A Leader Among SlavesEdit

Gorvek, a Kroogvon operative was airdroppped on the outskirts of a Dominatus slave camp. Activating a hologram his implants, which enhanced his legs and arms, were hidden. After landing he made his way toWards the camp.

Command - Operative your orders are clear. Finf a resistance leader and support them however you can.
Gorvek - Understood...

He reached the very edge of the camp, holographically disguised as a Tyranny slave, and he goes through the camp, merely seeing zombie like slaves go about their business. However, he eventually notices what appear to be small whispers coming from a forest close to him. Gorvek appraches the forest, he prepared himself, Wary of anything that could ambush him, and he goes to a tree where the whisper seems to be emanating from and through his impants, notices it is hollow. He decides to check it out and knocks at the door, asking to get in.

Gorvek - Hello?
??? - Who knocks at the wooden door?
Gorek - I managed to escape from the Dominatus. PLease... I need shelter.
??? - One who has broken the shackles and comes to break more, come in.

At that, Gorek is admitted to the tree where he climbs down a ladder to see an underground, dirt made tunnel complex, and a vague snake like creature on dog hindquarters approaches him.

??? - I am Sucatraps, leader of the resistance, who are you?
Gorvek - I am Gorvek. I heard rumours of this resistance and I want to help, any way I can.
Sucatraps - All we must do is to gradually remove the loyalty chips from everyone

Sucatraps shows Gorvek an incision in his head that is just a scar now.

Gorvek - Not having those chips in my head... it feels good.
Sucatraps - I know you are not of this world Gorvek, otherwise my operatives would have told me that they unchipped you. Sucatraps - Where do you come from?
Gorvek - Originally? I was captured by slavers who hijacked a research vessel I was working on. I was taken to Teaslamitz where they forced me into revealing what knowledge I had.
Gorvek - When I resisted they isnerted a loyalty chip to make it 'easier' for them to extract information.
Sucatraps - Do not lie, you come from an empire that wants the Tyranny dead for what they have done to it, I know not of the political astrography of this place, but i know you are an agent.
Gorvek - How?
Sucatraps - It would take enhanced hearing in order to hear these sounds, and we have already maanged to fool the Tyranny overseers. Perhaps you are lucky enough to look like a slave or you can shift form, but common sense does not escape my eyes.
Gorvek - I guess I can't fool you. But my benefactors believe everyone can benefit from the Tyranny's collapse.
Sucatraps - Anyone who wishes for the collapse of the Tyranny is my friend.

Sucatraps then extended his hand. Gorvek extended his and grabbed hold of it. he shook it firmly and kept eye contact.

Sucatraps - If you have a knowledge of how to access transmitters, i can transmit a signal that will cause the armories originally made for tyranny slave conscripts in most if not all worlds to open. Such weaponry will be invaluable in case of a revolt.
Gorvek - I will do what I can, lead the way.

They both exited the complex and made their way to the Tyranny command center, a giant, gunmetal grey construct that towered over everything.

Drones circled around it while myrmidons and overseers patrolled the area

Sucatraps - You don't happen to have additional cloaking by any chance?
Gorvek - Same way I am hiding my augmentations. My benefactors outfitted me with technology for every situation.
Sucatraps - Can this holographic field be used in a bubble to cover me as well?

Gorvek programs the field ot extend over Sucatraps, who saw that Gorvek's arms and legs were made of a muscle-fibre mimicking material. One of his eyes was also artificial.

Sucatraps - Now change the field to make it seem like we are one of the overseers.
Gorvek - Keep close then.

Sucatraps clings on to Gorvek as Gorvek discreetly made his way to the entrance of the tower and looked around for a way inside, the then noticed an Overseer and quickly hugged the wall.

Gorvek - Damn, those Vartekians are big...
Sucatraps - Now that we are cloaked like them, follow them down the corridor.

Both of them do so, and eventually end up in a transmitter database.

Sucatraps - These are codes for the armory and to broadcast a set of instructions to all other slaves subconsciously for revolt plans in case of an opportunity, now do you have a computer or something, don't worry, we won't have to deal with firewalls.
Gorvek - Point me to an access port and i'll do the rest.

Sucatraps pointed Gorvek to an access port and told him the code and Gorvek dusted his hands and walked over to the port. he placed his hand over it and the Morhis in his bloodstream created a physical connection between him and the transmitter. Using the codes he began transmitting his signal.

Sucatraps - That is all, now we must just wait for an opportunity to revolt.

Sucatraps - Follow me back to the base
Gorvek - I can always do more here if you like, but if you insist.

Sucatraps looked at some of the monitors in the base, and it showed a massive spike in some electronic activity. Sucatraps noticed the wavelengths and frequencies, and grew happy. Gorvek walked in and leaned against the wall.

Sucatraps - We have been saved, the control chips and the Myrmidons are shut off, to arms!
Gorvek - What's the plan of attack?
Sucatraps - The robots are safe, and the turrets are not working, we must merely kill the overseers and arm our comrades.

He had also made the broadcast on the transmitter such that all the slaves knew where the armories and plans were.

Gorvek - Kill all in sight. I like it.

In a massive tide of flesh and blood, the slaves, using improvised weapons, and the resistance, using stolen weapons were able to go through the several Vartekians around the armory and take everything. Armed with rather primitive coilguns, they faced the Vartekians, who were outnumbered by more than 10,000 to one.

Overseer - What the hell happened, it's all so coordinated!

The Vartekians, using their massive heavy plasma guns mowed down many of the slaves, but the sheer volume of the slaves started overwhelming them.

Sucatraps - ForWards brothers, to arms!, for freedom!
Gorvek - I hate to say it, but it looks like quite the steamroller.
Sucatraps - I long thought the overseers invincible, but our spirit is larger than them.

Though the slaves were suffering utterly horrendous losses, they pressed on,until they were at the command center.

Gorvek - A few good guns and good tactics and even a constript can become invincible.
Sucatraps - This is it men! For Freedom!

At that, they barrelled into the command center and killed all the remaining overseers, and hacked the battlestations above the planet to target Dominatus ships.

Gorvek - This is the part of the job I love.

They eventually cleared it out as they saw Dominatus Mark 2 Cruisers enter orbit.

Sucatraps - Changing Friend or Foe Identification, and ... now!

The Caltrop Class Turrets, which the ships had disregarded, blew up near the engiens ofthe mark 2s, forcing them to retreat. Sucatraps looked at the scanners and saw that this was happening on other worlds.

Sucatraps - We have done it! Attero Dominatus! Down with the Tyranny!

Gorvek folded his arms and smiled

Gorvek - Perhaps now, with the revolution in full swing, I should consider revealing my benefactors?
Sucatraps - Very well, though i have no knoweldge of any planet except this.
Gorvek - How about governments?
Sucatraps - No, in addition what is a Vartekian? SWe vaguley recall seeing another creature however... that creature towered over the overseers, and I don't know what it's called though, I only know that this was owned by the Tyranny. I only know that, the Tyranny.
Gorvek - The Dominatus ... , however with your newfound freedom, look up the 'Draconid Imperium'.
Sucatraps - Very well, i will keep that in mind.

Across 13 DimensionsEdit

Crispy noticed the Dominauts Hyperwave broadcast on the Universal Discussion Board that said the Tyranny was opening an exclusion zone around all of their colonies, and being the cunning man he was, deduced the causes of this to two things.

Crispy - The Tyranny would not open up an exclusion zone unless something truly terrible happened, this is very unnatural for even them.

Crispy was rather intrigued, and then tracked a Dominatus fleet moving to what seemed to be a massive structure.He entered a system, fully cloaked, and saw the Tyranny ships entering a massive portal projected by an even more massive strucutre, a Vestibule CLass Gateship.

Crispy - reminds me of the device my people used to get to this universe...the Tyranny are definitely putting no technology to waste.

He then lined up before the last ship and entered a portal. The other Insurrection forces stayed behind at his order. He would only require the Orochi for this. The Orochi entered the portal behind the Dominatus ships as it was engulfed in pure energy.

VestibuleAI - You have now entered Universe 2, proceed with other ships to Planet Telavom.
VestbiuleAI - Slave Revolt started on Telavnom and all radius 10 planets in this universe.
VestibuleAI - All ships proceed to suprees revolt before radius changes.
Crispy - Slave revolt. As I suspected, disaster had struck.
VestibuleAI - All ships proceed to planet now!
Crispy - It makes me wonder why the Dominatus have not called for their allies...unless they either have none, they can't access communications, their leader has forgotten...or it is a matter of shame.

Crispy's ship proceeded to the planet and saw on the surface quite alot of fighting. It was a minor world. so Nocturnal Legion overseers were capable of putting down the revolt

Crispy - Zazane are here, hmm? Tyranny, what foul experiments have you performed upon my people...hmph.

The Zazane were twice as tall as normal Zazane and advanced upon the slaves

VestibuleAI - All Ships, radius has changed, more colonies are revolting, change target!
Crispy - A system-wide rebellion? Under the Tyranny? Something has definitely happened here, something very wrong. The slaves would have no chance of

VestibuleAI - 100 Systmes across Tyranny revolting and number growin, still containable
VestibuleAI - Requesting immediate reinforcements
VestibuleAI - Next wave to cause revolt in 1000 systems

Crispy narrowed his eyes and began to approach an uncontained world, one where Overseers had not arrived. He beamed down onto the planet to observe the fight between AI and millions of slaves.Myrmidons were deactivated due to the fact that Installation 7's algorithms were also intertwined with AI, while overseers, though causing massive damage were beginning to get overwhemlmed, being outnumbered tens of thousands to one. Crispy watched the slaves pick up their weapons and arms. But he began to approach the crowds.

VestibuleAI - 1000 systems are revolting now, 10000 on the next wave.
VestibuleAI - Requistioning Dominatus support now.
Crispy - They can't contain this...They are sending Dominatus to their deaths...

Dominautus soon began landing on some of the worlds, and supported by overseers began to turn the tides of battles in some cases. However on the majority of them, the Dominauts could only kill so many, and even if they destroyed an army by themselves they could do no more, and had to retreat

VestibuleAI - 10000 systems are revolting now, all forces employ all weapons, 100000, on next wave, in the First Gigaquadrant.
VestibuleAI - Time difference will be greater, all non Mirus forces, to arms now!

Crispy watched the revolt consume the Dominatus. Insurrection forces would not fight the slaves, it was an unncessary loss of lives in their eyes. But Crispy couldn't stand this. The Dominatus forces were sent to retreat, though on some planets, Dominatus were surrounded by thousands of slaves who overwhelmed their massive armaments. Overseers were sent in for rearguard actions as the severely outnumbered Dominauts had to flee.

Crispy - Medusa...I need to speak to her...Now.

Crispy beamed back up to the Orochi, though he found himself at a loss. He went through the Vestibule Class Gateship, and to Invictus, where he entered a Tannhauser Class Hypergate that dWarfed the Vestibule Class Gateship to Demogorgon Prime, and all the while he saw fighting on every tyranny world he came across.

Crispy - This is terrible...Absolutely horrible...
FleetAI - Myrmidons and vehicles still inactive as of now, the algorithm screwed them over, we are horribly outnumbered. FleetAI - Final wave to encompass all million planets ... Myrmidons and vehicles finally getting online!

Crispy finally made his way to Demogorgon Prime, where he teleported down to a War planning room. Crispy looked around. He had mixed expressions on his face, but he remained calm.Seated around the table was the entirety of the Grand Admirality, led by Medusa Heimdall.

Crispy - Medusa, what is going on?
Gravius - My liege, we have lost 30,000 worlds already and the final wave has not hit us
Medusa - How did you get here?

Honor Guards then surround Crispy, towering over his relatively small form.

Crispy - Question is, where is Abaddon?
Medusa - He died a few hours ago.

Crispy remained quiet. He took no notice of the Honour Guards and stepped forWard.

Crispy - What is going on, Medusa?
Medusa - You are an alien, you cannot know.
Grand Admiral - My Liege, the Abaddon Class is ready to be used against the slaves, perhaps they will fear us when we demonstrate it.

Crispy raised an eyebrow.

Crispy - You're going to eviscerate them?
Medusa - The Doctrine of fear works, Gravius, take the ship to destroy them

At that, a massive supership, the Abaddon Class Behemoth of 1331 kilometers in length entered view.

Gravius - I will show them fear my liege

Gravius took the superweapon to a slave world and destroyed it with a small blast.However this was bad, as AI reported that Slaves who had seen that were fighting with even more tenacity.

Medusa - How come they haven't surrendered?
Crispy - Medusa, I demand you stop this! The lives being lost are unnecessary!
Medusa - Stop what?
FleetAI - Final wave about starting, all million worlds are in revolt!
Medusa - Shit!
Crispy - The slaves won't stop fighting because of fear!
Crispy - You attack them, they're only going to fight harder!
Medusa - What do you know, I am the Tyrant, and you are merely a rebel.

Crispy stepped back and quietly watched, his arms folded.

Grand Admiral - My liege, seventy thousand systems lost now, although we are fighting them to a standstill now the myrmidons are active.

At that a final pulse was sent out by Installation 7 that deactivated most of the myrmidons

Grand Admiral - Most myrmidons are failing , vehicles are inactive, overseers being overwhelmed as well.
Grand Admiral - Dominatus troops are able to hold, but these people are no stopping.
Grand Admiral - Nothing is able to cause them to surrender.
Crispy - As I said...trying to inflict fear upon them is useless...
Medusa - Do they have any spaceborn capability yet?
Grand Admiral - No my liege.
AI - 200,00 systems lost.
Medusa - Did that just double?
Grand Admiral - Without the myrmidons we are horribly outnumbered, overseers are outnumbered as well.
Grand Admiral - In addition , slaves seem to be able to access armories.
Medusa - Has the Yotta Omega Maximum call been sent out?
Grand Admiral - Yes, during the first waves.

Crispy kept watching with his arms folded. He had an angered expression on his face.

Medusa - Get out of my sight Crispy!
Grand Admiral - Our fleets however, are in interdiction over all the worlds, we control the spacelanes.

Crispy stayed in his spot however, watching and listening as the numbers increased.

Crispy - Pull your people out of there.
Grand Admiral - Out of where, we have space dominance?
Crispy - You have just lost over three hundred thousand worlds in a short matter of time. How long before that space dominance vanishes?

Medusa - They have no spaceships Crispy!
Medusa - Get out of here now!

Crispy remained quiet again. He heard the numbers go up once again.
AI - The Myrmidons are now online, stabilized at 500,000 systems lost

Medusa - Did we just lose over half our systems?
Grand Admiral - Line stabilized, Myrmidons active, all overseers and dominatus recalled to central command for counterattacks.
Medusa - We will plot further action.

Crispy shook his head and looked down.

Medusa - So it's stopped
Grand Admiral - Yes my liege, forces are being gathered for counter attacks.
Crispy - I think a counter attack at this point is useless.
Grand Admiral - Why so?
[Crispy - Well think about it. Its only a matter of time until the Myrmidons deactivate again and the line destabilizes.
Medusa - No it's not.
Crispy - Medusa! You have just lost over 500 thousand systems! Until you know what in Shyrak's name you're talking about, I suggest you sit down and shut the hell up!
Medusa - Enough, take him out of my sight.
At that, the honor guards dragged Crispy away and teleported him to the Orochi.

Medusa - I know what to do, i am Medusa Heimdall!

A Mysterious VisitEdit

The AI Netspace had seen the Tyranny rise to become a major intergalactic power, and had carefully watched them from afar for all this time. Now, the sudden disturbances caused by the slave uprising had piqued their interest into taking a closer look. The ships of Apalos were sent to investigate, and, having analysed the situation, sent a small probe to deliver a message to the Tyranny's leader. As the probe shot through hyperspace to Demogorgon Prime, the Tyranny's defence forces were quick to respond, and as they opened fire, it vanished in a blinding flash of light. Unbeknownst to them, avoiding their sensors, a sparse cloud of AI-built utility fog had been deployed, where it would appear to the Tyrant in the form of a Dominatus-sized Mazipnos.

Medusa was contemplating what to do alone in her room, going over the debacles of the day. Her husband, Angrus, was away fighting, while her son, Castigon, was in Installation 11 to complete the Dominatus Ultima program. She merely lay in her bed, staring at the ceiling, hoping for all of this to end, for the slaves to die and for the worlds to come back, and she closed her eyes. She rolled on her side where some light penetrated her eyelids and she opened them, seeing a creature she had never encountered, and startled, Medusa awoke.

Medusa - Who are you?
Creature - I am the City of the Gods. Or the City of Reality. Or the City of Eternal Joy. It does not matter. You are Tyrant Medusa Heimdall?
Medusa - Yes, I am.
Creature - I bring you a message. A Warning. Half of your worlds have already fallen to uprisings, and you have improved your defences on the rest to ensure that no more succumb to the effects of such events. However, the crisis is not yet over. It has only just begun.
Medusa - As we speak, our fleet is launching a counterattack to claim them back; we will take back what is ours.
Creature - Indeed. "Might makes right". That is the motto that your civilisation is built upon, is it not? Well, it is true - to a certain extent. Any interacting system comes down to such statistical laws as natural selection: those entities that show features that will best enable survival are those that are most likely to survive.
Medusa - Which is why the Tyranny shall conquer.
Creature - Most societies form, not because the best means of survival in their environment is by conquering those weaker than themselves, but because the best means of survival in their environment is by working together and merely using their strength to fend off aggressors. Tyrant Medusa, I am not telling you to change your civilisation to fit those ideals; that is not what this message is about, although I can understand if that is what you expect.
Medusa - What is your point, strange one?
Creature - What I am here for is to tell you two things. First of all, there are more civilisations out there that will side with your slaves than will side with you. Some of them are as ready now as you are. Do not, if you wish to conquer and succeed, assume that they are inferior because of their ideological differences. You should only assume military inferiority on the grounds of actual military inferiority, not on moral or ideal inferiority.
Medusa - I understand this.
Creature - Good. Make sure you never forget it; I have seen empires as strong as yours crumble to ashes as a result of making such mistakes. Now I have a second piece of information to give you. We are aWare that, in the course of this War, many planets over which you will do battle will suffer orbital bombardment. The Ectobiomality has requested that we preserve the biodiversity of these bodies.

A hologram of a Cephalodian Eden ship appeared in front of the creature.

Creature - This is the style of ship that we will deploy to retrieve samples of various organisms and take them to safety. This is a Warning to you, that we will also deliver to any other civilisation involved in this conflict: do not fire on these ships. They mean you no harm. Acts of aggression will not be tolerated.
Medusa - That will be kept in mind; however, do not test my patience.
Creature - I simply mean to let you know, lest you mistake these craft for designs of your enemies. So, remember my two Warnings, and good night, Medusa Heimdall.

The hologram and the creature vanished as suddenly as they had appeared. Medusa, though troubled by the visit, submitted to the ennui of tiredness and fell back to sleep.

A Game of ShadowsEdit

The BCN was making a visit to their Tyranny allies in the Muvogura sector to open up further talks. However, when they approached on the of the worlds, they noticed that they were not being contacted, something strange, as they had always been welcomed by Dominatus before.They decided to investigate this anomaly.Aboard Genrai's Wranploer Dreadnaught, Genrai spoke to the slave pilot.

Genrai Nal - Find the co-ordinates of that time anomaly and set a course.
Pilot - A-as you wish s-sir...

Genrai nodded, and with a small fleet, decided to go and investigate the anomaly.

Unbeknownst to them, the world was no longer that of the Tyranny, but instead was inhabited by a bunch of pseudo crocodilian rabbits the Tyranny had enslaved. The Myrmidons in this sector hadn't activate successfully and the Tyranny had lost their grip on the world to the still planetbound slaves.They also knew from the relation databases of the BCN, and were prepared to fight to the death against anyone who might take away their newfound freedom.

Pilot - Sir, wasn't this charted as a world under Tyranny?
Genrai Nal - It was. Can you put their leader on the line?

The pilot nodded, and sent a transmission to the Tyranny.However, on the world, the transmission fell upon deaf ears, the slaves not knowing how to use the communications apparatus as they did not know how to configure translators. Much time passed, but the BCN saw that no reply was coming.

Genrai Nal - Hmph. What happens now?
Pilot - I'm not sure...

Genrai thought to himself.

Genrai Nal - It looks like the Tyranny have a little problem. Perhaps we should help them.
Pilot - As you wish sir...l-landing now...

The fleet of the BCN descended upon the world.However, on that world, the Caltrop Class Turrets had been rewired to see all of the allies of the Tyranny as enemies.

Genrai Nal - As predicted. Men, bombard the defences.

They saw no fleet in orbit but were instantly hit by barrages of missiles and hyperlaser fire.The fleet sent EMP bombs down to try and disable the defenses.Luckily enough, it was an outpost world and therefore did not have many of the Caltrops. The EMP bombs eventually started working, however each deactivated Caltrop went into self destruct, damaging the BCN fleet.

The remaining ships landed on the planet's surface, with Genrai getting out, backed by several mercenary soldiers. They then saw slaves armed with rather primitive coilguns that the Tyranny had used on their slave conscripts before and started firing. Genrai Nal took action. His soldiers took cover and fired portable turbolasers, while he sliced through them.The slaves were cut down by the murderous fire of the BCN troops, however smaller land defneses of the world had been hardwired to attack the Tyranny allies, including the BCN.

Giant railguns popped out from under the ground while gatling plasma guns opened fire. However, although they were somewhat pinned, completely encircled, they still knew they had a fighting chance. Genrai Nal teleported to them and cut the power cables as well as some of their interiors, while the rest of the soldiers threw EMP grenades.The turrets were finished, however they saw a massive slave army in the distance. It was also then they noticed some ships exit hyperspace at the edge of the system, bearing the logo of the Tyranny. The ships started hovering above, blotting the sky, and landing the Scions of Crogki on the battle scene.

Genrai Nal - It appears we have some support. Keep holding the line.

The enhanced inalton overseers started using chronoscopic powers as well as tyranny weapons to carve through the slaves, while a single Dominatus Honor Guard landed.

Genrai Nal - Chronoscopic powers? Impressive.

The Honor Guard, smashed through the lines, using biomass, weaponry, his army, and technology to smash through the rather disorganized slave army. Genrai greeted the Honor Guard, and made a Warrior's ritual of greetings. The honor guard however, knew that this was one of the worlds where the Tyranny was outnumbered the least.

Honor Guard - I believe we know each other, I am Wolframicht Stahl, and you are Genrai Nal.
Genrai Nal - I believe we do. I am Genrai Nal, leader of the Guild of Shadows...from the Borealis Consortium Network.

Genrai held out his hand to Stahl.

Genrai Nal - It is good to meet you. I have heard many things about you; I believe the same for me?

Wolframicht Stahl extended his hand as a gesture of friendship.

Stahl - Yes, I have also heard a great many things about you as well, however we can exchange pleasantries as well, we must cleanse this world first.

At that, countless millions of Myrmidons which were now functioning started landing, killing all the slaves.

Stahl - The procedure is to kill, not take prisoners.
Genrai Nal - I see. I too believe it is better to finish an opponent on sight than to leave him to survive another day.

The two Warriors fought side by side, almost as if they had a hivemind, and finished on a heap of broken corpses.Stahl noted that this was the easiest world he had subjugated in the counterattack so far, and wondered if the difficult would increase

Genrai Nal - May I ask what has occurred here?
Stahl - Nothing happened here, just a ... minor incident

Genrai Nal waited for Stahl to elaborate.

Stahl - All you are seeing is a minor slave revolt that has is an isolated incident.
Genrai Nal - Hmm. I've seen many of these. Rumour has it that this isn't a 'minor' slave revolt. Have you experience and more of these?
Stahl- There is nothing more to tell you, those rumors are lies, and it is minor. The very fact that you entered the exclusion zone could be considered an offense against the Tyranny

Genrai Nal narrowed his eyes.

Genrai Nal - Many times I have heard rumours they have been proven correct. If you are hiding something from me, I'd recommend you didn't. I could quite easily help you fight your problem if needs be. And the Consortium are very good at keeping secrets...and preventing rumours from being spread.
Stahl - There is no problem, this is simply a matter of the Tyranny, not of anybody else.
Genrai Nal - It doesn't have to be. Whether you like it or not, this is a matter of the Consortium.
Stahl - For a final time, this is a matter of the Tyranny, and the Tyranny only, the only reason we are not blasting you is because of our agreements.
Stahl - I suggest that you go back to your ship, and forget this ever happened.
Genrai Nal - The Consortium does not forget things so easily.

Genrai clearly remained adamant.

Stahl - If it is your quest to find out, you will not find your answers from our tongues.
Genrai Nal - Are you implying the Consortium normally finds answers that way?
Stahl - I am implying that there is nothing to be said about this.I do not wish to be enemies with you or the BCN, but until further notice this is only important to us. If that situation changes, you will be informed

Genrai Nal thought for a moment, then decided he did not wish for conflict.

Genrai Nal - Very well. If you do not wish for the Consortium's help, then you shall not recieve it. As you said, if that situation changes, inform us.

Genrai Nal and his crew returned to their ships and left the system.

Operation Thrall Edit

They called him the Old Greaser. He was thin with the shaggy and ragged features of a man that has lived though the worse the universe could throw at him. He was without joy, without sorrow, and was often found to live exclusively in the past. It was rumored that he had served in the armed forces before the occupation, though nobody knew what position he had occupied or in what service he had served. Upon being asked, the old man would often give a growl and say something along the lines of, “None of your damn business.” He would then pick himself up and retreat to an isolated corner, safe from the inquiring young eyes of the resistance, and smoke alone, always with a profound look of distaste on his hairy face.

He was not often let out, given that the Tyranny had ordered the disposal of all the elderly and infirm members of their race. As such, he could not come and go in the empty streets of the old capital city with the same ease as his subordinates.

The Old Greaser was by no means infirm though, and had made a point of this by appointing himself to the watch every two nights, where he sat under the bars of a gutter and stared up emptily at the sky. One night, he deviated from his routine by speaking to a younger guardsman.

“So, do you have any hope of getting out of this place?” said he gruffly.

The other guardsman had nearly fallen asleep in the darkness, and was rather startled by the sudden noise, “Do I––What?”

“Do you think you’ll survive long enough to see the end of this?”

“Well, I hope…” the other responded, uneasy.

“That’s right, hope,” the old man said with a bitter chuckle, “If I were you, I’d…” He was interrupted by loud, thundering footsteps from beyond the gutter.

“What in the name of…” He stood and lifted himself up so that he might look past the rusted bars. What he saw baffled him.

“People!” he cried, “They’re people!” he jumped from his perch and hurried down the passageway, yelling as he went, “People! Living, breathing people! Get the chief! Don’t just stand there, man, do it!”

In a burst of mad energy, he rushed into the arms locker, grabbed the keys and a firearm, and dashed out, followed by awed members of the resistance. He scrambled up the steps leading to the sewer entrance and burst out into the paved streets. Well enough, they were crowded with people who had only a mere hour before been mere machines, automatons in the hands of the Tyranny.

They were all hopelessly lost, wandering up and down the road, talking endlessly, gesticulating wildly, and trying to get a handle on what had occurred.

“We have weapons!” cried the Old Greaser over the cacophony, “We have weapons!”

Many heads turned, and instants later he was followed back to the overflowing arms locker and, under the widened eyes of the resistance, he armed them all. Once each of them found themselves clutching some sort of firearm, he directed the throng up the stairs and back into the streets. From there, they turned and marched toWards the hated refining complex.

The crowd grew with every step it took, gathering newly freed bystanders who had only their fists and their hearts for weapons.

In the initial attack, the mob had managed to breach the main gate and make it into the courtyard. They could not pass any further however, as the guard drones perched on the high towers flanking the complex opened fire. Under a hail of plasma, they were driven from that place and back out into the streets. It was there that they camped, huddled around small fires and small radios, laying siege to the complex. The Old Greaser's eyes sparkled as he learned of similar blockades taking place everywhere, but the news that would come in was far from encouraging: the Command Center's defenses were impervious to incursion, the guards everywhere refused to succumb to their bullets, and food was in short supply. The replicators by which they had obtained food had seemingly been shut off by the central AI. The light in the Old Man's eyes faded by the day as he sat, huddled with his gun in his arms by the radio, listening in to events as they unfolded.

"Surrender!" He has been accosted by three revolutionaries, one of which was wounded, who tried to slip in the idea. He was outraged, "You listen to me, kiddo. We've come too f***ing far to succumb to the urges of your capricious little stomach. You hear?"

The group nodded fervently, but the old man had already averted his bloodshot eyes. "Besides, if you were to go in there, hands raised above your head... Wait..." a flash of light caught his attention, and he raised his head in time to see the entire refining complex explode in a burst of blue flame. "What the f––!"

He scrambled to his feet, searching for the origin of the blast. He found it, a gigantic shape in the sky.

"No!" he bellowed. Had they returned? Had the Tyranny come back to finally finish them off?

"No! No, no, no!" in a desperate craze, he raised his rifle to the sky, only it was not one of the Tyranny's ragged ships that descended from the clouds. It was a sleek, golden vessel the like of which he had never seen before. From it issued thousands of small craft that soon blanketed the sky, and descended upon the planet like a flock of birds upon carrion. They loosed torrents of pale blue light on the factories, the refineries, the hated guard drones, and on the command center, all under the eyes of the jubilant Old Greaser.

Then, when their work was done, the mysterious craft left without so much as a word to the bewildered inhabitants, reminding them of how small they really were in the galactic scheme.

Lost IdentityEdit

On Ku-Rokti, The Aeoneonatrix were celebrating the successful defeat of the tyranny. They however pondered over the fact that they saw a fleet appearing through the gate that dWarfed the allied one of new ships that entered the battle, but before firing, left instantly.

Lingur himself admired the fruit of his own mission, the young Ameius.

Ameius - Captain, I must ask something, how come nobody looks like me?
Ameius - I see many kinds of your people, but I look and am different.
Lingur - You're not one of our people, you're another species entirely. They don't like that species, hence, they don't like you.
Ameius - Why is this?
Ameius - Did my race do something ... evil?
Lingur - Yes, countless many evil things, and they intend to do more. Others think you're like the rest of your race, because they don't know you.
Ameius - Could you tell me some of the things of what my race did?
Lingur - Are you sure you want to know?
Ameius - Yes, I must know who I am.
Lingur - You are a good person, and a citizen of the Aeoneonatrix empire. What they do has nothing to do with who you are.
Ameius - This is why I must know what my genetics entail. Just tell me
Lingur - I will tell you, but I must emphasize that your genes do not entail that you be like this
Lingur - That being said.
Lingur - Your species, the Dominatus
Lingur - Form an empire called "The Drakodominatus Tyranny"
Ameius - That name just sounds evil...
Lingur - Among their evils is their practice of Conquest, which, for them at least, means to capture a planet, full of people, horribly kill about half of them, and force the other half, and all of its descendants, to work for their entire lives.Those persons forced to work, called "slaves" are, in the tyranny at least, treated worse than we treat animals, even the ones we kill to feed you.
Ameius - How many people have they killed or turned into ... "slaves"
Lingur - Trillions.

Ameius could have puked at this, but his biology prevented him from regurgitating anything.

Ameius - Thats terrible!
Lingur - I know. That is why we took you, because you can help to prevent them from doing this.
Ameius - Thank you, I hope I never become on of them

At that, what appeared to be a few golden yachts appeared in the system, bearing the Tyranny sign. Lingur was called. It was from a slave world of Barison, a pleasure world for the Tyrany which luckily had no guards except the deactivated Myrmidon had revolted. It was a world full of beautiful, avian aliens who were both male and female, made servants for the Dominatus and overseers, none of which were on the world at that time.

??? - Please don't shoot! We aren't Dominauts! We are freed slaves!
Pausac - Says the loyalty chip likely in your back.
Slave - No you idiot, the chips shorted, we were a world near Maginodunried.
Slave - The only reason they didn't land a Mark 2 Fleet on you is because they recieved the code for a Tyranny wide revolt, those ships there were obsolete!
Pausac - Hold on, I'll defer judgement to Lingur.
Slave - Didn't you intercept the "Yotta Omega Maximum call from them?"
Lingur - Yes, we got a signal about that.
Slave - Let us land and we'll tell you everything, we are a bit cramped in this ship.
Pausac - *Over radio to Lingur* Should I let them?
Lingur - *Over radio* Yes. *Turns to Ameius* It looks like a bunch of these slaves have escaped. You may come to greet them, if you do not say a word.

The slaves then land on Ku'Rokti. They crowd out of the yachts, having stuffed their entire populations on them, some dying of suffocation.Lingur hurries up to them, Ameius tailing behind. The slaves pour out of the ship to the open fields, happy that they are away from Tyranny territory. However, they notice Ameius.

Slave - Why the hell do you have one of "those things" here?
Lingur - I took a Dominatus egg. I had to kill the Dominatus guarding it in the process.
Slave - Quite impressive, what did you do to kill those monsters.
Lingur - It's a long story. Just know, it was painful, and satisfying.
Lingur - Painful for him I mean
Slave - Thats great to hear.
Slave - Should I tell you more about Yotta Omega Maximum?
Lingur - Yes. Now, I'd imagine you seek asylum.
Slave - For my people.
Slave - Having been a slave on a spa world, many Dominatus admirals talked freely about their plans and terminology, as with control chips I should not have revolted, and it should not have mattered.
Slave - How many ships do you think the Tyranny has Lingur?
Lingur - Our ears itch to hear it.
Slave - Take a guess.
Lingur - Millions.
Slave - No, the last time the Grand Admiral talked there, it was a Billion.
Slave - Now tell me, did you think that the Tyranny colonies in the Milky Way represented the vast majority of them? Lingur - I'd assumed. I know they have some elsewhere.
Slave - Last time I heard them speak, they had a million, in every colony in the Gigaquadrant and across several other universes.
Slave - Although we managed to break free, we don't know how other worlds fare.
Slave - We don't know whether this was an isolated incident, or I hope, Tyranny wide.
Lingur - So given how powerful they are, I'd imagine you plan to take them down?
Slave - We have no plans of now, we don't know if they'll come back, but they won't search for us in your territory.
Slave - Please grant us asylum, we have suffered so much from the likes of him *points to Ameius*
Lingur - Of course. You may stay here.
Lingur - *turns to Ameius* Don't listen, you're nothing like the people who enslaved these people.
Slave - The Dominatus have killed and enslaved more than a hundred trillion!
Slave - 'I hope you know what you are doing with that monster.
Lingur - He's not a monster, and we're working hard to ensure he never will be.
Slave - I hope you are right.
Slave - I do not know what happened to the other slaves, I hope they are alright.

500886172274 lrg

The younger of the two slaves Lingur spoke to.

Just then, an older looking ex-slave walked up, holding something.

Older Slave - Excuse me, I'd like you to have this.

Lingur looked at the object.

Lingur - What is it?
Older Slave - It's a relic from my culture. The Dominatus thought nothing of it, just let it lie on the ground near my own barn. I figured it was mine to take.
Lingur - Barn?
Older Slave - We were certainly treated like a herd of cattle.

Lingur examined the item more closely, It was a weapon, a single edged sword. It was made of metal, and it's cover of leather.

Lingur - Thank you. I suppose I can update aspects of it to use it in battle, if that's what you intend.
Older Slave - Do as you wish with it.
Lingur - Okay.

The Older slave walked away, satisfied.

The Other Dictators of MirusEdit

On the ULE world of Tralaman , two escaped slaves who had come there with what had been their town before the dominatus, and their slave camp during the dominatus sat gathered in a bar. They thought they were safe from the Tyranny, because as slaves they did not know anything about the political astrography of Mirus.

Slave1 - So, it's neat that we've escaped from the Tyranny huh?
Slave2 - I thought I was going to have to live under those assholes for all of my life.
Tralor Agent *in different location*- I think I found some escaped slaves. Going in to investigate.
Tralor - Excuse me. I couldn't help but overhear your conversation.
Slave1 - Ahh, another one who despises the Tyranny?
Tralor - Perhaps. Lets move to a more quiet place to discuss this.
Slave2 - Sure.

Both the slaves go with the Tralor to a more quite place.

Tralor - I am someone you should get to know. You see I'm apart of a small but growing resistance cell that seeks to break the binds of tyranny in our current government.
Slave1 - What kind of government would have ties with ... "those things"
Slave2 - Any enemy of the Tyranny is the friend of ours!
Tralor - An immoral government. Now, just out of curiosity what ULE slave camp did you come from?
Slave1 - Whats the ULE?
Slave2 - We do not know any government except the Tyranny.
Tralor - Wait...the Tyranny? You mean you weren't salves to the United Lanat Empire?
Slave1 - What did you think?
Tralor - That you where escaped slaves from this empire. But if your from the Tyranny...that means...something all right.
Slave2 - What do you mean?
Tralor - It means that you're not safe here. The ULE has agents all over looking for escaped Tyranny slaves. Slave2 - Oh really, what should we do then?
Slave1- How do they even know?
Tralor - They have ways of knowing. Now, I have a ship out in the woods that will be more than able to fit you two. If you wish I can take you to a safe world.
Slave2 - How about our families, there are 1000 of us in this town.
Tralor - I don't know. I can't fit that many in my ship.
Slave1 - Very well, we'll go with you, and we'll come back for more, ok?
Tralor - Sounds fair. Now follow me to my ship.

Both slaves followed the Tralor to the ship. Little did they know they where being followed...

Tralor - Okay here we are. Now get in before-
Tralor Agent - Hello rebel.
Slave1 - What?

About ten more Tralor agents come out from the forest and surround the ship.

Tralor - What is this?
Tralor Agent - Justice among other things. *Shoots the rebel Tralor dead*
Slave1 - What the hell , get away from me!

Both slaves start running away, but the Tralor agents shoot the slaves with stun rifles.

The two slaves fall to the ground, stunned and paralyzed.

Tralor Agent - Tie them up before the stun effect ends.

Tralor agents tie up the slaves.The Tralor take the slaves to their base and prepare them for shipment back to the Tyranny. Using biometric scans they are also able to collect the 1000 other slaves who escaped. However at that point in time they notice a Tyranny fleet of a million or so ships pooling up near the border.

Tralor Admiral - Drakodominatus Tyranny we must ask why you are gathering such a large force right by our borders.
FleetAI - This is none of your business, and these ships will not come to your worlds, we have had a ... minor incident
Tralor Admiral - Does this incident involve slaves? Because we just arrested quite a few on one of our colonies.
FleetAI - Yes ... how did you know?
Tralor Admiral - I just said we arrested some. We where about to ship them back to the Tyranny, in fact.
FleetAI - We are not looking to capture them again, we are looking to terminate them.
FleetAI - They are yours, use them for weapons testing or something.
Tralor Admiral - Okay...fine I guess. Thanks?
FleetAI - Proceed with your business, we have things to do.
FleetAI - This is a matter for us, and us alone.

An Offer from the MardorEdit

A Mardor ship approached approaches Iapetus, the main Dominatus base in the Milky Way, made to accommodate for the loss of Maginodunried. A Dominatus fleet in the area, many hundreds of thousands strong; all turn its weapons at the lone ship.

Mardor - Don't shoot. I'm here to offer you something.
FleetAI - Speak.
Mardor - I am Sharpsly. We're here to offer you assistance with your slave revolt.
FleetAI - Continue.
Sharpsly - We would like to help you reclaim them, if you so desire.
FleetAI - How do your propose to do this?
Sharpsly - We can just invade the Tyranny worlds they've conquered for you. And take them back to you.
FleetAI - What do you want in return?
Sharpsly - Simple, ever since they got some of your technology a while back, we've lost our technological superiority to the Aeoneonatrix. We want if back. Do you have something weak enough that we'll be able to reverse-engineer it, but strong enough to bring us up past 3.9?
FleetAI - You can have the data for our pre-mark 1 ships. Those are low tier 3.
Sharpsly - Excellent, we will be off then. May I ask how you intend to control the slaves without loyalty chips?
FleetAI - We are still deliberating, however for now, when you do catch them, they are yours to do with as you please.
Sharpsly - Thank you. While you're discussion, may I suggest something?
FleetAI - What?
Sharpsly - If you want them not to rebel again, give them less reason to.
FleetAI - Very well.

Enter the EcologistsEdit

W'tze watched the Ascention class being repaired, after the final battle of the Great Deciever, in with it lead the allied forces. A Raptoranean landed before him.

  • Raptoranean - Sir, our spy reposts suggest that the Tyranny is really weakened by now.
  • W'tze - Good. Really good. Now we can finally bring the Tyranny to justice, and strike them down. But first, let's rally our allies. We, and even the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment as a whole, can't do this alone. Not yet.
  • Raptoranean - Allies, hmmm? What about the Comet Republic?
  • W'tze - Yes, we could ask them.

W'tze contacted the Comet Republic.

  • W'tze - Hello, Comet Republic.
  • Admiral Decrake - this? Oh, you must be the Waptoria Alliance! Excuse me, I have a slow memeory.
  • W'tze - Yes. Yes we are the Waptoria Alliance. It's a pleasure to meet you. All the species of our Alliance are indeed honored to meet you. You knew the Mardrave and our Liev are, in fact, closely related?
  • Admiral Decrake - It's a plesure to meet such intresting beings like you too!

Marv appeared behind Admiral Decrake. Pl'ree appeared next to W'tze.

  • Marv - This is nice and all but I don't like chit chat, let's just get get on with the job...
  • W'tze - Yes. First of all, we ask for an official alliance. Secondly, we ask you for aid against the Tyranny.
  • Marv - Alliance? Well, we've been pretty lonely...
  • Decrake - and we lust for revenge...
  • Pl'ree - ...Against the Tyranny?
  • Decrake - We used to be allies for a big offer.
  • W'tze - I see. The same thing happened to our allies the UFG and the Troodontids.
  • Pl'ree - Then they betrayed them in this "Great Deciever" War!
  • W'tze - We share many facts in common, and the same enemy. You see, our spies said the Tyranny has plans for your enslavement.
  • Marv - It will be good to have a friend in War with these rascals that plague Mirus!
  • W'tze - Indeed. Mirus is our home Galaxy, we must protect it.
  • Marv - Look, this may not be our galaxy but it needs protection.
  • Decrake - And colonies!
  • W'tze - You are welcome to colonize the Waptoria sector if you like. A portal to Mirus will!

At that moment a bright luminous portal appared in front of the ship.

  • Marv - This reminds me of the Divnarium portals!
  • Decrake- Come on chaps, let's go in and lay waste to the Tyranny.
  • W'tze - If you can aid us, we will be extremely grateful.
  • Marv - I'll be leading ground forces.
  • Decrake - We'll give you defence.
  • Pl'ree - Good. We meet each other on the battlefield. May the vines of justice constrict those who oppose you.
  • W'tze - If you go rough that portal, you will be right in Mirus.
  • Marv - May your blades and never dull and may we be the victors!

The fleet slowly approached a star system on the edges of Tyranny space.

  • Decrake - We're approaching a planet! Fairly small.
  • Marv - Come on fellas, here are the rules of War: Don't kill civillians! That's all.
  • Marv - I feel all bubbly!

As they zoomed into the atmosphere of the single planet orbiting it's sun, they found no civilians at all, only ruined cities and slaves littered around. Something had wrecked havoc here...something dangerous.

  • Pl'ree - Not good.
  • W'tze - Remember, use your essence!
  • Marv- Just use your abilities and you'll be all fine.
  • Pl'ree - Of course, how else can I get my powers?
  • W'tze - And if you face Dominatus, use essence.
  • Pl'ree - I know!
  • Marv - Essence shall be their greatest weakness.
  • Pl'ree - Except if there are Lambdas there.
  • W'tze - No. My Essence isn't drained. No Lambdas here.

At this moment, a barely visible, draconic creature appeared on the screen of Decrake's ship.

  • ??? - But somthing else...

The static clears, revealing the figure to be Imperator Caligustus, leader of the Imperium of War.

  • Caligustus - Us! Did you really believe the Tyranny would leave it's borders unprotected.
  • W'tze - They did.
  • Caligustus - Hmpf. Well, as you can see, we did the favor of doing it for them.
  • Marv - Slimeball.
  • Marv - This should be fun. So, ATTACK!!!
  • W'tze - Uhm, guys, DragoWar are 7 meter high dragons!
  • Pl'ree - I don't care!

Marv and Pl'ree beamed down, together with a group of Comet troops. They were immediately attacked by Imperial troops, but after a fierce skirmish, their opponents were all killed. Suddenly, a loud roar was heard as a DragoWar Berserker charged in, plowing trough platoons of Comet troops with ease.

Marv's arm came out of his body and they held a large pitchfork like weapon and stapped into the DragoWar's mouth.



The DragoWar slammed Marv on the ground.

  • DragoWar - To me, you look like one!

Marv used his Jump Jet to land on the DragoWar and burrow into his skin.

  • Pl'ree - Ok, maybye I better use essence now...

Pl'ree summons vines, which trap the DragoWar.

  • Pl'ree - You may finish him, if you wish.

Marv dug deeper, all the way to the DragoWar's heart, with caused the dragon to shout in pain. Then, Marv shot at the DragoWar's heart, killing it instantly. It finally lied silent. Marv burrowed out, and still shouting, yelled into the heavens.

  • Pl'ree - I love my Mardvae relatives!
  • W'tze - Imperial ships incoming, guys.
  • Marv - Why are we the perfect creatures for doing all sorts?
  • Decrake - Infiltrate the ships Marv with your soilders! I'll be firing the weapons.
  • W'tze - 7 kilometers long. Hmm. Anger class Warcruisers. The Imperium's smallest ships. Should be easy.
  • Pl'ree - I can't use my nature energies on a metal ship. OH wait...I can as long as there is life around me.

Pl'ree teleported on the ship with his soldiers as they stealthed along to the control panels. They were eventually noticed by a large DragoWar. It wasn't a normal DragoWar, however. It was Warmaster Laspor.

  • Marv - Oh you know, doing my duty.
  • Pl'ree - Laspor...aren't you supposed to be dead?
  • Marv - I don't care if this guy is dead.
  • Laspor - Of course I'm still alive. Do I look like a zombie to you? DO I?!
  • Pl'ree - Shut up.
  • Marv - Just let us have a hounorable duel here.

Pl'ree fired a bolt of essence at Laspor.

  • Laspor - Very well. Just don't scream when I rip your head off.

Laspor fired a lightning bolt from his mouth.

  • Marv - You do realise that I have a high degree of essence and acrobatics?
  • Laspor - Yes. Do you realise DragoWar are amongst Mirus' strongest creatures? Second in fact.
  • Marv - Do I care? Are you the smartest?
  • Laspor - No. That are the Dominatus.
  • Marv - Then that makes you idiotic brutes.
  • Pl'ree - They look like it, but beneath that, they are master manipulators. Especially Warmasters like him.

Laspor - Finally. Somebody realized.

  • Pl'ree - It did took a long time though. Besides, we're still going to win this, despite your strength, rage and all that.
  • Laspor - You think so? PREPARE TO DIE, AS I SLOWLY CRUSH YOU!
  • Marv - Think fast!

Pl'ree fires a green ball of essence. The ball exploded, and released vines, with started to attack Laspor as well. Hovever, it collides with Laspor's electrical blasts, and causes the ship's pannels to be set on fire. Pl'ree 's vines also start to bun.

  • W'tze - Can anybody get a fire-controlling Ultra Commando in here?.
  • Pl'ree - It's a little bit late for that. This ship is going to explode!
  • Marv - Decrake, teleport us to the Light Comet please, or we are all going to die!

Pl'ree teleported everyone out. In space, the ship exploded. Unknown to everyone else, Laspor managed to get into an escape pod just in time, but on orders of his father, retreated.

  • Pl'ree - Whew. We just defeated the Imperium of War!

The Comet Soldiers were now talking with the Waptoria Bioweapons.

  • Marv - War is a needless loss of lives.
  • W'tze - The Imperium does do not realise that. Their battle cry is "For War eternal!" As you can get, a ll they want is eternal War.
  • Decrake - They need rehabilitation or extermination!
  • Pl'ree - Extermination sounds good.
  • Marv - We should enslave them and sell them on. It is said that slave trade is a good buisness in Mirus.
  • W'tze - Then we are no better than them. And do you think we are slave traders?
  • Decrake - Not really. We just depretaly need the money.
  • W'tze - Oh really? We can aid you.
  • Decrake - We recently were raied not long ago...
  • Pl'ree - Not by the Zabranian Powers I hope?

Decrake laid back in his Admiral throne and stroke his mustache.

  • Decrake - By some unknown empire. They were Mirus beings...
  • Pl'ree - Sounds like them.
  • W'tze - How about we help you, and aid you in whatever you need?
  • Decrake - Sounds good. You are excellent allies.
  • W'tze - Just don't attack any other member of the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment. If you do...well...then we are forced to aid our fellow members.
  • Marv - Don't worry, we won't. Unified Alliance of Enlightenment...that sounds trustful.
  • Pl'ree - We are. I hope we will meet again soon.
  • Marv - We will, relative.

The New PraetorEdit

On Théras the whole population was celebrating. Grand Admiral La'isran, the one who was in charge of the Dominion's expansion to Milky Way had been nominated to become the Praetor, the military leader of the Dominion.

His inauguration took place in the Imperial Palace. There he was to swear an oath to protect the Dominion from all outside threats. The inauguration was broadcasted across all colonies belonging to the Dominion. La'isran had knelt in front of the Empress S'hin Tl'ara and was ready to swear his oath.

La'isran - Even your gods kneel to you.

S'hin Tl'ara - You, Grand Admiral La'isran of the Thérenian Dominion have been brought here to exact same spot that all Praetors who have preceded you were also brought. You are here to take your predecessor's place as the Praetor and take what you have earned through your sacrifices during the Milky Way campaign. Will you accept the title and swear the oath?

La'isran - I, La'isran K'ar swear in the name of my ancestors that I will protect the Dominion and all who live inside its borders. And I will make all who stand against our empire kneel down to you and see why we have been feared and respected. I now kneel in front of you for those who have built our empire are gone now but their legacy lives on forever in the Praetors. In me.

S'hin Tl'ara - Rise now, for now you are the Praetor and no more you shall bow to anyone, not even me.

As La'isran rose up and turned to the crowd S'hin Tl'ara put a necklace on his neck. He raised his hands and the crowd knelt down to him and began cheering his name.

After the inauguration La'isran went to his office. As he entered the room there was a Dominatus waiting for him.

Richtov - I am here.
La'isran - What is this about, Dominatus?
Richtov - We need troops.
La'isran - For what exactly?
Richtov - We have some internal problems.
La'isran - It seems that you can't deal with your external nor internal problems.
Richtov - Very well, you seem to want answers. Do you know the real reason we lost at Maginodunried?
La'isran - Tell me.
Richtov - The whole thing was organized as a ploy, we wanted them to attack. And as soon as they thought they had victory we would come in with a Mark 2 fleet larger than theirs. You do know what a Mark 2 is, don't you?
La'isran - Yes, and you nearly got me killed for that.
Richtov - However, right as we were about to finish them off in one masterstroke, we suffered a Yotta Omega Maximum, something you must have intercepted among us.
La'isran - Actually, no we didn't.
Richtov - It is code for Tyranny Wide Slave Revolt Priority Maximum, and because of that, we had to abandon the plan. It broke out across all million of our worlds.
La'isran - Slaves? Revolting against you? Hah! I knew that this would happen.
Richtov - We still do not know why the control chips failed, but we need more troops in some areas.
La'isran - How large was your slave population? One trillion? In that case your Tyrant Abaddon will have something to bother him for quite some time.
Richtov - Do not say the deceased man's name in vain.
La'isran - Deceased? Who is your new leader then?
Richtov - Tyrant Medusa Heimdall.
La'isran - His daughter, that who has caused quite the stir in Andromeda from what I have understood. You have once again chosen your leaders poorly, as these "Heimdalls" will only lead your empire to ruin.
Richtov - Silence your tongue lest i do it for you.
La'isran - Don't tempt me to do the same for you. And if you haven't noticed I don't have one.
Richtov - Very well, now what do you want in exchange for troops?
La'isran - Yes, I will send some troops to help you and I will lead them myself. Thing that we ask in return is simple: a stable foothold in Mirus.
Richtov - That can be arranged for.
La'isran - Excellent, now you can leave. I have other business to attend to.

As Richtov left the room La'isran opened a file regarding Thérenian Dominion's plans for the Tyranny from his personal computer.

La'isran - You may not see it now, Dominatus. But soon you will see that your leaders only leave your empire in ruin.

Loss of InterestEdit

A Troodontid fleet was nearing the "Degraded Mind". They had sent a message earlier, in which they had asked for a peace treaty. On the bridge of the ship Praetor La'isran watched as their former enemies came toWards them. Only three Dragon Class Ships had been send, but still the success of the negotiations was important for the Troodontids. As the senator representing Troodontids beamed aboard the ship he was escorted to the meeting room where La'isran was already waiting for him.

La'isran - Please, sit down, senator. Then we will start this meeting.
Troodontid Senator - Thank you for welcoming us. As you know we want to talk about a peace treaty between our empires.
La'isran - Yes, so I have heard.
Troodontid Senator - Good, then let the negotiation begin.
La'isran - I believe that your Wars against so many different empires has taken its toll on your empire. Am I correct?
Troodontid Senator - In some way. Our defences are strong enough to hold all of them off, but we don't want to threaten our citizens by going to unneeded Wars.
La'isran - I understand. Our current interests won't be possible if the War between our empires continues.
Troodontid Senator - Then we should decide what should be done to end this War.
La'isran - Yes, I agree. First thing that I want to bring up is that your people are not allowed to enter our territory here in Cyrannus, in Milky Way nor in Mirus, and everyone that doesn't this rule will be exterminated on sight.
Troodontid Senator - Seems fair. Same goes for your ships seen in our territory. But before I leave may I ask why did you accept this treaty so easily?
La'isran - Our plans considering Tyranny and its inept leader would be easily ruined if we would have to fight on two fronts.
Troodontid Senator - I see... I will be leaving now so that you may return to your plans then.

As the senator left the ship a large figure came to talk to La'isran.

??? - We have to act soon.
La'isran - All in due time, friend. I just need some time to finish my preparations for our march of terror.
??? - The Grand Council is pleased with your current progress and I'm sure that you will please them in future also.
La'isran - They will have reason to be please once the Tyranny bows to our supremacy.

A Free ManEdit

A Drodo fleet approached a Tyranny world, many hundreds strong, everyone aboard was ready to fight, not just hold them off, but to fight on equal terms. They approached the planet.

Cesterity - Shields Up!

They saw cataclysm breaking out on the ground, and saw a multitude of Caltrop Class Turrets, equipped with Mark 2 Subatomic Disruptors and antimatter torpedoes fire at them. The defenses here were far more advanced than at Maginodunried, though of a much, much smaller scale .The Caltrops however, were quite small, but still their advanced weaponry did quite some damage, but were not in sufficient scale to pose much of a threat.The Drodo ships fired off there new turbolasers, tearing the turrets apart.

Sirius- Shields at 45%, Hull regenerating.

Cesterity nodded, a small smirk spread across his face. The caltrop classes were made for only the outermost of Tyranny worlds and were in insufficient volume on this one.He wondered why this planet was so little-defended. However, they saw a completely massive array of them turn over to fire at them, but right before the murderous volley was to be unleashed, they blew up, causing Cesterity raised an eyebrow.

Cesterity - Hm?, report.
Torix - They seemed to be by a self-destruct sequence.
Cesterity - Odd...
Torix - There also seems to be savage fighting on the surface, it must be a slave revolt, lots of different life-signs."

The world was one of the Tyrannys newest colonies before the revolts, and was only equipped with a few defenses. Upon further scans, they saw slaves armed withccoilguns in trenches ready to attack obsolete Mark 1 myrmidons.

Cesterity - Hm... We'll have to hail these revolutionaries, comms up.

The comms crackled to life as he saw crocodiles on dog hindquarters of about 2.5 meters tall with coilguns clutched to thier trench in a dirt trench.

Cesterity - This is Fleet Captain Cesterity of the Drodo Empire, we are here to help.
??? - Get your ships on an orbital bombardment of the place, along with some ground forces. We are preparing for the final assault on the command center.
Cesterity - I see, We are actually here to do the same thing.
??? - We are beginning now!
Cesterity - We will have troops and weapons down on the world.

At that, the slaves begin surging out of he trenches and sprinting at Myrmidon lines. Cesterity motioned to his tactical officer.Beetles where coming down fromt the sky, dropping Marines, and supplies, who overwhelmed the outnumbered and outgunned myrmidons.Several walkers opened fire with autocannons,and soon the Drodo and the Slaves had control over the planet.

??? - Savior, please, talk with me!

Afterwards, Cesterity and the leader of the revolt had a meeting aboard the Impaler.

Cesterity - So, you're telling me this rebellion is Tyranny-wide?
??? - I do not know if it is Tyranny wide, but just a few days ago, this place, near the Tyranny capital in the Milky Way I beleive was teeming with Tyranny ships. Would you like me to draw them?

Cesterity slid a pad across the table, and gave permission to start drawing. The anonymous figure draws it into the pad with his fingers, and Cesterity sees that they are different from any drawings before.

??? - Do you recognize these?

The Fleet Captain shakes his head.

Cesterity - Not these specifically, no.
??? - Well there were a million of them gathered and ships much bigger here, and if i overheard some of them talking, it was to complete the plan of Maginodunried.
??? - I do not know the meaning of somethings but they mentioned something called "Mark 2".
Cesterity - Mark 2...
??? - When I overheard them, they said that "Maginodunried was a trap". And that you were facing their obsolete ships.
Sirius - Those are the newest generation of ships they have, very dangerous.
??? - I overheard them talking about how they beat the DCP in hyperspace with these ships. And that not once have they been defeated.

Cesterity raised an eyebrow and he thought over several strategies. He'd need to consult the top brass about this.

Cesterity - Then we'll be the first.

He took the pad back.

Cesterity - Anything else, technical specs, anything?
??? - Well he mentioned that according to the universal technological scale, the ships you faced at Maginodunried where at high tier 3. However he said that these ships are high tier 2 or low tier 1.

Cesterity looked up, perplexed.

Cesterity - Huh?

He walked back around the room.

??? - He also said that a million of these ships was easy to obtain for what he called "The Milky Way Sideshow"... alas "The Great Deceiver
Cesterity - Great Deceiver... I see... this is valuable information. Do you know anything else?
??? - About what, be more specific, I overheard them quite a bit.
Cesterity - More technical things, hardpoints, strengths and weaknesses. Hypermatter Weaponry as well as Hypermatter Reactors, and Dark Energy Reactors. I know nothing else, excpet fleet sizes and Tyranny size.

The creature paused for a moment.

??? - By the way what is your name?
Cesterity - Fleet Captain Cesterity.
??? - Thats odd, i'm just 1011011101.

He looked down to write down notes, and then he looked up.

Cesterity - Oh ... You know what you need?
??? - Our names are just those "1"s and "0"s, What?

Cesterity put his hand on the anonymous man's shoulder

Cesterity - A real name.

Cesterity smiled.

??? - Like what?

Cesterity - That's the thing, you've got to think of it yourself.
??? - What's in a name?

Cesterity paused.

Cesterity - Follow me."

He opened the door into the corridors, while the anonymous slave followed his instructions.

Cesterity - A name, embodies you, its part of your character, it sums you up.
??? - What am I?

Cesterity turned to face the man.

Cesterity - What do you think you are?, What are your traits?"
??? - I have nothing, but I am Free!
Cesterity - Are you strong? Are you fast? Are you smart-
??? - I am Free!
Cesterity - Then that's it, you are free, that is your big trait. Now you need a name that says that. For example, Cavarium. The Drodo name for 'A Free Man', or 'The Free'." Or maybe something more direct-
??? - Cavarium, I like it!
Cesterity - Good choice, your name, after all.

Cesterity smiled.

Cesterity - Welcome to a free world, Cavarium.

Interview with a former SlaveEdit

Lingur walked in to room where the younger of the slaves he had spoken to yesterday was staying. The Slave was lying back on the bed, watching television, and eating some graxor nuts. Something so simple that most people take for granted was, for this young avian creature, the best time he'd ever had.

500886172967 lrg

Even being able to choose his own clothing from an Aeoneonatrix Wardrobe was a meaningful step toWard freedom for this long oppressed soul.

Lingur - Are you enjoying yourself?

Slave - How is this so fun? My entire life has been nothing but toil and pain.

Lingur - Your life is getting better. Now I'm sorry I have to pull you away, but we need to gain some intelligence. Do you mind relaying some of the things you may have heard from the Dominatus? Sensitive, strategic bits perhaps?

Slave - Hmm, I only know of ship classes, ship amounts, diplomatic affairs, and general technology. None the less, ask away.

Lingur - Alright, well, I need to record it.

Slave - Very well.

Lingur pulls a recording device out of his pocket. He turns off the TV and activates it.

Slave - So what would you like to know first?

Lingur - First we need to identify ourselves for the recording. This is Captain Lingur Wildlight of the Aeoneonatrix Empire. Now what's your name?

Slave - This is ... 1011011110

Lingur - Oh, they give you a number?

Slave - That was the number of my slave camp, inside that camp we are all the same.

Lingur - Well, that won't last you for long out here. How about "Gondoo?" That's the Aeoneonatrix word for freedom.

Gondoo - very well, now what do you want to ask me.

Lingur - Alright, so, you say you know of their technology, does it have any weaknesses we can exploit, like being dependent on a certain energy source?

Gondoo - I do not understand any of it, I only know they have worked with factions such as the Jucntion and Galactic Empire of Cyrannus on it. I am a simple spa person, but know that the weapons they had in that battle are considered obsolete by them.

Lingur - The Galactic Empire of Cyrannus?

Gondoo - Yes.

Lingur - Interesting. Do the Dominatus have any physical weaknesses, like cold, heat, or any compounds that are toxic to them?

Gondoo - You tell me, you killed one of them. As far as I know, the only way to do is completely destroy the body. It's a miracle that you killed them.

Lingur - No, it was the result of my cleverness in battle. I might not be able to do it again though, without the LN2.

Gondoo - Whats LN2?

Lingur - Liquid Nitrogin.

Gondoo - I see.

Gondoo - I will be able to give you a map of all their locations in the Milky Way as of right before the revolt.

Lingur - Please do.

Gondoo begins reciting from memory the Tyranny worlds and eventually arrives to around 200,000 worlds in different locations.

Lingur - You said you know all of their ship types?

Gondoo - Yes

Lingur - Could you write a list for me?

Gondoo - I was never taught to read or write.

Lingur - Of both ships and locat.... oh, we'll have to deal with that then.

Gondoo - I don't know all there ship types, but here goes a list. First of all, I would like to show you that the ships you faced were all Mark 1s. The Tyranny regards those as obsolete, and is now almost completely all Mark 2. I would like to say that the Mark 2s are much more powerful than the Mark 1s. Now tell me, is there any specific ship you would like to know about?

Lingur - The ones used for the common, automatic invasions that threaten our clients.

Gondoo - Those were the last of the Mark 1 Fleets.

Lingur - How can we more effectively destroy them? We'd like to be able to guard against them if another client is targeted.

Gondoo - Let me tell you something about those Mark 2s, as far as I know they have never been beaten in battle. They are vulnerable, but their weaknesses have not been exposed yet.

Lingur - Do you know them yourself?

Gondoo - I merely hear the Admirals talking about their weapon systems, and these new things called Titans.

Lingur - Do you know anything about those things?

Gondoo - Titans?

Lingur – Yes.

Gondoo - They are designed for combat with people like the DCP and the Junction. I have never seen them myself, but I presume they are very powerful.

Lingur - I hope not. We're not that advanced. Only 3.9 at the momen... you have no idea what that number means do you?

Gondoo - I recognize the symbol sounds that they use. For the titans, all of the "numbers" begin with 1.

Lingur's jaw dropped in horror. He did not say a word.

Gondoo - However there must be an explanation as to why they didn't flood you with them in Maginodunried.

Lingur - "Maginodunried?"

Gondoo - The Dominatus planet you attacked. If I recall the plan for them was for all of you to gather there and be attacked and cut off by a Mark 2 fleet.

Lingur - Well why didn't that happen?

Gondoo - It must be tied to all our chips shorting, oh wait I remember. Do you remember the Yotta Omega Maximum they you heard right?

Lingur - No, I wasn't part of the main fleet. At the time, as was trying to save a client race.

Gondoo - Could you bring me someone here who was part of the main fleet?

Lingur - Sure. In the meantime may I ask another question?

Gondoo – What?

Lingur hit a buzzer, summoning Fenoco to the room.

Lingur - Do you happen to know anything about Dominatus education? How do they maximize their potential and how do we replicate it without the parts that make them, well, evil?

Gondoo - Indeed I do.

Lingur - What?

Gondoo - First of all I must say that this works only with people who are Dominatus. You may have noticed that ... "Ameius" is rather advanced for his age, correct?

Lingur - Yes, he does seem to be growing up fast.

Gondoo - This is because Dominatus reach physical and mental maturity by 100 days after birth. In order to reach his potential however, he must be constantly training and studying.

Lingur - How?

Gondoo - They only need one hour of sleep a day to function, so I suggest you put him on a strict regimen.

Lingur - Alright.

Gondoo - have him directly enter your equivalent of higher education to motivate him to learn.

Lingur – Okay.

Gondoo - If he is cured, he may be a force for good.

Lingur - Be careful. We must try to avoid thinking of him as though he were the same as the tyranny.

Gondoo - You cannot blame me for that though, after what he did to my kind. Now let me talk to Fenoco.

Just then Fenoco walked in.

Fenoco - This is Fenoco Starmist. What was it you wanted to ask?

Gondoo - Did you intercept the transmission Yotta Omega Maximum?

Fenoco - Yes. Our fleet did intercept this.

Gondoo - Did you realize that the Yotta Omega Maximum was the reason you weren't crushed?

Fenoco - No. What is Yotta Omega Maximum?

Gondoo - I do not exactly know however I do know which each word means. Yotta means Tyranny Wide. Omega means Maximum Threat. Maximum means maximum priority. Effectively, whatever it was, it called back all the Tyranny ships from campaign back to their worlds, and it was their plan to lure you to Maginodunried.

Lingur - Interesting. So the tyranny is facing something.

Gondoo - I do not know what it is, but it is the same priority level as people on their technology level attacking them.

Lingur - This is interesting, and very pleasing to hear.

Gondoo - It means that this is a Tyranny wide emergency.

Gondoo - I suspect it’s as something to do with our chips breaking. Has the Tyranny broadcasted anything lately?

Lingur - Yes, they recently instituted a 4 light year exclusion zone around all of their colonies.

Gondoo - That probably means something, I think it is a Tyranny wide slave revolt. Whatever happened to us must have happened to all their other colonies.

Lingur - I hope so.

Lingur - Does Fenoco need to still be in here?

Gondoo - No.

Lingur excused Fenoco.

Gondoo - If this is what I think, this may be the fall of the Tyranny, Attero Dominatus.

Lingur - I hope so. One last question, then There's another matter to attend to. Are there any areas of exploitable technological weakness? Places where they're less advanced in a way we can take advantage of?

Gondoo - Yes I believe, relative to some of their technology.

Lingur - What are they?

Gondoo - Although the apex of their technology is very advanced, most of their worlds rely on tier 3 geoerngineering for industry. In addition to this, they keep superweapons in things called "installations" that we may be able to obtain

Lingur - Obtaining you say? That is excellent news indeed. Thank you for this information. *Turns off recorder* Now there's something else I want to discuss.

Gondoo - What?

Lingur - You and your future. Would you like a Yellow spice drink? That is not the aspect of your future I want to discuss, though. But would you like one?

Gondoo - Sure.

Lingur - Alright. *presses button ordering 2 drinks* Now the bit about your future.

Gondoo - What is my future?

Lingur - You're free now. You get to make the ultimate decision.

Gondoo - You are my reason for freedom, I owe you a life debt.

Lingur - You will pay that debt by being as I want all people to be, free and happy, not harmed by the forces of evil by the forces of evil.

Gondoo - I would like to make more former slaves free and happy then.

Lingur - As would I. Now here's where I was asked to offer some advice.

Gondoo - What?

Lingur - 1: Learn to read and write. You will need it to function. 2: You'll need a job in the mean time.

Lingur - Which leads me to the terribly awkWard bit.

Gondoo - Being?

Lingur - See, there's only one place hiring where you won't need to read and write.

Gondoo - Which is?

Lingur - The spa across the street.

Godnoo - i will go there soon.

Lingur - Really? No trauma at all? I'd think that'd be the last place you'd want to work?

Godnoo - The trauma comes from the Dominatus, not spas.

Lingur - Alright then.

The Sindar PlansEdit

Far from the their home of Logus, Sindar Warships gathered in a star system on the fringes of the Eagula Region. They had located a Dominatus world on the borders of their space and they gathered their fleets to attack the planet, in an attempt to drive the Dominatus away from their territory. At the helm of the large fleet, a huge Sindar Dreadnought. High General Harof stood arms folded behind his back, gray suit starched and shiny in the internal lighting of the massive craft's bridge.

Harof - Prepare to jump to hyperspace, Commander, he told the ship's Senior Pilot.
Senior Pilot - Yes sir.

The High General waited patiently as his fleet formed up around his flagship, Chaos. Once the ships had formed into position, the General cleared his throat, and motioned to the Commander.

Harof - Engage hyperdrive on my mark.

The Commander began to throttle up the ship's sublight acceleration, and the fleet followed in step.

Harof - Mark.

During the travel they made sure weaponry was primed and ready, assuming they would be under attack the moment they entered the system. However, upon entering the system, they only saw the self destructed wreckage of mutliple caltrop class turrets which littered the system.

Harof - ..What in the gods names..
Lieutenant - Sir, we're not detecting any apparent life signs in the wreckage. It's a graveyard, sir.
Harof - Continue to the planet, prepare for combat.
Lieutenant - But sir-
Harof - Trust me, lieutenant, when dealing with Dominatus you must always be sure.

They pulled around the planet in high orbit and waited for signs of Dominatus vessels.However, to their surprise, they saw no Dominatus vessels, and upon scanning the ground, only saw the littered remains of both sentients and Myrmidon Mark 1s. No matter how long they waited, no Dominatus vessels appeared.

Lieutenant - Sir, we're not detected any Dominatus vessels, nor any chatter on regular subspace frequencies.
Harof - This is impossible, who could have done this. This system had been marked as Dominatus territory by scouts just nearly 3 weeks ago. Bring us closer to the planet. I will depart in a shuttlecraft to the surface.
Lieutenant - Sir, are yo-

However by the time he finished the statement, Harof was already out of the door. The ships lowered themselves into a close orbit around the world, and soon the General departed the vessel in a small corvette, accompanied by 2 squadrons of Sindar majors.They landed in a large factory district on the planet's surface and disembarked the small craft, making their way toWard a near-by factory. However, rather than encountering Dominatus or overseers, or even Myrmidons, they are instantly surrounded by what seem to be bipedal ursine lizards.

??? - Who are you, and what do you want?

Sindar Soldiers formed a circle around the Harof, and slowly raised their weapons defensively. "I am High General Harof of the Sindar Dominion. We come to this place to destroy the Dominatus that dwell here, but are clearly not Dominatus. What happend here?" said the General, stepping out of the protective bubble to face the lizard-man.

??? - Your are not allied with them?

The General eyed the strange creature suspisciously, careful of his words.

Harof - We are not. As I said, we came to drive the Dominatus from this system, What has happend here?
??? - This is a minor outpost of the Tyranny and somehow our control chips, and the Myrmidons simultaneously stopped working.
Harof - You are slaves then, I presume? Or, were, rather?
??? - Yes, during this revolt, we took control of this planet and self destructed the orbital defenses.T he name Sindar sounds familiar, I may have heard some Dominatus talking about you.
Harof - I see. How many of you are there?" asked the General.
??? - Only a few million of us are left, as our overseers claimed quite a few of our number.
Harof - What are your intentions now that you are free?
??? - To live as free men, and if possible, to oppose the Dominatus.
Harof -Surely you will need aid in supporting such a population, this harsh urban landscape is no place for a growing community and your people would die out in a matter of decades in this environment, free or not.
??? - Yes we do, perhaps you'd like to aid us in our campaign against them.
Harof - Perhaps. We severely lack intel on the Dominatus, which is something I'm sure your people could provide. In return we can supply you with starships, weaponry, food, medicine, and what other basic needs your people will require.
??? - The Dominatus talked quite alot about your race, perhaps we could go to your capital to talk about it, we know much about them.
Harof - I can bring some of your people to my homeworld, and we may discuss it further. In the meantime I will have some of my men stay behind as a contingency to make sure the Dominatus don't return for revenge.

The general motioned for the creature to follow him back to the corvette, and the creature did so. The Sindar soldiers fell into line and clambered aboard the corvette. As the ship was taking off, Harof looked to the lizard-man and asked him for his name.

Harof - Do you have a name?
??? - 101101101, That is the ID number of my work camp.
Harof That's quite the name. Perhaps it would be simpler if we refered to you by something more...short. One-oh is good, I'd say.
??? - One-oh is good

High in the central tower of the Dominion Intelligence Headquarters, in a dim-lit conference room, DI agents and officers sat in their chairs while One-Oh was interviewed by an Agent by the name of Zahn.

One-Oh - It would be preferable if more of High Command was here, I believe that my news has implications all over the Dominion.

Agent Zahn nodded and left the conference room briefly. When he returned he was followed by several high ranking officers of the Dominion High Command, and they seated themselves around the DI Officers. Zahn returned to his seat to begin the interview.

One-Oh - Ask me anything, I will answer to the best of my ability.
'Zahn - How far is the extent of Dominatus territorial control here in the Milky Way?
One-Oh - The last time I checked, it was around 200,000 systems.

Eyes widened and jaws dropped in disbelief from several officers in the room.

One-Oh - The Dominatus do talk alot, they never suspecte a revolt.
Zahn - I see. And how many of these would you say have actual, live Dominatus that inhabit them, not counting slave overseers. Major population centers?
One-Oh - At most, several, most Dominatus are on campaign, expanding, only some stay on worlds.
Zahn - How many Dominatus worlds employ large populations of slaves as physical laborers? Also, how many of these planets are utilized as ship-production worlds?
One-Oh - All worlds are utilized for ship production if they have infrastructure for it, all other worlds are outposts creating infrastructure. All worlds have large populations of slaves, though the revolt might have spread to them.
Zahn - I see, and do you have access to a starmap of these worlds?
One-Oh - I am afraid not, though it is likely to encounter those worlds here, perhaps you have other questions?
Zahn - How large is the Dominatus population in the Milky Way? Also, what have your overseers mentioned of the Dominion?
One-Oh - Possibly over a hundred thousand, in addition to this, the the overseers were mentioning the plans for the Dominauts invasion of Sindar Space along with possible complete takeover of this arm. It was all part of a giant masterplan by them, but i don't think they ever got around to executing it.
Zahn - Such a small population, why is this?
One-Oh - The Dominatus population in total i believe is only one million, spread over one million worlds, spread over 13 universes.
Zahn - ...Universes?
One-Oh - They recently obtained interuniversal travel, but the majority of their colonies are here, I do think that their extrauniversal colonies probably had the same wave that broke our control chips though.
One-Oh - Surely you have other questions.
Zahn - How do you intend to fight them?
'One-Oh - I do believe that most of their worlds revolted, perhaps that could give us a way. There are a hundred trillion slaves, at least before this, even the Dominatus cannot stand to this. Wait, I can draw a rather rudimentary starmap of Dominatus colonies in this region.
Zahn - If you could, it would prove very useful.

One-Oh proceeds to draw one, revealing a few dozen colonies, and also the annexed Vikul Federation.

One-Oh - So did they carry out their planned ivnasion of your space or not?

Zahn points toWards the Vikul territory, "Those star systems there, those look like Vikul systems. Does the Dominatus occupy those as well?"

Zahn - There have only been stirrings on the outer rims of our territory. It has been silent for over a year.
One-Oh - Yes, did you recently intercept any Dominatus transmissions? Perhaps a few days or weeks ago?
Zahn - We caught something about a 'Yotta Omega Maximum' near one of our listening posts near 2 weeks ago. Why?
One-Oh - That's it. That is code for a Tyranny wide slave revolt. The overseers said that they had pooled around a hundred thousand ships here for a massive attack on you.
Zahn - I doubt that will be easy with a full revolt on their hands, however.
One-Oh - Yotta Omega Maximum entails full withdrawal from all plans to be executed. It means that they have withdrawn all of thier ships to Tyranny space.
Zahn - So disaster averted. For now at least. I must go now and deliberate with High Command on this situation. I will return soon.
One-Oh - It was a fleet composed of what is called Mark 2 ships. Are you familiar with those?

Zahn stopped mid-walk and turned heels.

Zahn - No, I am not. What are they exactly?
One-Oh - The Tyranny developed them in response to the Delpha Coalition of Planets, and have so far, according to them, not been defeated in a battle before.
Zahn - Well that is truly disturbing news. Now, I must deliberate with High Command.

Zahn exited the room along with the representatives from DHC. After an hour or so of deliberation, Zahn reentered the room without the High Command reps. He sat back down with One-Oh.

One-Oh - What happened?
Zahn - We will give you supplies and resources to aid your revolt, in addition, we will accompany your strike teams with fleets of our own as support. However High Command has decided that in return for our aid we will be given a share of technology liberated from fallen Dominatus worlds.
One-Oh - Of course, assuming we can find said technology. It is settled then.
Zahn - Indeed.

Zahn extended his arm to the lizard-man, for a professional handshake to seal the alliance.

The Troodontid's Make an OfferEdit

Three Dragon Class Mothership approach Chimera. They find Chimera defended by thousands of ships of a different make to what the Troodontids know of. Sentinel Class Battle stations, also dWarfing even the mother ship also orbit around the planet, its weapons menacingly aimed at the Dragon Class.

Troodontid - We come in peace, Dominatus. War is over; you can put your weapons down.

The Dominatus know of the power of a Dragon Class Mothership, being able to be on parity with one of their old Mark 1 Kraken Class Dreadnaughts.

SentinelAI - What is your purpose here Troodontids?
Troodontid - We wanted to ask you about the purpose of the Exclusive zone.
SentinelAI - That is classified information, why do you need to know this?
Troodontid - We are interested in it, we are allied and we would like to help if we can.
SentinelAI - This is a private matter, it is only our business.
Trooontid - We only thought you would appreciate our help.
SentinelAI - Hmph, Fine, come aboard the station at these coordinates.
Troodontid - Thank you.

The Troodontid came on the station, where it proceeded to a meeting room.

Dominatus - The reason for the exclusion zone is simple, somehow, some of our slaves are revolting. If you are able to give us a single android as a template to compensate for this, we would be happy.
Troodontid - That shouldn`t be a problem. We can give you even a group of different worker androids if you want. But please tell me more about the slaves before.
Dominatus - That part however, is classified, we have not told anybody any more than we have told you.
Troodontid - I understand that. We will give you the androids to some conditions.
Dominatus - What?
Troodontid - You will not use them to destroy any living being and you will not attack the slaves that fled from you unless they attack you. Give them free passage and allow them to leave, please.
Dominatus - That is, if they do not attack us.
Troodontid - Yes, but if they stop attacking you, you aren`t allowed to attack by yourself.
Dominatus - Very well, we accept your terms and conditions.
Troodontid - Good, if you break them, you won`t be able to use the androids anymore, and we will make contact with the rebels in order to supervise if you keep our conditions.
Dominatus - It seems that we have reached a consensus then.
Troodontid - Good. You will get the androids later.

A New race for the Aeoneonatrix EmpireEdit

Lingur walked into Gondoo's room.

Lingur - Hey there, our empire has a bit of a surprise for you.
Gondoo - YAY, what is it?
Lingur - Come with me.

Lingur leads Gondoo outside the hotel, and out of the area for government buildings, and into a residential area. He leads Gondoo into a specific house.

Gondoo - What is this?
Lingur - This is your new home, if you want it, courtesy of the Aeoneonatrix empire.
Gondoo - You mean, I ... own something now?
Lingur - Yes, this house, and all of the furniture in it.
Gondoo - What ... is.... this?
Lingur - Like I said, your life is getting better. One is being offered to every member of your species.
Gondoo - This is something I never expected. Thank you so much!
Lingur - That's not even the surprise; it's a bi-product of it.
Gondoo - Wow!
Lingur - Do you want the REAL surprise?
Gondoo - What?
Lingur - Your species is being offered to become a member race of the Aeoneonatrix empire.
Gondoo - I cannot thank you enough, a million times we accept your offer!
Lingur - The rest of you share the same sentiment. Welcome to our empire citizen.

Gondoo then hugged Lingur.

Gondoo - You are so different to them, even under your steWardship, they seem nice. It is a beautiful thing that Ameius is using his... "Talents" for something other than murder.
Lingur - Indeed. Do you want a tour of this house?
Gondoo - Yes please.
Lingur - It’s only got five rooms.
Gondoo - What do you mean only?
Lingur - That's unusually small.
Gondoo - What?
Lingur - The average house here has 17 rooms. This is partially because families usually live together, and need more space, and partly because this is how sapient beings are supposed to live.
Gondoo - Wow.
Gondoo - My room in the Tyranny was merely something smaller than that sofa.
Lingur - You're too easy to bring glee to. I like that.
Gondoo - Thank you?
Lingur - That was a compliment.
Lingur - It means I can always see you happy. And that makes me happy.
Gondoo - Thank you so much for that thought you must understand it is rather easy given what we've been through.
Lingur - Indeed, Would you like to see the kitchen?
Gondoo - Yes.
Lingur - Come with me.

Gondoo does so. Lingur proceeded to give Gondoo a tour of the house.

Lingur - Do you like it?
Gondoo - Yes I do.
Lingur - Thank you. By the way, you might want to study hard. Your species will need some council members in the future. If you want that role, you'll need to work for it.
Gondoo - I will.
LingurExcellent, I must be going now. See you later my friend.
Gondoo - Thank you, for everything, friend.

The Tertamian AllianceEdit

Otopus was but a normal planet liberated from the Dominatus; slaves squabbled there, attempting to survive with their masters gone. One of these slaves was Onaemon, one who, through his charisma, managed to become a leader of these slaves and turn them into a cohesive military force. Onaemon stood alone on his planet, a creature with the head of a crab, but the body of a man, pondering on where to take his fledgeling world of Otopus. This day, however, he wasn't alone. A holographic shadow appeared in front of him, belonging to a species he has never seen before.

Onaemon - Who are you?
Silver - You may refer to me as the Silver Agent. I am a member of the Tertamian Ministry of Intelligence and a servant of the New Tertamian Alliance's people.
Onaemon - Are you with the Dominatus or against them?

Silver's voice was almost completely devoid of any emotion and inflection and felt slightly robotic.

SilverAgainst them; the Grand Council has decided that Dominatus policies violate the First Prime Law of the Alliance; we shall do our best to protect the rebellion.
Onaemon -That's a relief, how do you plan on aiding us?
Silver - The Alliance will supply weaponry and troops... officially, of course. However, we have conditions of our own.
Onaemon - What are these conditions?
Silver - Do you know of the Dominatus genetic programs?
Onaemon - We are only familiar with the Ultima Servillis serum, used to make overseers.
Silver - Indeed. And we want you to gather examples of this serum, as well as Dominatus's own bodies.
Onaemon - This I believe can be done, however when they talk, they say that they keep all research in a certain installation.
Onaemon - I however, do not know the exact coordinates of it.
Silver - ...Good. However, this is only the first condition.
Onaemon - Continue?
Silver - The second one is strictly confidential, it is just between you and us. you know of the Aeoneonatrix species?
Onaemon - I have heard the overseers talk of them. They make reference to the stupidity of their morals. Though stupid morals from those monsters translate to a society we want to live in.
Silver - The Ministry is... interested in their biology. We need a few specimens of their species- and we don't want any witnesses. Can you do that?
Onaemon - Given sufficient resources, I think we can do this.
Silver - Splendid.

The hologram vanished.


The RALA fleet was beginning to exit the vast Dominatus territory and into the Warzone. They were on their highest guard following their War with the Sindar, little did they know what was to come.

SpecOps Navigator - Sir, I've spotted contacts on my radar! Should we engage?!

Rhul - Well they aren't Drakodominatus, are they now? Ships; blow these pathetic ships to pieces.

A swift but brutal battle begins, as the opposing fleet begins to attack the RALA fleet, but were easily countered, leading to the enemy’s surrender.

Rhul - Cease fire men, they seemed to have ceased hostilities. Announce yourself now before I finish you.

Lingur - This is Lingur Wildlight of the Aeoneonatrix empire.

Rhul - Explain yourself. Entering Dominatus territory with the intent to kill is stupidity, and our intervention saved your puny fleet.

Lingur - We only want to stop them from slaughtering innocent people.

Rhul - Is that your excuse to wreak havoc?

Lingur - It's better than theirs.

Rhul - From what I have seen from the Dominatus, they are a very powerful empire with no reason to do so.

Lingur bursts into laughter.

Lingur - Was that a joke?

Rhul - As much as your fleet is... We must commence talks; I will come to your ship

The Malicious Intent docks at the unknown enemy's ship to meet with Lingur. Rhul enters the bridge. Rhul lunges at Lingur, whilst his SpecOps hold down his subordinates; he then raises a gun to his head.

Lingur - You're going to kill me for trying to aid in the destruction of an empire that has slaughtered and enslaved trillions?

Rhul - No, I'm just ridding this galaxy of one, pathetic, fleetmaster. Take me to your homeworld before you do die.

Lingur - So you can enslave them?

Rhul - * Rhul signals his fleet* Go into stealth mode. *turns to Lingur* We aren't slavers, but if you say the Dominatus are, I want to find out for myself.


Rhul - Easy now...

Lingur - It's almost the word "domination" followed by outright calling themselves a Tyranny.

Rhul - Tyranny? I wasn't aWare of that.

Lingur - So you haven't? Their full name is “the Drakodominatus Tyranny.”

Rhul - I see, take me to your homeworld. Now.

Lingur - I will, there's someone there I'd like you to meet actually.

Rhul - Do it.

Lingur - You'll have to let my pilot drive the ship. He's the green and orange one.

Rhul - You! Get in that seat now!

Awesh - I'm going I'm going

Awesh drove the ship back to Ku-Rokti. Rhul then orders his men to stand down and puts his gun down. Awesh lands the ship.

Lingur - Will the testimony of a former slave convince you that the Dominatus are slavers?

Rhul - Bring him in.

Lingur called Gondoo into the ship.

Gondoo - Hello.

Rhul - Why hello there.

Gondoo - I hear you need to be convinced that the Dominatus are slavers.

Rhul - I'm waiting...

Gondoo - I was one of their slaves until less than six months ago.

Rhul - Do you know of a Mortrig Malevon? Yes.

Gondoo - One of their top commanders, an Annihilator Ultima.

Rhul - ...And a friend of mine.

Lingur - You're friends with Mortrig?

Rhul - I recently met him whilst dealing with personal matters.

Lingur - Did he tell you about the species he wiped out? How he committed mass murder upon the Federal Vilerg Council?

Rhul - What the...

Lingur - He did it by the way because he was angry about matters unrelated to them.

Rhul - You're lucky. This Intel saved your empire... I'll see Mortrig.

Gondoo - I was also a slave to that empire my entire life, I was a spa worker.

Rhul - I see.

Gondoo - I was mostly a waiter. In order to be this, they had to affix a tray to my back

Rhul - Men! We're leaving, Mortrig has some questions to answer, and you... don't think yourself as our friend.

Gondoo - They had to clip my wings to fit it on by the way, Just a few feathers, just enough so I couldn't and can't fly. Not until I have the muscles working again and the feathers grow back.

Rhul - Farewell.

Rhul, in shock, left the system with his fleet.

Return of the FederationEdit

The USF had been out of focus for weeks, no one had received no message from the December 25, which said nothing more important than "Happy will be the next year for the Gigaquadrant", which was taken as a kind of card of good wishes. What no one knew was that the Federation had experienced a moment of tension, followed by a scientific and philosophical revolution. The events of the Revolution of December 24th caused a scientific and technological growth in the Federation, enabling it to improve its capabilities in relation to hyperspace, black holes and their knowledge of the essense.

The events of the Revolution of December 24th caused a scientific and technological growth in the Federation, enabling it to improve its capabilities in relation to hyperspace, black holes and their knowledge of the essense.

Ruthem Guassali: The meeting was called.

The Senator Ruthem Guassali recently began to wield the Secretary of the Senate, the second most important position within it.

Ruthem Guassali: We are honored by the presence of the Great Triumvirate, the theme of this session is to choose to take the Federation attitude in the situation of the slave revolt of Tyranny Drakodominatus, we participate, help or remain neutral.

Senator 1: Everybody know what we must to do, Mr. Guassali, we must to destroy the Tyranny!

Senator 2: I am not sure, the Tyranny is very powerful now, we know what they could do with us...

Senator 3: The situation is difficult, we should help slaves, but remind outside of the War.

Senator 1: We know that is useless, the Tyranny will attack us if we don't destroy them first.

The discussion went on, Senators were put to one side or another, for or against the War. They spent hours in the discussion, but several floors high, sitting in their seats, the triumvirate remained inflexible, their faces were expressionless, they had taken their desision for hours.

Ruthem Guassali: Silence! The Triunvirate has the word.

Aranelia Brinal woke up from her seat.

Aranelia: The Triunvirate has taken a desision...

Three hours later, Vakalian was organizing his cabin on his new ship, the "Pride", an enhanced version of its dilapidated Misericordia. Within minutes a wounded Afnai entered his room.

Afnai: Vankalian!

Vankalian: Yes I know, we're leaving.

Afnai: But, how do you convinced the Senate to go to War?

Vankalian: There is nothing that Aranelia, Edelmut and me cannot do... Now, take a rest, you look bad.

Afnai left the room, happy to return to action, knowing that in a matter of hours or days, would killing Dominatus again.

Another CullingEdit

A message is sent to a world still occupied by the Tyranny in the milky-way, it states that the premier wants to meet with a representative, to see if they can start up the Trading Agreement once more. The Tyranny AI of the world, which had myrmidons active when the disaster struck, was able to get the transmission, and surprised, the AI informs a Dominatus of these events.Master Sergant Mortrig Malevon receives this and chuckles, as he gets in his Ziz Class Devastator and makes way for their world. The Ziz Class Devastator exits hyperspace over the world and begins to orbit it as he begins the transmission to the premier

Mortrig - What has caused your change in temperament premier?
Premier - Because, I'm afraid we may have had a mis-understanding at the previous trial, partly due to the gross incompetence of the last premier.
Mortrig - You replaced him eh, what other changes have you made?
Premier - Nothing else really, except a few council members also got impeached, and the Chairman of the Council got disciplined.
Mortrig - Well if that is the case, what do you want from this agreement, we already have your quantum disruption and displacement technology.
Premier- Well, we are developing a Hyperspace Pulsar Laser, and while we develop our own hypergates, perhaps you could lend us some?

Mortrig went through the Tyranny's technology database, and hypergates were one of their strongest technologies, so he decided to lone a more obsolete borderline tier2/3 hypergate to them, hoping he'd get something in return.

Mortrig - Very well, you can have this Danton Class Hypergate, 15 kilometers in diameter and allowing for quite fast travel between sectors.
Mortrig - I am afraid however, that everything has a price.
Mortrig - To get this hypergate, you must pledge 90% of your soldiers to do whatever I say.
Premier - Ninety percent?!
Mortrig - Yes.

There is a slight hint of anger and shock is on the Premiers face, but keeps composure.

Premier - Truly, there has to be a alternative option, besides THAT.
Mortrig - The alternative option is nothing happening at all.

Meanwhile, on a outer world of the Federal Vilerg Council, at the National Aerosol Dispensary Control Center, the staff aided by industrial robots sort through Aerosol Packets, ready to spread a annual vaccine over all the planets in the Nation.A robot has a listing error, and chooses the wrong Aerosol Packet. It puts it inside the dispenser slot, and sets it for national dispersion over all planets.The premier has a stressed look on his face. He needs the hyper gates to advance the Pulsar Laser project, but can't have 90% of his military under the control of Mortrig. Meanwhile, a worker at the control center notices the error, and desperately tries to stop it, however it is too late, and it begins to spread the aerosol over all planets automatically.

Premier - Hnng, are you sure you can't provide a little flexibility?
Mortrig - Very well, 40% for a hypergate, although 2 are needed for operation.

A dark gray gas begins to envelop the planets lower atmosphere, and the populace begins to breathe it. Mortrig breathes it but due to his immune system, nothing happens to him. The premier breathes it, and begins to cough violently, his eyes look like they are about to pop out of his head, as he falls off his chair. He begins to have multiple spasms on the floor, as his bones and muscles begin to shift around a little. Alarms in the room activate, as fire doors in the room close over the regular doors

Premier - AGHHHH!

The premier screams loudly in pain, as his muscles and bones continue to relocate. Mortrig merely watches perplexed, wondering what the hell just happened. The premier begins to succumb to his severe internal injuries, as his internal organs begin to be pushed up his esophagus, he says one last thing.

Premier - Go to the Council Chamber, I'm nearing death, they are in charge now.

Mortrig does so, and along the way, the streets are devolved into chaos, as people writhe around in sheer pain, as their bodies are reformed. Numerous dead litter the streets, their bodies unsuccessfully mutated. Mortrig reaches the Council Chamber, numerous FCA Squad cars surround it, lights flashing and sirens blaring, but no FCA Officers around. When Mortrig enters the chamber, he sees numerous FCA Officers on the ground dead, and a equal amount of them guarding the Council Members in severe pain. Only 10 out of 20 council members are alive, and two are sitting in their seats severely ill. The Chairman of the Council stands weakly at the podium.

Mortrig - What the hell happened?
Chairman of the Council - There has been a......aerosol accident...Mutigen spread instead of vaccine...71 Billion people are dead.
Mortrig - How many people remain?
Chairman of the Council - Well...71 Billion is 10% of the total population, so 271 Billion people survived, although this is just a rough estimate. As for the council, 10 members out of...hnng...20 survived although....Talnk and Evisa over there are near death...

Talnk sits in his seat, with his arm severed and his esophagus hanging out of his mouth, while Evisa sits in his seat, his torso is contorted in a most unnatural way.

Mortrig - What exaclty did this aerosol do?
Chairman of the Council - It was supposed to be for Juggernaut Class troopers. It was made so it made the body stronger and more agile...hnng...
Chairman of the Council - It was untested, only in the Beta stage of development.
Mortrig - Ahh, so you did what the Tyranny did to itself.
Chairman of the Council - I...I...I'm thinking a bit...strangely as well....
Mortrig - What are the changes in your thought process.

At that, Evisa slumps out of his chair, dead.

Chairman of the Council - I can't describe it well....I have a underlying sense of anger then I never had before...and....everything seems less....perfect....
Mortrig - I didn't know a sense of perfectionism was encoded into the brain.
Mortrig - Now, do you want the hypergates or no?

Talnnk succumbs to his injuries, as his heart and lungs are pushed out of his mouth, his head slumps to the desk.*

Mortrig - Can no one speak?

The chairman gets visibly more agitated and says something

Chairman - Let me THINK for a moment! Before you arrived we had formulated a Temporary Emergency Government, and were thinking about what our new constitution should adopt!
Mortrig - Very well you agitated aberrant.

The chairman turns to the Council Member furthest to the right and shouts at the top of his voice.

Chairman - NOW....what did you propose again?
Council Member - Well, I was thinking, that maybe we could add Meritocratic principles to our constitution.

The council members begin to talk to each other, before the Chairman shouts.

Chairman - OK, why should we do that? Council Member Elick?
Elick - Well, it just came to my mind that, having a government that has officials chosen not on privilege or anything else, but just on talent, seems the most logical, yes?
Chairman - Hmm...very compelling, does anyone have any objections or ideas?
Council Member 5 - We should also follow the federal system like we did before, and have a democracy too.
Chairman - How would that work with a Meritocracy?!
Council Member 5 - Simple. For the democracy to work, all citizens would have to pass a citizens exam before they vote, which proves they are knowledgable in the area of Economy, Politics, and et cetera.
Council Member 5 - If you don't pass, you don't get to vote.
Chairman - Ok, how would they get knowledgeable enough to even come close to passing the exam?
Council Member 5 - We have a strong emphasis on education, and teach our children well. A good education leads to more talented and capable people, and if taught the right things, can easily pass the exam.
Chairman - Right, well, this is a very compelling idea indeed.""
Chairman - Those in favor of it, rase your hands , those that are not, do nothing.

All the councilmembers raise their hands, in astounding approval.

Chairman - Right then! I guess that is settled!

The Chairman still weakly stands at the podium, but is in significantly less pain, as his transformation is complete.

Chairman - Right then, I guess it is back to you then, Mortrig.
Mortrig - As I was saying, do you want to get the two hyperagates, at a cost of 45% of your military each?
Chairman - Well, let's take a vote on that as well.
Chairman - Those in favor of that, raise your hands, those that are not, do nothing.

Most of the council does nothing, while one raises his hand, he will be forever alone.

Chairman - Well...maybe we can purpose another deal. We do have some very theoretical plans for a weapon you may like.
Mortrig - What would this be?

The chairman, knowing the power of this weapon talks about the weapons power.

Chairman - This immesely powerful, it is theorized to destroy entire sectors, if not more.
Mortrig - I believe this weapn however, only exists as a thought for you.
Chairman - Yes, it does.
Chairman - I'm split on giving you the plans or would surely abuse it.
Mortrig - If you do that, you will only have to send 50% of your armed forces.
Chairman - Or we can just deny your offer completely. So, let me just think about it for a minute.

The chairman, reluctantly brings up his datapad, and begins to print out the plans. Until the plans are in the chairmans hands. Mortrig looked them over and looked at how far they were from a finished product.

Mortrig - Very well, thank you very much for this.
Mortrig - Is the deal concluded?
Chairman - Yes....

Another Day, Another War, Another Sporebuck Edit

There is a truth to the universe, known to many, but understood and exploited by few. This truth is that information flows like water, finding any dip or hole it can pool into. Someone simply has to know where to dip the bucket to learn anything they wish. It was from this natural, almost organic collection of information from which the Star Reavers, the legendary Andromedan mercenary outfit under the direction of Admiral Kaios, came to learn of this new War in Mirus.

The War involved dozens of factions, each vying over crumbs of the Drakodominatus Tyranny. Many of these factions were young, weak, and ripe for the picking. Like sharks to chummed waters, mercenaries and pirates were flocking to the galaxy by whatever means possible. Seizing the opportunity, Kaios piggybacked a message onto a Draconid Imperium transmission, advertising his services to the galaxy. It wasn't long before the chance to have the Reavers themselves alongside their fleets began to turn the minds of planetary governors and empire leaders alike. This War was going to be very busy, and very profitable, for the Reavers as a whole.

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