1st Space AgeEdit

The Azur built a rare portal to a very random coordinates , matching to other universe, Masteriga, 1.499-1.890

2nd Space AgeEdit

The Azur allied with some empires in Masteriga, 1.890-2.026

3rd Space AgeEdit

The Azur creates a revival of their old empires in Andromeda , 2.026-5.000

===4th Space Age=== 5.000-10.000 The Masterigans haves 6 galaxies in Masteriga , Andromeda and Milky Way.

===Last Space Age=== 10.000-20.000 The Masterigans creates a new portal to Spensia.

===Spensian Age=== 20.000-100.000 The Masterigan Empire tries extinct the Olinsians . There is a very big age of war for the Masteriga.

===Age of Peace=== 100.000-29.980.000 The Masterigan Empire haves a very good empire in peace.

===Dencian Age=== 29.980.000-30.000.000 The Olinsians and a lot of hostile empires made a very big empire to destroy the Masterigans. The Masterigans dissapears from the map.

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