A Future story will feature Captain Rambam in a quest to save Rambo Nation from disaster. Brought here by the entity knows as Tiaultiam he now searches for a way home, not realising the era he is in.

Yet the era he is in is known as the Legacy Era, an alternative future where there is no Rambo Nation, but a organisation that replaced them, known as the Aurilithiae Order. New adventures await the Rambo Captain in his second great story!

Notable events that are in relations with this story are:


  • This fiction will only effect and feature the Quadrant Galaxies, however if you have a Legacy Era race that you wish to be featured, please let me know on my talkpage.
  • It will be a short story, but with great importance to the future of Rambo Nation and the Serindia race. It will be updated (hopefully) frequently, but that has to be seen as how many time I have. (Probably once or twice a week).
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The characters of the Future Story, familiair and new characters are going to meet eachother. Allies and enemies, a story unfolds.

Main CharactersEdit

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The StoryEdit


As Artmyris succeeded in his plans to open the gate way to Atlantica by using a Cognatus Captain (unknown to both of them) Artmyris re-entered Atlantica after a long time. And this time, he planned to stay here.

USS Luna dissapears

USS Luna is taken by a portal to an unknown location!!!

As the Gate to Atlantica was opened at the Rambo Capitol and Helo Roslia was send to the Realm of the Gods, a strange event occured in deep space. Near the USS Luna's location a large portal opened behind the rouge Rambo ship and took the ship inside. Surprised, Captain Rambam and his remaining crew members were transported to a place unknown and the result he could not explain.

The Ultimate God however had planned this, although this Captain was branded a traitor by strange reasons, this captain was the best choice for the mission the Rambo Ultimate God had planned for him. Now he had only to discover what his mission was. The Rambo Gods sended Tiaultiam to explain several things to him, as he now had been chosen for a quest, given to him by the Rambo Gods!!!

Chapter 01Edit

A rocky trip, the USS Luna is caught in a wormhole. "Brace yourselfs" Rambam shouted to both Kerika and Ramiron as the USS Luna began spinning out of control.

"System are failing". Ramiron told. "Shield are down and we have no weapons systems nor Warp drive". Ramiron than pondered, what were they thinking. Stealing a Rambo Ship from Rowar, aiding the escape of Rambam from the Ramghatulkiage Orbital Prison. He was a wanted person now. He looked at Kerika, she seemed to enjoy it more and more, being an outcast and wanted in Rambo Nation. He shook his head, now his chances and dreams of becoming a Judge Magister were gone. Yet he had peace with it, he had saved his closest friend from a terrible fate at the Orbital Prison, a nasty place only for the worst criminals.

Rambam was in his office and looked around and smiled, Ramiron and Kerika had saved him from Ramghatulk and now as they escaped her they were trapped in a wormhole, it seemed days now and he became short tempered. Yet Kerika seemed to enjoy it, but Ramiron not. So Rambam was sunk in thoughts, how could a wormhole suddenly appear in nowhere?

"Captain to Bridge", the intercom was still working. Rambam stood up and walked to the bridge. "What is it Kerika?". "We are exiting the wormhole Sir" Kerika told the Captain. Ramrion also joined Rambam and they looked at eachother. Finally they were leaving the wormhole, but all three present could not imagen what awaited them.

Chapter 02Edit

A future Story 01

The USS Enterprise-A under attack while the USS Luna exites the Wormhole!

"Raise the shields" Captain Balatearius commanded. What was going on. He was send together with a Larsson Class to investigate a anomaly, it turned out to be a wormhole. Nothing new according to his database, one of the last remnant of the Old Order. But upon investigating a Hutter ship decloacked, as tension were already high between the Aurilithiae Order and the Hutter Kingdom he feared an attack was inevitable. And it was, as the Captain of the Larsson Class fired at the Hutter Battleship. The next thing Balatearius knew the Larsson Class exploded and the Hutter ships focused his attention on the USS Enterprise-A.

"Target weapons and fire!" Balatearius once again ordered. But is was in vain, it was well known that a Hutter Battleship was the strongest ship present in the remains of the Quadrant Galaxies. Not to mention recent appearances of the Cult, he hated this situation. The New Order could not use a conflict with the Hutters. Balatearius was launched from his chair and hit the ground hard as the Hutter Battleship managed to hit the USS Enterprise-A dead on with a powerful phaser. Balatearius immediatly rose, and ordered evading manouvers.

"Sir, look at the screen!" a Feolhviaeri Science Lieutenant said. Baltearius did as she said, and he looked in surprise, the Hutter Ship had stopped firing and from the wormhole came another ship. But that was impossible right? That cannot be Balatearius thought. The ship resembled that of what he had learned at the Academy, it resembled an Old Order ship!!!

Chapter 03Edit

Captain Balatearius was shocked. According to his database (a remnant of the Old Order) this ship was identified as the USS Luna, stolen 8 billions years ago from the Shipyard of Rowar, when they still excisted. Even more surprising the Hutter ship also stopped firing and the Captain also seemed shocked. "Sir?" the Feolhviaeri Science Lieutenant asked. "What is our action plan?". Balatearius said nothing, he just looked at the screen. Could it be? Could it be there were still Serindia out there which did not change nor evolve into the wraith like being they were now?

Balatearius' thoughts were forcefully disturbed, the Hutter Battle ship targeted the USS Enterprise-A again. "Shields are down!" the Science Lieutenant yelled. The bridge awaited the nex action of the Hutter Battleship but it simply passed and headed to the USS Luna.

A future Story 02

USS Luna seconds before destruction!

Onboard the USS Luna Captain Rambam, Ramiron and Kerikia looked in awe to their viewscreen. "Captain" Kerika said "the ship resembling that of Rambo Nation seems crippled, shields are down and she is damaged. The green spaceship, with markings and warp signatures of the Hutters is approaching with shields raised and weapons targeted at us". Rambam nodded. He pondered. Why was a Hutter ship attacking a Rambo ship, although he did not recognize both ships it was possible it could be ruse!.

The USS Luna took damage, without shields, weapons or warp drive she was a target practice. The crew of the USS Luna only got the following message: "Imposters, Old Order ships using to fool us! New Order, we will consider this an act of War!. Rambam was launched from his chair and chrashed into Ramorion whom barely holded his footing. Kerika's voice had a sence of fear. "We are taking heavy damage, deck ruptures at deck 04 till 12 and warp core is instable". She looked at Ramiron and Rambam, but Ramiron shoock his head, he holded Rambam in his arms, heavily wounded and unconcious the captain was not availible.

The Hutter captain smiled, the New Order thought they could fool the Hutter Kingdom? Last remnant of the Old Order in the Quadrant Galaxies and holding the most powerful position, although nothing more excisted in the Quadrant Galaxies besided the Hutters and the New Order. Not counting Cyrannus, the Hutters were well aware of the Realm of the Libertus, which the Hutters were not really pleased with. The Captain raised a finger and his tactical officer fired another phaser beam at the Old Order ship. Already heavily damaged the USS Luna buckeled under the pressure and fell apart. Ramiron and Kerika holded Rambam's hands, whom was still unconcious and looked eachother in the eyes, after so long would this be there end? Attacked by an allied force? At least they were together. Ramiron closed his eyes, he seemed to have peace with his end, and Kerika thought she saw the light of the Rambo Gods, a sign that the Gods were awaiting your arrival at the Realms of the Gods. A blinding light and the USS Luna exploded due to a Warp Core breach!

Chapter 04Edit

A future Story 03

The Hutter-New Order War starts!

Captain Balatearius was desperate, an old order ship had arrived and now was destroyed. He failed his mission, and that meant explaining it to the Visaria known as the Overseer, a nasty and ruthless Visaria. Even worse, he was in the midst of a battle between New Order and Hutter Kingdom ships.

Immediately after the Hutter Veno'Cha destroyed the USS Luna another Veno'Cha Class arrived with two D-7 and various D-5 classes, although older classes still dangerous. "Evading manouveres and return fire" ordered Balatearius. He saw an opening and as the USS Enterprise-A fired it destroyed a D-5 class. However, the reinforcements by the New Order were facing difficulties, the USS Gneisenau, another Constitution Class V2 was badly damaged and the USS Maryland, a powerful Baltimore Class also faced difficulties in defeating a Veno'Cha class. Balatearius looked around, it was clear. The New Order, recently formed and proclaimed able to write there own history be there leaders were now plunged into a war with a force that was already here and survived the disaster of the Quadrant Galaxies. Even worse, they were the most powerful organisation and the Quadrant Galaxies and now the New Order, still fragile in his own eyes was now plunged into a deadly war!

A future Story 04

A mysterious figure shows herself to Rambam, Ramiron and Kerika.

Elswhere, on a familair place Kerika and Ramiron openend there eyes. "Are we in the Realm of the Gods?" Kerika asked in wonder. Ramiron looked around and said: "Don't be stupid, look around. This is the ancient structure where we are. The only question is why and how". Now even Rambam opened his eyes, his wounds were gone and Kerika hugged him. Ramiron shook his and and welcomed him back. "So, we are at the Ancient Structure side, can anyone of you tell me why you brought me here and where is the USS Luna?. Kerika face turned sad, and Ramiron voice heavy, and both explained the events that led to the destruction of the USS Luna. Rambam said nothing, just stared a head of him and gasped for breath, he sank at his knees and for the first time Kerika and Ramiron knew, Rambam cried.

"No need to worry Captain Rambam, you guest is not at end!" a female voice told, her voice was soft, and sounded ancient and young at the same time.

All three turned at once. To there surprise a ship was near the Ancient Structure and a figure appeared, only know to the Serindia and all other Ramboidae in ancient legends and myths.

"Impossible" Rambam said in surprise....................

Chapter 05Edit

A future Story 05

The Visaria arrive!

A desperate situation, the USS Maryland, the Baltimore Class was destroyed by the various Hutter ships and Captain Balatearius of the USS Enterprise-A feared it was his time to face destruction as the USS Gneisenau, another Constitution Refit Class V2 was in trouble of her own. Then over the speakers a mocking voice was heard of the Hutter Captain whom led the attack, the New Order would fall and crumble the message contained.

But salvation was near, as two Visaria Longneck Classes and a Visaria Star Class arrived to aid the New Order ships. With this they outnumbered the Hutter vessels and as the Longneck Classes engaged a Hutter D-7 Class the USS Enterprise-A managed to escape the battle and went to the outlines. Captain Balatearius looked behind and saw a sad sight, the Star Class destroyed a D-5 Class of the Hutters but a Veno'Cha class destroyed the USS Gneisenau, friend of Balatearius were on that ship.

The remaining Hutter ships retreated back to Hutter Space. But Balatearius was sure he has not seen the last of them.

Chapter 06Edit

"Impossible" Rambam said..........

"No Serindia, not impossible. Simply highly unlikely" the mysterious figure said, as she identified herself as Tiaultiam, a servent of the Rambo Gods, known to them as a Demi-God. "What is going on, Demi-God" Kerika asked, a little nervous. Tiaultiam turned her attention to them, and all three were suddenly felt an ancient, yet young at the same time, voice talking to them in there heads. Then a vision appeared, and all saw the portal being opened at the Rambo Capitol and the appearance of Artmyris.

Amiaeria Penaelia

Penaelia, a mysterious Amiaeria

Galaxy Class V2

USS Venture, a Galaxy Class V2

With a shock the vision stopped, and Kerika almost lost her footing, but was catched by Ramiron, the Judge. All three then looked with fear and resolve to Tiaultiam. But something was wrong, her appearance was fading and she became ghostly. Rambam tried to grab her, but was slung back by a powerful energy wave.

Tiaultiam looked shocked, it wasn't time yet but she couldn't change it. Something was happening in the Realm of the Gods and she had to return, and it was to be now. As she dissapeared she said the following words to Rambam, Ramiron and Kerika:

"A quest of the Gods you are to complete, if you wish Rambo Nation to survive. Take the USS Venture, a ship from the future, a Galaxy Class V2. Hurry, find you goal and save Rambo Nation!". With that, she was gone and all three were left behind in confusion.

Then from the shadows a lone figure appeared, "welcome strange birdies, I am Penaelia, an Amiaeria and whom are you?" with energy crackling in her hands, the three Serindia prepared for battle.

Chapter 08Edit

"Haha, interessting, you raise your weapons against me?" the mysterious figure said, raising her arms she pinned down all three to the ground. "Now let's try this again, won't we?".

Rambam hated these times, facing Levarrion, Lizardian, Xhodocto, Cognatus and other threats, and then pinned down to the ground by a young and small girl. "I am Rambam, the captain of the ship you see in the air, the USS Venture, I am here in peace I guess?". The Girl smiled, "Awesome, finalley a space captain, can you take me with you? Can you?".

Rambam nodded and the girl released her grib, he could imagen Ramiron's and Kerika's faces but he didn't care. "USS Venture, four to beam up". Upon arriving in the transporter room, he turned at the girl, and said: "We have to talk".

After hours of talking, Rambam had learned that her name was Penaelia and she was an Amiaeria. A friendly species. Ramiron had objected and returned to the bridge, plotting a course to the nearest planet. Kerika stayed, and listened too. Penaelia had some mysterious elemental powers, and became an outcast for it. She cried when she said it, and Kerika had to cheer her up, as Rambam didn't knew what to do with crying girls, he never knew.

Making peace they all went to the bridge, as Ramiron called them to the bridge. In front of them was a planet, which stood at the brink of destruction, something had hit the planet and it stood at the brink of destruction. Penaelia fell to her knees, it turned out to be her homeworld that was burning, together with the future Serindia that lived there.

Rambam turned in surprise, more Serindia? "Ramiron, transport as much as you can to the ship, Kerika take care of the wounded and you too Penaelia, I will remain at the bridge, we have to evacuate the planet!". All four crewmembers did what they were asked and in turn they managed to save over 6500 citizens, of mysterious races Rambam did not knew. In the cantina, he looked in surprise to the female bunny like creatures, large plumpy creatures, small white creatures, dragon like creatures, more green creatures like Penaelia and the future Serindia. Among them was a female named Aleathira, the last remaining princess of Serindia. Surprised, Ramiron, Kerika, Penaelia listened to her sad tale, of what happened to the Serindia and there long journey. She was later joined by Captain Balatearius, a Balaseara, whom he knew lived on Ramahri Nova. Both told the Hutters had done this, and the Visaria did nothing to save them, as removing Aleathira meant the Visaria rulers now had full control of the Aurilithiae Order. Rambam was shocked, the Universe he was in, an alternate one, he could never imagen such an aweful place, and he promised he would take them to his time. Although breaking the code of Rambo Nation, he now knew why Tiaultiam brought him to this palce, he was to save this kind, as they were forgotten in time and in return, Aleathria and the species he saved would aid Rambo Nation and help them expanding to new heights. A risky plan, he told it to Aleathria and Balatearius, whom both agreed. They were "dead" by the Visaria standards after all.

He then returned to the bridge, with Balatearius, Aleathria, Kerika, Ramiron and Penaelia he noticed the arrival on an unknown ship, resembling somewhat that of the Insectors....

Chapter 08Edit

A future Story 06

The Katra send the USS Venture back to the current timeline!

Inuthiaewë looked at her viewscreen aboard the Katra, together with her Taldar crew she had the duty of protecting the timeline from anomolies and other attacks from the future. But Tiaultiam, her younger sister made quite some mess. First sending Rambam and his crew to the future, then letting them save a doomed planet and meeting with the future Serindia, whom possesed more power than there counterparts. They had a long day of work.

First of all, she did not hail them. She turned to her first officer, "Target the USS Venture, first let us lock them and freeze them in time before we send Rambam to his normal timeframe". The Taldar nodded, and Inuthiaewë liked working together with the smart and nice Taldar. As the Katra targeted her weapons, the USS Venture already was escaping, and suddenly the beam was turned into a time portal. Although the USS Venture narrowly escaped the beam, it was being pulled into the beam and Inuthiaewë looked in awe. This was not possible. She turned to the Taldar. "What have you done?" she asked in fury. The Taldar simply nodded, claiming it was some higher power and not there nor her doing.

Then the USS Venture was send back to the normal time frame. Inuthiaewë looked defeated, none had escaped her before and she wanted to persue when she found the Katra back in the Realm of the Gods. Surprised she faced the Ultimate God himself and he claimed she had done well, as did Tiaultiam. Now she was needed here, to aid in the defence against Artmyris and the Apocalypta. Though she couldn't resist asking why? The Ultimate God simply laughed, but also looked exhausted and tired. The Aurilithiae Order was a pocked alternate universe, a side effect of the opening of the gates. With Rambam taking Legacy Serindia and some Legacy races onboard the USS Venture he did what the Gods has planned for them, as it ensured the survival of Rambo Nation, whether the Gods would perish during the Clash of the Gods or would survive it, it would not matter as now Rambo Nation could survive, even without there guidance, the Ultimate God told Inuthiaewë it was a back up, a safe protection and planned by the Gods. Inuthiaewë then turned around, and in the distance she couuld already see the Ancientia City burn!

While Rambam and the USS Venture were travelling in the time portal, they exited it soon after. But would find themselves in the middle of a devastating battle!.

The ending and start of a new beginning!

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