Home is where the heart is or so they say, it is also the place the they will defend with their all when others threaten to take it from them. Especially when they've come to take it back.

After rediscovering their history and the location of the war the Vanara Empire sent a reclamation fleet to take it back. However their enemies were not far behind trying to take their homeworld from them. With their allies by their side the Vanara prepared to hold fast and take their world back.

Prologue Edit

Ammonia snow drifted down from the black sky of a mountainous, forested planet as it orbited around it's massive glaring red star like they eye of some titanic god glaring down at a puny mortal world. Down deep in the forests of the planet strange creatures stalked, hunted, and lived. Scanning the forest as they moved through the dense underbrush of the valleys and mountains of the ragged planet. Bioluminescence flashed across their skin in strange ways of communication while they hunted in the deep forest, along the shores of bubbling chemical pools, and scattered, decayed ruins of a long gone civilization.

Once a civilization had flushed on this world, stretching far and wide across it's three continents and into the glittering stars above. But that was all gone now leaving behind nothing more than an empty world populated by mere creatures going about their lives as if nothing but they had ever been here.

On the main continent a massive mountain towered over it all below it. It rose as a jagged black spike split into like a gaping dragons maw. Traveling down into the gullet of the dragon like mountain was a tunnel that stretched clear down into the buring bright blue core of the planet. The core was surrounded by a complex spinning and rotating series of gears engraved with highly complex ruins engraved into them that orbited ceaselessly in far to complex a fashion for most being to understand. Deep with in that burning blue light something stirred, a flicker of crimson light as a voice rang out in the dark.

  • ??? - Its time.

Beginning of Involvement(for faction introductions) Edit

The Descendants Edit

Seerkar looked out into the flat grey expanse as the ship he was aboard raced through Accel Space, time flowing far faster then it did in Real Space.

  • Seerkar - *signs and shakes his head* Gray and more gray, I could never get used to a monochromatic world like this.

Just then he felt a hand on his shoulder and stiffened before relaxing when he turned his head slightly and saw it was just Akanri standing behind him. She smiled and tilted her head a bit, Seerkar gave a small smile back and reminiscing as to when he first met her. She would have never smiled like that, either just an unhappy glare or a sadistic grin. She had changed, they had both changed really. Akanri smiled a little wider and leaned in closer.

  • Akanri - Something bothering you?
  • Seerkar - Oh just the usual, ya know everything.
  • Akanri - You need to stop worrying so much, it makes you look older.
  • Seerkar - *snorts* I can't help it, I just keep thinking of all the ways this could turn out and its driving me nuts.
  • Akanri - *grins* Well I suppose I'm pretty anxious as well perhaps we can help each other relax!
  • Seerkar- Ahhhh...
  • Akanri - Oh get your brain out of the gutter I wanna massage.
  • Seerkar - Ah right.

Just then their daughter Niyra walked into the room they were in a sour look on her face and catalog in her hand. The newly graduated, freelance Koatria flopped down on the bed and gave a disgusted sign. Seerkar and Akanri took one look and new what was in her hand, both parents looked at each other and thought of themselves for a moment.

  • Seerkar - Having relationship troubles kiddo.
  • Niyra - *snorts* You don't know the half of it.
  • Akanri - *Sitting down on the bed* Oh I rather think we do, trust me when I say that I and your father's relationship did not start out as the healthiest thing. I think we can give better advice then a magazines who's main article is "How to Handel a Long Distance Relationship".
  • Niyra - Oh?
  • Akanri - Those magazines can tell you all the information they've got, but really all it comes down to is just keeping in contact as best you can and making the most of what time you do have together.
  • Seerkar - Besides that was written for civilians and you're a Koatria. I imagine you'll meet up more than you think. Trust me nothing forges bonds better then fighting for each other's lives.
  • Akanri - Yeah, though you are dealing with relationship frustrations better then I did.
  • Niyra - Oh, how'd you handle it?
  • Akanri - I developed a raging porn addiction.
  • Niyra - Glad I asked. What happened to all that porn anyway?
  • Seerkar - I used it to stuff the couch back home at Hammerfall.
  • Niyra - Home, hmmm.
  • Seerkar - Indeed, exactly where we're heading.
  • Akanri - Right, the home of our entire race.

Admiral Ahsahira stood at the bridge of her flagship the Unending Maelstrom. Staring down at the crew rushing to a through below the sapphire blue, Tyrant Class Demonica folded her four arms over her chest and grinned as her tail twitched. The Vanara Milky Way colonies had been far to quiet as of late and she had been regulated to nothing more then simple patrols and annihilating the occasional pirate base, which was hardly a challenge anymore. Now she had a major mission to occupy her time, a real challenge, the kind she lived for. A beeping sound came from the control panel and Ahsahira hit a bottom bring up the display screen. Not that she needed to actually hit the button with the neural interfacing system of the ship, it just help her to focus. Empress Zuki herself appeared on the screen her arms folded as she sat her massive throne made of the skull of the first DaiKaiju ever created. The Empress was a dark, imposing figure that gave if a far different impression then her late mother. It was more dominating and authoritarian then Besta's more egalitarian sir.

  • Ahsahira - My Empress, to what do I owe the pleasure?

Zuki grunted before addressing her Admiral.

  • Zuki - Admiral Ahsahira I come bearing news from our allies in the UAE.
  • Ahsahira - Oh really now?
  • Zuki - *gives Ahsahira a glare* Cut the attitude, of course they do.
  • Ahsahira - Of course.

Zuki glared at her Admiral, she knew Ahsahira had an attitude problem and no social skills, the Demonica had after all spend her entire life dedicated to military life and not being social, especially when it came to other races.

  • Zuki - Just act respectful to them at the least.
  • Ahsahira - And so I will.
  • Zuki - Good, do you have the payload?
  • Ahsahira - Yes, all our ships have been armed and are ready.
  • Zuki - Good, make sure to be careful with it now.
  • Ahsahira - As you command Empress.

Zuki nodded and the screen went dark. Rubbing her snout Ahsahira flicked another switch and spoke into the comms.

  • Ahsahira - All crew we will be meeting with forces sent by several of our allies to assist in the reclamation of our homeworld. All prepare to rondavue and welcome them

One of the last two Zangreal Tarzer stood on a mountain overlooking the ruins of the former Zangreal homeworld. The massive crystal and gold towers that had once dominated the landscape now lay in blacked ruins, their biomechnical only leaving their mechanical shells, the organic portion having been converted into red primordial ooze(along with all other life that had lived on the planet) that now covered the entire surface. A black and red monument to his fallen race. Red and gray ash filled the air falling on the ruins of their former glory. The gray Zangreal signed and turned back to his companion, the blue Zangreal Reiath. They were last two of their race. They had both been called here for a reason by one who had been their greatest enemy. Reiath tilted her head to the sky a spoke in her monotone voice.

  • Reiath - It comes.

Tarzer nodded and turned his head to the sky as several tentacles descendant from the cloud chocked sky. From those tentacles several Scelus crawled forward and then stopped, parting as the leader of this particular strain crawled forward. Prime Scelus Terra. The massive Prime Strain Scelus lowered his head to the two smaller Persan Descendants and let out a low rumble.

  • Terra - So you have come.
  • Tarzer - Of course, what is it you asked us here for. Keep in mind I have every right to kill you for the violation of your kind against the contract made between our mothers.
  • Reiath - A violation that doomed our race to extinction.
  • Terra - Yes both you do have that right, as was I cast from the path set out for us by our creators.
  • Reiath - Such is true, only the Vanara have remained true to and have the strength left to walk that path.
  • Terra - Indeed and that is why I have called you here.
  • Tarzer - Oh?
  • Terra - The Vanara intend to reclaim their homeworld, I intend to help them, I wish you to accompany me.
  • Tarzer - This coming from the one who served their greatest enemy?

Terra laughed at that, his screeching voice shaking the earth.

  • Terra - You should know all to well that I was the one that sabotaged my Queen's plans.
  • Reiath - Yes, but only for your own selfish reasons, you wanted freedom.

Terra nodded in agreement, but continued to grin as he replied.

  • Terra - True that was my motivation, but I have been searching for answers as to why my kind where created the way we were. For a species created to seek the path of optimum survival it seems strange to seek a final goal that would have ended all life.
  • Tarzer - What do you mean by that?
  • Terra - Our Completion was not what the Waptoria who betrayed their alliance believed it to be. Yes the emotions and minds of all life would have become one, but it would not have been a symbiotic paradise. It would have been nothing, no pain and suffering, but no thoughts or feelings as well. All would have become one, but one without others or anything beyond itself, that neither needs nor wants might as well not exist.
  • Reiath - So you believe our creators made a mistake.
  • Terra - No, we were corrupted. Our own mother, Leless, was corrupted by something that turned her from the path of survival to the path of extinction.
  • Tarzer - What force?
  • Terra - A force that exists within the Vanara as well.

Both Reiath and Tarzer felt a chill of fear crawl through their spines and looked at each other before turning back to Terra.

  • Tarzer - We will assist you, the future our creators set out for us could well be at stake.

Terra nodded.

  • Terra - Very well, I will see you at Alastor.

The two Zangreal nodded as Terra turned and walked away. Tarzer looked back over the city, if their enemy had it's way than this would be a far to common sight all across the universe.

A Gift from the Elders Edit

Kossi'Valicar sat on the ancient throne of the Once-ruling Queen of the Multus people, awaiting the arrival of his compatriots. The Seers on Matrukoris had reported that something was stirring in the future, something that would change the ULE, and both the destinies of Mirus and the Plazith Rim, forever. Though it was difficult, the Elder-Visionaries of the Habitat Worlds had been called, and it was time for the Council to decide on their course of action. he sat with his back turned towards the massive doors, his eyes shut in deep thought. So much had changed in Mirus alone, it seemed a shocking idea that anymore could change then it already had.

The room shook slightly as another figure approached, much, much larger then the emergency leader of the Multus Esse. Kossi's eyes opened narrowly, as a smile crossed his weathered face.

  • Kossi - My senses are too keen for you to sneak up upon me. And your step too heavy, Brother Tandaris.
  • Tandaris - Brother Valicar, I see I am early to the meeting.
  • Kossi - Fashionably.
  • Tandaris - So, you know of what awaits the Descendants of my kin?
  • Kossi - Some of it. the future involving them is murky, too much for the Seers and Visionaries who are trying to see into it. The Council must decide on how to approach this.
  • Tandaris - Hmm, all I can say is they are preparing to retake the world, and I must journey with them.
  • Kossi - Indeed. We where there to help in the beginning. Surely the Council will agree that we must be there now.

As he rose from his seat, Kossi saw another Chassin'ra, enter, dressed in rich red and white battle armor and robes, befitting his station.

  • Kossi - Ah, Karar'Korak, a pleasure to see.
  • Karar - *Laughing jovially* Indeed, Kossi. It has been many life-times since we last meet in fact. Good to see you are still in good health.
  • Kossi - Indeed. I see the gods have favored you as well.
  • Karar - So far.

They parted ways as the other Elder-Visionaries arrived. After going about the rituals, honoring the Lost Gods, meditation on the lost souls of their kin, the Council meeting began. First to speak was Taleen'Na of Ulthan.

  • Taleen'Na - Obviously, this decision is rather simple to make. We either donate the forces to aid the Vanara, or we do not. I for one, support entering a substantial force to help them in battle. It is only fair, afterall. We where the cause of the Perascron's fall, yet we can be of some assistance towards the helping of their children gain power and potentially take their place.

M-Kal, Locrin'noth of Iydrac'kal, rose slowly, the bone-like growths on his armor creaking as he rose, the soul-stones on his armor gleaming in the low light.

  • M-kal - How do we know that this will be of aid to the UAE, and our kind?
  • Taleen'na - The Seers have envisioned a grand change with the Vanara if they arrive on the world.
  • M-Kal - But they do not say for good or ill. Our visionaries cannot see into that future. Why risk troops.
  • Karar'korak - Because it is the honorable thing to do! We would be poor Multus not to lend aid to our allies' children in their time of need.
  • J'ult - Do not forget, Karar, that not all of us have the population to send large force to Al'kor'ria on a hunch, and a impossible-to-see future. If all of us sent forces there, we could be simply tossing away our troops to the void for nothing.
  • Tarren'Zaq - I concur, the UAE needs us more then ever, and sacrificing our troops in such dire conditions the universe finds itself in right now could be dangerous.

Kossi'Valicar sat patiently as the various Multus Visionaries and Warmasters made their arguments for and against the intervention. Finally he cleared his throat, all Visionaries stopping instantly to hear their leader.

  • Kossi - I was but a young Sarko'nai warrior when the contact with the Persacron happened, yet what happened still affects who and what we are today. It was then the modern Multus firmly came into being, to stabilize and protect life, rather then aggressively conquer and rule it.

Kossi rose, his baroque powered armor flicking in the light as he came to his full height.

  • Kossi - Brothers and sisters, remember that we cannot maintain the status quo forever. As you have seen in the universe today, it is much different from when we left it. So full of conflict and war. Yet, before us, is the chance to mend the wounds we helped create, and help bring about a gift to the universe. The Vanara, despite their "short-comings", have proven to be a brave and powerful force, worthy allies of the races we created and sculpted. I highly doubt they would go down the wrong path.
  • Taleen'na - Then what do you ask of our kin, Brother Valicar?
  • Kossi - That we all muster strike forces to fight for the Future of Persacron once more! We are of the First Ancestral Races, and, through our actions, we must see that we lay to rest the old wounds of our kin.

Tandaris nodded as he narrowed his eyes, before speaking for the first time since he arrived.

  • Tandaris - While the future is dark, we are not standing here because the future is safe. Remember, your escape from the Grox was a risk, as was my cryogenic freezing. We all survived, not because it was safe, but because it was a risk worth taking.
  • Karar - I concur. Whatever the future holds, we must fight.

The other Elder-Visionaries stood, affirming their allegiance to the cause, and promising to send their strike forces. Only one thing remained to be solved.

  • Tarren'Zaq - Who shall lead this warhost? Who shall be the War Cry made manifest? Warmaster Charron is elsewhere, so who shall lead in his place?
  • Karar - I promote a Visionary of Ulthan.
  • Kossi - Brother, explain. Why not one from your own world?
  • Karar - Ulthan has the best psychic abilities of any of us Multus. If anyone could foresee any issues arising from our intervention, it is a Ulthan Visionary.
  • Kossi - Any objections?

None rose their voice, as Kossi turned his attention to his comrade.

  • Kossi - Sister, do you have an disciples who could bear the burden of leadership?
  • Taleen'Na - My student, Tal'ki. She is strong, and has much potential. She could lead this warhost. Her skill with the blade matches her mind.
  • Kossi - Then muster your troops. Though our flame flickers, let it still be known to any force that may oppose the Vanara in the future that it still burns.

The Elder-Visionaries grunted in approval, all raising their fists and blades in agreement, as Kossi stood over them, a smile dancing at the edge of his face.

  • Kossi - Alert Tal'ki of her new duty. Return to your Habitat worlds and muster your forces.

As they all left for home, Kossi turned towards Tandaris before he left.

  • Kossi - Brother, I trust you will be going to?
  • Tandaris - You do not need an Visionaries' farsight to know that. This has been my calling from the moment I reawakened.
  • Kossi - Then I wish you luck, other matters distract me now, but I will be there in spirit.

Tandaris nodded as he departed, leaving Kossi alone in the darkened old throne room once more, eyes once again cast down and closed.

The Gathering begins Edit

The 3 High Lords sat upon their thrones, hovering a few inches off the ground, as they heard the news from their Diplomat within the Vanara Empire.

  • Diplomat - There are reports that the Vanara are mobilizing forces to retake their ancient homeworld now that they have rediscovered it.
  • Casio - Are they open to us sending aid?
  • Diplomat - Yes my lords, their ruling council has made it clear any help from their allies will be most welcome.
  • Comacar - Then shall we mobilize forces?
  • Barda - We must gather the Clan Chiefs. You know the Clans, their gonna want to argue over how many troops to send and all that.
  • Casio - Are you certain the Clans will agree to send aid?
  • Barda - We're Mendel, Casio. If there's conflict, we'll join, the key question, how much do we send in.
  • Comacar - We'll figure it out.

They stood once more, Barda gripping his battle axe, as Comacar turned towards the diplomat.

  • Comacar - You are dismissed, report back if anything changes.
  • Diplomat - Yes my lords.

The three walked out, as their honor guards joined them, Barda turning to his newly appointed Captain.

  • Barda - Zathon! Send out a message, tell the Chieftains there is a pressing matter at hand. Tell them there is no time to waste.
  • Zathon - Yes my lords.

He hurried off, as the Three high Kings stared back and forth amongst themselves.

  • Barda - So lads, any bets on how high the military forces will get once the Clans gather?
  • Comacar - Heh. I'm gonna say a whole 5 regiments.
  • Casio - Guys, really? This is highly unorthodox for men of our position.
  • Barda - Oh, Casi, I may be ruler, but I'm a bounty hunter at a heart, and I likes me money. I say a whole 3 armies.
  • Comacar - Oh, ambitious. Let's shake.

Shaking hands, the 2 smiled as Casio sighed to himself, placing both hands in his palms. He didn't know how the other Mendel kin could chose such leaders. Comacar chuckled, patting Casio's shoulder with his massive hand.

  • Comacar - Relax, Casio. We've kept this nation together, haven't we?
  • Casio - Barely.

Comacar laughed as the three moved towards the Council chambers where the other Clan Lords and chieftains would meet them.

The Council of chieftains gathered in the great meeting hall/palace, sat around the massive table, with the three High Kings in front. Arguments where already breaking out between the various Clan lords and planetary chieftains.

  • Kadalian Chieftain - I say we should engage this battle full throttle, 10 regiments will be needed.
  • Ugandalorian Chieftain 1 - That much? No no, 5 regiments will be more then enough!

Comacar nudged Barda and gave a grin of satisfaction. Barda scowled slightly, before mouthing "It ain't over yet".

  • Ugandalorian Chieftain 2 - My Lords, what do you have to say on the matter?
  • Casio - I can see we are agreed on sending support in case military action is needed, but how much?
  • Walgolorian Commander - It is obvious my lords, we need three whole armies. Such should show our allies how dedicated we are to them, and deal with any issues.

Barda turned, a smirk across his face towards Comacar, who grunted in response.

  • Casio - That seems a little much. Perhaps 1 army shall do just fine. I'm sure my fellow kings are in agreement?
  • Barda & Comacar - Ah.
  • Casio - What does the council have to say on such an ideal?
  • Chieftains - We are agreed!
  • Kaguran Councilor - Yes, but who will lead the army into battle?

A discussion picked up again amongst the various clan lords, as Ord Acaya of the Empyreal Caste spoke up.

  • Ord - Brothers, I recommend we send one of the students of Commander Curiantau'va. The 3 are among the best we have.
  • Kadalian Lord - Yes, but who among them will lead the operation?
  • Casio - Commander Rayalar is leading operations against a large Skordi incursion, so it must be one of the others.
  • Walgolorian Clan Lord - Simulations show Commander Kiun would perform the best with Vanarian allies. It has been too long since he was awakened form his sleep anyway. I think he should earn his marks again.

The other Walgolorian clan chieftains spoke in favor, as did a number of the Empyreal caste.

  • Barda - Then it is agreed. Commander Kiun Aeddan shall lead our forces into Alastor. Any objections?

When none where made, The Ugandalorian King nodded.

  • Barda - Then we are adjourned. We High Kings shall be on our way to W'alor to awaken Kiun, and prepare him for his mission.

The Three High Kings departed, as Ord silently joined them, and the other chieftains got up and left, taking their helmets and axes, and some drinks, with them.

Near the back of the rustic palace, a transport awaited them, ready for the journey to the Walgolorian home world.

Commander Kiun awoke from his cryogenic sleep, the pod door opening as the last vapors poured out. Shaking off his sleep, Kiun stood up, and, as his vision finally cleared, saw the Three High Lords themselves, and the Supreme Empyreal. Staggering to his feet, Kiun bowed to them in respect.

  • Kiun - My lords, what would you have your commander do?
  • Casio - A situation has come up in the Milky Way, Kiun, a very serious one.
  • Barda - Our allies, the Vanara, have begun an expedition to find their old homeworld, named Alastor. We are mustering an army to help them retake it. An army you shall lead.
  • Kiun - Whatever I am required to do, I shall complete it.

Comacar stepped forward, pressing a button on his wrist gauntlet, as coordinates flashed before Kiun's eyes, the location of a Milky Way planet.

  • Comacar - It is located here. Forces from Kodalon 5, Ugandalore, and W'alor itself are being raised to help you retake the world, as well as auxiliary forces from the Orgaat, Kamaside, and others. Anything else?
  • Kiun - What of our allies?
  • Barda - Vanara forces, of course, as well as Waptoria, Federation, and the Multus Esse themselves have come to rally troops for the cause. A member of the Empyreal Caste will also be accompanying you.
  • Kiun - Understood. I will not fail you.

Standing once more, Kiun made his way to the armory, to pick up his personal battle suit and weaponry systems, before he was to head out.

  • Barda - Casio, is that Commander a little... strange?
  • Casio - Yes, during his training he partook in a special mission to rescue an Empyreal. He was never the same.

Ord nodded slightly, staring knowingly after Kiun as he narrowed his eyes. They where right, something was not right with the Commander. Ord knew it more then any other.

  • Ord - Let us go to see off his forces. Once brought together, they will need our blessing.

Many hours later, the army had been gathered from their worlds, gathered in the central plaza near the Walgolorian royal palace. All the troops stood prepared, in full armor and gear, their weapons and plates shinning the afternoon sun. Flags flapped in the breeze, as tanks and other vehicles towered.

The three High Kings, and some members of the grand council, stood overlooking the grand spectacle, as spectators of all races cheered and gave shouts of support. Clearing his throat, Casio spoke first, his voice amplified so all could hear.

  • Casio - Brothers and sisters, today our forces stand ready to march into the Plazith rim and into the lost world of the Vanara. Under your commander, you shall take the fight to whatever could threaten the world and assist the Vanara in taking the world.
  • Barda - It is our goal to help our brothers in anyway needed, as is our duty. Remember your training and brothers of all races, and do not worry of any threats. We are the Mendel, and together, we can stand before any target.
  • Comacar - Remember, the Pact shall remember this glorious day in the Sagas for ages to come. Go forth! And may the gods favor you if it comes to battle!

The warriors cheered, raising weapons and fists into the air, as transports touched down, and they began to load in, some carrying supplies and ordnance with them. As Kiun, now in full armor, stood overlooking the sight, standing below the Palace, the voice of Casio spoke in his ear.

  • Casio - Kiun, today, Empyreal Shir'otez shall be joining your forces to lend support. Your secondary objective will be to defend his life.
  • Kiun - Yes lord.

Kiun silently made his way to a transport, as his two bodyguards, in Knight-Pattern suits, joined him. It was a long ride, and he all he simply wanted was to be alone for a bit, before combat duties called for him.

Aid form Tyris MajorEdit

Chilling SympathyEdit

Meanwhile, on the freezing Biskin Homeworld known as Crobe, King Ziskin sat upon his throne, looking through documents regarding the movements of the Volver Separatists. He rubbed his forehead before setting the documents down on the table in front of him. He was relived to see that the separatists were waning in numbers and would most likely fail to survive much longer. He stood from is cold throne and moved into his communications room to see if he had any transmissions coming in. He had hoped that perhaps the Volver Empire had contacted him about his aid to stop their separatists, but there was no message.

  • Ziskin - That's just like them. Even after all I've done to help them they still give me no thanks. Then I really even deserve it?

He looked over to a monitor where he could see his own reflection. He shook his head in disagreement. Ziskin later met with his council for further actions of his recovering empire. They discussed their relationship between the UAE and Unitech before being interrupted by his son, Vonnes.

  • Vonnes - Father, I-
  • Ziskin - It's considered a bit disrespectful to call me by such a lenient term. Not to mention interrupting me while I am meeting with the council.

The young Biskin frowns at his father for a moment. Vonnes stares at Ziskin with a bit of disgust before correcting himself.

  • Vonnes - apologies. "My king", I have reports that show that the Vanara are attempting to reclaim Alastor.
  • Ziskin - You interrupted me for such irrelevant news? Be gone with you!
  • Vonnes - They may require aid. And I would hardly call it irrelevant.
  • Ziskin - To the Biskin it is. And before you ask, no we will not lend aid. I'm not going to waste Biskin blood on a planet that has been abandoned for centuries.
  • Vonnes - Waste? The Vanara are allies of the UAE. They are a part of it!
  • Ziskin - Forget it boy. Your so called friendship with the Vanara girl wont sway my decision.

The council members nod in agreement with their king, taking note of Vonnes' obvious disagreement.

  • Vonnes - You talk about mending old wounds, but you don't want to help those who are trying to heal and prevent new ones from opening!
  • Council Member 1 - How dare you take such a tone with your king!
  • Council Member 2 - Such disrespect. We ought to take your head for that boy!
  • Vonnes - I'd like to see you try. If you didn't know before, I could kill every person in this room if I wanted to. Even the guys with their thumbs up their asses that you call guards.

The Council members settle down for a moment in fear. The knew Vonnes was not bluffing. Even Ziskin raised his eyebrow to this.

  • Ziskin - *sighs* I can see that you feel very strongly about this, boy. But you know damn well our species is few in number. I made a gambit saving that damn academy and helping during that Return business. Not to mention the Volver Separatist movement.
  • Vonnes - They are trying to reclaim their homeworld. If you wont lend aid, I will go by myself.

Ziskin paused for a moment. He knew of the Biskin's tragic past. They too lost their original homeworld and could never reclaim it. Crobe was just a new planet they found and decided to call it home.

  • Ziskin - Alright...We can lend them aid. Not much, but we will help.
  • Vonnes - Thank King.

Ziskin stands with his council and walks out of the meeting chambers to board his capital ship. He orders for a legion of Biskin Elites to accompany him and Vonnes to meet with the gathering allies of the Vanara.

Fiery CompassionEdit

As news spread through Tyris Major of the Vanara's plan to retake their home, the Lavatuft Republic received word as well. The scorching heat of their homeworld radiated all over the place. King Magmos and his son, Blaize, were reviewing the message they had received from Barda Clett.

  • Magmos - Hm...this is a noble pursuit indeed. Do you think we should deploy our forces?
  • Blaize - Yeah, I think we should help them out. I think we have enough free hands to make a strike team of Titans like us.
  • Magmos - With our other forces engaged out in Mirus and the Milky Way, I suppose we can afford to send them. But we are short on commanders.
  • Blaize - The Magmaflares have been suspiciously silent lately. I guess that's bag but at least that means I don't have to worry about Blase's tricks for the moment. At least it gives me breathing space to command them. I've worked closely with Vanara before, dad.
  • Magmos - You want to lead the strike force? Son, are you sure that's a good idea? We have enemies out there who want me and you dead.
  • Blaize - Blase? No, he just wants to mess with me really badly.
  • Magmos - You know I don't lean him, son. I mean Mortox. The Alpha Cyber Collective.
  • Blaize - I know. But I can't leave my pal hanging. She'd probably want me to help out.
  • Magmos - I see. Well, if you believe you can handle this, I will permit you to go. Remember your training, and stay warm. And refrain from using...our family technique. I'd like to see you come home alive.
  • Blaize - Yeah, yeah, I wont use it. I'll gather a team of titans and meet up with the allied fleet. Do you think the Soldarians and Volver will help?
  • Magmos - The Soldarians? Probably. They are always itching for a fight. I'm not to sure about the Volver. That Brygon is going insane if you ask me.
  • Blaize - Huh. I guess I wont be seeing Timaal. Maybe I can meet up with Dione if they deploy her.

Blaize marches off in pride, ready to fight for his friends. Magmos watches his son with a smile on his face, though he begins to frown. He could feel a cold chill in the air.

Strong FortitudeEdit

On Militora, the Soldarian Empire homewrold, Emperor Pulporious V received word on the Vanara's plan to retake Alastor. He looked to his generals, who stood behind their plan. The Emperor nodded to his commanders and issued a response stating the Soldarians would lend aid, though he would not set foot on the battlefield, as he was preparing to assault Taurstad. He left his son, Pulporious VI, also known as Six in charge of organizing a fleet and his own personal guard to meet with allied forces.

Meanwhile, in the Ardal household, Alexio and Aela were praising their children's accomplishments during their training as Koatria. Though the praise would soon stop.

  • Alexio - Ah, my sons! You both did an amazing job in the academy! You are both a chip off the old block!
  • Aion - It was no trouble.
  • Bion - Naturally.
  • Aela - What bout Dione?
  • Alexio - Well, Dione you did even better than the boys. That team of yours was...something else.
  • Dione - I would thank you father. But apparently you didn't like everyone on my team.
  • Alexio - This again?
  • Dione - Yeah, THIS again! Why don't you like him!? He was my teammate and a great friend!
  • Alexio - He's a Biskin, Dione! Those people have never done us any good! Not to mention he's got that...that Dark Energy in him!
  • Dione - You don't know him...he's different. He cared about me and my team. He would have given his life to protect us!
  • Alexio - You're being foolish, Dione. The boy tried to kill you! I know what those Ice-Devils do to girls like you! Ask that Volver friend of yours!
  • Dione - The only reason Vonnes didn't kill me is because...He loved me. Because I love him!
  • Alexio - You're too young to know what love is. You could have any Soldarian man in the universe and yet you chose a Biskin savage. To think you carry my blood.
  • Aela - It's my blood that makes her strong ,dear. Don't forget that. I don't think our daughter should settle for any mere Soldarian man. She should have someone strong who can protect her.
  • Dione - Pfft. As if I need protecting. You know Blaize? Grandson of King Laverm? I punched his head off once! Just because I felt like it. If any Soldarians my age challenged him they'd shit themselves.
  • Alexio - You'd be better off with that Lavatuft than the Biskin!
  • Dione - Blaize....Blaize isn't interested in me like that!..He made that clear a long time ago...

Before Dione could finish her sentence, Pulporious VI was at their door knocking. Aion answered the door, generally surprised that the future Emperor would pay them a visit. He looked upon the Ardal family glancing at Alexio before focusing on Aela.

  • Six - Super Elite Aela Ardal, your assistance is needed in the upcoming battle of Taurstad. My father wants you at his side for protection.
  • Aela - It would be my honor, your highness.
  • Six - As for you, Alexio, I need you to help me command the troops in aiding the Vanara in retaking their homeworld of Alastor.
  • Alexio - Alastor, huh? I'm honored to serve, your highness.

Six noticed Dione standing at the back of the room near Bion. He walked over to her, completely ignoring her two brothers. He looked her up and down, noticing she had changed since the last time he had seen her. Dione rolled her eyes, then looked dead at him with a straight face.

  • Six - Dione, I was unaware that you had returned from training.
  • Dione - I got back about two months ago. Are you all done here?
  • Six - Not quite. I'd like to assign you to my personal guard for this mission.
  • Dione - Why can't I support the troops on the front lines?
  • Six - I need the best men and women I can get at my side. I plan on being on the front lines myself. You'll probably get to see that friend of yours. Not to mention the honor of fighting next to yours truly.
  • Dione - Yeah, whatever. I'll join. Just make sure your "personal guards" don't get in my way.
  • Six - *chuckles* I'll tell them to watch out. Come along.
  • Aion - Hey, what about us!?
  • Bion - Yeah, we can help out!
  • Six - No. You two stay here on Militora. Get your orders from the Generals here so you can defend the planet from future attacks.
  • Bion - *grunts* Yes, your highness.

Six allows Dione to walk out of the house before him, as a "courtesy". He then follows her as he is followed by Alexio. Aela looks at her boys before heading out to meat with Pulporious V. The two brothers look to each other in annoyance.

  • Aion - That prince thinks he's so smooth.
  • Bion - He better not lay a hand on Dione. I'll knock him on his ass if he does!
  • Aion - Don't worry about it. I don't think father would let him touch her.
  • Bion - You think so? Because I'm pretty sure father would be ok with the Prince being close to her. Notice how he didn't say a word.
  • Aion - You're right. I prefer Vonnes. But father just had to drive him away.
  • Bion - Enough of this. Lets go to the generals. I'm sure we are needed somewhere.

The two boys leave their home to meet with their generals. Meanwhile, Dione, Six, and Alexio board Six's capital ship, followed by a few cruisers, to join the allied fleet.

Zarbania Marches Edit

Gridlock sat at his desk, fingers laced in front of him. His red eyes peered up at the shadowy form of his father, who looked over him with his own cold red eyes.

  • Dark One - Do you understand your mission?
  • Gridlock - Yes father, Alastor will fall. I will raise a regiment to see to it.
  • Dark One - Good, the Imperium of War will join you in this conquest. Any questions?
  • Gridlock - No.
  • Dark One - Then proceed with the plan.

His form disappeared as Bisarko marched behind him, dress in his usual uniform, his hands folded behind him as he approached.

  • Bisarko - Your father is not a social sort, is he Komtur?
  • Gridlock - No. I don't think he ever was. Contact Ztac, tell him to begin preparing a regiment and fleet to take the world.
  • Bisarko - Anything else, Supreme Kumtur?
  • Gridlock - No. I think not. You may leave, Chancellor.
  • Bisarko - Thank you, m'lord.

Gridlock sat motionless in the shadows as he studied the area where his father had come from, before speaking to himself.

  • Gridlock - My father is not a social sort...But perhaps neither am I.

He stood up, walking towards the exist of his darkened room, wings stretching slightly as he lumbered forward. he had not the time for inner thoughts. He had a regiment to inspect. He had a nation to lead to glory.

Landing Edit

  • Note - Just a ruff, subject to changes.

Landing on Strolt Edit

Drop pods shot down from the sky with very little atmospheric burn the gaseous layer was so thin. Blasting into the dirt they dug themselves into the earth and with a hiss of steam released their cargo. Ahsahira uncoiled herself and slithered out breathing the cold Alastorian air and smiling. Her tongue flickering in and out her hissing voice range out through the thin air.

  • Ahsahira - Alright worms! Get unloaded we don't have all day!

Her troops gave a quick salute and began to unload their cargo. Ahsahira grinned at their hard work and hoisted her new weapon over her shoulders. An Eruptive Nano Rail Gun, a new invention that fired concentrated clouds of self replicated, homing, explosive nanobots. She wasn't expecting much in the way of action, but it was best to be prepared.

  • Soldier - Admiral Ahsahira, your new armor is prepared.

Ahsahira nodded and slithered over to the new, navy blue Phanton Armor. Sliding into place the winged centaur-like armor latched itself onto her form, syncing up her it's nervous system with her's. Covering her completely the helmet slide over completely obscuring her face as a display came up and she now full 180 degree view of the battle field, as well a zoom function, HUD, and various other features. Looking over she saw two massive blue and red Infinite Mobility Suits standing over with a small silver figure on one. Ahsahira smiled.

  • Ahsahira - Two Vanara Sixers with Ryu Form and IM Suits as well as their daughter. Combine them, myself, my own troops, and my allies and even if we do come under attack I'm feeling fairly confidant.

Just then a scout came over completely out of breath. He spoke in rush, coming out in short hard gasps.

  • Ahsahira - Get this man something to drink, I need to hear him clearly!

Another soldier ran over and gave the man a canteen which he took a grateful swig of. Finally he was able to speak with clarity.

  • Scout - Admiral we have discover that Bachyeon troops have landed and are heading this way as we speak!

Ahsahira snarled, of all the enemies the ones who's brains she could not devour without risk of indoctrination, what a pain.

  • Ahsahira - Damn them! Alright, get the troops ready for a defensive battle, we've got company!

The warriors began to load up, hoisting their new weapons ready for combat. Their was a dead silence that ground at Ahsahira's nerves though she kept an air of calm and coolness. She needed to be a fixed point for her troops in combat. Not to keep their moral up, but to keep them from going berserk and doing something they would later regret or simply keep cohesion up among her troops. The first sign came from a flash of blue light as the leviathan weapons blasted their way towards them.

  • Ahsahira - All troops open fire!

They did and soon the air was filled with white orbs traveling at hypersonic speeds towards their targets. Arcing around the white balls homed in on their targets and struck exploding. But the Bachyeon just kept coming. Then arcing beams of red positrons blasted through the air and annihilated a whole rank of Leviathan soldiers. Fallowing these blasts from her parent's IM Suits was Niyra lite by a purple glow of radiation as she landed and slashed and blasted her way through the enemies. Giving a cry several of her other warriors drew their melee weapons and charged in. Ahsahira let them go, her plan was coming together soon enough. Raising up her rail gun she fired into the air. Suddenly a Bachyeon drone's head exploded in a flash of red light as an electron beam fired from a sniper in the hills struck. Several more snipers began to open fire causing further chaos with in the Bachyeon ranks. Slowly their enemies began to pull back and Ahsahira called back the troops who wished to run after them.

  • Ahsahira - Alright report!
  • Soldier - A few casualties and injuries, but mostly intacted.
  • Ahsahira - This isn't last we'll see of them, they pulled back, but next time they will be far more dedicated to stopping us.
  • Soldier - *nods* I've received a report from the Mendel and Waptoria. They were attacked by a mass invasion of local wildlife, their Orgaat devoured some.
  • Ahsahira - They were able to do that? The biochemestries are completely different.
  • Soldier - It seems it wasn't much of a problem. Though I wonder about the attack.
  • Ahsahira - Hmmm, their are large amounts of magnetite throughout the planet?

Whatever the case may be Ahsahira did not have much time to wonder about it, she had other concerns.

  • Ahsahira - Alright get the wounded patched up and the Gorgoids out, we have ground to cover.

Troop transports touched down in the area, drones moving out to map the area, as Walgolorian warriors and Ugandal Troopers moved out first, securing the area. Kiun and his twin bodyguards marched out, battlesuit weapons and armor glistening in the sun as one of Kiun's sub-commanders, Talorn, approached him. The golden armored Ugandalorian stood at attention, and gave the Mendel salute, before speaking.

  • Talorn - Sir, we have moderately high radiation levels here, as expected. Our scientists are laying down perimeter defenses and the like to create a breathable atmosphere for our Orgaat allies.
  • Kiun - See to it, Sub-commander. Get the rest of our drones to establish a base of operations here and a command post. Once done, we will contact Vanara and the Waptoria to coordinate.
  • Talorn - Yes sir, it shall be done.

Talorn ran off, as Kiun ran forward, his bodyguard lumbering beside him as he watched more transports touch down, unloading tanks, gunships and other vehicles, as well as more troops to deploy. It was quite the city, as drop cranes slammed down from the sky, erecting themselves into a shield generator/atmosphere purifier. With that nearly completion, engineers and drones ran off to get barracks, the command post, and other buildings up and running. Shir'otez, the Empyreal, walked forward, carrying his Honor Staff, and wearing a set of protective gear.

  • Kiun - Your imminence, we have begun setting up a breathable atmosphere here for our Orgaat kin. Soon, we will be able to deploy a safe breathing space while we plan.
  • Shir'otez - Excellent, but how are the Orgaat supposed to breath outside of this zone.
  • Kiun - Elder Shifter Ha'brk has spoken of hunting the local life forms for their DNA, and integrating it into their Gene-matrix.
  • Shir'otez - Is that safe?
  • Kiun - It does not matter to them, they are Orgaat after all.
  • Shir'otez - Understood. I will leave command to you, you are Commander here, I will trust you.
  • Kiun - *Bowing Slightly* Thank you, Great one.

Kiun and his Bodyguard turned to leave, when they heard the approach of a group of Gvanta Warrior Scouts.

  • Kiun - Scouts, what do you have to report.
  • Gvanta Fhas'ui - Sir, large numbers of beast are heading this way! All types. I've never seen such a thing.
  • Kiun - Is anything guiding them, like sentient masters or the like?
  • Gvanta Fhas'ui - No sir, they appear to be acting on their volition.
  • Kiun - *Announcing on his comms system* All units, be ready! Hostile wild-life approaching. Be prepared to rebel them with extreme force.

Kiun gripped his pulse rifle as the troops ran to complete their tasks, soldiers loading their rifles and weapons for war, and Vashari Androids where activated. Several more battle suits came online, the Paladin suits setting down in the ground and bringing Rail guns online. Then, they heard the sound of the will beasts approaching. Kiun's sensors detected all kinds, some insectiod, some synapsides like the Vanara themselves, but no matter what, all of them where converging on the base from all directions.

Walgolorian Fire teams opened fire first, scouts and Warriors firing shot after shot, the air filled with the crack of Plasma guns opening fire, as the air sizzled with the heat from them. As the creatures got closer, Ugandalorian and Kodalorian teams opened fire, plasma and bolt rounds tearing through the air and ripping through several of the creatures. Still, this was not enough to stop them, and, despite their best efforts, the creatures closed. While their armor at first offered protection, many of the giant roach creatures actually managed to tear them open like tin cans, spilling out their life fluid into the air as they entered the perimeter. Several of the Walgolorian warriors where pinned to the ground as the synapsides mauled them, before moving onto others.

The Kadalians charged into the thick of it, blasting away several of the beasts, or grabbing the smaller one and tossing them away. One of them, in a rage, grabbed a flying dragon-fly beast, and dismantled it like a toy he had grown bored with, before bear hugging one of the Roach creatures, and tossing it away with all his strength. Kiun watched this entire melee, firing off rounds from his rifle, as his bodyguard followed him, giving support. Finally, Sub-commander Talorn appeared, sword thick with blood.

  • Talorn - Sir, when do we deploy battesuits? The Paladin's railguns don't have the range to deal with all these. We need a quicker solution.
  • Kiun - Soon.
  • Talorn - Soon? I'm not very confident sir.
  • Kiun - Trust me, Sub-Commander, I have this under control.
  • Talorn - If you say so sir.

Kiun was aware of the situation all around. Despite some causalities, the warrior teams where doing well. The Walgolorian had fallen back to get within safe range, as the other troops cut through the beasts in melee combat. Despite, the balance was about even. Then, Kiun gave the order.

  • Kiun - All battlesuits, deploy jet backs and begin aerial assault! Unleash all weapons on these beasts.

Joining his troops, Kiun and his bodyguard landed, Plasma rifles and Burst canons sending out blast after blast of blue, hot plasma, tearing through the beasts that stood in his way, as his warriors gave a cheer, opening fire with renewed spirit. Other battlsuits slammed down, crushing several of the creatures underfoot, or blasting them Fusion and missile rounds. Hundreds of the creatures lay cut open, their entrails pouring out, as their vital fluids leaked all-over the place.

Finally, the creatures retreated into the forest and hills from once they came, some getting shot down by the vengeful Mendel warriors, others standing back to care for the wounded and dead.

  • Kiun - Summon the Orgaat. Let their Clans feast and grow stronger. We will need it.
  • Talorn - Lord, we have some slight injuries, but the most distressing is the bite wounds on some of our troops that got through their armor. the flesh has been completely necrotized.
  • Kiun - Just like with our allies. I think we have the right planet now, Sub-Commander.
  • Talorn - Should we pursue the remaining creatures?
  • Kiun - And hunt every last rodent and microbe? No, leave them. Let us tend to our fallen brothers, and watch out for more incursions.

As Talorn nodded and turned to carry out his orders, Chieftain Ha'brk of the Orgaat approached, his kindred warriors following behind, and brandishing Pole-arms, rifles and other weapons. He saluted Kiun.

  • Ha'brk - Kiun, The Tribes of the Seven Claws report for duty.
  • Kiun - Ha'brk, it is good to see you again. We have some creatures here that may be of use to your Clans. Are you aware of Vanara biologics?
  • Ha'brk - A bit, I have been curious about it.
  • Kiun - The creatures we fought displayed traits similar to them. Can you integrate their DNA into your clans?
  • Ha'brk - We shall try. Stand back and watch Kiun.

Ha'brk and his warriors walked up to one of the Synapsides, the creature twitching on the ground as it's stomach lay cut open. One of the warriors squawked impatiently, as Ha'brk gave a warble to silence him. Slamming his right, massive fist into it's face, giving one last crunch before it's body went stiff, Ha'brk took out of his knives and cut open it's chest, revealing it's heart, which was still beating, if weakly. Ha'brk growled to one of his shamans, asking what the future held for this DNA. The Shaman, eyes glowing blue, shrieked that the future was well.

  • Ha'brk - The Tribes of the Seven Claws accept your gift. Let the warriors feast, and let the future take shape.

Bringing back his right hand, he reached and tore out the creature's heart, and, holding his knife and the heart aloft, uttered a prayer.

  • Ha'brk - Oh great, Kadaii Hoorangiir, God of Ruin, we thank you for granting us victory in battle and gaining the opportunity to grow all the stronger in the future.

He bite off a small piece of the heart as he finished his prayer.

  • Ha'brk - Mighty Tzeent'chak, Architect of Evolution, we thank you for granting us the ability to change ourselves to strengthen our children. To both gods, may you grant us benefits with this flesh we eat, and we honor our enemies for being so strong.

he ate the heart in total and chewed it for a bit before swallowing the meat. Then, he stood straight as he felt the spirits of the fallen beast join his ancestors' own within him. He turned towards his warriors, holding his knife aloft.

  • Ha'brk - Warriors, you may feast! Give thanks to our allies for killing these beasts for us, and prepare to mold the future anew!

The Orgaat shrieked in excitement and thanks and jobbed upon their prey, tearing into the creatures to eat into their flesh and organs, as many drank up their blood. Ha'brk smiled slightly as he and his conclave moved to Kiun once more.

  • Kiun - Is that safe, isn't Vanara, and these creatures' blood poisonous?
  • Ha'brk - We Orgaat resist it. As we eat, the DNA automatically adjusts, and we gain immunity. In the next few hours, my kindred and I will be fully ready to fight in the radioactive hills and valleys of this world.
  • Kiun - Excellent, may our hunts treat us well friend.
  • Ha'brk - *holds his blade up in a salute* Yes, Friend of the Clans.

With that, Ha'brk and his group moved out to continue grabbing excess meat and storing it for the other Orgaat who had yet to land, as Kiun ordered the rest of his forces to land. Wit the small bump in the road out of the way, they could finish preparations.

Eco Waptoria parts

Mendel, Waptoria, and Vanara forces are forced to land on Strolt. Mandel and Waptoria are attacked by native lifeforms(who seem to react hostilely to the incrustation) while Vanara must fend off a Bachyeon Assault)

Touchdown on Voystris Edit

Zarbanian and Imperium Forces land on Voystris and while preparing to assault Strolt are forced to fend off native wildlife

Stranded on the Outside Edit

The UFG and Tyris Mayor forces are forced to land on the sterile, dessert planet of Thasos by an Alpha Cyber Collctive Assault. While a combined Collective/Bachyeon assault forces the Multus onto Alastor's moon called Shirkirii

Assault on Strolt Edit

Counter Assault on Voystris Edit

Retreat to Juraxis Edit

Final Battle at Mount Drakonas Edit

Aftermath and Reformation Edit

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