Aurestor Beldrin Savenium of House Savenium is a noble from the Draconid Imperium, who holds a great deal of influance within the Quadrant Colonial Sector.

Aurestor is a snobby Draconis who is proud of his ancestors history, though House Savenium's origins lay shrouded in myth, Aurestors wants to keep it that way. Though many of his house took an interesst in the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, he himself and his family line (Beldrin line) took more of an interesst in the rapidly expanding colonial regions in the Quadrants. As he already had a deal of influance in the sector due to his trade imperium, his sight has fallen upon the position of Viceroy, wich would give himself, his family line and house a large deal of influance within the Imperium.


Early History[]

Vencortium Prime

Aurestor was born in ID 218990 at Vencortium Prime, as eldest son of his parents in the Beldrin Family line of the House of Savenium. During his youth Aurestor became intrigued in his family history, as House Savenium's origins lay shrouded in myth, Aurestor eventually uncovered the truth but vowed to keep it shrouded in myth, for his family own benefit. He also became a strict follower in the Commutum Drakon'Mipthum, believing that his religion showed the Draconis their supremacy over others.

Aurestor went to a private school where he studied various subject, and became an expert in history class and mathematics, as well as a certain degree in economics. He also liked sports a lot, working out quite a lot. However, due to his family's wealth he was already arrogant and snobby and refused to interact with lesser Draconis. Due to his status as a noble, as most Draconis need to serve a term of then years in the Military; Aurestor did the same. He found his time in the militairy quite interessting and learned quite a lot. Though he never served at the frontline, he managed to use his noble status to gain an officer position as a logistics assistant. After his term was served he left the militairy and used his experiences of a logistics assistant to expand his father trade imperium, now not only covering local space under Aurestor's guidance he managed to expand the trade imperium to all corners of the Imperium. His trade imperium specialises in hand crafted jewelry, as opposed to replicator-made jewelry the hand crafted jewelry are worth a lot and only the richest of the richest wear them.

Aurestor himself is also able to create impressive hand crafted jewelry, those who he made are unique and one of a kind and are worth the most.

Head of the Beldrin Line[]

During the devasting Andromeda War his father perished away due to old age and illness, and as such Aurestor became the head of the family line and was given this title by the other head of the family lines within House Savenium. Proud to be the head of his family line, he guided his family and House Savenium with his advise and wisdom. One of his decisions was to expand their trade imperium to the Quadrant Colonial Sector, to gain new wealth and influance in that area as well.

During the war, the Zazane known as Tyraz Breek preformed an Execution upon Tervos, a disgraced and fallen noble. Though Aurestor agreed that a fallen noble should be executed, he was shocked about Tyraz first tormenting the unfortunate noble. Aurestor grew sick when he saw Tyraz tearing body parts from the unfortunate noble. A noble, even a disgraced one didn't deserve such an execution. Ever since that trail, Aurestor grew distrustful of Tyraz, though never talked about it openly for obvious reasons. As Trevor was once an acquaintance of Aurestor, he let others in secret gather Trevor's remain for a proper burial.

Official Opening of Lianna Station

As Paragon Uriel Ultanos grew friendly with the Rambo Monarch, Empress Ramashe- Aurestor had his sight at the open Viceroy position for that sector. If he was able to gain that position he would be able to gain more wealth and influance with the Imperium, have regular contact with the Paragon and able to advise him and his council as well as regular meeting with the Rambo Monarch. Such a position, and if played well could possibly a position of family heritage, giving his family line a prominent position for a long time.

Aurestor began working on his plans by visiting the official opening of the controversial Lianna station, a Rambo station known as Starbase 08. During the meeting he spoke with empress Ramashe and Lord Creckathor of the Creckel. Aurestor expressed his hopes and approval of the controversial Draconid Act, wich improved relations between the Draconid and the Rambo. Near the end of the meeting, after speeking with Apollo and Chuinaylia, he listened to Ramashe her words about the Rambo taking back their mantle of peacekeepers and explorers, meaning the Rambo were going to venture once again more outside their borders. Pleased with this, Aurestor returned home with the grattitude of Ramashe, as well as a trade contract with the Creckels. Aurestor was eventually promoted to Equaparagii, becoming the Viceroy for the Quadrant Galaxies with the blessing of Paragon Uriel Ultanos himself. His new position allowed Aurestor to further improve and considilate his powers within the Quadrants as well as the noble society within the Draconid Imperium.

Riyo encounters her father together with fellow diplomats

In 19 AQF, when France came into conflict with the Rambo about the Gorge, Aurestor was one of the supporters for the Franco-Rambo Summit. To his horror the meeting turned into a disaster as High King Rambert Ramveral and Emperor Alexandre I refused to come to terms due to their own arrogance and pride. A year later, he negotiated a diplomatic meeting between Belle Lorraine of France and Riyo Apanoida that seemed to reinforce cooperation bewteen the two superpowers. The diplomatic meeting was held on the Rambo Capital where he met rear-admiral James Rambo as well.

Personality and Traits[]

As said before, Aurestor is a proud, snobby and arrogant Draconis. Who used his wealth, cunning, experience and wisdom to give his family a great deal of influance and wealth. He himself as such always likes to claim that he puts family first, and then his own needs. Though it also makes him a bit distant for his own family, not only of his family line but also to the entire House. Due to his pride and status as a noble he views most below his standards, though respects Paragon Uriel Ultanos, and for that matter the entire House of Ultanos quite a lot and is very loyal and supportive of them. Though Aurestor's wife passed away due to illness a few years after his ascension to head of the Beldrin family line, he now enjoys his three sons and two daughters.

Aurestor, as head of the Beldrin line takes most of the important decisions for his family line, though follows the head of his house loyally and supports them in many things. Somehow, the Beldrin family line holds a grudge against House Voxis for unknown reasons- something he refuses to elaborate on. His family line is also in dissaproval of the House of Senvinus, viewing the half-nobles as not worthy of their status.

Aurestor wears a carefully measured suite, colored in gold and red and as head of his family line, wears their ancient decorative helmet. Though he himself and his familiy line specialise in hand crafter jewelry, where most of his family like to show-off with, Aurestor himself doesn't wear any jewelry at all.



Green face.pngYou have the Grace of Savenium!


Yellow face.pngHmpf


Red face.pngThe Hammer of the Paragon will fall upon thee!


He's ambitious, so long as he keeps his goals in line he would make an excellent viceroy for the Quadrants.

- Uriel Ultanos

He's devious, I will confirm that. Likeable? He is fine so long as he is around the other prissy praetors he so admires.

- Tarsus Senvinus

Don't scoff, my genes are very close to yours.

- Telvenum

Your ancestors must be very proud of you.

- Vesperon Maltris



  • Dino made Aurestor Beldri Savenium for Monet47.


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