In the year 2789, Aurtyrant Grikst founded Aurfaust PMC to provide incredibly elite soldiers at a commensurate price. He recognized the demand for soldiers who could fill the rolls of some of the most elite special forces and the associated profits in such an unsaturated market and founded Aurfaust PMC. However, due to the fact that there were only a million dominatus left after the culling, he saw he could only have a small number of people, and in conferences with the Tyranny, he was only allowed 100.


Right now, Aurfuast PMC is looking for contracts from the discerning Borealis Clientele

Operation SubjugatorEdit

Televos landed on a lush forest on the middle of the planet Valus III, the barely spacefaring civilization had such primitive technology in the eyes of the Televos, and it suited this mission of complete subjugation of the planet well. All he had to do was create a large incident in a public location and to face down the governments most powerful forces and completely obliterate them. Easy, given the fact that that these creatures were defenseless to the monstrous Dominatus. The Dominatus turned on the cloaking for both his skin and his armor, along with the sound dampeners and made it so that his body exerted no odor at all. He heard somebody driving what seemed to be a military vehicle through a well paved road in the forest, and stood in front of it. Instantly, he formed his biomass into tendrils that ripped the primitive vehicle apart. He saw as the somewhat humanoid yet serpentine creatures crawled out of it, and cloaked his armor. He was everywhere and nowhere at once, his tendrils and appendages ripping through all the personell till only the one he had identified as the leader of them remained. He encroached on the trembling trooper, covered in the blood and gore of his patrol, and devoured him, getting all of his memories. He then knew the government was located in a massive palace at the center of the city, a densely packed building filled with people. He smiled at the slaughter to come, and left the visceral remains of what was once a patrol behind him.

He cloaked and used his biomass to form wings, and flew to the city square, in front of the marble palace. He saw that it was filled with people of the same race yet of different colorations and articles of clothing. At that he uncloaked and turned into a maelstrom of flesh. He ripped through the civillians with ease, covering the pristine square with the organs of the people who had been strolling there. Tendrils and his arms ripped apart anybody dumb enough to stay in the square, at which point what seemed to be the armed forces arrived. Televos recloaked and ripped the tanks apart with both his tendrils and his hands. He was everywhere and nowhere at once, spawning doppelangers with the biomass until none of the ground forces remained in the square which now overflowed with blood. Planes came in from the skies, but he flung the wrecks of the tanks at them, destroying some of them. He then formed wings again and ripped them from the skies. With the military dealt with, he entered the palace, killing all those who were cowering no matter what hand sign they made until he came across the final hall where the figures the consumed mans memories identified as the leader of this race were.

Televos - You will join subject yourself to the rule of the Borealis Consortium Network or your civilization will die! For each second of your indecision, i will kill one of your people before your very eyes

He did this for what seemed to be a long time, covering the golden throneroom with the ichor and viscera of those who he had massacred until finally he relented.

Prime Minister - I... Submit

Televos messaged Volim.

Televos - It is done

Business ModelEdit

Aurfaust PMC has a very distinct business model. For a given consumer, they are allowed to have the Dominatus run a first operation free of charge, which Dominatus are very content doing as they entered the PMC not for money, but just for the fact that they could kill, maim, and torture a larger variety of species. Following the initial operations, prices are set at a case to case basis, but are usually incredibly expensive. At the express orders of Aurfuast PMC, no downpayment is given and the Dominatus are only payed the agreed upon sum if and only if they have completed their mission according to the laid out prerequisites. This approach leads to incredible customer satisfaction.


Aurfaust PMC does not advertise, and most people as of now are not aware of it's existence. However, it's advertising is done through a word of mouth method between many people. Upon arrival to Borealis, they advertised by dealing with the lowest of the low for muggings and murders. However, in short time, they rose up as people heard about them, but even now, they are only a name whispered among the shadows.



When making deals, the only decisions usually made on the part of the customer are deciding from what operation the Faust will be involved in. They are spared the activity of selecting the amount that will be brought, the variation, or the equipment, and are for almost all cases, given only 1 Faust, and if the contract is after the first performance, it is usually at an incredibly steep price. This Faust however, has as incredible amount of capabilities, and is easily capable of taking down entire armies on some worlds through a series of battles and intimidating activities. Even though they have a high price and are new to the scene, there is an incredible demand for the rare Faust, who number only 100. Given their operational record, the fact that none have been killed in battle yet, their capabilities, and their killer nature, it is indeed a bargain to attain such elite operatives.


Unbeknownst to the rest of the people in Borealis, the equipment of Aurfaust is government supplied and is being used as a testing ground for their new infantry weapons that were specifically made for Dominatus while it goes into mass production.


The Faust all are equipped with an incredible piece of armor called "Adamantine Ephermality". It is custom made by nanobots for each of it's users and is adaptive to their bodies. It is composed of Standard Armor Material, though it also has a special isotope of mercury added to it along with special nanobots. The result is that the armor is already fit around the body of the user and can adapt when the user uses biomass to in the area immediately around the user meaning that if the biomass is used for more armor, the "Adamantine Ephermality" can morph around it, but not tendrils. It is also made in such a way that the biomass can interface outside of it as special pores are made through which the biomass can exit. Around the hands, the armor is in it's hard mode because of the attached weapons to the armor, a trait that all Drakodominatus and Dominatus armor has. It is powered by miniaturized cold fusion reactors that are evenly dispersed throughout the armor. It can fluctuate between a somewhat amorphous liquid state and a very hard solid state.


The weapons are vast, and with the excpetion of Melee Weapons, are all attached to the armor. See the BM and HM sections of for reference.

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