Averil is a notorious and dangerous criminal. He may even have the higher bounty than anyone in the galaxy. Averil can be described as an anti bounty hunter. He is trained to steal and kill for who ever pays the most. His species ability to fly without stopping and his strong talons give him an upper hand on his enemies. Almost every bounty hunter wants him dead. He was mostly hunted by King Glynn, but Averil managed to escape every time. After a while, Averil made peace with his enemies, and now loyally fight at their side in the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment...As loyal as a bounty hunter can be, at least.


Averil Daxur is known far and wide as the Master Thief. Most bounty hunters and empires try to capture him, but he always seems to slip from their grasp. He has close combat and aerial combat training. He usually poisons foes with poison blades before attacking.


Not much is known about Averil's past, but what people do know is how he became a criminal, and the enemy of the Volver Empire.

Growing upEdit

Averil was born to a family of thieves. His father, Crow Daxur was a notorious assassin, and his siblings were the same. While he grew up, he was taught to steal and cheat. Even as a child he was payed by kids to steal and fight other kids. In high school, he was drafted to his planet's military force. He learned some very advanced fighting techniques. While at war, he was the leader of a stealth team. He managed to kill multiple men without the help of his team, making him the top ranking officer in their military. After the war, he tried to leave the army. His superiors thought he was too skilled to leave the army with all of those skills, so they assaulted him with troops. Averil managed to kill the troops and his superiors. For this act, his people banished him.

Becoming a CriminalEdit

Averil searched the galaxy far and wide for a job. Eventually, he ran into an empire that believed they could make use of skills. That was the Biskin Empire. They payed him to kill many people, and his name was soon known all over. Bounty hunters from all over heard about the large bounty on his head and decided to start hunting him. Most encounters with Averil were considered deadly and many people advised bounty hunters to avoid him. Averil did often kill or mortally wound anyone who challenged him.

Deadly TrioEdit

Averil's father requested that he and his siblings, Tross and Raveren, band together and become bounty hunters for hire. They all liked the idea a d formed the Deadly Trio. The trio began getting work from people in need of an elite team of killers. The trio gained respect throughout the bounty hunting community and became filthy rich. Though Averil was still hunted by other bounty hunters, and this made his job a lot harder to do. Tross and Raveren beat up anyone who attacked Averil and tried to take him in. They were a force to be reckoned with. Later on, they made various deals with the Bounty Hunter's Guild, making them even more feared.

War of Tyris MajorEdit

Averil later got word from King Ziskin to report in and help in the Galactic War. Averil left his siblings and went to work fio Ziskin, halting the Deadly Trio's progress. Averil didn't take part in this war as much as he should have. Instead, he worked under the Antroth Empire in secrecy. While working with them, he whent a a small planet and met a scientist named Zard Beets. He looked over some blueprints for weapons that Zard had come up with and decided to show them to King Ziskin. Zard did not want to let Averil have the blueprints, so he attacked him. Averil easily killed Zard and stole the blue prints. Later, when he retuned to Ziskin's hideout, Averil showed him the blueprints. Ziskin, intrigued with the designs, decided to modify and combine them to create a super weapon. Averil was paid a lot for his services.

Averil supervised the construction of the super weapon. His main duty was to protect the weapon from any attackers. During the assult of the heroes, Averil confronted Glynn and attacked him. They faught vigorously untill Chainbarr decided to blow himself up. Glynn managed to escape leaving Averil wounded. Averil, King Ziskin, and King Antroth were caught in the explosion.

Nebulorian Alpha WarEdit

King Pulporius V of the Soldarian Empire called upon Averil for his combat prowess to help aid in a war. Averil accepted his payment no questions asked.

Upon arriving at Pulporius' location, he was attacked by King Glynn. Pulporius managed to convince him that Averil was on their side. Averil could hardly care less...he was getting paid regardless. Somewhat later, Averil would inform his old friend W'tze about the war, urging him to aid Averill, Glynn, Barda and the other allies.

Second Infectant WarEdit

Enlightenment WarEdit

Attero DominatusEdit

Return of THEMEdit

Personal InformationEdit


Averil is always calm and collected. Though at times he can be a bit of a smart alec. He does show hatred towards his enemies however. Averil is very respectful to his employer at all times, and would not say anything to anger him/her. His family however, are a different story. Averil has been known to only help people if it benefits him in some way.


Averil's family is full of thieves and bounty hunters. His father, Crow Daxur, was Averil's role-model. Averil's sister, Raveren, is a master assassin. Averil's older brother, Tross, is a famous bounty hunter. Averil's wife, Rainerra, is a bounty hunter as well.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit


Sicle-claw Knives

Averil has many knives hidden underneath his feathers. They are curved and can be used as trowing weapons, but also as slashing weapons. They are coated in deadly poison that can kill his target in minutes.

Hidden Blades

Averil has blades hidden underneath the feathers on his wrist. Like his knives, they are coated in poison. However, their main effectiveness lies in their sharpness, as they can slash through his opponent's flesh like a hot knife through butter.


Averil's talons are extremely deadly, and sharp, even for talons. Not only are they sharp, they are also very strong. Averil can snap his opponent's neck if he applies enough pressure.

Plasma Pistols

Averil always carries these on him. They can shut down armor processes and work as an EMP if the shot is powerful enough.

Sniper Rifle

This sniper rifle is extremely accurate, and it's scope can enhance Averil's incredible eyesight even more. It's bullets are made from a mix between exotic matter and biomass, making it extremely effective against essence barriers and organic targets, respectively. It was a gift from W'tze.


Violaven Light Armor

Violaven are known to wear light armor in order to maintain their gift of flight. Averil does the same. The armor is durable, though does not have any special abilities.


Averil's feathers are lightweight, but tough. They protect him form extreme cold, heat, and even reduce the damage taken form incoming attacks. The tips of his feathers can be used as blades as well.



Green faceHeh, you ain't so bad! Payment may not be necessary 'fer ya'.

  • Crow Daxur - "Ma pa."
  • W'tze - "I gotta say, this guy is one of my few true friends, and my partner in battle. Also pays a hefty amount for me to kill stuff."
  • Barda Clett - "The man's past is dark. A good bounty hunter too I tell 'ya."
  • King Brygon - "Glynn's boy. I gotta say, he turned out pretty good. He pays good too."
  • Queen Si'daal - "She seems to hate me. Maybe because my pops killed her ma'. Whatever. I only like her 'cause she's the only one in our group with a nice rack."
  • Oskel Leton - "This man is a great lad in by book. He's sorta a square, but pretty down to galaxy when ya' het to know 'em."
  • King Lavern - "Hey, ya' really think I wanna be THIS guy's enemy!? I'm pretty good...but not THAT good!"


Yellow faceI either don't know ya or I don't care.

  • Kossi'Valicar - "I've yet to receive my payment."
  • Tross Daxur - "..."
  • King Ziskin - "Ya' should have known that 'yer plan would fail. Besides ya' stopped paying me like halfway though the war."
  • Solid - "I don't really care about ya'. So...yeah.."
  • Crimson - "I may not see eye to eye with the Volver, but I agree with them. Ya're...kind of a dick."
  • King Holreb (Rook) - "Ya're pretty good, Imma give ya' that."
  • Alpha - "I like how ya' joined our side...but ya' disappeared. What the hell happened?"


Orange faceI don't like ya' very scram!

  • Delta - "Tch..asshole."
  • Beta - "...Smart ass..."
  • Theta - "Crybaby."
  • Sigma - "I'll give 'er a 7/10. She's kind of a bitch though."
  • Zeta - "Optimistic, but still just another gross abomination."
  • Every other Infectant - "I ain't naming any more. Let's face it, they're all pretty much annoyin'."


Red faceYa've gotten on my bad side. FYI, That's not a good thing!

  • Omega - "Ya's just like ya blue "father". Means ya're a coward."
  • Lord Ne'yon - "Ya' hide behind yer' master's "power", but ya won't fight me man to man now will ya!?"
  • Tox Cano - "I ain't too fond of the Dead Watch."
  • King Glynn (King) - "The fact we were rivals doesn't mean that I like what ya've become."
  • Xizothano Ada - "Ya've caused a lot of trouble. And ya ain't a God. Yer obviously compensatin' fer' something!"


Quotes from HimEdit

The bird is the word? I'm going to ignore the fact that ya' just said that

These claws aren't just for show you know.

My father once said to me 'Be the best at what you do.' and well...I am!

Ya' can choose the easy way...or the hard way. I'd prefer the fun way. It's like a combination of the two.

Whatever doesn't kill me, probably should have. I hold grudges, ya' know?

Quotes From OthersEdit

One of these days...I'm gonna catch you. And you'll be behind bars for a very long time.

- King Glynn

I'm proud of you son! You're just like your old man!

- Crow Daxur

He might be a bounty hunter, but he is my most trusted comrade, and a respectful character. Heck, he might look rough, but he has a heart of gold, and he can keep secrets.

- W'tze

He's an intelligent friend. One of the most efficient characters I've met in a long time.

- Barda Clett

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