Battle of Persephonie
Part of Human Colonial Wars
Battle of Persephonie 2
Date: 2261
Place: Orion's Spur, Milky Way Galaxy
Outcome: Flag of France Decisive French Victory

Flag of France France

Roreinia 2 Roreinia


Flag of France Bernard Legendre
Flag of France Maria Gosse
Flag of France Remi Millet †

Roreinia 2 Artur Túlio †
POTATO Flag Mariano Diaz †
POTATO Flag Samantha Harris


French Starfleet:

21 corvettes
16 frigates
5 ships of the line
8 carriers
1 supercarrier




26 corvettes
28 frigates
3 ships of the line
2 carriers


6 corvettes
10 frigates
6 ships of the line
4 carriers



French Starfleet:

9 corvettes lost
8 frigates lost
1 ships of the line lost
3 carriers lost




23 corvettes lost
3 corvettes captured
23 frigates lost
4 frigates captured
3 ships of the line captured
2 carriers lost


6 corvettes lost
9 frigates lost
1 frigate captured
4 ships of the line lost
2 ships of the line captured
3 carriers lost
1 carrier captured



The Battle of Persephonie was a major engagement between the nations of France, Roreinia, and POTATO that took place near the French planet Persephonie on the 26th of January, 2261.

Background Edit

In the scramble for extrasolar colonies, France and Roreinia had both claimed the planet Persephonie as their own. It was a frigid Siberian planet with plenty of natural resources, and as such was immensely attractive to both nations. The French reached it first in 2199, establishing its first interstellar colony. The Roreinians joined them a decade later in 2210, despite France's claim on the planet.

Tensions between the human powers increased as such incidents became more and more frequent by the 2250's, and Persephonie became a powder keg. Despite being separated by hundreds of miles of frigid wasteland, the two colonies did not get along. By the 2255, border conflicts had become common at their extremities. Finally, in 2260, a dispute over mining rights over a particularly rich segment of territory erupted into full scale war. The French colony struck first, as agitators paid by the French mining company hurried from town to town, calling the townsmen to arms. A militia composed of three hundred French Persephonian men and women attacked the Roreinian colony on November 7, 2260. By November 9, the Roreinia's outnumbered colonial troops had surrendered.

It took two weeks for word of these happenings to reach Earth, though when the news broke, the Roreinian response was instant. Without preamble, they marched into French Guianae, historically the headquarters of France's space program, and took control of it on November 27. The world was stunned. This was the first time in the era that came to be called the Colonial Wars that a nation had attacked another on Earth after a dispute on one of their colonies. A day after French Guiana was seized, French President Martial Duprat demanded it be returned and threatened to use the force necessary to get it back, including nuclear weapons.

As the French gathered their forces, the UN passed a resolution outlawing any French military action against Roreinia. A UN coalitionary fleet gathered in orbit of Earth, composed of starships from most of the human powers, including France's allies, the European Star Republic and Fjord League of Northern Europe. Under such intense international pressure, Duprat ordered the French Armed Forces to stand down.

Though war had been averted on Earth, it would continue in the colonies.

French defeat near Persephonie Edit

On January 3rd, 2261, under the command of Admiral Artur Túlio, the Roreinian starfleet gathered above Earth and set out for Persephonie. When the French learned of this, they rushed their own fleet, led by Admiral Bernard Legendre, to intercept. Unbeknownst to the French, POTATO had also committed troops as Roreinia's ally, a fleet of 26 ships under the command of Vice Admiral Mariano Diaz. They were en route when the French and Roreinian fleets clashed a light year from the planet on January 27, 2261.

Despite being at a numerical disadvantage, Legendre managed to lure Roreinia's fighters, the Víbora, into a deadly crossfire between two previously hidden squadrons of superior Souverain's. With most of Roreinia's strike craft destroyed on the right flank, French fighters and gunships moved in and destroyed four Roreinian frigates before a reinforcing squadron of Vibora's could get there.

An hour into it, the battle had seemed to swing in France's favor. On the Roreinian side, nineteen ships had either been abandoned or destroyed, while the French had only lost seven and still hung on to a majority of its strike craft wings. Without warning, POTATO's reinforcements dropped out of warp behind the battered French right and caused it to collapse utterly. Vastly outnumbered and facing imminent defeat, Legendre ordered a full retreat. The French fleet escaped into hyperspace, leaving behind twenty-three ships either destroyed or abandoned.

Action over the planet Edit

Battle of Persephonie

Minerve warps away as the POTATO-Roreinian fleet goes up in flames.

After having regrouped and enacted field repairs, the combined POTATO-Roreinian task force moved on to Persephonie, where they expected little resistance. When they dropped out of warp into orbit of the planet, they were surprised to find that a singular French ship, the supercarrier Minerve under command of Admiral Maria Gosse, was waiting for them. The Minerve had been stationed at Helene, a planet on the other side of Sol, and as such had taken longer to arrive with its escort. By the time they had reached Persephonie, Legendre had already given the order for the French fleet to scatter.

Gosse then took a decision that would ensure France's survival as a colonial power. She ordered her escort to follow Legendre while she assumed a loose orbit around Persephonie, waiting for the POTATO-Roreinian fleet to arrive. When they came, she drove the Minerve right at them. After numerous warnings, Túlio ordered his batteries to open fire. The Minerve took the blast, though it emerged from the smoke and shards of shattered missiles nearly untouched. It was brandishing a large radiant shield in front of it, an experimental technology deemed impractical for battlefield use since it could not be fired through. The fact that such a shield had been installed on the Minerve had been a closely guarded secret within the French Starfleet since 2253.

The French supercarrier drove headlong into the POTATO-Roreinian formation, loosed three nuclear missiles within it, and escaped into warp. What POTATO-Roreinian ships had not been destroyed in the blast floated helplessly in space, their circuits rendered useless by the EMP released by the detonations. They were stranded there for thirty minutes with dwindling life support until French reinforcements arrived and forced them to surrender.

Aftermath Edit

With the vast majority of its fleet destroyed, Roreinia quickly sued for peace, followed by POTATO. In the one-sided peace deal that followed, Roreinia handed over a good portion of its colonies to the French. This sudden growth afforded France the status of colonial superpower, a denomination it had not worn since the early 1800's. While there was a great degree of political unrest and resistance within its new acquisitions, France managed to maintain control of them through concessions and the careful application of force.

At the end of the colonial wars, many of those colonies returned to Roreinia or were ceded to other states. In return, France obtained a large infinite corridor which it could colonize, allowing it to expand into an interstellar power, a rival in size and strength to other human superpowers.

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