The Atlantica known as Barthandel, also known as the Warrior, Rambo God of War- is a powerful entity bound to the Realms of the Gods and the Rambo Pantheon.

Among the Atlantica, he is known for his bravery, his strength and loyalty to the Atlantica cause. However his lust for battle is not always appreciated.


Early History[]

In early history, Barthandel was one of the powerful and advanced Aininyë- better known as a Noldialtica, humanoids with elven looks and capable of using magical spells. While his fellow Noldialtica, under guidance of the Ultimate One began seeding the Quadrants with life, Barthandel instead took his holy vows to serve as a warrior in name of the Ultimate One and soon ascenced to become an Atlantica, known later as the Gods. As such he was now able to travel between the Realms and the mortal world.

Eventually he became one of the best warriors of the Noldialtica and Atlantica, and managed to create hiw own almost undestructable armor. During his time he often protected his fellow Noldialtica when they created artifacts or constructs like Aecor and the portals found at the Rambo Capital. During his time he once met Libraé when she visited the Realms of the Gods during the Apotheosis.

Years later, around 22.500 BQF the Noldialtica waged a war with the unknown crab species, he managed to slay and defeat a lot of them. After the war, all of the Noldialtica left the Quadrants, and Barthandel as an Atlantica was now unable and forbidden to enter the mortal realms without permission of the Mouth.

He remained in the Realms of the Gods, where he settled himself in the White City and oversaw the evolution within the Quadrants.

Clash of the Gods[]

When the Clash of the Gods began, Barthandel began setting up the defenses of the Atlantica but was unable to defeat Artmyris as the Ultimate One himself had done earlier on- much to his dismay.

Barthandel battles with Agonânghâsh

When the Altantica were summoned by Indris to discuss the rise of Tyrómairon- the Apocalpta leader he grew disatisfied and wished to start a conflict at once. Eventually is was decided the Atlantica were not to involve themselves with the Mornûnendur. Shortly after, when both Komura and Selenyia were killed by their enemies, Barthandel was allowed to send a message to Mornûnendur.

Barthanel travelled to Orbispira Emperor's Bane, Agonânghâsh. A short but fierce battle erupted between the Atlantica and the Mornûnendur but Barthandel managed to defeat the Bane, and gave him a warning that the Quadrants were not allowed for the Mornûnendur and their minions. It was the first act in the Atlantica offensive during the Clash and was also an act of revenge for the loss of Selenyia by Ekrillium's hand. Afterwards he returned to the Realms were he aided the Mouth against the Desolation Hivemind- who began infecting the Realms after a truce made with the evil and cunning Morgandaûr.

Battle against the Desolation Hivemind

The once green and peaceful area was now infested by green fog, hideous Bersekers and a Hivemind itself. Barthandel smiled behind his helmet- he always wanted to fight the cousins of the Xhodocto, as it was forbidden by the Ultimate One to engage a Xhodocto unless they entered the Quadrants. Barthendel charged in the middle of the group, using his shield to smash Bersekers away, however they were with many and Barthendel also took damage when the Hivemind targeted the Warrior. The Mouth managed to disable the Hivemind, leaving the Bersekers in confusion. With the destruction of the Hivemind the Bersekers did not withdraw as planned, instead they launched themselves at Barthandel and the Mouth, and when a Rethex'Kalik arrived as well, together with various hiveminds erupting from the ground it seemed all hope was lost and Barthendel was left standing alone!

Tyrómairon offers peace to the Atlantica

None the less the two began fighting the Desolation, but over hours of combat, neither side gaining the upperhand it seemed Barthandel and the Mouth were drained of their powers. It seemed the Hivemind gained the upperhand as the Elemental Quadrant Energies in the area were slowly replaced by that what came with the Desolation. Wounded, both Barthandel and the Mouth looked in awe as more Desolation warriors arrived. Due to the overwhelming numbers they had to withdraw and returned to the White City to recover, as the Mouth was injured.

Shortly after, Barthendel and the Mouth suddenly felt a dark presence as Tyrómairon arrived within the White City. As the dark presence was felt, soon the other Atlantica rushed to aid the Mouth and Barthandel. However, much to their surprise the Mornûnendur leader said he was not here to do harm, not believing it he charged at Tyrómairon but was simply tossed him aside with a wave of his hand. He then offered a truce of peace, something the Atlantica hesistantly accepted. After the peace was accepted, the Clash ended and Barthandel returned to his daily matters.

Personality and Traits[]

The Atlantica known as Barthandel has taken an humanoid appearance in ancient time to resemble a humanoid. With heavy armor and a strong will he is a dangerous and powerful Atlantica, one of the more powerful ones of the entire Atlantica race. It is said he posseses over tremendous physical strength, capable of moving planets out of their orbit with a single push.

However when he smells a battle, he sometimes forgets logic, which makes him vulnrable as he enters a stage of rage and doesn't mind who gets hurt, whether it are enemies of allies in his way. He is strong, ruthless in battle and fiercely loyal to the Ultimate One, and has followed him ever since their migration to the Realm of the Gods. Barthenadel has a great heart, though is often dismayed when he cannot battle the enemies of the Atlantica and refuses to admit defeat when in battle.

According to the Rambo Pantheon, he is known as the God of War and oversees those who have fallen in combat and gives his blessing for the Rambo when they enter battle.



LoveRelation.pngI would sacrifice my life for them!


Green face.pngThey deserve my honor!


Red face.pngSuffer the wrath of the Atlantica!



May your shield provide the protection the Quadrants need, Barthandel the Great Warrior!

- Ultimate One

I will... break you.

- Agonânghâsh


  • Barthandel hasn't created a race for the Quadrants, instead he pledged himself to protect the Ramboidae Realms against other supernatural beings.
  • He is one of the few Atlantica who is aware that Indris had a relationship with James Rambo, wich resulted in the birth of Claire. In gesture of his friendship and his own affection to Indris, he kept it a secret and promised not to tell it to any of the other Atlantica.


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