Lord Augustus Ceasar Rambo is the father of famous Rambo Nation captain James Rambo of the USS Enterprise and the grandfather of Claire Rambo. A noble humanoid by birth, he lives on his estate at the Rambo Capital where he pledged himself loyal to the Royal Dynasty and serves them well.


Rambo Estate

Augustus Ceasar Rambo was born in 68 BQF at Terra Prime, living his youth at the gentle planet and learning and meeting the various Scions that call it their home he and his family were forced to migrate elsewhere due to some unexplained reason. As such young Augustus and his family wandered the Unclaimed Territories until they stumbled upon the Rambo Nation colony Koerband and they decided to become citizens of Rambo Nation. They settled themselves at the Rambo Capital where they build their own estate around 50 BQF. Ever since Augustus lived upon the estate, with his parents becoming friendly with the Royal Dynasty and pledged themselves loyal to them. When his son, James Rambo was born he was proud his legacy was ensured and allowed his son to achieve his dreams and goals and was very proud to see him become an officer within Rambo Command and even more when he received command of the USS Enterprise-A later on in his life.

pupil evacuated due to the Outbreak

He is also very proud of his granddaughter Claire Rambo and loves her a lot, he would give her anything she asks but regrets he has little contact with is family due to him being bound to a wheelchair and them living on Rametru Nui. After tutoring many noble Serindia young ones, he saw his way of living change with the Viral Outbreak during the 1st month of 07 AQF. He was visited by Ramashe herself, who told him she personally oversaw the evacuation of the noble children at the Estate onboard a Raven-class transport. Her daughter, his favorite pupil; Ramanei Joy Feather got into an argument as she didn't want to leave, but a mere glare of her mother silenced her. Ramashe asked Augustus to come with her, but he kindly refused, expressing his hopes to see his granddaughter, Claire before falling prey to the Outbreak. Ramashe gave him a kiss on his fore head, leaving Augustus alone at his estate besides his servants, now he truly felt alone and weak, an old man in a wheelchaire.

Personality and Traits[]

Lord Augustur Ceasar Rambo is a gentle and kind person, loving nature and all things that grow he loves to sit in his garden. Bitter due to him being bound to his wheelchair due to a muscle distortion, he regrets not being able to travel the Quadrant Galaxies. He also likes reading and studying ancient history, a fact that was noticed by Ramashe when she asked him to tutor her bastard child, Ramanei Joy Feather. Something he takes great pride in.

He loves his family but regret seeing them little, he also enjoys seeing Ramanei being happy in his garden with various wildlife of Terra Prime.

Augustus mostly wears a blue suite, Is bald and has a beard.

As head of House Rambo, recognised as a minor house within Rambo Nation they have their own sigil, resembling somesort of eye with their motto:
Nothing goes Unseen
Our Eternal Eye Sees All
None escapes it's Glimpse



LoveRelation.pngThey are most dear to me!


Blue face.pngI believe I can trust them


Orange face.pngBlergh!

None yet



- Claire Rambo


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