Azylkene is a mysterious Icolian, with an obscure interesst in temporal matters it will destroy all who stand in it's way. It's special helmet and body armor can withstand atmospheres normally poison to him and as such it became the Icolian's main ambassador as well for none-Icolian species.

It commands a tholian light cruiser and it is known to be able to take command of a space station in inter-dimensional space as well. During it's carreer and hunt for temporal matters it became an adversary of notorious Rambo captain, James Rambo among others.


Early Recorded History[]

Azylkene's space station

Not much is known about Azylkene it's history, only that is came into excistance among the Creature:Icolian of the Quadrants. Ever since it's excistance, it developed an obscure interesst in temporal matters and soon was given command of an Icolian Light Cruiser to investigate temporal matters and remove those who are in the way of the Icolian.

Azylkene has a distrust and dislike of the Icolian Assemblage, viewing them as below the Icolian standards though knows when to set a side it's feelings and work together with them.

Azylkene faces James and Jolene

Around 03 NE/06 AQF the Icolian became aware of a possible future timeline, who they identified as the Cyrannia's Legacy and viewed those time lines as extremely dangerous and should be prevented by all means. While at his space station it became aware that two individuals, Helo Roslia and James Rambo travelled to that time period from an area within Quadrant 82. The Icolian High Command gave orders to Azylkene to monitor and record the events, and upon return face the two individuals and bring them in for further examination.

Around the same time Azylkene became aware of the Icolian Assemblage presence at Mou'Cyran and took a personal interesst in it's events. Before able to travel to Mou'Cyran, Azylkene intercepted the USS Enterprise-A, a Rambo Nation Constitution-Class Refit. The Enterprise had just returned from a journey from a possible future and they had run into a cloacked Icolian mine, trapping the vessel in an Icolian-Web. Wishing to obtain the valuable information he transported himself onboard the ship and met with captain James Rambo and lieutenant Jolene Adams, ordering the two to surrender their vessel. Before events could unfold, Azylkene was forced to withdraw as the Enterprise came under attack.

Personality and Traits[]

Like all Icolian, Azylkene is highly xenophobic and aggressive by nature. Like other Icolian, it has traits of a non-humanoid hermaphroditic race with a likeness for precision and an obscure interest in temporal matters. Azylkene measures 2.20 meters in height and has a red/orange colored skin, which represents their flaming and agressive spirits.

Azylkene is one of the few Icolian who chose to wear a specially made armor, what allows Azylkene to visit planets otherwise toxic to it. As such Azylkene is able to visit planets with atmospheres that most species need to survive (i.e. Rambo, Libertus, Humanoids etc) and with it, it became one of the few Icolian who are known to the rest of the Cluster as it acts as an ambassador to the "lower" life forms as well.



Orange face.pngBe corrected, deceit is not tolerated!

  • none yet


Red face.pngTrespassers!

  • D'anna - Humanoid Time traveller, caution advised
  • Helo Roslia - Libertus Time traveller. Elaborate Examination!
  • James Rambo - Humanoid Time Traveller. Elaborate Examination

Ships Command[]

Icolian Light Cruiser

Azylkne it's personal ship is an Icolian ligt cruisers, who are the most common and basic Icolian vessel. They are also known as "catchers" by other species due to their unique trait of creating somesort of energy web when teamed up with others of her class. This energy web can disable enemy ships, giving the Icolian time to conquer the vessel or easily destoy it. The light cruisers are 25 meter long and are capable of transwarp are known to be equipped with strong shields and phasers.

Azylkene's ship isn't named and it just known as Azylkene's light cruiser, due to Azylkene's special status the light cruiser is equipped with a powerful transporter as well, capable of transporting through shields.


None yet



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