Ní bheidh muid a Bow síos go dtí an amadán nua Gecko! Tá sé ina leathcheann a bheidh i mbun ár gluaiseacht isteach sa talamh! Uimh níos mó beidh muid i bhfolach sa scáileanna na Cognatus! Beimid ag tabhairt amach Vertigo ag dúinn féin agus a chur ar ár Impireacht ar ais ar an cosán fíor! (We shall not bow down to this new fool Gecko! He is an idiot who will run our movement into the ground! No more shall we hide in the shadows of the Cognatus! We will take out Vertigo by ourselves and put our empire back on the true path!)

- Pang Vore denies allegiance to Gecko Lacerator after Krill's death.

Gaur egun, gure hizkuntza, gure ohiturak, gure militar taktikak aldatzeko dugu. Ezin dugu borrokatzeko Inperioaren zaie Krill talltempted bezala. Estaltzeko behar dugu greba eta gure etsaiak aurkako erasoak jo eta korrika egiteko. Baina ez kezkatu, nire lagunak, garaipena gauden zaio, eta gauden izango da idiots ez zuen jarraitu gurekin nor aurkitzen aurretik! (Today we switch our language, our customs, our military tactics. We cannot fight the Empire outright as Krill talltempted to do. We must strike from cover and make hit and run attacks on our foes. But worry not, my friends, victory shall find us, and it will find us before it finds the idiots who did not follow us!)

- Pang Vore announces the switch from Irish to Basque to show his new faction's legitimacy.

Baquea Ezin Dago Onargarriak - Benetako (Basque: Peace is not acceptable - for real) is a Pseudopath rebel group that formed after the death of Níl An Tsíocháin Inghlactha leader Krill at the hands of Pseudopath Archon Vertigo during the Second War in Cyrannus. When a former lieutenant of Krill's, Gecko Lacerator, attempted to take command, many of the rebels saw him as weak and decide to follow Krill's diplomat and supply-runner, Pang Vore. The group announced their name, allegiance, and language from Irish to Basque in an effort to distance themselves from Gecko's faction as much as possible. While the two groups are enemies, they mostly concentrate on attacking the New Cyrannian Republic and the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment.

History[edit | edit source]

Formation[edit | edit source]

Baquea Ezin Dago Onargarriak - Benetako formed after Krill was killed during the Second War in Cyrannus by Vertigo, the very Pseudopath they wished to depose. After this, Gecko Lacerator announced his taking of leadership. But many Pseudopath, knowing Gecko's history as a vicious, unthinking commander, were suspicious that he would bring their movement to ruin. As such, many chose to follow Pang Vore, who also refused to follow Gecko. These rebels, about 30% of the overall rebel population, left and formed their own group in order to counteract both Gecko's faction and their common enemies.

Tactics, Command Structure, and Military[edit | edit source]

Baquea Ezin Dago Onargarriak - Benetako has no defined leadership. There is a loose hierarchy, and they all follow Pang Vore, but for the most part there is no defined order. With little to no actual military strength, Baquea Ezin Dago Onargarriak - Benetako has resorted to cheap terror attacks such as bombings, shootings, and sabotage. As such, they are considered a very minor threat, with most attacks causing very few casualties. Until they find a strong backer, it is unlikely that they will get anywhere with their goals. Like Níl An Tsíocháin Inghlactha, their forces have much less armor and weaponry than the Empire. Unlike them, their forces have been almost completely stripped of advanced technology simply to bulk up their strength and to have resources to jury-rig equipment they need. They are very short on weapons as well. Baquea Ezin Dago Onargarriak - Benetako's population consists of only first and second-stage Pseudopath.

CRE Pseudogrunt-145dcab0 ful.png
The Grunts of Baquea Ezin Dago Onargarriak - Benetako are little more than savage, animalistic cannon fodder. Armed with a plasma pistol - if they are lucky - or an explosive suicide weapon, these Grunts are barely a match for even a Níl An Tsíocháin Inghlactha Grunt. They are the type of Pseudopath most likely to be used as suicide bombers, as they are to inexperienced and inaccurate to be trusted to pull off remote or time bomb detonations or precision shootings and assassinations.

CRE Pseudogoblin-145dcaaf ful.png
Like the Grunts, Goblins are very unimportant cannon fodder to Baquea Ezin Dago Onargarriak - Benetako, mostly being used to plant cheap roadside bombs or shoot a few people in a crowded town square. Given guns slightly more often than Grunts, Goblins are still a minute threat and are easily dealt with. They also have little to no rights in the organization.

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