Aurélien Ortiz (born 2749) is a French human military leader and one of the Marshals of France. Since 2797, he has led the 1st Colonial Group based out of French Quadrantia, taking part in numerous colonial conflicts such as the Franco-Drodo Colonial War, the French Quadrantia Trade Route Crisis, and the First Heer Stekeveel War. He is best known for his contributions to French colonial doctrine and for his achievements at the Battle of Aurélien's Pass during the Great Xonexian Schism, in which he ambushed and destroyed half of the DCP's effective fighting force in Mirus before being wounded himself.

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Aurelien Ortiz 2

Grand Admiral Ortiz in 2795.

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Raised in an isolated cluster of developing French Milky Way colonies, Ortiz spent much of his early life on the frontier, which was not nearly as easy in those days as it is now. Largely isolated from civilization, he and his family made do with what they had, leading him to develop his trademark "practical approach" which would serve him later. At the time, he longed to return to mainland France to make a name for himself. In 2767, he was accepted to the Julianne Officer's Academy in the Dournoux region of France. Once there, his upbringing, style of speech, and way of thinking set him apart from those on his class, most of whom were metropolitan natives having grown up studying the great histories of Caesar and Napoleon.

This distinction would follow him into his career as an officer in the French Starfleet, though he initially did very well due to his talent for thinking on his feet and reacting to events with rapidity and efficiency. His subordinates often found him demanding and even pejorative in the way he treated them, though some came to respect him for his willingness to risk his own life alongside--and in some cases even before--that of his men. In 2795, he was raised to the rank of Grand Admiral during the last stages of the Dominatus War as the Orion League promoted droves of officers to fill up gaps in their chain of command.

French Quadrantian Trade Route Crisis

Ortiz found himself at the heart of the French Quadrantia Trade Route Crisis in 2799, an event which would eventually lead to war between many of the Gigaquadrant's great powers.

Colonial officer Edit

That is not to say that line-of-battle ships no longer have a place in warfare, but unique conditions in developing colonies call for a different doctrine. Tomorrow's colonial efforts will need to draw inspiration from the colonial forces of the 19th and 20th centuries: versatile, cheap, and easy to deploy and redeploy.

- On the Establishment of Colonies
When he returned to the Milky Way at the end of the war, he was almost immediately shipped off to help establish a cluster of Milky Way colonies further up the Orion Arm similar to the one he grew up in. As the officer in command, Ortiz experienced firsthand the many problems with France's colonial doctrine and did his best to mitigate them on his own. Once the colonies were properly established, he wrote his famous letter to the Marshalship of France, entitled On the Establishment of Colonies.
Heer-Sketeevel Invasion01

Ortiz's colonial doctrine proved its effectiveness during the First Heer Stekeveel War in 2800, during which the 1st Colonial Group easily defeated the Quadrantia Heer Stekeveel.

In it, he outlined his criticisms of French doctrine and explained his idea of how a colonial military should operate. "The problem is that our fleet is tooled to fight in war," he explained. "Our ships are expensive, slow, hardly maneuverable outside of warfare, and impossible to land anywhere." It was barely an academic paper, but it was rigorous enough to attract the attention of French military authorities.

In 2796, Ortiz was offered to become a part of the planning process for what later became French Quadrantia. Eventually, his efforts won him a promotion to Sous-maréchal, and he was put in charge of the expedition to the Quadrants. In 2797, he helped in the establishment and defense of Galactica as it grew from a small trade outpost to an economic giant, and became one of the main figures in the day-to-day running of the colony. Under his command, the 1st Colonial Group fought in the short Franco-Drodo Colonial War in 2797, the controversial French Quadrantia Trade Route Crisis in 2799, and the successful First Heer Stekeveel War in 2800.

In 2798, he was personally involved in the Battle of Gallonia on New Artacia, a hotly contested engagement between Drodoian militias––which he commanded jointly with Cesterity Isordon––and the natives of the planet. His action earned him a reputation in the minds of Drodoian colonial publics which would only increase as time went on. This experience seriously informed his future approaches to issues of colonial security.

By the beginning of the Gigaquadrantic Conflicts, Ortiz had attained the rank of full-on Marshal of France and tackled the defense and security of the Neutrality Zone with other NZTO military leaders. In particular, he forged a friendship with the Cesterity Isodon, the legendary Fleet Captain of the Drodo Empire.

Great Xonexian Schism Edit

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Operation Rubicon
OR 03

Ortiz's ambush at the Battle of Aurélien's Pass is often heralded as his greatest military achievement.

In March of 2802, with war with the Delpha Coalition of Planets looming on the horizon, Ortiz and most of the 1st Colonial Group were redeployed to French Mirus to take part in Operation Rubicon, a possible Allied invasion of the DCP Mirusian Territories. On April 5, the order was given, and the 1st Colonial Group moved into position in a hyperspatial fissure that served as a natural boundary and fortification between French Mirus and DCP Mirus. Ortiz's main purpose was to act as communication between the Allied right, composed of the TIAF Expeditionary Battlegroup, and the Allied left, composed of elements of the French Army, and to reinforce them if ever the DCP fleet decided to launch a counterattack against them.

Nobody expected that the DCP fleet would strike at the Allied center instead, heading straight for Ortiz' formation. At the Battle of Aurélien's Pass, the 1st Colonial Group decisively ambushed and destroyed half of the DCP's effective fighting force in Mirus within the hyperspatial fissure, an action that would rapidly make Ortiz a famous Allied military commander. However, the 1st Colonial Group was beaten back by a devastating DCP counterattack, during which Ortiz's command ship, the Pélissier was heavily damaged. The flagship's bridge collapsed, critically injuring Ortiz to the head and depriving him of an eye. While the 1st Colonial Group retreated further into the fissure in disarray, Ortiz was transported to the Marie Curie, a hospital ship.

Battlefield medicine could not restore to him his biological eye, so they replaced it with a synthetic mechanical one which had an unnerving appearance. Once he regained consciousness, Ortiz refused to relinquish command to one of his subordinates and continued to issue orders from his hospital bed. The hospital ward aboard the Marie Curie quickly became an improvised command center. Frustrated that nobody could look him in the eye due to his implant, Ortiz took to covering it with an eyepatch, something that would become a distinctive icon of his character in the public mind.

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Command rating: 6/10 Gold-starGold-starGold-starGold-starGold-starGold-star

Charisma: 3/5 Gold-starGold-starGold-star
Ability: 3/5 Gold-starGold-starGold-star

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Charles-de-Gaulle Edit


The Charles-de-Gaulle was Ortiz's command ship during the early 2790's, participating in numerous frontline engagements during the Dominatus War and Franco-Drodo Colonial War. Given Ortiz's style of command, it saw a lot of action and had acquired numerous scars by the time it arrived in the Quadrants in 2797. By that point, Ortiz had developed a certain hatred for the ship and largely left it in drydock for most of that year, bringing it out only during the brief Franco-Drodo Colonial War. When Ortiz had the Galactica built a year later, command of the Charles-de-Gaulle was left to another. It was officially decommissioned in 2802 and is currently being kept in drydock in French Quadrantia.

Galactica Edit


Light, agile, versatile, and blazing fast, the Galactica was everything Ortiz could have asked from a starship. It fit his need to be everywhere at once, to dart to where the action is at a moment's notice, and still pack quite a punch against larger opponents. The design for the Galactica was bought from Rambo Nation in response to Ortiz's criticisms that France lacked a versatile colonial ship which could be used on the frontier. The purchase engendered the Exeter-class as well as its command variant, the Galactica-class. While the Galactica was officially the first Galactica-class to be built, it retained the singular bridge of the Exeter-class upon Ortiz's request.

As Ortiz's command ship from 2798 to 2802, the Galactica took part in actions up and down the Quadrant 82 Neutrality Zone, notably the First Heer Stekeveel War and French Quadrantia Trade Route Crisis. Command of the Galactica was handed over to one of Ortiz's lieutenants at the beginning of the Great Xonexian Schism in 2802, when Ortiz placed his flag on the Pélissier at the insistence of his staff. However, he kept his beloved ship close at hand, bringing it with him to take part in Operation Rubicon in Mirus, where it served as a key messenger ship during the Battle of Aurélien's Pass.

Pélissier Edit

Terra-class refit

Named after the French President, the Pélissier is an Impera-class battlecruiser launched in 2799 from the Leman Shipyards in French Quadrantia. One of the 1st Colonial Group's many battlecruisers, the Pélissier was kept on active duty for most of 2799 to 2802, participating in the Invasion of Heer Stekeevel Space and other NZTO operations. By the time Ortiz chose it as his flagship at the beginning of the Great Xonexian Schism in April of 2802, it had acquired an experienced and disciplined crew which would go on to fight bravely in the Battle of Aurélien's Pass. During the battle, it sustained a direct hit which pierced the armor of the port side of the head section, causing severe damage to numerous decks. Out of all of the decks affected, the only critical system was the bridge, which collapsed on its occupants and severely injured Ortiz himself.

Despite the damage, the Pélissier was kept afloat. A makeshift bridge was erected in an empty cargo bay while repairs were underway within the safety of a hyperspatial rift, where the 1st Colonial Group awaited reinforcements.

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Orange faceI will listen.

  • Stekius Gaivel - He had some character, I'll give him that.
  • Tasarus - Draconis prick.

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Quotes Edit

From him

Well, isn't this a mess.

- Franco-Drodo Colonial War, 2797

What we did at Gallonia would have been illegal in any of the French colonies––and would have been unthinkable in France or the Drodo Empire proper––but this is the nature of the frontier. I keep having to explain that, no matter how hard you try, not everything works out here yet. It is the ability to respond, to be flexible, and to bend the rules which keeps us alive.

- Recommendations for Colonial Policy, 2799

Gaivel, you have done all that the honor of war commands. Your forces are outmatched, outgunned, and outnumbered. Are we really going to do this?

- Invasion of Heer Stekeevel Space, 2800

From others

Marshal Ortiz has done more than anyone to contribute to the culture of colonial expertise France now has at its disposal. Our best practices stem from his experience.

- Alexandre Valéry

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