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We must destroy them, before they destroy us. The Marinar plagued our ancestors, and the Marinox plague our present. This space-faring disease must be eliminated. We've had enough! We will prevail and end their existence, here and now!

- Drakley Charil, Dracogonarious Supreme Captain

The Battle for Planet Kaizox was a large-scale event which took place at the Milky Way Galaxy. Under the leadership of the Dracogonarious Empire, multiple empires struck the galaxy's core with the intention of destroying the Marinox. The battle is among the most important events of the galaxy and signified a major defeat in the history of the Grox Meta-Empire.

Arrival at Kaizox[]

They had done it. The united fleet led by the Dracogonarious people arrived at the galactic core of their home galaxy, the Milky Way, or Plazith Rim as some of the natives call it. Their target, the home planet of the Marinox Empire, Kaizox. It was an artificial planet created by the Grox to house a megastructure called a Life Generator, a spear-shaped mechanism which literally stabbed through the planet, going from its north pole, reaching its core and then coming out of its south pole. Through the Grox's hyper advanced technology, this device allowed Marinox drones through the entire galaxy to function without having to rest or be restricted to things such as hunger or thirst. Thanks to this structure, the Marinox were an enemy which could not be weakened, for they were always at full capacity. The mind behind this structure was the genius Ermitant scientist and servant of the Grox Meta-Empire, Errr Krrarrr Lerciannn, who was the inventor and master of the Marinox below the Grox themselves, as well as the creator of lesser servants known as Errrbots. Indeed, from their names, it could be said that Errr was egotistic to say the least.

As the fleet arrived at the planet, specialized planetary defenses quickly attacked, sending barrages of turbolasers and missiles at the invaders. Leading the fleet was the highest military authority of the Dracogonarious Empire, Supreme Captain Drakley, who looked down at the planet through his captain's bay. A furious battle raged in space above their targets as the fleet fought the planet's formidable defenses, and as they could, shuttles taking Drakley and his allies were sent down to the planet. Their objective was to destroy the Life Generator, rendering all Marinox units across the galaxy powerless, but doing it from space was not possible due to the planet's defenses.

Drakley's wife, Commander Draikilia, was another high ranking and extremely respected member of the Dracogonarious Empire's military. As she and Drakley made their way to their own shuttle, they took the opportunity to speak. It would be the last time they would have peace until the war was over.

  • Draikilia - We can land right outside what appears to be the Marinox capital. If possible, I'd recommend taking Errr alive for questioning. And galactic humiliation.
  • Drakley - Errr has no shame. That would be pointless. He is an insane lunatic who must be put down here and now.
  • Draikilia - Hm...I suppose you're right.

Drakley turned to Draikilia, gently caressing her snout by passing his hand through it. His face expressed immense worry as she closed his eyes and approached his wife more, keeping close to her ears. Draikilia could perfectly understand what Drakley was going through.

  • Drakley - Heavens forbid something happens to you down there, dear. Are you sure you wish to go?
  • Draikilia - I'd not leave your side, Drakley. Especially now. We'll do this, together.
  • Drakley - The universe could not have gifted me a better woman than you, Draikilia
  • Draikilia - Heheheh...you said that on our first date. 130 years ago, remember?
  • Drakley - How could I forget? That was the day my life really began.
  • Draikilia - You're making me blush all over...the men are waiting, we need to go.
  • Drakley - Indeed. Let us go, and once this is over, we can share this all as a bedtime story for Jerkon.

The shuttles made their way to the surface, some being taken down by surviving planetary defenses, but Drakley and his soldiers all arrived safely. The shuttles landed in a plateau region, outside the walls of Errr's capital city, and out of the shuttles, species hailing from multiple empires appeared. Dracogonarious, Spinkers, Bonios, Grimbolsaurians, Kicath, Draconis and numerous others. Drakley and Draikilia took the front of the army as the Supreme Captain spoke.

  • Drakley - This is it! This is where we will claim our victory! Today is the day the Marinox will be vanquished! We must destroy them, before they destroy us. The Marinar plagued our ancestors, and the Marinox plague our present. This space-faring disease must be eliminated. We've had enough! We will prevail and end their existence, here and now!

Into the Capital[]

The armies marched. A storm of weapons hit the cold, lifeless world as the allies and the Marinox clashed on the way to the capital. While the planet was inhabitable and possessed small traces of plant life, these were considered only decorations by the Dracogonarious. The Marinox were nothing but abominations, and nothing connected to them was considered right, no matter how minor. The Dracogonarious led the front lines, unleashing fire of their weapons at the robotic enemies. Among them, Conqrix forces were clearly visible, with Dronox drones firing their weapons and kamikaze Mites having to be stopped on their tracks before they could self-destruct on the army's direction. Insectrox slaves, with blades capable of cutting even the hardest armor like if they nothing, proved to be tough enemies to take down, but not even them or the Dronox Commanders could stop the army's sheer amount of fire power.

Drakley was equipped with the best and most advanced armor the Dracogonarious could produce, made specifically for melee combat. His blade of choice was a superheated vibroblade which appeared much like a broadsword, and with swift strikes, he cut through the Conqrix in seconds. His blade was designed to emit a holographic flaming effect around it, to make it look like the blade was on fire. Those would be the flames that would cleanse the Marinox from the universe. As Drakley struck the enemies at melee, Draikilia and the rest of the army gave him ranged support. A certain Spinker admiral laughed each time he fired his shotgun at the enemies, blowing their heads apart.

As they arrived to the city's walls, Errr's voice could be heard talking to them.

  • Errr - Turn back! You will never win this war!
  • Draikilia - What's he gonna do? Threaten us?
  • Drakley - Note his voice. He is having a breakdown.
  • Errr - You filthy primitives...you dare set foot on my throne world? My gem? The home of my children?!
  • Drakley - Yes, he is definitely having a mental breakdown.
  • Draikilia - So much for "genius".
  • Errr - Insolents...my children will defeat you...they will destroy you! They will EAT you! Karnak, dispose of them!

Drakley's eyes widened the moment he heard the name. Out of the city walls, an army of Errrbots emerged, firing their weapons at the allies, and leading them was a single Marinox drone. Larger than the others and far better equipped, that was Commandant Karnak, the military leader of the Marinox and Drakley's worst enemy. Karnak was an army by himself, and Drakley knew the real battle was about to start there. The Marinox commandant took his jetpack and landed in front of the allies army, and immediately began striking at nearby soldiers.

  • Drakley - Karnak! Took you long enough to show your face!

Drakley charged at the Marinox and the two fought, attempting to strike at each other and evading each other's blows as they could. Striking at Karnak was a challenge by itself due to the flexibility of the Marinox's body, which could bend itself out of Drakley's reach. Taking a submachine gun from his belt, Drakley fired at the Marinox's head to disorient him before striking at his armor, cutting and deforming it with his blade's heat. Several soldiers, including Draikilia, fired their weapons at Karnak, who let out a mechanized roar as it leaped away back into the Errrbot horde.

  • Drakley - Don't let him escape!

As he spoke, Karnak grabbed an Errrbot drone and literally launched it at Drakley's direction at frightening speed, forcing the Dracogonarious captain to leap out of the way. Karnak's monstrous strength allowed him to throw these Errrbots almost as if they were missiles, easily flooring or even killing soldiers he hit. Artillery vehicles from the allied forces attacked the Errrbots from a distance, destroying them and denying Karnak of his "ammunition", but as they did, the Marinox lunged himself forward and made his way to Drakley, preparing to thrust his own blades at him. However, before he could, the army concentrated fire on him, which blew him off course and caused him to crash land a fair distance away. Drakley's army was far too organized to fall for such tricks. Karnak let out another roar as he retreated, but not before being further damaged by enemy fire. With him and the Errrbots gone, the army fired their weapons at the city walls until they were destroyed. Soldiers and vehicles made their way inside, with their next target being Errr's own throne.

Paying with Blood[]

Drakley's mighty army marched on. Vehicles fired their weapons and took down buildings used to house or manufacture more Marinox or Conqrix forces. The city was tore to the ground by the allied force's push. Bodies of Marinox, Errrbots and Conqrix drones littered the battlefield, as well as the bodies of dead soldiers under Drakley's command. The storm of lasers and blasts continued as they ventured deeper and deeper into Errr's fortified city, more and more Marinox appearing to fight them on the way. To the Dracogonarious, this was a never-ending nightmare.

Errr's throne, located above an imposing floating platform, could be seen in a distance. It was located directly in front of the Life Generator, which obscured the view of the sky above the army. Members of the army took flight through either their natural wings or jetpacks and tried to make their way to it, but as they tried, the Marinox took them down through artillery fire. Commandant Karnak re-emerged, howling at the army, and at Drakley's direction.

  • Drakley - And you will not escape me again!

Karnak charged at the army, clashing his blade against Drakley's while the army itself fought off the Marinox's drones and servants. Already damaged from the previous fight, Karnak was not fighting to his fullest extent. Drakley slashed directly at Karnak's blade, deflecting it and sending the Marinox's arm away, and then thrusted his blade directly through where a Marinar's heart should be located. The Marinox commandant gasped and let out a mechanical roar before Drakley took his blade out of his body, and then kicked him into the floor. This, however, did not end the battle. Karnak quickly got up again, and with a thrust of his own, he dug his blade through Draikilia's left eye. The Dracogonarious woman let out a pained scream while Drakley's eyes widened. He called out for her, in complete desperation.

  • Draikilia - Gaaaaahhhh!
  • Drakley - DRAIKILIA!

Karnak then kicked Draikilia across her snout, knocking her back and sending her pummeling down a pit. Drakley let out an angered roar and attacked the Marinox, attacking him with all of his strength. Karnak found difficult to evade or parry Drakley's movements, which were even faster than before, and with a slash, the Dracogonarious capital severed Karnak's right arm. The robotic monster let out a pained screech, which was followed by Drakley thrusting his blade through the Marinox's mouth and hitting his cranium. With a upward swing of his blade, Drakley cut Karnak's head in two vertically, slaying the robotic beast once and for all. The armies kept marching while Drakley walked over to the pit where Draikilia had fallen, where he could not see a thing due to the darkness.

  • Drakley - Heavens forbid something like this would happen...I will make Errr pay with his blood. Your sacrifice will not be in vain, my love.

Drakley turned back to the army, which had defeated the Marinox's artillery strikes, and joined the air forces to strike at Errr's throne. As they took flight and approached, they were met with mounted turrets and what looked like an imposing, Ermitant-shaped mechanical suit of armor. Errr's ego had no limits, and he had prepared a battle suit in the shape of himself in the event he ever had to fight someone. The armies fired back at the turrets until they were destroyed, while Errr's voice could be heard again.

  • Errr - This can't be happening to me...I've worked too far to have my life work be destroyed like this! I will enjoy when you are all crushed and dead!
  • Drakley - Take him down, men! Destroy this madman and his experiments! He will pay for the spilled blood of his victims with his own blood!

Having destroyed the turrets, Drakley and his men landed on the platform, and they were welcomed with the sight of a single Marinox drone. Larger than the others, it wore what almost looked like royal ornaments over his robotic Grox armor. That was the puppet emperor of the Marinox and the very first member of the race, Emperor Marigrax. All Marinox, including Karnak, were created from Marigrax's image. The title of emperor was symbolic, as Marigrax was but another lackey of Errr. As Drakley and his men arrived, machine guns appeared out of Marigrax's arms and he began firing, quickly killing some soldiers.

  • Drakley - Get out of our way, you farce!

The soldiers all fired at Marigrax, who endured their attacks with his shields. Drakley evaded the Marinox's shots as he approached and delivered blows at him, cutting through his armor and royal ornaments. Marigrax was intimidatingly large for a Marinox, causing Drakley to hesitate as he stood at close range. With a strike from his arm, the Marinox hit Drakley across his face and sent him flying through the platform, landing on his back a good distance away. Marigrax quickly fired his weapons to finish Drakley off, but soldiers jumped in front of the shots and acted as meatshields for the Dracogonarious while he stood back on his feet.

The soldiers quickly died of Marigrax's shots, but Drakley took the opportunity to flank the Marinox and struck at him, severing one of his arms. The Marigrax let out a much quieter but still loud screech than Karnak did, before sending his claws at Drakley and piercing his wings with them. Drakley agonized in place for several moments before he opened his wings, causing Marigrax to lose his balance and back away, stunned. The Dracogonarious captain, seeing how Marigrax was close to the edge of the platform, struck him with his blade across his chest again and pushed him off. The Marinox emperor pummeled down and met his end as he crashed into the city. This caused the suit of armor overseeing the battle to finally start moving. Errr screamed out at Drakley and his surviving men.

  • Errr - My perfect drone! You will pay for this! You will face the full extent of my wrath, Dracogonarious scum!

Final Battle[]

Errr's suit of armor send its left fist down, crushing three of Drakley's men under it instantly. Shaped like an Ermitant, it meant it had a long neck and a massive head, though Errr himself piloted the suit from its chest, so the head could not be a vulnerable point. At this point, Errr's rage could no longer be controlled, and he simply fired all of his weapons in a frenzy, hoping to kill every enemy in his vicinity. This, however, meant that his aim was flawed enough for Drakley and his soldiers to evade most of his attacks and fire their own weapons back at the Ermitant scientist.

Being too large to fight up-front in melee range, Drakley took out his machine gun and fired at the suit, hoping to damage it. Errr lifted one of the suit's feet and stomped down, nearly crushing some soldiers who managed to run or roll away from the attack. Light weapons could not bypass the suit's shields, forcing the soldiers to change to heavier weaponry to take it down. Reinforcements arrived and fired at Errr, who grew angrier and angrier every second as he was attacked. Meanwhile, at the ground, the army's vehicles attacked the Life Generator itself, looking for a way to get past its armor to plant their explosives inside it. This was enough to send Errr on a complete rampage.

  • Errr - Stop attacking my precious Generator!!

The suit send both of its fists down and crashed into the platform, killing multiple soldiers and knocking many of them away, including Drakley. Seeing how Errr was becoming too deranged to fight properly, the Dracogonarious captain had an idea. Running behind the suit, he grabbed it and began slashing its back, in an attempt to make his way to Errr. The Ermitant himself at this point did not even care for the multiple warnings on his screens showing damage on the suit, and used his controls to open the suit's mouth at its head. Out of the Ermitant-shaped mouth, a barrage of missiles was launched and hit the platform, killing off all the soldiers in it as well as destroying large part of where the suit itself was standing on.

  • Errr - Yes! Die! DIE! All of you die before me!
  • Drakley - Come here!

Making a hole right behind Errr, Drakley entered the suit and grabbed the Ermitant by his neck from behind, strangling him. In a fit of panic, Errr began thrashing around, unleashing his suit's weapons everywhere due to hitting the controls. Several of the weapons ended up hitting the Life Generator itself, causing cracks to appear on its armor until they finally were forced open by the firepower. Drakley threw Errr out of the suit and into the platform, and took control of the massive suit, directing it to move forward without stopping. Hopping out of the mecha himself, Drakley watched as the suit fell off the platform and crashed into the city below.

  • Drakley - Perfect. An opening has been made. Now we only need to place the EMPs and-

A shot was fired, hitting Drakley through his upper torso. It was Errr, carrying a small pistol for self-defense. The Dracogonarious gasped in pain and turned over to the Ermitant, before charging at him. With a vertical attack, Drakley slashed at Errr's face, cutting through his upper lip all the way to his forehead. The Ermitant scientist fell back, blacking out completely. More reinforcements arrived to the platform, carrying the EMP equipment which would be used to disable the Generator instantly. They approached Drakley, who bled out quickly and held on his chest in pain.

  • Soldier - Captain Drakley, sir! Are you okay?
  • Drakley - Urk...Finish the deed. Disable the Generator...
  • Soldier - Sir, you're bleeding too much! Let's take you to a medical-
  • Drakley - I gave you orders, soldier!...End this here and now...and don't worry about me...

The soldiers all looked at Drakley with hesitation before turning away and making their way to the opening created by Errr's mecha suit. Planting the EMP weaponry at the Generator's systems, the army then evacuated the city as they prepared to detonate it. Drakley, though, remained at the platform, looking over at Errr's seemingly lifeless body. He still held on his chest, but he did not hold on the wound inflicted on him. Instead, he held on his heart.

  • Drakley - Draikilia, my love...if there really is an afterlife...I'll be sure to find you there...

The weapons were detonated, and in a blast of light, the Life Generator's systems were disabled and incinerated. Its powering systems destroyed, all Marinox drones still alive on the planet fell over, completely lifeless. A fair distance away from the capital, the surviving army celebrated their victory. While it would take days or even weeks for the effects to cover the entire Milky Way, the Marinox would certainly all die out eventually. This marked the destruction of the Marinox Empire, and a severe defeat for the Grox-Meta Empire in the galaxy.

Hours later, at the Dracogonarious homeworld of Draka-2, the Dracogonarious commandant Kralmer arrived at the throne room of Emperor Garolei, supreme leader of the Empire.

  • Kralmer - Emperor.
  • Garolei - Greetings, Commandant Kralmer. Do you have a status report about the invasion of Kaizox?
  • Kralmer - Yes. The invasion was a success, and the Marinox Life Generator has been disabled. Roughly 36% of the allied army survived and has already retreated back to security.
  • Garolei - Marvelous. What about captains Drakley and Draikilia? And the Ermitant scientist?
  • Kralmer - Captain Drakley was killed in action and his body incinerated when the EMPs were activated. Captain Draikilia's body was not found, neither was Errr's. It can only be assumed they are both also killed in action.
  • Garolei - Drakley is dead?

Garolei held on his head in grief. While Commandant Kralmer did not show it, he was also heavily hit by Drakley's death, being one of his oldest friends.

  • Garolei - We knew this could happen but...I expected him and Draikilia to survive.
  • Kralmer - Drakley gave his life so we could live on our own lives. Their sacrifices were not in vain.
  • Garolei - Indeed. They were both honourable warriors. Did they not have a son?
  • Kralmer - Yes. Little Jerkon. As Drakley's friend, I'm going to take care of him for now on.
  • Garolei - Very well. You are dismissed.

Kralmer nodded in acknowledgment and left the emperor's chamber, to make his way to Drakley's residence and get the now orphan Jerkon. Unfortunately for them all, Errr's body was not found because he survived the incident. And so did Draikilia, as a matter of fact.

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