Aur'Shivania is a female Ancrevialicia , a powerful fire mage and brilliant scientist with an expert degree in cloning and enhancing. After her travels she settled down at Impaerusqiantia, where she became the Director of the ShadowForge and one of the founders of the Rambo Nation Clone Trooper Army (RNCTA).

Under the rule of High King Rambert Ramveral she showed herself to be one of the major engineers and military designer and became involved in interdimensional tempering. Resulting in amongst the Crossing Line-incident and the use of the Interdimensional Warp Gate.


Early Life[]

Aur'Shivania was born in 6552 BQF at the Rambo Capital, living at their homestead of the Core, a large dome underneath the surface of the Rambo Capital. For millennia Aur'Shivania studies the elemental magic’s, eventually specializing herself as a fire mage, a power both used for creation and destruction.

Aur'Shivania with Asparex in the throne room of Impaerusqiantia

She managed to travel the Quadrant Galaxies as early of 100 BQF, exploring various planets like Ramar Shadda, Carnthedain and Ramalivua, where many Creckel believe she had something to do with the coming of Draconiae.During the Intergalactic War in 0 AQF, the Ancrevialicia were re-discovered by the Rambo Serindia and her race decided to join Rambo Nation as a full member species. After the fall of the Imperial Alliance in 03 AQF, she joined Asparex, the Lord of Impaerusqiantia and began living at the harsh planet with the HarbronrSaurien, helping them in rebuilding their culture and founding the Rambo Nation Clone Trooper Army (RNCTA), the powerful and vital ground asset of Rambo Command, earning her a top position as lead scientist within the Saurien Sector Corporation.

Tertius Bellum[]

Main article: Tertius Bellum

Witnissing the deployment of the Interdimensional Warp Gate

After High King Rambert Ramveral usurped the throne Aur'Shivania rose quickly to his attention and was tasked with improving the military might of Rambo Nation. Amongst her accomplishments were the designs for the enlarged Caradhras-Class and the Paragavatus-Class super star destroyer, a ship class named in honor and might of the Draconid Paragon. The super star destroyers were constructed in an alternate reality, and were to be brought to her own reality using the Interdimensional Warp Gate, a station capable of making a rift in time and space using the energy of a sun. Construction of the station started in the V'rta System in the Serox Nebula, far away from the prying eyes of the neighbouring empires. In october 2818/20 AQF, fleet-captain Sauleius Jesan Cretacea witnessed together with her the arrival of the first physical transfer. Five days later, under watchful eyes of her King the first shipment arrived, four Caradhras-class and one Paragavatus-class from the alternate reality. She wanted to enlarge the rift to allow more ships coming through and to have the rift stay open longer, for that she needed the power of the Typhon-Class temporal weapon, something both rear-admiral James Rambo and captain Shivrt did. The eventual test led to the Crossing Line-incident and the destruction of the first Warp Gate and the loss of the Serox Nebula V'rta System test area. Afterwards, she was personally escorted by Commodore Malegras to the second Warp Gate installation, now within Rambo Space where she oversaw the construction. The whereabouts of the second construct were lost with the subjugation of Rambo Nation in 2819/21 AQF by the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and the death of High King Rambert Ramveral.


During one of the alternate or possible timelines in the Legacy, Aur'Shivania survived the doom of the Quadrant Galaxies and serves within the Aurilithiae Order.

Personality and Traits[]

Aur'Shivania is a wise and gentle person, though not a gifted warrior like most of her race, she is more of a diplomat and scientist. Using her knowledge to create or aid, like in her own believes the Rambo Pantheon predicts them to do. Though she can easily defend herself by using her fire magic, in which she is quite strong and powerful in using it for both defense and assault. Though gentle in soul, her appearance is more terrifying for those unsuspected. Clad in dark black armor, with fire burning constantly from her shoulders and hands some find her unnerving to be around, often describing her presence as a souring heat that makes you sweat and dry out.


Lady Aur'Shivania is one of the greatest military designers in the history of Rambo Nation, albeit not widely known and her involvement is a well kept secret amongst the admirality. Her known projects include stations, the raise of the Rambo Nation Clone Trooper Army (RNCTA) and ships.

Projects Description
A 30.000 m wide superweapon that started construction in 25 BQF.
Construction completed in 05 BQF
Features four primary ionic cannon superlasers, capable of shattering a planet.
Current status missing.
Clone Trooper LegionnaireLarge.png
Rambo Nation Clone Trooper Army
Rambo Nation Clone Trooper Army (RNCTA)
Project to improve and expand the ground forces of Rambo Nation.
Introducted during the Great Cyrannus War and became the backbone of the Rambo Nation ground forces. The clones are well trained, fearless and obedient.
Cloned and trained on Impaerusqiantia.
Rambo Nation 19.000 m long Intergalactic Supercarrier.
Construction started in 12 AQF, two were finished in just two years after salvaging and reusing old materials, others ships took decades to complet.
Interdimensional WarpGateLarge.png
Interdimensional Warp Gate
Interdimensional Warp Gate
A project that draws energy from a sun to create a portal to another reality. Is being powers by copied Taldar technology and salvaged Xhodocto technology in conjunction with Rambo technology.
First Super Star Destroyers deployed by Rambo Nation.
With use of the Interdimensional Warp Gate, the super star destroyers were created in another reality and brought to the prime reality in 20 AQF. The largest vessels ever deployed by Rambo Nation.



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Bringer of the Winged Shadow, the Doom of Creckabad

- Crecklorin

Hmph. I can control fire better than you can.

- Kideaza


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