The Baby Taldar is a young Vyro'Narza who lacks a 3D avatar, and so uses one.

History Edit

Origins Edit

It was learnt during the Second Borealis Galactic War that the Baby Taldar is, in fact, the ghost of Mac.

Conflicts of Borealis Edit

In the Corrupt Occurance, the Baby Taldar saved everyone at the end from Kolossus, by defeating him. As a baby, it is constantly being fed Chronoscopic for development, which it could use on Kolossus. He was visited by his father, who protected him. During the Corrupt Occurance, the Baby Taldar appeared (to us) as Kanye West.

Second Borealis Galactic War Edit

Two Baby Taldars, the one created at the moment and the one in the 'present', were both seen in the final battle of the war, where they were pivotal in defeating Zargoth.

Characteristic Edit

Appearance Edit

The Baby Taldar's form appears to different races as different individuals. These individuals are chosen based on the baby Taldar's 'base personality'; its individual personality is still being developed, as is its 3D avatar.

Personality Edit

The Baby Taldar's base personality, currently, is a musician, and a person with strong opinions, as well as someone passionate. For this reason, to humans, it once appeared as Kanye West, who is notorious for shouting his opinions to the world, yet determined with his job.

Abilities Edit

For its development, the baby Taldar is constantly fed Chronoscopic (holomatter) from Sequencium, and the whole 5th dimension. This makes it invincible, and it can also use this power on its enemies.

Equipment Edit

The Baby Taldar had not been seen to use any equipment in particular. This is because it does not need one.

Notes Edit

  • The Baby Taldar could have many other human forms. It is possible that Kanye is seen to us as the form is one that the viewer can relate to, and a 21st century human is most likely.

Gallery Edit

Greetings, young, three dimensional mortals!
The Traffphyds will obliterate all...
Bow to the might of the Traffphyds...
Time: a living, breathing thing.
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