The Balaseara known as B'Seala is a crewmember in the operations section onboard the USS Enterprise-A, serving under James Rambo. A kind and noble spirit, he is often a joker among his fellow colleagues and always seems to have a fine and happy humor.


Early History[]

B'Seala was born in 2768 (30 BQF) at Ramahri Nova in a family of hard working laborers. Enjoying his childhood and living having dreams of exploring other Rambo Nation planets, he was eventually drifted into Rambo Command where he signed up to join the Academy and serve within the navy.

Service onboard the Dallas and Enterprise[]

After graduating from the Rambo Academy for crewmembers in 2798 (0 BQF); he was assigned to the USS Dallas for a three year duty under vice-admiral Ramcard. After his tour of duty onboard the Dallas he was transferred to the USS Enterprise-A which was in dire need of an experienced crewmember for the transportation room. B'Seala soon found himself the main operator for the transporter room and is next in line for promotion to petty officer. His first mission involved the travel to the NX-Region where they encountered New Republic officer, Helo Roslia and an encounter with a cruiser from the Congregation. After the attack the Enterprise was drawn into a wormhole leading to the future.

Commander of Starbase 24[]

After his time on the USS Enterprise-A, B'Seala returned to the Rambo Academy and applied for a position as officer. He graduated two years later and started his officer carreer. Around 2817 (19 AQF), B'Seala was promoted to the rank of commander and recieved command of starbase 24, a starbase part of the infamous fortification belt known as the "Gorge". As of 2818 (20 AQF), he adopted the new uniform of Rambo Nation issued by High King Rambert Ramveral.

Personality and Traits[]

B'Seala is a kind and noble spirit, often a joker among his fellow colleagues and always seems to have a fine and happy humor. He enjoys his position as transporter chief a lot, often claiming that he sees the most important persons of the ship and is a vital person for mission without the use of shuttles.

He is a great poker player and is a devoted believer in the Rambo Pantheon. While onboard the Enterprise, he became good friends with Windsor, E'Leana, Codoberia, Janice and even stands on a good notice with Lt. Jolene Adams.

He adopted the new Rambo uniform in 20 AQF. His uniform consists out of a distinguished red colored uniform with white shoulders epaulets with golden rank insigna's. His uniform is worn over golden turtlenecked undershirt, indicating his engineering roots and the golden stripes running down his pants.


B'Seala as crewman


Green face.pngI consider them my friends


Blue face.pngMy colleagues


Red face.pngMay the Gods cure you!

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