval positions in allied space and planets, and such. They also had controlled the special forces units of the BNSN Marines, also known as the Lpthdi'Naeide or Navy Marines, who take care of the ship's many systems and defenses.

The Bearian Nations Space Aerial Force Branch (Bearian Nation Space Aerial Force) Edit

While the BNSN had supported the re-supplement of troops and fleet ships, the BNSAF had assisted them by transporting these assets with security. The space pilots trained at the Bearian Aerial Dynamics Academy, where specifically taught the basic and advanced tactics of space flight and how to combat against hostilities in the vacuum of space. Similar to the Navy Marines, the BNSAF holds the control of their own special forces units called the Droptroopers or Kejdsihesdibn, similar to paratroopers except troops that drop from space above a planet.

The Bearian Nations Space Army Branch (Bearian Nations Space Army) Edit

The BNSA was the main branch for the BNSC military, as army service-men were taught in both skills specially taught by the BNSN and BNSAF, such as the training of the Navy Marines and Droptroopers. All newly enlisted must pass through basic army training before training in their chosen branch, as the BNSC law had required that all enlisted must have knowledge on how to battle before special training. Basic training for newly enlisted was based on Reach II before the Bearian Civil War, where the facility was terribly destroyed by nuclear weaponry.

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Technology Edit

Most technology of the BNSC were based on nuclear, especially harnessing energy from nuclear fusion made by stars, solar and electric power. They had also discovered a new noble gas element created by the fusion of Helium and Hydrogen particles, which they had named Silonium. To harness Silonium, the BNSC needed 15 rings to filter the Silonium into storage tanks and had launched the tanks, in capsules, towards Reach, with enough momentum to make sure that the tanks would not fall into the atmosphere and could be picked up by the orbital stations. With the harnessed Silonium, they had created Omicronium, a plasma-like energized substance, aboard the orbital stations' laboratories and had been made into cylindrical rods through the process of deposition. These rods could be shipped down to the planet, where they would be brought to a specifically designed building for transforming Omicronium into an electricity-like energy named Curnarsa. The only negative of making and using Omicronium was that the substance was radioactive, similar to Gamma radiation levels. Since the last census, the statistics show the population that uses electronics and devices almost everyday, only 60% of Bearian electronics and devices run on Curnarsa, while 30% run on solar energy produced by the local star and the last 10% recycled energies made from excess parts and scraps no longer used by the populous.

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