Aur'Lodin, also known as Fallen Beauty, Syraliel and the entity Gogmaloe is a mysterious Ancrevialicia. During time away from her home, she served at first Rambo Nation during the Golden Age and later as the Regent of the Imperial Alliance. During her reign of Regent she served as the 2nd in command of the Imperial Alliance, but after her dreaded act she went into hiding before being rediscovered by Morgandaûr and put to slavery.

Unknown to most, she has gained the ability to turn into the dreaded Gogmaloe entity.


Not much has been revealed of Aur'Lodin her life before joining the Imperial Alliance. But what is known is that she hails from the Ancrevelicia, the so called Amazones of the Rambo Ultimate God and are blessed by him. Though Aur'Lodin didn't like living in the underground city, known as the Core of the Rambo Capital and left her home to explore the universe around her (this happened around 250 BQF).

Director Sylariel[]

The Director and Emperor before the Director's statue, made of emerals and gold!

After reaching the surface, she began exploring Rambo Nation, the ones who held the power over the Rambo Capital. Eager to learn new things, she went to the Academy under the name of Syraliel and showed herself capable in most subjects. Refusing to command a space ship, as she didn't want that she was send to scientific labs. Within a year, she showed so much promise, and with the recent wars with the Quadrantia Heer Stekeveel, she was given an audience with Emperor Ramânawenûz Le Rambo, the current Monarch of Rambo Nation.

He gave her the position of Director at Installation 05, a secret laboratory at Koerband, located under Ramloria City. There Aur'Lodin worked in peace and prosper, her scientist strictly loyal to herself she and her team began working on the Emperor's wishes to research the possibility of creating genetical and enchanced soldiers. In grattitude the Emperor ordered the construction of a statue, made of gold and emeralds for Aur'Lodin as she became the most important Director for the Installation. The statue was placed in the main entrance hall of the facility. Aur'Lodin was given a free clearance to experiment on living subject, criminals who were to be send to Ramghatulk and dangerous creatures (like Quadrantia Xenomorph). Over the following years, Aur'Lodin and her team slowly advanced in their tests, while the Monarchy changed twice during her tunere as Director, they finally came close to not only create enchanced soldiers, but to create a whole new breed of soldiers, a clone army to serve Rambo Nation. Her first subject was a Serindia who had crucified his victimes as well as killed two law enforcers. Giving him the newest X-451 virus he showed great promises, though soon developed aggression and changed appearance in what they would call the Destroyer. Researching his blood Aur'Lodin disocered what was needed to be modified and created the X-452 virus. Sadly around the same time the Lizardian appeared and with their impending attack at the Capital Colonial Sector, Koerband was left without supplies. Without the badly needed batteries and generators to keep the high energy amount running, the systems overloaded and the scientist as well Aur'Lodin and the citizens above, in Ramloria City were unable to escape the following onslaught when the Destroyer escaped.

Aur'Lodin herself managed to escape, but Saliva from the Destroyer himself that dripped in a cut in her hands, infected her over time. Due to her own genetic genes and resistance she managed to escape Koerband and was picked up by the Syndicate who enslaved her and sold her at an auction. She was bought by te Lizardians when they were in retreat from their defeat by the Rambo and their allies. There she met with the Unknown Entity, better known as Morgandaûr who promised to have an antidote against the infection. In grattitude she pledged herself loyal to Morgandaûr and became his right hand.

Regent of the Imperial Alliance[]

When the Unknown Entity finally formed his dreamed organisation, the Imperial Alliance in 18 BQF she was appointed as the Regent of the Alliance, making her 2nd in command and personal advisor of the Unknown Entity, who then went by the name of Galactic Emperor.

As the Regent she also was given a position at the War Council, the highest authority besides the Emperor in the Alliance. The other members looked up to her since she is very smart, cute and an expert in close combat. After her appointment she began making plans to hit Rambo Nation at a crucial time so that they are unable to aid there allies when the Alliance would reveal themselves.

Aur'Lodin kills Lizkrahmkyn above Reien

After the bombing of the Rambo High Council, the Alliance revealed itself to the Galaxy and started attacking the Noble Alliance members. While she gave control of this to the other members of the War Council, she and the Emperor began discussing how best to get other Empires join there Alliance.

When thanks to her advice, the Tralor and the Rambo Resistance allied the Alliance she was send on a special mission by the Emperor himself. She was send behind Xiaan Alliance borders where she encountered the Imperialea and there Emperor. She explained her reasons, which the Imperialea Emperor listened carefully to. When threatenend to kill her, she revealed information about Rambo Nation and he dismissed her, claming he had to overthink this. Shorlty after, she was send to the Rambo Colonie of Reien, where Command Lizkrahmkyn failed to take over the Colonie. When confronting her, he insulted her and in return, and as ordered, she killed the unfortunate Commander. She then returned to the Imperial Capitol. Upon arriving there, she ordered the Lizardian Commander to withdrawn from the Dissia System, as the Emperor made a truth with Empress Ramashe of Rambo Nation.

Aur'Lodin witnesses the USS Merced's destruction.

When the Second Galactic War started, Aur'Lodin was ordered by the Galactic Emperor to invade Noble Alliance Space, something she complied too when she took the Lusankya as her personall ship and Captain Sarxvrean of the Vetar and Captain Lizaconda of the Liberty with her. During her advance she was faced by Captain Klopplar and a massive allied fleet, however due to her cunning she was able to defeat Klopplar's fleet and during the events Klopplar was killed in action.

File:Battle of Capricaerón.png

Aur'Lodin arrives at the Battle of Capricaerón

After the battle, she advanced further and the Noble Alliance surrended, however the Kloppig Empire and the Insector Eldarions joined Rambo Nation. The nations that surrended, were soon taken in and the Imperial Alliance had no surrended Rambo Nation and drove her into a corner. After securing that regions Aur'Lodin advanced with a large Imperial Fleet toward CSA territory and invaded the CSA home System. After a bold move she managed to aid the Mortalitas troops and joined the Battle of Capricaerón. Due to her arrival and that of the Lusankya the Imperial forces managed to gian the upper hand but when Captain Rambam arrived the tide turned and Aur'Lodin her fleet faced difficulties. She later left the Battle of Capricaerón as she was ordered to do so by the Unknown Entity.

The Lusankya destroys the last few ships of the Resistance

Upon her return she investigated the discovery at Koerband and it was her who noticed it was something the Cognatus Alliance wanted. Due to this the Emperor managed to ally the Cognatus. Later on, she was ordered by the Emperor to go to the Iron Bloc and find the last remnants of the Resistance. She took the Lusankya and Captain Trentucula with her and upon there arrival they encountered Captain Ramato. Without a singel warning Aur'Lodin ordered the destruction of the Resistance ship, and as loyal Clone Troopers are they exxecuted this order without hesitation. And withing mere moments the entire Resistance fleet was swept away, and the last remnants of the Resistance were destroyed.

Dhazhrak, Aur'Lodin her new master!

She then returned to Imperial Space. Shorlty after, she took the Unknown Entity to a place onboard his Chancellor Class ship. After telling him he served his purpose she killed the Emperor and later told the Imperial Council of his demise. She then also claimed the Alliance was over and shorlty after the Imperial Aliance did indeed fall and she went into hiding. It later turned out she was attacked by the Xhodocto known as Dhazhrak and after a short face off, Dhazhrak managed to grab her troat, with it her mental defences were down and Dhazhrak took over her mind after giving her some mental pain. Now Aur'Lodin was his secret servent but after the Remnant was formed she vanished for a period of time. Though after Dhazhrak plan was almost comprimised, she was ordered to travel to the Suiliagothrond Battlestation.

After Dhazhrak was defeated by Empress Ramashe in personal combat Aur'Lodin was freed from his influance and went into hiding to escape those who would want to capture her (Mortalitas trying to avenge the "death" of the Unknown Entity and Rambo Nation as they wanted to put her to justice).

Aur'Lodin after she became a slave

Slave of Morgandaûr[]

After spending in hiding for over two years she was found at the change of year of 04 AQF to 05 AQF by Morgandaûr, who revealed to her he was the former Unknown Entity. Taken by surprise she wanted to defend herself but due to her weakened state of 2 weeks without a proper meal she was easily defeated by the more powerful Morgandaûr in his new armor. When she asked him to finish her quickly he simply smiled, she didn't escape her fate that easily.

Slave of Morgandaûr!

He took Aur'Lodin to his secret fortress of Carnthedain, located somewhere within Quadrant 89. As his secret basion she was tortured for a while by Morgandaûr and her spirit was broken, finally begging to kill her Morgandaûr still refused and brought her to a special room. There she was given shoulder pads with sensor arrays in it to keep track of her, and a helmet. The helmet was large and heavy and Aur'Lodin disliked it, even more so than her newly given revealing cloathing. She couldn't imagen what Morgandaûr was planning and probably didn't want to know either. Morgandaûr pressed a button at a computer, and Aur'Lodin felt the most a terrible and insufferable pain when various metal pins drilled through her skull straight into her brain, the next moment she felt empty and hollow and Morgandaûr showed her what would happen if she was to disobey him. Electric shocks rocketed her body and agitated her brain and Aur'Lodin could only yell out of the pain. When she fell to her knees she heard Morgandaûr laugh, and when she looked up to him she felt streams of blood slide down her face. She coughed and tears formed in her eyes, but Morgandaûr left her alone, in the dark and welcomed her to her new destiny.

First change into Gogmaloe

During the third month of 01 NE/05 AQF Aur'Lodin unexpected changed into a differant entity due to the virus once given to her by the Destroyer years ago during the disaster at Installation 05. The excruciating pain and dark thoughts overwhelmed the already frail Aur'Lodin. She felt her internal organs shift, her, body changing by force and before she knew it her free will was gone as she hanged into the entity wich became known as Gogmaloe. In an instance she teleported her deformed body to Rambo City, the Rambo Capital where troopers began to fire upon her. Realising she could not return home she was confronted by the Founder and Uruviel, and something in the back of her mind realised that she was doing harm to innocent beings. She then teleported her back to Carnthedain and managed to regain her own form again. Unknown to Aur'Lodin, Morgandaûr saw it all!

Aur'Lodin, Morgandaûr and Guolivian at Orbispira

In the fourth month of 05 AQF Aur'Lodin travelled with her master to Orbispira to meet with Senator Guolivian, a Basileus who joined the United Republic of Cyrannus. Teleporting straight in front of the senator he was taken by surprise and raised his hand to surrender. Handing over a parchment, containing information about Rambo Nation secrets, like the Angforst, the Wells class and more. Guolivian looked surprise he was given this kind of information, and was especialley surprised by the line containing the information that President Apollo was well informed of this by the Empress of Rambo Nation. Immediately afterwars Morgandaûr teleported to the capital of the Imperial Remnant, though he left Aur'Lodin at Carnthedain as the high prophet would surely recognise her. At Carnethedain Aur'Lodin was brought back to her prison cell.

Taking Ramashe hostage as Gogmaloe

Over time it seemed Aur'Lodin regained the trust of Morgandaûr and was allowed to walk around his castle without the helmet. This didn't mean Aur'Lodin was free of Morgandaûr' torture device, as an implant could still give her the terrible electric shocks if she should ever misbehave, something she experienced when Morgandaûr'gave prove of the implant.

During the fourth month of 06 AQF she was forced by Morgandaûr to change into Gogmaloe again and was forced to take Ramashe hostage and bring her back to Carnthedain. While she did that, the side-effects of her teleporting was that she brought various Vamrash from an unknown place to the Rambo Palace as well, where the Vamrasht fought and later on killed by the guards. A month later, when Morgandaûr was defeated by Claire Rambo, Aur'Lodin escaped Carnthedain and went into hiding once more. Seeking a cure for her infection, she grew desperate and knew that only at Koerband she could find her answer, or face her destiny to answer for her crimes she committed.

Personality and Traits[]

Aur'Lodin, Regent of the Imperial Alliance

Aur'Lodin is actaully quite kind and naive for someone of her position and status in the Quadrant Galaxies. Due to her mistreats by Morgandaûr and Dhazhrak she actaully has forgotten how good and kind her life was before she left her homeworld, something she often wonders about how it actually was.

She is quite smart and cunning, with great sword to sword combat skills and limited telekenatic powers. Also her cunning has saved her quite some times in hazardous situations. Another notable fact of her personality is, though sometimes crual to her enemies and the persons she dislikes, she harvests a great love for all nature and the animals and flora. She is also known to be a survivor and due to her looks she doesn't shies away to seduce persons to get what she wants.

She also likes to study about the various empires and nations found in the Universe, and often dreams about encountering the various species.

Regent appearances
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Green face.pngFriends?


Yellow face.pngI can hang out with these

  • Lizaconda - A great and worthy Imperial officer and worthy ally!


Red face.pngMisguided fools!

  • Tyrómairon - A fallen Mornûnendur who threatens the balance of the Universe!
  • Dhazhrak - A dark presence in my mind and turned out I betrayed the Imperial Alliance for him?
  • Morgandaûr - My master and plotting demon, once I trusted him with my life, but now?

Quotes by others[]

Ah, my former servant and trusted advisor. Sadly she betrayed me and now she has became my slave, how things can turn out!

- Morgandaûr

The Regent of the Alliance, dangerous yet cunning and with a cute appearance she is a dangerous foe

- Empress Ramashe of Rambo Nation

The great Regents of the Imperial Alliance!

- Lizaconda



  • Aur'Lodin is said to originate from Quadrant 89, from beyond Xiaan Alliance borders, unknown space.
  • She carries a huge sword, embadded with poison and able to freeze opponents.
  • Due to her beauty, she can easily seduct males to get what she wants.
  • Her appearance is most surprising, she is the first humanoid looking creature the Rambo encounterd.
  • She is very loyal to the Emperor, and also acts as his personall advisor.


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