It is the pejorative of the brutish and cruel to see traits such as kindness and empathy as a sign of weakness. But one does not unite a disparate people into single empire and forge them into wealthy, prosperous nation by being weak. Especially in a universe like this one.

- Auvia

Auvia is the Empress of the Sacred Vanara Empire, who acts as both the representative of and top ruler of her people. Auvia is a regal yet personable leader who cares deeply for her subjects and is known for her gracious treatment of outsiders. She can be stern when she needs to though and does not suffer those who threaten her people. Auvia is a master Nagual and one of the most powerful anima users in the SVE. What few know is that she a legendary figure from the Vanara's past arisen to the position of demigod and having taken on a new identity.

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Auvia is a white furred Vanara with golden scales and purple armor. Her formal wear is golden armor with with a purple helmet in the shape of phoenix head and a purple feathered cape. In non-formal situations she wears a simple purple cloak, she occasionally uses this to go out public unnoticed.

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Auvia gives of and very regal and noble air always carrying herself high and proud. Despite this she is a fairly friendly person who treats all she meets with respect unless they prove deserving other wise. She makes it a personal point to be informed about and take at least a passing interest in the lives of her people. Though she does not show it Auvia does not have a high regard for "high" society and would rather hang out in supposed "low" society. She finds most formal events a tremendous bore and will often find excuses to get out of them. It is for this reason why she enjoys hanging out with Mendel representatives as much as she does. Despite her politeness and kindness, Auvia does not suffer those who would harm her people, friends, allies, or innocents of any sort, and will destroy them without regret.

  • Favorite Foods – Donuts, Lemon Soda
  • Favorite Color – Gold, Purple
  • Preferred Style – Simple, yet colorful.
  • Most Prized Possession – Her cloak and a golden ring.
  • Areas of Interest – Art, Anima, Theology.
  • Dislikes – Formal occasions.

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Auvia is a cunning tactician and while she prefers to confront opponents openly and honestly she is a highly proficient schemer who can use guile and wit to devastating effect. She is also a highly powerful Nagual anima user, perhaps the most powerful in the SVE. With her powers she can summon fourth the powers of light, fire, and lightning to destroy her enemies, purge corruption, and heal her allies. She is also skilled in the use of the Macuahuitl, the traditional weapon of the Vanara.

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  • Green faceSyrior - Son you must learn that violence and strength are of limited use in most situations.
  • Green faceTselaya - There are many trials ahead of you my student, but I have no doubt you will conquer them.

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  • Green faceKirta Clett - You have big shoes to fill, but you'll do fine.
  • Blue faceLoda'Gadem - Good thing this one doesn't let superstition cloud his vision.
  • Red faceQueen of Thorns - Don't think I don't know you assisted the Vermillion Syndicate.

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What are your species of unknown origin to us a strange but still beautiful, it's kind of poetic when I come to think of it
-Koala koalian Outsider

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