In the far future, 10 billions years from the current time of Rambo Nation, a new organisation was funded.

The Aurilithiae Order, often called the New Order is an organisation founded by the Visaria upon there discovery of the destroyed remains of Pauvenris. With the information founded there, in used from the ancient databases the Visaria were able to conquer a small part of Quadrant 82 pretty fast. Shorlty after they also began exploring Quadrant 89.

With various races under them, the New Order became the dominent power in the Quadrant Galaxies besides the remains of the Hutter Kingdom, yet both forces did not get along well.

Members of the Aurilithiae OrderEdit

Most of the races ofthe Aurilithiae Order are enslaved by the Visaria, the most dominent race in the New Order. Still the people live in rather harmony with eachother, though all have to submit to Visaria rule.

Visaria Citizen

A Visaria

The Visaria, the founders of the Aurilithiae Order hold the most powerfull and prominent positions within the Order. The Visaria resembles sea serpents and are very loyal, can be friendly and hostile at the same time.

They are warriors out of nature and are often the military and navy commanders of the Aurilithiae Order. They have possesion of the largest and most powerfull fleet of the Order.

The Visaria are the most powerfull race of the New Order and hold all the prominent and most powerfull positions of the Order. See Visaria.

Enslaved races


The Goverment of the Visaria is not very complex, the Order is ruled by a Grand Master, known to the Visaria as the Great One and a Vice-Master, known as the Lady of Ice, Aur'Shivania.

While the Lady of Ice is second in command, and the Great One the supreme ruler they often clash about various occassions. It was soon decided that the Great One would rule the Order and would keep him busy with the military side of the Order, and the Lady of Ice would oversee the citizens and all related subjects like the law, health care etc.

The Great One, Grand Master of the New Order
Visaria Leader

The Great One, the first leader of the New Order

The current leader of the Aurilithiae Order and the Visaria is only known as the Great One. He is the first Grand Master of the New Order and he is very proud of it.

His history is clouded, but he is very ancient and took the mantle of leader after the Visaria leader, Eekevehe died of old age. Shorlty after the Great one changed appearance after he found several records about the Xhodocto, and he introduced them as part of the Visaria religions and ordered statues of them to be build. He now hopes that one day the Xhodocto will come again and will take the Visaria as there followers. However, he is also quite rude and doesn't hesitate to kill those who opposes him. His Grand Goal is to find the last Serindia, however the Aurilitiae Order also searches them and as such the Visaria joined the New Order and took complete control over it. Over the course of years the Visaria began more nicer to the other citizens, but the Great One led the New Order to a conquering conquest of the Quadrant Galaxies, starting with Quadrant 82 and 89. Yet it happened slowly just as he liked and when he was named Grand Master of the New Order, he had complete control over the Order.

Yet the Lady of Ice was made Vice-Master of the New Order, voted by the citizens and he disliked her a lot, often arguing about conquest and politics. However they began respecting eachother but the Grand Master oversaw military matters while the Lady was overseeing Citizen matters.

He posseses various powers beyond the Visaria knowledge, however he has not shown them to the public yet.

Aur'Shivania, Vice-Master of the New Order

Aur'Shivania, the Vice-Master of the New Order

Aur'Shivania, the last Ancrevilicia, ancient and young at the same time she is the reason the Aurilithiea Order did not became a tyrannic nation, but an Empire with a strict rule, but which also allowed democracy. She is favored by the citizens of the New Order and makes sure it remains this way, under her guidance the Visaria also became less war like, but they continued to conquer other planets but instead of total destruction, they obsorbed them into the New Order.

Her history is clouded, but upon the forming of the New Order she went into politics and soon rose to the rank of Vice-Master, as she was voted by the people to do so. Often disagreeing with the Grand Master, over time they began respecting eachother and got along a little bit better. She now oversees Citizens Matters and often informs the Grand Master about the current status, economy, wealth, medical care, health and justice. However he is more interessted in war and conquering the Quadrant Galaxies. Which is his only known weakness.

As Ancrevelicia, she posseses the ability to control the element of ice, and is often reffered to as the Lady of Ice. Friendly and loyal, she will protect the Citizens of the New Order at all costs and she imporves there way of living. Rumors have it that she also is able to summon the Ascended Ramboidae, as she is the last Ancrevelicia alive.

Space shipsEdit

As the New Order only had Visaria ships, with the joining of both the Balaseara and the Serindia the fleet of the Order changed, often at the displeasure of the Visaria. The New Order ships resemble that of the Old Order, Rambo Nation and soon the first new class was launched, the Constitution Refit Class V2. Others soon followed and were given the prefix USS, which meant United Space/Star Ship.

However after some events all ships resembling the Old Order were forbidden by the Visaria, and now use their own kind of ships.

Current space shipsEdit

Longneck Class
Longneck Class

Longneck Class

The Longneck class is the oldest and most common Visaria ship. This ship was the first ship constructed and then send into space to explore and colonise the moon. It later was used in mass production.

It is a light class cruiser, and has decent weapons and shields. Due to it's form it has a good agility and is pretty fast. The ship is operated by less than 40 crewmembers and can endure a lot of damage.

Star Class
Star Class

Star Class

The Star Class are small light class cruisers of the Visaria. They are build for speed and agility, and are very fast, even more so than the Longneck Class. Although fast and equipped with decent shields and weapons, her endurable to damage is low, and when hit at curcial places the ship is easily destroyed.

The Star Class features a unique design and can make various space jumps to escape enemies. Although good for battle, the Visaria often use this class to explore and land on nearby colonies. It is also used to transport civilians or other high officials to and from colonies. So it is both a military and civilian ship in the Visaria Society.

Crete Class
Crete Class

Crete Class

The Crete Class is a large Visaria Class ship and is classified as a Battle Cruiser/Carrier. Due to her unique design fighters hangars are protected by large metal plates and can be runned with only 1500 Visaria and is cheap to construct.

Even though there massive size, they are difficult to destroy and can endure a lot of damage. Even bigger than the URC Star Destroyer, this class carriers a whole Visaria Fleet, capable of surprising enemies long before they can react in time.

The ship is also equipped with repair docks and cantines and sleeping facilities, some say these ships are flying colonies. However, they are no bigger than 25 km's.

Former space shipsEdit

Constitution Class V2
Constitution Refit Class V2 (Legacy Era)

Constitution-Refit Class V2 (Legacy Era)

The Constitution Refit Class V2 is one of the last signs of Rambo Nation in the legacy era, build by the Serindia, this is there prime ships and the ship was constructed shorlty before the destruction of Rambo Nation. Upon ther return they reconstructed the Constitution Refit Class V2 and were once again in active duty. Even the Visaria respect her fire power and the Hutters know to be careful with this class.

The Constitution Refit Class V2 are equipped with the standard weaponaries and shields, making this heavy cruiser class the most prominent and common ship. The ships can achieve Warp 7 and carries photon and quantom torpedo's. After the reformation all Constitution class vessels were destroyed or retired.

Size: 305 meters.

Notable ships:

  • USS Clemenceau.
  • USS Enterprise-A.
  • USS Emperator.
  • USS Gneisenau.
Larson Class
Larson Class (Legacy Era)

Larson Class (Legacy Era)

The Larson class Light Cruiser is a small vessel of the Aurlithiae Order, build for swift attacks the ships are very agil and are build using old schematics of Rambo Nation, found in the abandoned cities.

The Larson Class are rather small but have decent shielding and often back up the Visaria Fleet when coming in action. The Larson has a minimum need of personall and only has room for 2 shuttles. After the reformation all ships of this kind of class were destroyed.

Size: 269 meters.

Notable ships:

  • USS Crusader.
  • USS Defender.
  • USS Larson.
Baltimore Class
Baltimore Class (Legacy ERa)

Baltimore Class

The Baltimore Class is the most powerfull and largest ship of the Aurilithiae Order and can rival the strength of a Crete Class of the Visaria. Equipped with Quantom torpedo's, Phased Plasma torpedo's and Transphasic torpedo's and powerfull shields, the Baltimore is a dangerous ship to engage.

The Baltimore Class is often used as flagships and the Serindia Princess also has a ship under her command. The ship is expensive to construct, as it also comes with schiece labs, an astromatic lab, various luxary rooms and holographic chambers. It also has a small envoriment chamber, where planlife can grow and where people or crewmembers can relax. After the reformation all ships of this class were destroyed or retired.

Size 812 meters.

Notable ships:

  • USS Baltimore.
  • USS Maryland.
  • USS Zephyr.
Wasp Class
Wasp Class (Future)

Wasp Class

A small sized ship, most often used as drones or swift response ships, these ships can be found in any defence or attack fleet of the Aurilithiae Order. It functions on a minimum of crewmembers and is easily to be constructed and repaired. The Wasp Class can also be seen at the outer regions of the New Order, patrolling the borders and intercepting any unknown vessel. The ship can function with a minimum of 57 crewmembers. After the reformation many of this kind of class were retired, however they are sold to those who can afford their own space ship, as such the Wasp Class became a civilian class space ship.

Size: 128 meters.

  • USS Bushnell.
  • USS Decatur.
  • USS Ericsson.
  • USS Kearsarge.
  • USS Ranger.
  • USS Wasp.


The Rise of the Order (0 LE)Edit

Aurilithiae Order Fleet

The 1st combined fleet of the Aurlithiae Order

At stardate 9.850.040.023 better known to the Aurilithiae Order as Year 0 of the Legacy Era (0 LE) the Aurilithiae Order had a combined fleet of Visaria and Baralaesa ships.

The 1st combined fleet was hailed with happiness by the citizens of the New Order and a empire wide celebration occurred. Till deep in the night the citizens celebrated and the military actions were halted at that day, so space captains, soldiers and other security citizens could either watch or also celebrate this day. The Grand Master and Vice-Master spoke to the people, which were hailed with a grand applausse.

The Grand Master talked about there recent success and the threat of the Hutters and that the citizens did not have to fear, the Order there military was now stronger than ever. However, the greatest words that day were spoken by Aur'Shivania:

"A new dawn has arrived, we carry the Legacy of Rambo Nation. Let them honor them with pride and not forget what history thought about them. Today is a day of celebration, today is the day we make a fist against those who threatened to destroy us. Yes today, today the Aurilithiae Order rises from the ashes and embraces the new light and dawn. To a new future, a future that is not written by the Rambo Gods!".

Her words were recieved with an even greater applausse, the things Aur'Shivania had told assured the Citizens of the Order that a new dawn had risen, the great disaster and the dissapearance of Rambo Nation taken in notice. The Order moved on, now it was there time to write history!

Arriving of Cultists

As the Aurilithiae Order expanded and rumors of this new organisation reached other galaxies as well, a strange group of cultists arrived at the Quadrant Galaxies. These cultists brought with them critters and wished to teach the art of demonic powers to other species. The Goverment of the Aurilithiae Order disagreed with them, as they firmly believed in the Rambo Gods and branded them renegades.

They soon send a large fleet to dispath and deal with these Cultists and were put under command of a Visaria Overseer and Sergeant Rambot, a Serindia. They arrived at a planet where they discovered an Ancient Aeon whom was batteling cultists. Yet events indicated that the Sergeant known as Rambot vanished and the Overseer began liberating the planet from the cultists.

There story will be told in the Final Quest, a story by The Valader.

A future Story
A future Story 01

The USS Enterprise under attack by a Hutter Battleship near the Anomaly

An anomaly was forming near Hutter and Aurilithiae borders. The USS Enterprise-A was send to investigate, supported by a Larsson Class. Upon arriving the captains of the New Order were in for a surprise. Out of the wormhole came an old order ship but the Hutter Kingdom was nearby and decloacked. The foolish captain of the Larsson class attacked but it is well known, a Hutter Battleship is the most powerful ship in the Quadrant Galaxies in the Legacy Era and it destroyed the Larsson Class.

A future Story 03

The Hutter-New Order war starts

It then focused her attack on the USS Enterprise-A but holded her attack when the Old Order ship exited the wormhole. It turned out to be an Old Order ship, the USS Luna. Without question the Hutter Battle Cruiser, identified as a Veno'Cha class opened fire at the USS Luna and destroyed her. It then turned her attention on the USS Enterprise-A which was fleeing the battle scene and persued. The Hutter then claimed that the action of using an Old Order ship as decoy an act of war. Backed up by various other Hutter ships the USS Enterprise-A and her reinforcements, consiting out of the USS Maryland, a Baltimore Class and the USS Gneisenau, a Constitution Refit Class V2 engaged the Hutter ships.

The battle was fierce but the Hutter outnumbered the New Order ships and soon the USS Gneisenau was badly damaged. The Hutter pressed there attack and were sure to have victory on there hands. The first battle of the Hutter-New Order War was sure to be for the Hutter Kingdom. They could not be more wrong.........

The Realm of the Libertus

Contact is made between the Libertus and the New Order.

As a Wasp Class patrolled the outer borders of the New Order at the edges of Quadrant 82. The Wasp Class, identified as the USS Decatur noticed an unknown ship at long range sensors. The Serindia captain immediatly took the ship into warp and confronted the vessel. As the USS Decatur made contact with the huge vessel, it identified itself as a Capricyránae whom commanded a Drace Class. Surprised that the Capricyránae also survived, and though they changed appearance just like the Serindia, the captain felt it was alright and they began talking with eachother. One thing was certain, the history of the Capricyránae and the Serindia will once again be tied together.

How the Visaria react to this event remains to be seen.

Reformation and beyond (01 LE)Edit

A year after the start of the war agains the Hutters, the encounter with an Old Order ship and the meeting of the Libertus it seemed all was right in the New Order, known as the Aurilithiae Order. However the Grand Master of the Order, the Visaria leader had other plans. Renouncing the Old Order and their rules of rights he claimed the Visaria were rules of the New Order. This fact made the other members surprised, and took arms against the Visaria, the biggest mistake they could ever do.

Aurilithiae Order Reformation

The Battle of Rambo Prime

With the major battle of Rambo Prime the Visaria launched a massive campaign at the fleet who didn't want to submit to Visaria, during the battle the Visaria slaugthered everyone present and destroyed all ships. The Grand Master called it the Reformation, and when the year 02 LE started the entire resistance movements were put down and the Visaria became the surpreme rulers of the Aurilithiae Order.

The next plan was bold and very dangerous, so dangerous it could mess up the time continuüm. Thoug the Grand Master didn't matter, why would the Visaria only rule the broken Quadrant Galaxies, while there was a way to conquer the Old Order too, the only thing the Visaria needed was a wormhole leading thousands of years in the past, the same wormhole Captain Rambam had arrived two years ealier.

And though none could imagen why or how the Visaria could ever do this, they were very close to opening such a wormhole, as their techonoly was far more supreme then that of the Old Order and others in their time. It only became a matter of time.....


Current individuals of importanceEdit

Coming soon

Former individuals of importanceEdit

Aleathria, the Serindia Princess
Princess Aleathria (Legacy Era)

Princess Aleathria

The Serindia female known as Aleathria is a decended of Ramashe and the line of Emperor and Empress of Rambo Nation. The last of the Royal Bloodline of Rambo Nation she was born and lived most of her life on the USS Voyager, an Intrepid Class V2. Housing the last Serindia alive in the known universe. Upon her reaching the rank of captain she continued there search for a way home.

After 5 years of travelling through space, with no one encountering the Serindia believed the Galaxy was empty, yet as they approached Quadrant 82 they were faced by a Visaria War fleet and they explained the situation to her. She then decided that the Serindia were to join the Aurilithiae Order and all members accepted. They became the 3rd species of the New Order and the remaining Serindia became known as wise and excellent Shipmasters. Aleathria was happy with this fact, as she soon ordered the construction of various Rambo ships and soon the Constitution Refit Class V2 was launched.

Yet she often disagrees with the goverment and the people of the Aurilithiae see her as the next learder of the New Order. Loved by the New Ordor citizens she is proud and a nice sight, yet she can also be stubborn and sometimes talks when shouldn't.

She later vanished during the first major defeat of the Aurilithiae Order when the Hutter Kingdom invaded an outer colonie of the Aurilithiae Order. She is presumed killed (though in fact unknown to the New Order, she was taken by Captain Rambam to another timeframe).

Balatearius, Captain of the USS Enterprise-A
Captain Balatearius

Captain Baletearius

Captain Balatearius, the first Captain of a New Order ship, the USS Enterprise A, a Constitution Refit Class V2. This Balasearia admires the Serindia and the Visaria, and is a great supporter of the Aurilithiae Order.

Proudly yet still young he achieved command of the new Order ship, constructed by the Serindia. He now vows to explore space and meet new civilizations and hopefully they will one day join the Aurilthiae Order. With his crew he now travels through the Quadrant Galaxies, in hopes of finding other species or remnants of the Old Orcer.

He is bold, reckless and has his own fighting style, some see him as the perfect captain to command the USS Enterprise-A. After the Hutters declared war he vanished after the Hutters managed to destroy a New Order colonie (in fact, he was also saved by Captain Rambam and taken to another timeframe).

Quotes from Other EmpiresEdit

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