The Bananaz Empire is based on the Maxis-made Space creature. They are a new empire that is a True Neutral Monarchy, which is nice some of the time. They live near Sol and have joined the TIAF as a commonwealth mainly to learn about how to be a sucsessful empire.

History of the Bananaz EmpireEdit

  • 547 Million BC - Bananaz first evolve.
  • 1 Million BC - Bananaz reach modern form, aside from sapience.
  • 1850 BC - Bananaz gain sapience.
  • 1305 BC - Bananaz form tribes; the soon-to-be-empire one being the "Tribe of Banani"
  • 1264 BC - Tribe of Banani builds first hut, no longer being nomadic
  • 579 BC - ToB fights first war and wins.
  • 25 BC - ToB forms first civilization; the "Banani Kingdom"


Other EmpiresEdit

First Contact - TIAFEdit

A kind, friendly empire. They agreed to join us as a commonwealth. We want to raise them up to be a great and powerful empire.


Quotes From Other EmpiresEdit

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