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The Bastnliues Republic is a member of the Mou'Cyran Accords
"United in the hopes of a better future..."

Through hard won battles, to hardships afflicting the whole republic, we will push on, through thick and thin and reign victorious over those that threaten our borders, for as we are the Bastnliues, and we do not go gently into that good night

- Lord Applon Antaous

The Bastnliues Republic is an interstellar power centered in the Cyrannus Galaxy. It was formed in 2,758 BNE, after a rebellion usurped a tyrannical Absolute Monarchy and formed a Constitutional Republic. Even with the treacherous situation currently surrounding its home galaxy, the Republic continues to grow and expand, left relatively untouched by warfare with other empires and the traditions and values of the Bastnliues remain strong as does their economical and Scientific advancements.


Separation from the King

The Republic was formed over 22,600 years ago by the first lord, Antonius Eiectus V, who was unsatisfied and appalled with the rulings of the reigning King, launched a civil war that lasted a decade, and left the Monarchy in ruins,and a new flag reigning over the Bastnliues homeworld of Usmilia. Once the world had been ripped from the grasp of tyranny, The new lord declared the fledgling state a republic, and worked upon restoring its former glory. A decade went by, and the republic grew under their lords guideful hands, becoming more and more free and democratic, as the government was organized and separated into branches of powers, The Executive, and the Legislative Branches were created, whilst the Grand Courts were formed sometime after. Lord Antonius then looked unto the stars, and hoped to one day branch his people out into the many systems that were seen in the sky.

Living Amongst The Stars

Antonius would see this idea through, as he put the brightest minds on the planet to work, constructing things from rockets to space probes in order to get the Bastnliues to space, but he would only see a glimpse of his future accomplishment. Lord Antonius died in his death bed, watching as his people rocketed to the stars, as they spread out to colonize the planets and systems around him, and for that, a monument had been erected in Usmilia for his achievements. Soon after the next lord has been elected, they deemed the colonization effort a national goal, and had ordered voyages to star systems surrounding the growing empire. Soon, only a few centuries after the death of the first lord and the establishment of the Republic, the nation had become a full fledged interstellar power, though, however small it may have been at its beginning, it was destined to grow and become a contender in the galactic ring.

Conflict arisesEdit

Though the Bastnliues were no strangers to conflict, as they has begun to expand through the Cyrannus galaxy, they had encounter systems populated with hostile intent, and deemed it their duty to both liberate these systems and to expand the Republic above all else. This lead to firstly the discovery of alien life (ratifying interstellar scientists to study both them and their technology) and to the engaging of conflicts amongst the republic and the kingdoms they faced. in their 20 millenia before formally entering Intergalactic Politics, they would face many threats and enemies down the road, and many have been lost to time, but a few have stood out for various reasons.

The Maelstrom Insurgency

Onward into the history of the Bastnliues, once they had accumulated twenty percent of their current territory, they had to face an enemy that had not faced before, and they were forced to adapt to constantly changing circumstances in fighting them. These foes were termed the Maelstrom insurgency, as they did not form a unified banner to fight under, rather formed smaller clans that harassed and chipped away at the growing republic for two decades. These clans were spread out in over 50 star systems, effectively blockading the Bastnliues from further northbound expansion. When the Bastnliues formally declared war upon the Insurgency, they dug deep into the planets, forming large bunkers that are still in use today by the Bastnliues. Over 50 legions of the republic were sent out, aimed towards besieging and uprooting the miscreants to make room for the growing republic. The sieges lasted years and drove any Maelstrom underground, allowing or the Bastnliues to take the upper hand, and military forts were constructed, effectively annexing all of the planets whilst still in warfare. The war was won through attrition on the Bastnliues side, and when the republic found weaknesses in the mass produced bunkers found on all fifty planets. After the war concluded, the Bastnliues transformed the bunkers into military fortresses and continued their expansion unimpeded.

The Kingdom of Naluiba

As the Republic moved on past the insurgency and into an era of reconstruction and continued expansion, that lasted a few millennia. As they came up on more and more systems, a challenger has sent word to the Republic, looking to seek out their best warriors to fight for spacial dominance in this territory. At first, the Republic ignored the challenge, but sent agents to spy upon those who had sent the call. What those scouts had discovered, was a small, but powerful empire hovering only 4 light years from the Bastnliues eastern borders. After these reports reached the ears of the lord, Calterus Vetan II, he immediately strengthened the border facing the reckless challenger, and sent envoys to ask what this message had been sent and to see if peace could be achieved. When the envoys returned a week later, their bodies were found aboard a ship, impaled upon spikes planted into the floor of the ship. The Republic took this as a declaration of war and immediately moved out their fleets, into the territory of what was know as the Kingdom of Naluiba, a feral and unpredictable species, whom had fortified 100 systems to the teeth, as they were blockaded with thousands and thousands of ships, waiting for the Republic to take the bait and destroy themselves, leaving the republic unguarded if the approach was taken. Instead, a different approach was taken by the tactical Lord, as he set the Capable scientist of the republic to work, constructing mass drivers and particle beam cannons to obliterate the flotilla of ships barricading the kingdom. The war lasted less than 3 years, and the Kingdom was destroyed by the Bastnliues new weaponry, and absorbed into the Republic as an annexed protectorate species, and any that resisted were killed for their previous transgressions.

Recent HistoryEdit

Civil War Erupts (2790-2796 A.D.)

As the decades passed and the Republic expanded silently through the Cyrannus Galaxy, opening up relations and trades routes during a time of peace and prosperity, events would occur that would require the Republic to fight against itself, an inner enemy that would not stop until it reigned supreme over the nation it was once apart of. It all began, when the current Lead General, Acktus Thronian, has made an attempt on the Lords life. This attempt failed, and it acted as the spark to launch a civil war, splitting the Republic in half. This war lasted for six years, and spanned almost the entirety of the Republic's territory. As Battles were fought, the Republic Loyalists, under Lord Applon, had brung in many Allies that would stand until this day, such as the Waptoria Alliance of Species and the Troodontid Empire. These two nations were the saving graces of the war, as they helped to tip the scales in favor of the Loyalists. The conflict scarred worlds and destroyed fleets, leaving vast remnants as monuments to a futile war. The War would come to an end, in 2796 A.D. when Applon had cornered Acktus hemorrhaging fleet, and destroyed them, leaving his old friend to die the vacuum of space.

The Calamity of Usmilia (06 NE)

Years after the civil war, the Bastnliues had readjusted to their situation and began their expansion once again. They had built up relations and allies with Cyrannian powers and extra-galactic ones as well. Though this would not be enough to stop the events that would take place in 06 NE. The ever reclusive and manipulative people known as the Bisistar had sent agents to weave subterfuge and destruction across the capital planet of the Republic, Usmilia. Using the agent known as Máazoga, the Bisistar attempted to throw the Republic into upheaval by assassinating the Lord, Applon Antaous. This attempt however, failed, as the agent was discovered and forced to flee to the fleet of Bisistar hidden two light years form the borders of the Prime system. The Domain then invaded the Usmilian system and over took it destroying its defenses and rendering it a hostage under the Domain.

The Bisistar would not win however, a god send transmission, sent out by a battle station only a few seconds before its destruction, mobilized a fleet of both the Bastnliues and of the New Cyrannian Republic. The Bastnliues Prime Defense Fleet specifically tasked with the defense of Usmilia, arrived there first, and they were the first to meet the Bisistar face to face in the system. After a declaration of intent by the Bastnliues,a battle had ensued. The Bisistar's superior technology, held out against the advantageous numbers of the Bastnliues but losses still occurred on both sides, the Bisistars suffering over a quarter loss of their fleet, while the Bastnliues suffered larger numbers. The tide of battle was ensured by the arrival of a NCR fleet, commanded by the Admiral Kaedar, had sealed the fate of the Bisistarian invasion fleet. The day would be won the for combined efforts, and the Bisistar would suffer a humiliating defeat by those who they thought were inferior.

From this point on, the two republic would seal their alliance both in ink and blood, all the while connecting the Bastnliues to a larger powerbase, the Mou' Cyran Accords, in which they would contribute in order to promote peace across the universe.

Government and PoliticsEdit

Executive BranchEdit


The Republic is lead by a lord, Currently by Applon Antaous who took power around 2650 . The position of Lord is for life, and the Leader itself is elected by all of the Republic's Citizens. When the current Lord dies or resigns, the public elects a new Lord from 2 candidates that have advanced to the Final Primary Election. The road leading to the Lordship starts off at the senate, where a limitless number of candidates from both parties can join in the election. From there, each party has 4 debates, and in each, the candidates give their best speeches and say what their plans as lord will be, and through each debate, the goal is to show which candidate will be the best for each party, and at the fourth Primary debate, the Senate parties each vote for a single candidate to represent their interest on the Final Primary Election. After this, the candidate who wins is up to the citizens of the Republic, as all citizens from each sector of the nation vote for their favorite and the candidate with the most votes in their favor becomes lord. From here, The lord is now in charge of the entire republic, but is restricted by his other two branches, as he cannot pass legislation without the senate or Grand Court (If it comes to a stand still between them) and he must have authorization to go to war from the Senate, unless the Republic had recently been attacked, as then the Lord is free to declare war. The Lord also stands as the lead diplomatic figure in the Republic as well, as he communicates directly with other nations leaders and is responsible for deals that are negotiated between the republic and other interstellar powers (but the Legislative must approve the deal first), and in all of these ways, the Lord is the head and leader of the Republic.

The Lord's Council

The Lord's Council serves as the advisers to the current lord in power, and are chosen after every election by the Lord himself. There are fifteen advisers, and each are the head of their executive department and represent them in Council meetings. The councilors are as follows, The Councilors of Agriculture, Commerce, Defense, Education, Energy, Health Services, Domestic Security, Colonization and interstellar Development, Interior, Labor, State, Transportation, Treasury, and Veterans Affairs, and each are to advise the Lord on his decisions in order to make the right decision that will benefit the Republic as a whole. As long as the Lord is serving his term the Council stays as advisers to the lord, but if a councilor dies, a new one is elected, but when another Lord is elected, they have the choice of keeping the current council or choosing a new council from those they see best advising them. The Councilors only have power in both directing their department (but they must get approval for changes by the Lord) and by advising the Lord, but they cannot force the Lord to do anything, are are able to be unseated at anytime if the Lord deems it needed.

Legislative BranchEdit


The Republic's senate considered the legislative branch of the Republic. It is comprised of unicameral body that represents the public interests of every citizen in the Republic In total, there are over 300 senators elected from each of the Republic's sectors to represent them. Each of of these senator governs a single sector and is given a single vote, independent of the total population contained within their sector. The senate then votes on any legislature that passes through its chambers, and the majority of the senators must be won in order for a bill or any kind of legislature to pass into law. The Executive Branch has a play in this as well, due to the fact that the lord can veto any laws or bills that have been passed if he does not believe in the benefits of the bill or believes the cons are too high for it. The Senate is then split into two opposing parties, named the Conservatives and the Liberal for their views, as one wants to stick with the traditions and values of the Republic whilst taking in new ideas and concepts while the Liberals are more radical in change, hoping to change the traditions and values of the republic to better fit a changing time, a changing era. Though the two sides do not always agree, they almost always reach a middle ground and the government does not come to a stand still because of their quarrels.

Judicial BranchEdit

The Judicial Branch, also known as the Grand Court, is the Judicial Branch of the Republic, tasked with deciding the verdict of cases between two parties. These cases are covered by a single judge and a jury of 6, in Sector Circuit courts, which handle secretarial matters from crimes to domestic cases, and the Grand Verduan Court handles any cases that are of interstellar importance or have risen through the courts and now need to be decided by the Grand Court. Those cases are handle by six Supreme Honors and twelve grand jurors in order to find the best verdict and to bring justice to every case.

Society and CultureEdit


Military and DefenseEdit

Main Article:The Bastnliues Republic's Military

The Republic's military is the segment of the republic that handles all Military operations throughout Bastnliues territory and their aggressive interactions with the rest of the gigaquadrant. The entire military is divided into two sections and one higher function that serves as Central Intelligence for the Republic. The Military of the Republic is a chimera of ideals and technology, incorporating the very best in military tech whilst plotting new battle tactics and strategies against the enemy. Each branch of the Military is responsible for different interactions with military taargets

Thanks to reent events that have threatened the saftey of the republic and its people, the Military has been expanded, with four more fleets being added to it, along with the New Cyrannian Republic offering some of its ships for the Bastnliues to use in warfare.

Intergalactic RelationsEdit


Green face"Great friends of the republic, welcome."

  • New Cyrannian Republic - "A valued ally they saved us at our most dire, and we are grateful."
  • Troodontid Empire - "An old friend of the republic, they have helped us through the crisis that have struck us in the past."
  • CAAON - "Together we shall bring peace and prosperity."


Blue face "You are welcome into our republic."


Yellow face "Hmm, not known yet, but you are welcome inside our republic.


Orange face "Stop doing what is not allowed, or be destroyed."


Crossed Swords "Get ready to be destroyed!"

  • The Bisistar Domain - "Wretches, you infiltrate us and attempt to destroy us; you will perish in the fires.


Our first allies.

- Tyton Sialis

The Bastnliues...we almost stumbled upon them by accident...or perhaps it was subtle Troodontid guidance. Whatever the cause, or the intention, the three of us formed alliances with one another almost at the same time, forming a tri-fold block of peace and stability in the dreadful times when instability surrouned us all. It is due to the Bastnliues Republic that we got our own foothold in Cyrannus. They have done more for us than they realise, and they have our eternal thanks for that.

- W'tze of the Waptoria Alliance of Species



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