Stay strong. Do not falter.

- Arye L. Norman

The Azzinothe Empire is an expanding empire in the Milky Way Galaxy. They are a trader race, yet can be quick to fight if they need to.

History Edit

Solar System Edit

The solar system of the Azzinothe Empire's home world is named Arcuria. Named after the star that Azzinothe (the home planet) orbits. The planet of Azzinothe is within the habitablezone, at around 93.02 million miles from Arcuria. The planet of Azzinothe has a moon by the name of Nices.

Origins Edit

The Azzinothe race evolved on the planet of Azzinothe. They became an empire that ventured out of it's home-system at around 2577 AD. They have been around for only 17 years, which, for a spacefaring civilization, is a very short time.

Before FTL Edit

The Azzinothe were an adaptable race (Much like the Earth's Humans.). They evolved on the supercontinent known as Aeagnae. Before recorded history, they would usually kill each other over food. Alot. However, as they became more sophisticated, the deaths by Azzinothe-on-Azzinothe fights were usually lowered.

Around the Medieval Times/Middle Ages, deaths became more common as more lethal weapons were made. The wars were bloody, as well, with thousands dying. But as it crept up to the 1600s, the deaths became rare, as an eternal entity was introduced. The name of this entity was Kalemk (who was the Azzinothe'an equivalent Jesus Christ, on Earth)

Once industrial times were achieved, quality of life increased and population boomed. And as we all know, this meant war, and dwindling resources. By the 2354, 238 years after the Industrial Revolution, there were several nations. These nations went by the names of; The Republics of Kalemk, The United Territories of Kaleske, The Sovereign States of Ekter, The Knights of Colesk, The United Nations of Neuor, and The Regime of Equaear.

The Republics of Kalemk were a nation of religious cultists that believed in Kalemk. They would usually drown their prisoners of war in a bucket filled with what they called 'Kalemk's Holy Blood'. It was just water dyed red. Whenever they were accused of things that they did, that was a sin committed by other nations, they would spread lies about this nation that accused them.

The United Territories of Kaleske were a nation that strove for freedom. Such freedoms include freedom of speech, privacy, etc. They also brought up the 'Kaleske Convention', stating that all prisoners of war must be treated like a civilian, that buildings not helping the war effort have protection from bombings (Much like the Geneva Convention, in the real world.)

The Sovereign States of Ekter was a nation that strove for world-wide peace. They were the first to pledge their allegiance to the Kaleske Convention, doing it a 1 day, 3 hours, 45 minutes, and 21 seconds after the convention was established. This made the Sovereign States of Ekter, and the United Territories of Kaleske, strong allies.

The Knights of Colesk were a large brotherhood of knight-like people that believed in Kalemk. Because of this, they often got along with the Republics of Kalemk. The two soon became strong allies.

The United Nations of Neuor were a group of smaller contries that were very weak by themselves. The United Nations of Neuor consisted of the following countries; Neuor, Kale, Geh, Quewr, Vek, Mal, and Tye. The collected forces of these countries is enough to capture a city at best.

The Regime of Equaear was a far-right authoritarian Dictatorship (that was very similar to Nazi Germany). They often killed people for crimes below the level of murder, genocide, homocide, stealing from somebody in the government/military. It's clear now, that they were monsters.

Government Edit

The Azzinothe Empire is a democracy, meaning that power is vested in the people. However, before the Azzinothe Empire became a spacefaring civilization, there were other forms of government (Such as a Monarchy, Plutocracy, Timocracy and even some time as an Autocracy.).

Culture Edit

Leisure/Entertainment Edit

The Azzinothe Empire culture has pieces of different cultures. The Azzinothe Empire enjoys amusement.


Education is very important in Azzinothe culture. A well educated individual can help the empire in a good way. The Azzinothe Empire also has things ready for individuals with disabilities.

Technology Edit

Anatomy Edit

The Azzinothe race is a bipedal mammal race that gives birth to live young. The typical Azzinothe'an individual has light blue skin, with small plates of natural armour on the middle of their chest and their knees, with a set of wings on their back and stalk eyes.

Trade Edit

The Azzinothe Empire are currently trading with;

Talven Empire - exporting Zhakelei Metal and Deli Ahkue, maybe more, importing food, resources and supercomputers.

Economy Edit

The Azzinothe Empire exports a few items;

Tarkish Wood: Tarkish Wood is a strong wood type, that usually requires a machine to cut it, as it's very strong. Or, if possible, a very strong person with a very sharp axe.

Zhakelei Metal: Zhakelei Metal is a very resistant metal that can survive up to five seconds in magma. While this might sound bad, as five seconds can go by very quickly, this also means that it is very strong.

Deli Ahkue: Deli Ahkue is a pinkish-blue spice, Deli Ahkue translates to 'Sweet Spice', being sweet when used.

Language Edit

The language of the Azzinothe Empire goes by the name of Amfic. Below is a collection of words, phrases, etc. that have a direct translation to English. "Arcuria" - Bright One

Relations Edit

Friends Edit

Green faceIt is great to be allies with you.

Respected Edit

Blue faceWe respect you.

Neutral Edit

Yellow faceHmm..

Talven Empire - 'You are the first spacefaring civilization that we have encountered. Greetings.'

Slukatian Empire - "Cheers!"

Hostile Edit

Orange facePlease leave. We have nothing to speak about.

Enemies Edit

Red faceWe will fight.

Notable Members Edit

Arye L. Norman - Pilot Captain of the Azzinothe Desturia.

Arcurius L. Jenson - President of the Azzinothe Empire, home system in the Arcuria System, Milky Way Galaxy.

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