Aur'Luthiaen is a female Ancrevialicia in service as a captain in Rambo Command. At the start of 2806 (08 AQF), at the age of 20 she graduated from the Rambo Academy as youngest captain ever in service of Rambo Nation. Due to her promising talents and abilities she was given command of the USS Intrepid, an Excelsior-Class.

Over time she has proven herself to be a very capable captain with a remarkable record.


Aur'Luthiaen onboard the bridge of the Intrepid

Aur'Luthiaen is born in 2786 (12 BQF) at the Rambo Capital, amongst her kin, the Ancrevialicia in the Core of the Planet. During her youth, she showed great promises as a amazone, though was often found bored by simple guard duties as she wished to explore the world and go beyond, following the legendary examples like Aur'Lodin and Aur'Lumniassa. During their discovery in 2799 (01 AQF), when the Intergalactic War raged upon the Cyrandia Cluster, Aur'Luthiaen, at the age of 11 left the Rambo Capital and explored various colonies of Rambo Nation. A year later she joined the Rambo Academy, to follow her dreams to serve within Rambo Command and the chance to explore the Quadrant Galaxies. During her time at the Academy, she showed tremendous skills and abilities in all subjects, often thought of a little genius she was drated into a special traject to make her captain at the age of 20 in 2806 (08 AQF), at advise of the then rear-admiral Ramtorrian Ramricus.

Captain of the Intrepid[]

Aur'Luthiaen and Chi Chodecra during the Battle of Ramalivua

As such in 2806 (08 AQF), Aur'Luthiaen graduated from the Academy, was given a promotion to captain and given command of the Excelsior-Class, the USS Intrepid.Later on in january, at the 19th she and her crew were part of a Rambo Command task force send by Empress Ramashe to lift the siege of Ramalivua by the Hutter Kingdom. Much to her dismay, Chi Chodecra, an Imperial Inquisitor was onboard as well, issuing orders. They soon cleared orbit of Hutter presence, and at the 20th she intercepted and disabled the D5-cruiser of Anjulius Gaitonius with aid of the USS Hathaway. After the battle Aur'Luthiaen and her crew resumed their exploration and investigation duties.

In december 2813 (15 AQF), Aur'Luthiaen and her crew joined the USS Caradhras, a new Caradhras-Class supercarrier-dreadnought and its fleet in an attempt to liberate Thelliria from Hutter Kingdom occupation. The Intrepid provided vital support during the battle, targeting the heavier Hutter vessels. Sadly, Aur'Luthiaen was forced to withdraw at orders of vice-amdiral Ramcard, to spare the native Thellirian from bombardments.

Aur'Luthiean arrives at Hyperborea

Around 2818 (20 AQF), still in service and in command of the Intrepid, Aur'Luthiaen adopted the new black/golden captain uniform. In July later that year, Aur'Luthiaen arrived in the Borealis Galaxy and discovered the location of the Hyperborea-station where she made official first contact with the Polar Crystal Alliance. At behalf of the crew of the station she was invited onboard to experience the cultures and explore the station. Afterwards she continued to explore the surrounding area. Due to her efforts and kindness Rambo Nation eventually set up an official embassy at the station a few months later.

Battle of Orbispira (2820)

With the fall of Rambo Nation in october 2819 (21AQF) she was ordered to halt her exploration of the Borealis Galaxy and return home to the Quadrant Galaxies, a trip that would take them another two years though she never arrived and instead joined the liberation effort of Orbispira upon her arrival at the Cyrannus Galaxy. During the battle she was joined by egendary Serindia officers, Ramcard and Rambas II. During the battle of the Intrepid collided with the star destroyer Devastor. Near the end of the battle, the Intrepid fell under immense fire of the Imperial forces though Aur'Luthiaen survived and after the battle returned to the Quadrant Galaxies.

Captain of the USS Akeno Misaki[]

After court martial for losing her vessel, captain Aur'Luthiaen was commended on her bravery to stand with the allied forces against the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Yet the threat of the Empire was far from over as various Imperial Remnants rose to power in the far edges of the known Gigaquadrant. With the formation of the Sacratus, captain Aur'Luthiaen assumed command of the first vessel launched under its banner, the Butterfly-class SNC-01 USS Akeno Misaki by mid December 2820.

Her first mission included providing relief aid to planet in dire need of supplies while patrolling the borders against the Legatus.

Personality and Traits[]

Aur'luthiaen in original captain's uniform

Aur'Luthiaen is bold and stubborn person, with a desire to explore and learn new things she is ever hungry for new and adventurous events. Her knowledge, self confidence and little arrogance often makes her come over to others as bored and uninteressted, sometimes rightly guessed. She loves her command of a starship though finds it challenging to stand above most of her older and experienced crew members, who served onboard other vessels in various conflicts while she herself is fresh from the Academy.

She loves training, doing sports like running to keep herself in shape, walking the botanic gardens and reading a book there. She also likes visiting beached, sun tanning and swimming in the oceans, including diving. Due to her rather young age she loves sweet drinks like Boreas Cheers and Fornaeria Bubbles, Ramakoota flavor though dislikes the taste of Chuchulias Coffee. Like all of her kin, she has a limited control over elemental energies and she is skilled in the use of a blade.

Service Record
Location Assignment Dates Rank or Rate
Rambo Academy Student Officer 2800 - 2806 Cadet
USS Intrepid Commanding Officer 2806 - 2820 Captain
USS Akeno Misaki Commanding Officer 2820 - Ongoing Captain

USS Intrepid



Blue face.pngBlessings of by the Ultimate One befall upon thee!


Yellow face.pngI think I can trust you right?


Orange face.pngBlergh!


A most promising officer! Don't fail my trust

- Ramtorrian Ramricus


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