Aur'Lumniassa is a noble and young Ancrevialicia, send by the Rambo Gods to to the Quadrant Galaxies, she was once a Princess in Universe 66605 until she was forced to migrate to the Quadrant Galaxies after that universe was destroyed by the Xhodocto. Afterwards she became one of the two presidents of the Cyrandia Alliance until her abduction and disappearance during the Great Cyrannus War by the Confederacy of Allied Systems.

She later tracked down by Gorubla and the re-formed Syndicate during the 10th month of 07 AQF. She became a servant of the Board of Masters, often used as a mere cup bearer clad in golden black chains.


Early History[]

Princess Aur'Lumniassa

Aur'Lumniassa was send to Universe 66605 by the Rambo Gods to explore and gather intelligence about that universe. She soon became the rulers over the local Sartarnias who named her their princess. She brought them peace and prosperity and was surprised when Rambo Nation forced from the Tigris Galaxy arrived and settled at Colonia 02 as well. She soon met with captain Ramtterson and decided to aid them after she heard his story and goals. Planning to expand in this universe by colonizing planets they were soon in conflict with the Ash Nazgkr. She soon learned about the dreaded and fearsome Xhodocto and their leader, Kamik Shi. Afraid of them she decided to befriend the nearby Grox Empire but was surprised when the Xhodocto decided to sign a treaty with the Rambo forces. Releaved she followed the Rambo forces back to the Quadrant Galaxies where she became part of the government of Rambo Nation.

Cyrandia Initiative[]

Forming of the Cyrandia Alliance

During the outbreak of the Second Galactic War in 0 BQF she founded an idea of a possible alliance between various species and empires, her wishes soon were realised when the Cyrandia Alliance was formed between the Rambo and the United Republic of Cyrannus. Together with Sola Naberraé of the URCthey became the leaders of the Cyrandia Alliance and hoped to unify the Quadrants and the Cyrannus Galaxy in both military strength and cultural exchange.

She was shocked with the outbreak of the Great Cyrannus War in 04 BQF and the following destruction by the battles between the Cyrandia and the Confederacy of Allied Systems. In the 7th month of 04 AQF she travelled onboard the USS Monts d'Ardèche, a Normandy Class light cruiser towards the Rambo Capital when the dreaded Lizardian admiral Lizaconda attacked her ship with his own, the Venator-class Star Destroyer Liberty II overpowered the USS Monts d'Ardèche easily and Aur'Lumniassa was taken captive.

Geldrim & Aur'Lumniassa

Lizaconda brought her with him to the recently occupied Karzhamarhi-Nui and placed her in a cell. Aur'Lumniassa, terrified by her capture hoped that she was soon to be liberated but she transferred to Yudumarth where she was interrogated and tortured by Geldrim.

The Syndicate is reformed at Nal Amroth

Growing tired, sad and desperate she released intelligence under pressure which led to the engagements over Koerband and Matakoro.

Even since Aur'Lumniassa remained at Yudumarth, even during the occupation of Yudumarth by Rambo Nation they were unable to find her. Her whereabouts since then are unknown.

She was later tracked down and bought as a slave by Rambo Nation senator Gorubla and brought to his ruined estate at Nal Amroth. There she was enslaved and given chains, as a servant of the Board of Masters, the new leaders of the re-formed Syndicate.

Personality and Traits[]

Sola and Aur'Lumniassa are close friends

Aur'Lumniassa is a sweet, wise and gentle person. She can be quite cunning and knows how to use her word carefully when around politicians and the nobles of Rambo Nation. Often described as beautiful and cute, her physical appearance is breath taking but she is physically not that strong. Instead she relies on her wits and knowledge and her abilities to use elemental powers. She is known to have powerful ice abilities to freeze her opponents or her surroundings. When challenged, she can be very bold and stubborn and is known to take unnecessarily risks.

She likes to read and enjoys swimming in the seas of the Rambo Capital.

After her enslavement by the Syndicate, Aur'Lumniassa had a heavy heart for salvation and felt abandoned by her former friends, wondering if they had forgotten her of if they had found her replaceable. As a slave, she remained wearing most of her original outfit, lack her upper skirt that has been replaced by a bra and her chains at both her arms.


Aur'Lumniassa (slave)Large.png

Blue face.pngI believe I can trust them


Orange face.pngBlergh!


A gifted diplomat, gentle and kind in person

- Ramashe

A pretty looking slave eh?

- Xidan

I miss her deeply! What happened to her I wonder?

- Sola Naberraé


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