The Azratoid Empire is the governing body of the Azratoid race. A militant and honorable empire, the Azratoid Empire is, despite its name, a democracy. This, coupled with the fact that they treat the species they conquer with equality and respect, has made the Azratoid empire one of the more respected powers in the Zachensa Sector. Even the Commonwealth of Walkanus, which has long opposed the Empire, has respect for it and its people.

History Edit

The Azratoid Empire formed when the most powerful nation in Capalopha launched a star ship that could travel faster than light. They spread out through the stars and established colonies in the neighboring systems. This convinced the few remaining nations on Capalopha to submit to the rule of the most powerful one, thus forming the Azratoid Empire.

The Empire established itself as an expansionist and militant empire, one that was steeped in tradition and honor but also one willing to experiment and try new things. They fought and conquered the neighboring species within their area of space. The fierce resistance that the neighboring species put up earned the respect of the Azratoids, and they vowed to treat their conquered people with respect and equality, refusing to enslave them or treat them like second class citizens. This meant few resistance movements would come to pass, and the acceptance of the alien species' cultures by the Azratoids meant that the lives of the individuals remained relatively unchanged. This reputation eventually led to situations where species willingly incorporated themselves into the Empire when its fleets came to their space, as the peace and acceptance was better than a long, drawn out war.

One species did not accept surrender. The Horans of the Commonwealth of Walkanus decided to remain independent and desired to stop the expansion of the Azratoids. To that end, they and their neighbors, the toucan like Genvops, signed an agreement to fight the Azratoid Empire and their expansion. Other species soon signed this agreement as well and the two power blocs fought. The war would last for several years and ultimately ended in a stalemate. A treaty was signed and a mutual respect had developed between the leaders and the soldiers of the two blocs. Over the next few millennia, more wars would be fought but the two blocs also traded and competed in more peaceful endeavors, like expansion and commerce. Subjects of the Empire would be among those who helped form the Council of Mystics, a neutral organization dedicated to studying Essence that would achieve renown as a mediator and commenter in sector political affairs.

The Empire would face a massive disruption to their cycle of war and peace when in 2835 C.E. the Council reported that the barriers around Zachensa were weakening. The Empire would be one of many nations that would meet to decide what to do about the weakening of the barriers.

Government Edit

The government of the Azratoid Empire is a democracy surprisingly similar to their foes in the Commonwealth of Walkanus. The head of the government is the Grand Leader, who is elected once every ten years, but the Grand Leader can only serve one term. The Grand Leader is accompanied by the Senate, which is elected from each system the Empire rules over. The Senate helps in the day to day running of the Empire while the Grand Leader is most often in charge of the military and foreign affairs.

Relations Edit

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