Some folks ask me why I lived my life the way I did. They ask if I did it for power, attention, or even to prove that famous Violaven didn't have to be criminals. My answer is simple: I did what was needed of me. I've faced traitors, Darklings, and the Infused in the name of the Alliance and for the ideals of freedom. And I would gladly do so again.
- Avis Sibulo

Avis Sibulo is a famous Violaven soldier known mostly throughout the Tyris Major and Mirus Galaxies. Avis is among the most elite soldiers of the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment as one of their Olympian Super Soldiers, as well as the commander of the elite Republic Commando unit Talon Squadron under the Grand Republic of Tyris Major. He is considered to be the most famous Violaven of his generation, even being compared to the likes of other legendary Violaven of previous generations such as the infamous mercenary Averil Daxur or even the Violaven Union president Cranil Lota.

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  • Nykola'flr - "The only time flying too close to the sun could be considered a good thing. She's my starlight."
  • President Cranil Lota - "He saw potential in me when I didn't. I'm glad he was right, and I'm glad he's the one leading the Union."
  • King Magmos - "I'm loyal to the Grand Republic until the end your grace. However, You and Valishar Brygon should bury the hatchet eh?"
  • Lord Blaize - "I'm expecting you to be a great leader Blaize. Don't let the Grand Republic down."

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