The Dominatus Milky Way Campaign is an ongoing engagement between the Katar Sector Alliance and the Drakodominatus Tyranny. Though hostilities began in 2791, the campaign only really gained focus in late 2792 after Mortrig Malevon assumed command over the Dominatus forces in the Milky Way and the United Free Peoples Coalition established a beachhead in the Katar Sector.

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The Clanden (Administrator)

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Tyranny-Katar FrontEdit

Tasan Crisis Edit

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Delcathian Offensive Edit

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The disastrous events of Tasan Crisis in December of 2792 left the nations of the Katar Sector devastated and in disarray. Thanks to the machinations of the Drakodominatus Tyranny, the United Free Peoples Coalition's expeditionary force was nearly consumed in a massive mutiny that effectively put it out of action, giving Dominatus Commander Mortrig Malevon the time to strike out against the Drodo Empire.

Meanwhile, in Delcath, the Grand Tarkan Empire, the Mardor Empire, and Farengeto Republic received orders from their Dominatus allies, commanding them to move against the KSA-aligned Delcath nations. While the Tarkan and Mardor immediately sprang into action, the Farengeto refused to break their neutrality.

As the Tasan Crisis grew more and more desperate for the central Katarian powers, the Tarkan and Mardor launched their attack without any declaration of war, catching many Delcathian nations off guard. By the end of the crisis, the Tarkan's forces had been repelled, while the Aeoneonatrix Empire and the Mardor would continue to lock horns into 2793.

On December 31, 2792, the Katar nations met once again––this time on Coron 4––to finally sign into being the Katar Sector Alliance. Preparations were immediately undertaken for an offensive in Delcath. Armies and navies were marshaled, communication was established, and High Druid Lich'Twik of the Scientific Combine of the Nakeimato was named Commander of the Delcath front. On January 6, 2793, the KSA officially declared war and launched the Delcathian Offensive.

Tyranny - DCP FrontEdit


Following the end of the War of Hyperspace, the Delpha Coalition of Planets went about with one of their most massive espionage schemes to date. Startled by the rapid technological advances of their foe then later ally of convenience, the Drakodominatus Tyranny, at the war's conclusion they set about gathering as much data as possible about the industrial and technological capabilities of the newest extragalactic power to the Milky Way. It was not necessary to gather that much data politically or militarily as the DCP had seen the Tyranny expand through the Milky Way like a blighted disease and had fought them enough to know that they were a high threat to the DCP, especially with there new Mark 2 fleet. Deploying a one way utility fog untraceably and quickly to the Mirus Galaxy using their advanced technology, and drawing trends based on where the majority of the new ships were coming from, the spy, having assumed a Dominatus form, quickly set about to blending in and surveying the Dominatus's latest technologies.

He saw the developments of two new types of ships that the DCP had not yet seen in the War of Hyperspace, the Titan Category and the Gargantua Category. These ships dwarfed all of the Tyranny ships they had seen during the War of Hyperspace aside from the Tiamat in both size and power. Furthermore, the spy was troubled by all of the new technologies that had been put onto the ships that made them distinct from even the other Mark 2s. While the other Mark 2s depended on rather basic technology that was both reverse engineered and Dominatus developed, having derived the theoretical principles of things like hyperspatial weaponry, the Dominatus were able to create their own weapon designs, and the spy could see that by themselves, the Dominatus could expand technologically at a startlingly rapid rate once they had worked out the basic principles of a new technology, something that the DCP had aided them in when the Tyranny captured some DCP ships and vivisected them mechanically. This was not merely limited to hyperspatial weaponry, as he saw everything in the Tyranny's new arsenal being developed. Furthermore, the Tyranny was not just starting to equip them with these weapons , the Titans and Gargantua were fitted with prototypes and going on trials.

The theoretical results of the weapons worried the spy, as if these weapons did work in practice as they did in theory, the Delpha Coalition of Planets was going to be in a troublesome position. Equally intimidating was the new armor being developed for the ships, featuring metric shielding as well as exotic-matter based armor. While the spy did spot many defects in these new technologies, like Quarkonium armor, which the DCP was also developing due to the newness of the technology to the Dominatus, it was frightening that the Dominatus had come so far and were advancing at such a rate. Visiting the other installations, instead of assuaging his concerns, they frightened him even more as he saw the land trials of the Tyranny's new land weapons, their theoretical developments elsewhere, their artificial intelligence prowess among other things. Furthermore, their industry seemed to be turning out massive amounts of Mark 2s and overseer supersoldiers each day, dramatically improving their military. Once he returned to the Milky Way by hitchhiking on Tyranny ships inbound there to deal with the ongoing slave revolt, and once returned to the Coalition of Delpha he coalesced his findings into a report. Its thesis was thus - "The Tyranny grows stronger by the day, and is advancing at such a rate that given enough time they will eclipse us. We must deal with them as quickly as possible lest once grown they turn their attention to us and we are forced to fight a war we cannot win."


The DCP's high command agreed that the Tyranny's forces would have to be dealt with as quickly and decisively as possible, and that the Tyranny's colonies would have to be assimilated by the DCP. This was not done for moralistic reasons but instead in order to ensure that the DCP still had sole status as the Milky Way's preeminent superpower, something the extragalctic Tyranny was contesting. Under the codename Operation Warlord, under the command of Admiral Vorsite who as the DCP's preeminent expert on the Tyranny due to the Great Hyperspace War was Supreme Commander of Operation Warlord, they gathered one of the largest fleets since the War of Ages in an effort to rid the Milky Way of the Tyranny once and for all. Operation Warlord sought to attack the Tyranny, which was then also fighting in pretty much every other Galaxy except Cyrannus, Mirus and Borealis with overwhelming force and crush them before they could send reinforcements. The target was to be the new Tyranny capital world, which contained their hypergate and was thus the node that connected all of the galaxies with a Tyranny presence, a world which inconveniently for the DCP, was in the middle of the Tyranny's territory. Strategically redeploying their ships rapidly throughout the border, when the time for the operation came, the DCP struck with the ferocity that had given them the title of the Milky Way's preeminent power.

All across the DCP-Tyranny border, DCP ships engaged the Tyranny garrisons in those worlds with their might, their overwhelming numbers smashing the rather meager fleets stationed on those worlds. As soon as the Tyranny's administrators in the Milky Way saw this, they reverted to their battleplan in the case of this war, something they had planned for ahead of time and went about executing it. The plan was of Stahl's creation and the Milky Way administrators were under direct orders to follow the plan unless the Tyrant made it explicitly clear that she wanted changes to it. For this reason, the vast majority of the land and space garrisons had been moved out to the strategic reserve. Stahl knew that because the Tyranny was paying all of her attention to the battles in Andromeda, that he could assert his command in the Milky Way and provide the outnumbered Tyranny forces a fighting chance against the DCP warmachine. The massive DCP fleet formed a wedge in the Tyranny's lines as the Tyranny moved it's strategic reserve in position to attack them on their increasingly exposed flanks, and once the DCP fleet was in Stahl's trap, the Tyranny moved to crush the DCP's offensive fleet and move on to a conquest of the DCP.

The battlefleet, led by Vorsite began suffering monstrous losses as the Tyranny's Milky Way reserve was committed. Numerous DCP fleets were encircled and destroyed by the well-supplied Mark 2s which locally outnumbered them where Stahl chose to fight. The noose tightened around the DCP's battlefleet as the Tyranny's Milky Way armada executed the practiced battleplan flawlessly, Stahl's strategy compensating for the lack of reinforcements from Mirus. However, Vorsite, though arrogant recognized his folly before it was too late, and while he fumed that a race as young as the Tyranny could be doing this to the proud DCP, he recognized his hubris that told him to attack the Tyranny head on instead of attacking their weaker points, and that staying on this offensive would be suicide. Thus he withdrew his troops to a defensive perimeter on the first wave of the Tyranny's planets he had conquered, and escaped with his force intact before Stahl closed the noose.

Stahl's strategy as well as Vorsite's having not achieved complete success, the two sides were forced into a stalemate across the perimeter as offensives were thrown back by counter-offensives and the lack of space to maneuver drove the two sides to only confront each other where they were strongest. It devolved into an ugly war of attrition with no end in sight as the DCP's ships traded fire with the Mark 2s on such as a constant and ferocious rate that when observed from afar, it seemed that the DCP-Tyranny border was alight like a volcano. It became quickly apparent that this would drag on for a very long time unless one side used different tactics ,something made impossible by the current strategic situation, or short of that their most fearsome weapons, weapons which would preclude the chance of conquest and replace it just with destruction.

Breaking the deadlock Edit

The weapons fire traded between the DCP and Tyranny lines and especially the spacetime weapons, shook the fabric of reality to such degree, gravitational disturbances were effecting hyperspace thus the battle caused disturbances far outside the lightcone in realspace, disrupting even commercial trade routes. Soon the denizens of the galaxy looked on as spectators in curiosity between the belligerents, one the old power, and one the new contender to dominate the galaxy. For the forces of the Tyranny and DCP, the battlespace was changing by the order of femtoseconds thanks to the violent contractions and expansions of space and faster-than-light exchanges, far too little time to predict any study outcomes.

While all this was fairly new for the Tyranny, Admiral Vorsite dreaded such a confrontation having experienced them before. Given the nigh endless supplies on both sides such a war could be endless without outside influences or a breakthrough.
Luckily, the DCP had the breakthrough they needed, all thanks to the spy they sent to the Dominatus R&D, if it was not for this intel, the DCP might have been stuck for a long time.

The military scientists walked into Vorsite's office. One had a very smart voice, and seemed to be who the utility fog spy was modelled on. "We have found that the Dominatus infrastructure relies heavily on a fast technique of crafting wormholes. It is how they have spread quickly through the Gigaquadrant. It is one that we never thought was practical engineering."
"There you go, Dominatus science has found something we haven't. Well, what exactly have they been doing?" asked Vorsite.
"It actually involves physics the DCP has known for many centuries, but the engineering is new. When radiation is emitted from a black hole, it is entangled with it's fallen pair, but this means it also must become entangled with every particle ever released in the history of the hole. Such systems are unstable, and nature breaks these quantum links releasing inconceivable energies, a fiery wall of energy. But we do not see these things in nature, event horizons are always smooth."
The scientist carried on, "This is because the clouds of radiation are linked by wormholes as a single entangled state. What the Dominatus have done is perform tremendous quantum computations of entangled radiation, collapsing it into a new black hole."
Vorsite did not like being spoon-fed information, as a strategic thinker, and suggested "And observers, once within their respective black hole's event horizons, are actually close together."
"Yes. Quite how the Dominatus survive entry, is unknown to us, they do not appear to be using kerr metrics."
"And I guess, the firewalls can exist artificially." asked Vorsite.
"Affirmative admiral, all we would need to do, is dip into their network, break entanglement by manipulating the boundary conditions of the hole's thermofield and set an irreparable lightlike wall of fire that will burn them out. Nothing known to us can survive."
"Well, why are you wasting time telling me? Good men are dying." Vorsite noted.
"Because we need to make sure of one thing. Some cosmological theories suggest the universe itself is a holographic three dimensional event horizon formed from the collapse of a hyperspatial star. Setting off a firewall could roast the universe. We need to test this theory, unfortunately, the hyperspace stars are now barred off by the Netspace. Our physicists are studying quantumscale foam to rule out this hypothesis."
"Wouldn't 'roasting the universe' involve setting off the firewall from a mother universe?" Vorsite reasoned.
"Exactly, we may have to set it from hyperspace, which in this particular theory, suggests is the universe's origin."

Meanwhile, to keep the DCP on the offensive, other new weapons were rolled in from the DCP's latest weapons research, including a new type of black hole bomb. Seethingly hot and dense cavities of electron-baryon plasma were sent through hyperspace to the enemy lines and fleets, each containing a rotating black hole. Every rotating black hole has an ergosphere that drags objects in spacetime along with it, splitting them in-two. The fallen half contains negative energy, the other escapes to infinity with greater mass-energy. A low frequency photon was amplified between the horizon and reflecting surface of the plasma. This super-radiant photon scattering was powered by the rotational energy of the black hole itself, essentially gravitationally powered fission that reached tremendous energies, pulverising their forces, worlds and space structures. The Dominatus however decided to return fire with a rapid escalation of their own superweapons.

Total EscalationEdit

Stahl saw the entire Tyranny-DCP front explode as the DCP reacted to the present stalemate by the use of some of their most powerful superweapons. Stahl had foreseen this, knowing a civilization with the prominence and history of the DCP would stop at nothing to uproot the Tyranny from the Milky Way. He figured that the DCP was desperate enough to win that they would forsake the conquest of the Tyranny's worlds and instead be satisfied with their total destruction. Furthermore, Stahl had managed to illicitly requisition a sizable amount of reinforcements from Mirus that would be used in his upcoming offensive against the DCP by merely using his connections to talk to the Grand Admirals directly instead of going through Medusa who would veto any such action. In discussions with other high-ranking Tyranny military personnel in the Milky Way he came to the decision that instead of a phased escalation in superweapon use, that the Tyranny should directly escalate to the use of strategic-scale superweapons short of the Tiamat in order to combat the DCP. Strategic-scale superweapons differed from tactical-scale superweapons in that they were judged to impact the course of the war itself, not just the battles and thus were commensurately more powerful, capable of system level to sector level destruction. By using these , Stahl was playing the Tyranny's most powerful card against the DCP. After it's usage he had no other destructive miracle that worked that could surprise the DCP. The plan that was hatched was named Operation Deathstorm, and called for the Tyranny to move most of it's forces on the front to the strategic reserve and only keep the amount needed to bait the DCP. The strategic reserve, combined with the reinforcements would not be sent to engage the Orion League or Katar, but instead as the offensive force of this Operation. Once the offensive force was consolidated, the Tyranny would blast the immediate DCP-Tyranny border with their strategic-scale superweapons. The result of this would be a giant spacetime gash in the border and the adjoining territories which while most damaging to the DCP would also destroy the Tyranny's forward operating bases and extensively complicate the logistics of their invasion of DCP Space. After this with it's forces equally spread out to reduce the effectiveness of a DCP superweapon in one particular place, they would swarm over the DCP till they had devastated it enough to effectively neuter it for the rest of the war and the near-future. The Tyranny would enter land battles in order to conquer the systems instead of simply destroying them from orbit so as to establish new supply outposts and forward operating bases to better supply their efforts. Once the objective of neutering the DCP, was achieved the Operation was concluded , and the Tyranny would send it's Milky Way forces to squash the Allied Terran Republic, Orion League and the Katar Sector, and once that was done, the same forces would return to the DCP Front and press on till they had conquered Mirenton. After that, the Tyranny would have hegemony on the Milky Way, and assuming all the other offensives went as well as the one in the Milky Way, the Tyranny would emerge victor against the entire Gigaquadrant.

The early phases of the plan were put into effect exactly as they had been envisioned. With the Tyranny's frontline thinning as they were being drawn to the strategic reserve, the DCP thought that they had the upper hand and sent vast amounts of battlefleets to the Tyranny in order to exploit this and win a quick war. No sooner had these battlefleets arrived when the Tyranny deployed some of their most powerful superweapons, destroyed a significant portion of the DCP fleet, devastated the border and the adjoining subsectors of space, and ripped a permanent and visible gash into the Milky Way. DCP Admirals on their ships, already playing triumphant music were tossed into oblivion by the Tyranny's most powerful non-Tiamat superweapons. The system destroying Cataclysm Fields from Cronus Class Colossus ships, aimed at the frontline systems were the first weapons to take effect and by increasing the Neuman entropy in the quantum mechanical system through modifying the density matrix for the local system, the weapon rapidly increases the joint quantum entropy on the scale of the solar system. The indiscriminate weapons wrecked havoc on the DCP's fleets and those planets as the physical chaos they caused consumed entire fleets and systems. Doomspheres launched from Apocalypse Class Doomstars, aimed at the subsectors around the frontline systems followed in the second wave of more powerful subsector destroying superweapons. DCP Fleet commanders who were not in the frontline systems who had just lost contact with their officers there had only a moment to register shock till they too were consumed by the Tyranny's technological power. These weapons ripped system wide rifts into hyperspace and the resultant outpouring of hypermatter and the resultant reactions led to catastrophic chain reactions which grew to consume entire subsectors, destroying even greater numbers of the DCP's forces. The final wave of weapons arrived when Vorsite had registered enough to order retreat, but the ships could not escape fast enough from the Tyranny's penultimate weapon, the Scythes of Death mounted on their Abaddon Class Behemoths. Vorsite could only watch as the primordially destructive cosmic string loops raced faster than the retreating DCP fleets and across the entire sector that had once been the Tyranny-DCP border sliced through the fabric of the universe itself, annihilating the DCP's fleets there and all the systems nearby. The Scythes stopped reaping once they had cleared their border and dissipated into nothingness, their power expended after having wrecked horrendous damage.

The fabric of space so abused by the Tyranny's military maneuver that a gash in the place that had once been the Tyranny-DCP border could be seen. There was merely the abused void of suffering space, not designed to have the axioms and parameters of the universe used in such a brutal way. A giant astrographic gash could be seen by those who could observe it all across the galaxy and outside of it. However, Vorsite had no time to admire how cruel the Tyranny was in it's destruction as in neat formation the Tyranny's ships dropped out of hyperspace, right on Stahl's timetable on the nearest DCP world's which had been calculated not to be touched and had not been touched in practice. Operation Deathstorm was in full effect.

The Siege of HoratorioEdit

Operation Deathstorm was proceeding mostly as planned and the Tyranny’s forces swept over the DCP like a tidal wave, pummeling and destroying anything in their way. Though slowed down and stymied by the DCP’s powerful pitch drive mines, which dragged their massive ships into relativistic oblivion, they pushed onwards. The DCP on the other hand, was following it’s response plan. They were waiting to see the effects of the deployment of their wormhole buster, which would shatter the Tyranny in the Milky Way by annihilating their travel infrastructure. They were also building new ships to replace the ones lost to the Tyranny’s superweapons to serve as their main battle fleets during the counter offensive they planned. The Tyranny had advanced as far as the border of the Delpha Sector where they encountered the world of Horatorio, known as the gate to the DCP’s core worlds, where the DCP had recently acquired the information it needed to win the war.

Grodo, a high ranking knight in the Delpha Coalition of Planets had his command staff gathered in his citadel, a mighty edifice which stood watch over the fortress world of Horatorio, which not only served as the DCP’s bastion in the front but also as one of it’s key research facilities. While the world was the gate between the Delpha Sector and the other territories of the DCP, Grodo’s role was not to prevent it’s capture but instead to stall it until he could evacuate the scientists on the planet. A evacuation fleet, specially made for the task of running the Tyranny blockade and extracting the personnel was on the way and he only needed to hold out until they could evacuate the VIPs and extract the research. The scientists had a key breakthrough with regards to the DCP’s wormhole destroying technology and the effects it would have on the universe, and had the information that the DCP needed in order to launch it’s counterstrike which would expunge the Tyranny from the Milky Way. However, they had been unable to transmit it as when they had gotten the breakthrough, the Tyranny’s fleet in the area had arrived in overwhelming force and after a costly battle crushed the space garrison and structures and completely locked off the world. The Tyranny, wanting to obtain whatever new technology the DCP had remaining on the world and wanting to use it as a forward operating base had decided that conquering it would be more beneficial to them than destroying it. Grodo did not have to fend off the Tyranny, he merely had to hold the line.

The Tyranny’s offensive on the world began as it did on every other world that they wanted to conquer. Grodo, a veteran of countless campaigns before and now of the current campaign, watched with jaded eyes as the biological and chemical weapons fell upon the world of Horatorio, reducing it to a barren, moonlike wasteland. The atmosphere was reduced to a blinding and corrosive mist of yellow and green, which seared flesh off, unarmored organics and further ripped the ecosystem apart. As with all Tyranny invasions, as Grodo had come to know, the indigenous life of the planet vanished into nothingness and was instantly pushed to extinction. Deep beneath his bunker, Grodo could hear the cratering of the planet’s surface by both energy and ballistic weapons, which turned the planet’s surface into that of a cratered moon. The indiscriminate bombardment was predictably followed by Tyranny strikecraft attacking the DCP’s AA installations in expensive but worthwhile raids that were near suicidal for the drone strikecraft. Grodo’s men, elite veterans themselves however, were prepared and hid in their bunkers while the bombardment went on, waiting for the Tyranny to send down it’s land troops to engage. Grodo had the privilege of having one of the most elite DCP land forces ever assembled in order to meet this threat. It was composed of Ultra Soldiers and elements of the Warlord’s legions for fighting the Tyranny’s overseers, as well as Battlecommanders for fighting the Dominatus themselves. In addition to this, there were Commandos for fighting the Chiliarchs as well as a very sizeable armored detachment. However, they were cut off and outnumbered by the Tyranny, so victory for them was merely holding the Tyranny off till the evacuation ships arrived, not holding them off indefinitely. Thus, in an effort to inspire his troops before the battle he made a speech that could be heard by every DCP troop on the planet.

  • Grodo – The skies have already blackened, and the earth has already been made an arena for a confrontation that will echo throughout the ages. The enemy, the Tyranny aims not just to take this world for themselves, but to remove the entire DCP not just from it’s place as the Milky Way’s foremost power but also, from history itself. Perhaps you think the war is lost, the effects of Operation Deathstorm’s initial phases, the fact that despite our pitch drive mines they are at Horatorio, that we have not been able to push them back? Well let me tell you this, that you, the men on this planet are the ones who determine whether the DCP will endure or whether we will be reduced to just a memory. We fight to preserve our chance of winning this war, we fight because our scientists have discovered a breakthrough that will turn this war in our favor, if we can get the knowledge out. As we speak and as we fight, an evacuation fleet is on it’s way here for the hope of the DCP, the scientists, so that they will fashion a way to drive the Tyranny from the Milky Way! The ships do not come for us as they need to be quick to run the Tyranny’s blockade, so do not think that you will survive this battle. Indeed, banish the thought of expunging the Tyranny front this world from your head, as it is not our goal, our goal is merely to hold them off until the scientists can escape. Do not think about your survival as your life is already forfeit, but today, I offer you not life, but immortality! When we succeed, history will remember us as the men who stood, the enemy at our gates and the men who stopped them cold till we felt that our mission was done. Our deeds will be etched into stars this battle. Remember only this if you want the stars to be named in your honor, till we give hope to the DCP, the Tyranny shall not pass!

The DCP’s troops cheered on and laid in ambush for the Tyranny’s arrival. The Tyranny soon began landing massive waves of Myrmidons as part of it’s scouting maneuver, using the cannon fodder robots in order to draw out enemy fire so the enemy’s positions would be known. However, Horatorio knew this and still kept his troops in ambush as the Tyranny began deploying it’s vehicles as well and Chiliarchs as well. Once the landing zone had filled, Horatorio sprang his trap. Surface to space artillery opened up on the dropships carrying additional troops while other artillery fired a combination of antimatter warheads and energy bolts at the Tyranny’s position. Dug in DCP troops began firing their glasma weapons at the oncoming Tyranny troops, eviscerating the unshielded Myrmidon infantry formations. The mounds of destroyed Myrmidons prevented the more elite Tyranny forces form moving on and created an artificial barricade that turned the landing zone into a killzone. The Tyranny’s commander seemed to learn that they would have to try another approach to gain a foothold instead of using the normal protocol. For a few days and nights this continued as the Tyranny commander tried to find a new place to exploit and tried to bombard the DCP’s positions only to find out that the DCP had redeployed and all that was there were holographic mirages.

The Tyranny did not have the time to waste on this world as the massive force needed to blockade it was supposed to be used elsewhere in the Tyranny’s conquest and this world was rapidly forming a bottleneck. Deciding that it had to be taken no matter what the cost, the Tyranny sent Sovereign Executor, the most powerful Dominatus short of those in the Drachonian, Talos Mortis, a protégé of Drachon Wolframicht Stahl to finish the campaign. The deployment of elements from 7 Overseer legions had been authorized, and he obtained control of the Heralds of Mosivam, the Abominations of Azazoth, the Steel Reapers, the Anathema of Xenomortis, the Harbingers of Agony, the Titans of Corpulus and the Horsemen of Destiny. These were to be supported by a large force of Dominatus, a massive armored contingent, and even one of the Tyranny’s Behemoths. The Behemoth used was the Ravager Class, which was essentially a floating city-sized fortress that hovered a few meters above the ground. The arrival of a new Tyranny commander was made apparent to Grodo by the sensors that detected a larger ship as well as new Tyranny reinforcements coming in.

The Tyranny began it’s next round of offensives in almost the same way as before, with swarms of Myrmidons to draw the DCP’s fire out. As soon as the DCP’s fire started and their positions were revealed though, the Tyranny combined pinpoint orbital strikes with deployment of groups of Dominatus and overseers to utterly destroy the DCP’s emplacements which were endangering the landing zone. The Dominatus securing these zones did not have much opposition as they and the overseers plowed through the DCP’s commandos which were power-wise, the DCP’s equivalent of the Chiliarchs and put into a compromising position given that they were in melee distance and had just been through an earthshattering pinpoint bombardment. However, before they could deploy their Behemoth, the Dominatus needed to clear a DCP fortress, which could threaten the starship that would deploy the Behemoth.

Launching an armored offensive against the fortress against the DCP’s fortress, the Tyranny sent armadas of it’s vaunted Steelhammer Class Main Battle Tanks supported by overseers and Chiliarchs in Horde Class Infantry Fighting Vehicles. Steelhammers traded fire with DCP Canister tanks and the evenly matched tanks from both sides were turned into wrecks. Thousands of such tanks were sent on each wave from both sides and entered a meatgrinder which did not produce any meaningful advance but instead creating billowing clouds of black smoke which covered the entire battlefield. Amidst the wreckage of burnt out tanks Chiliarchs engaged the DCP’s commandos, the two equally matched adversaries ripping into each other with incredible fury. Plasma cannon fire met the gatling railguns of the Chiliarchs, and melee combat only saw more eviscerated organs and organic parts. Grimbolosaurian Overseers, twisted Dominatus versions of the master race of the DCP ripped into their unaltered enemies, Loron overseers unloaded their fury into the DCP’s Ultra soldiers while the Grox and Vormogon Overseers engaged them with all their might as well, as the Mardor overseers hunter down any DCP troops who sought to escape with sadistic glee. The towering Overseers which had more raw power than the Ultra Soldiers were reduced to the status of equals by the advanced holographic and FTL maneuvers of the Ultra Soldiers and the resident supersoldiers of both armies found themselves in a cauldron of carnage which produced mountains of dead on both sides. Only the arrival of the Tyranny’s prototype proto-Warlord Class Heavy Tanks which were still in the Alpha Stage pushed the outcome in the Tyranny’s favor as they demolished the Canister Tanks, having been designed with achieving land supremacy against the Tyranny and Junction in mind turned the outcome into the Tyranny’s favor. The prototype magnetohydrodynamic weapons of the tanks reduced the DCP’s tanks to husks of their former selves and their treads ran over the Ultra Soldiers who were too busy fighting the overseers to evade them. However, the slurry created by the existing mud, the pressure of the vehicles, the remains of the overseers and Ultra Soldirs as well as the ripped parts of Chiliarchs and commandos soon absorbed the titanic proto-Warlord tanks and prevented them from advancing any further. The DCP’s fortress forces, having like the Tyranny’s forces suffered massive casualties from this battle were unprepared to see the Dominatus deploy a 100 Dominatus, a hitherto unseen deployment of them in an attack against the suffering DCP forces. Unprepared to fight such an enemy in those numbers and already straining against the existing Tyranny forces, the DCP’s back was broken in the battle for the fortress and combined arms fire as well as the braindead puppets created from dead DCP troops and controlled by the Anathemi. Once the walls of the fortress were breached by the seige drills of the Grox overseers, a bloodbath ensued as the encircled DCP troops were given no quarter and despite their valiant resistance ripped up. However, Grodo did not deploy his Battlecommanders to fight the Dominatus as he wanted to hold them till they were absolutely necessary.

With the fortress destroyed, the Tyranny deployed it’s Behemoth and Grodo looked on with a mixture of awe and terror as the massive moving fortress moved towards his citadel. It defied his imagination as to how a starship sized construct could manage to stay on the ground and not crush itself under it’s own weight. It’s armaments engaged the DCP’s emplacements around the citadel, utterly destroying them and after that, turned it’s attention to the main gate. It kept firing at the main gate with all of it’s might and Grodo could see the main gate be reduced to molten slag before his eyes. It was then he decided to act with his battlecommanders at the fore and together, they jumped off the walls of the citadel and used their FTL drives to board the Behemonth.

The Tyranny had not expected such a maneuver, thinking the Behemonths to be impervious to any assault. The Battle Commanders, who had power equivalent to that of the Dominatus, overpowered the overseers on board and after much strenuous fighting, made it to the main reactor. From there, they were safe from the Dominatus counterattack which used Dominatus, as the Dominatus could barely fit in the main reactor room and could not at all fight inside. Though they had taken quite heavy casualties, they entered the hypermatter reactor and placed ultra-advanced DCP explosives around it and teleported back to their bastions. Soon, they saw the multiple square kilometer construct rip itself apart and crash to the ground. It’s massive weight created an earthquake that rippled throughout the world and one which both destroyed itself and the main gate, while creating massive fissures in the walls. The gate was down, and Grodo merely had to hold on for another 24 hours until the ships came.

With the gate down and the Behemoth destroyed, both sides sent their most powerful forces to clear the breach. A massive tide of soldiers from two of the Gigaquadrant’s foremost powers converged on the breach and dueled each other there. All pretense of civilized warfare broke apart as the combat entered a brutal melee interrupted only sporadically by the use of antimatter grenades by the DCP and singularity grenades by the Tyranny, which both inflicted grievous friendly fire. Dominatus dueled Battle Commanders while Overseers of all creeds engaged in fierce combat with Ultra Soldiers and elements of the Warlord’s legions. With such a short frontage, both sides did not deploy any troops less in stature than their supersoldiers, but even with such ferocious fighters, a mountain of dead was created so high that it reached almost to the point of the gate. A flood of blood fell from the top as if it was a fountain dedicated to war but after many hours the Tyranny emerged triumphant, having grinded the DCP’s forces down.

Grodo readied his forces for one last stand to buy the scientists the few minutes they needed in order for the ships to reach them. The scientists had recorded the battle, scrubbed the data and merely needed evacuation. They would tell the rest of the DCP of the valiant deeds of Grodo and his men, who stood strong in the face of overwhelming adversity. The scientists gathered in a teleport array to await the ships while Grodo and his remaining men boarded their hoverbikes and readied their lances. The Tyranny also had the Dominatus board their Seraphim and the Horsemen of Destiny stand at the ready for a charge. The Dominatus had bulldozed the corpse mountain so that it only had a light gradient and was thus terrain they could charge over. Soon, both sides started their charge, the DCP led by Grodo and the Tyranny led by Talos. Seismic tremors erupted each time the hooves of the Horsemen’s steeds and the Tyranny’s Seraphim hit the ground and both sides, with their weapons drawn, eventually collided into each other.

The collision was akin to two massive battering rams hitting each other at the same time and the initial collision saw riders pulled from their mounts or bikes by the raw force of the impact, saw countless dead, and saw fighting between the hyperelite of both races continue. Most men dismounted, their steeds killed or their bikes destroyed continued to duel on the ground dueling with each other with their hyperadvanced blades, the DCP entering into hyperspatial maneuvers with the Tyranny countering with it’s raw power. However, the battle was already a foregone conclusion as he saw his men fall all around him. Turning his eyes ahead of him, he saw the largest Dominatus on the field walking to him and he then realized that his last fight would be with Talos himself.

Both Talos and Grodo were some of the most powerful warriors in the Gigaquadrant and their duel, which Talos had specifically instructed no other troops to interrupt, was a sight to behold. The 12 meter giant struck Grodo again and again, only to be met by fierce parries and counterstrokes. By using his FTL drive, Grodo bypassed Talos’s defenses and struck him in places where he had no write to be. When Talos tried to react, Grodo dodged and counterattacked, piercing Talos’s defenses yet again and damaging him even more. This cycle continued until a very wounded Talos grew to predict the next place Grodo would teleport and anticipating it, jammed his sword in that location. Grodo exited hyperspace impaled on Talos’s blade and in a swift motion, drew the blade up and decapitated Grodo, knowing full well that with his lifesupport systems he would still be alive for a while. He raised Grodo ‘s head to survey the battlefield, where Grodo saw that there was no DCP troop left alive.

  • Talos – Grodo, what do you see? Do you see the most mighty bastion of the DCP save for Mirenton crushed? Do you see what will happen to the rest of your race? Do you see your fate?

At that, Grodo saw the evacuation vessel enter, saw the bright flash of the teleported array and saw it exit the system causing the decapitated head to smile.

  • Grodo – Yes I see our fate Dominatus. Soon you will see yours.

Fire in the hole! Edit

Grodo had been a Knight of the Coalition. Emperor Wormulus II himself knew all his knights personally, and his death had shook the upper echelons of the DCP. It was so rare for knights to die. Emperor Wormulus, and his son Lunarai, stood with the Council of War as they awaited the scientists before a beautiful sunset.
"I have noticed over recent years, wars for the DCP becoming more costly. I dare say, we may need to adapt to the changing climate of the Gigaquadrant, if we are to stay a hyperpower, if the sun is not to set on us. The Tyranny's forces are not far from Delpha." Emperor Wormulus II
He paused, and then said to his son, "In our most dire of wars, I have always been at the front. Ready my palace ship, with 500 royal Gargantuan class super dreadnoughts."

The scientists, still stained with the blood of hundred races and grime from the gruelling fight on Horatorio were teleported to the chamber via transport beam. A startling reminder how close the frontline was from DCP territories.
"I apologise for my uncleanliness, my Emperor. We have not stopped working."
"I understand, I care not for your appearance, but what news is in your heads."
"Qiroon here has been working tirelessly in hyperspace. Though we were unable to find a hyperspatial star, we tested the firewall phenomenon on warp vacua. It appears our universe will not be destroyed by a firewall, they will remain in the event horizon."
The Emperor turned to face Qiroon.
"Your bravery on both this front and the War of Hyperspace will land you a commendation."
"Now, allow yourselves time to clean."

The DCP assembled fresh fleets to bulk out the Emperor's spearhead. The Emperor made sure the fleet was able to ghost phase, something the Tyranny had yet to adapt to. The fleet slipped by the Tyranny's Deathstorm operation like dark matter phantoms right back to the original front, now a bruised gash in spacetime of black holes, decaying cosmic string loops, gutted stars and planetary rubble. The ships carefully passed each mass in spacetime single file, having to think in many dimensions about the moving anomalies that never stayed still. Two black holes suddenly merged, nearly ripping a quarter of the Gargantuans apart, if it had not been for a lucky miss.

They were through, now in Tyranny territory, approaching one of the Tyranny's black holes which connected to every other, to just above the event horizon. The DCP set up their own laboratory, still ghost phased. Due to the nature of the black hole, their detection could be made much more easily, and should they be found, the mission would fail. A new utility fog organism was created, a creature not of bulk spacetime, that was capable of quantum mechanical computations. The imp produced two identical spheres of quantum information, both with entangled thermofields and using the laboratory, could manipulate their hamiltonians (operator of the entire energy of a system).
Admiral Vorsite, under the helm of the Emperor, cried "FIRE IN THE HOLE!". The DCP commanders including the Emperor laughed out loud at the exclamation. The imp promptly entangled radiation leaking from the black hole with particles inside the event horizon, and then simply measured the states. Due to nature's "monogamy of entanglement", the quantum links decayed violently into high energy particles inside the event horizon.

Millions of ships racing through the wormholes towards DCP space were incinerated to high energy radiation. The wormhole network was burning (as it could best be described). But the Tyranny had no way of knowing, and were still sending their forces through. The Emperor decided the DCP fleet at the black hole would begin its offensive here catching the Tyranny off-guard, while other fresh fleets deployed from Delpha would push the Tyranny's forces back to their space, effectively crushing them.
The DCP unleashed its full rage and vengeful hate on the Tyranny, seemingly coming out of nowhere, destroying bases and fleet holdings, leaving behind neutron effusion weapons to ensure those areas of space would never be used again...

Marching to ArmageddonEdit

The Tyranny's battlefleets had almost competed the objectives of Operation Deathstorm when both the stream of supplies and reinforcements were abruptly cut off. However, under the competent Grand Admiral left in the Milky Way by Stahl who was no longer personally overseeing the campaign in order to attend to business in Mirus, instead of attacking, the Tyranny's forces consolidated and waited for further instructions. No sooner had they received word that the entire wormhole network was destroyed and that Emperor Wormulus's fleet was attacking the Tyranny's space when DCP counterattacks started appearing and driving the Tyranny's forces back. All along the Tyranny's front, the DCP's battlefleets launched vicious attacks against the Tyranny, and while initially stemmed, the Grand Admiral knew that it was a simple matter of attrition before the DCP ground the Tyranny's forces to dust. Making a calculation he figured out that while he couldn't win, the war could be brought to something like a stalemate if he defeated the DCP's forces or if the DCP won a pyrrhic victory. He knew that a was of attrition was out of question due to the fact that the DCP was already razing his infrastructure via Wormulus's fleet and that his supply lines were completely eviscerated by the DCP's wormhole weapon. Thus the only way to win, if there was a way to win, was to engage the entirety of DCP forces as soon as possible (so as to preserve supplies) in a pitched battle. Thus, he ordered his forces into full retreat, wary of the remaining pitch drive mines that had been left by the DCP that hadn't yet been triggered and headed towards the center of the Deathstorm, the spacetime gash left by Operation Deathstorm in order to face the DCP in a Battle of Battles.

Battle of the DeathstormEdit

Some say that war never changes, that every war, no matter when or where, is fundamentally the same. Perhaps it is true that only the dead have seen the end of war. Perhaps it is true that every resource spent on weaponry is a theft for those in need. Perhaps it is true that the strong do as they wish and that the weak do what they must. Perhaps in those respects it is true that war never changes. However, this statement falls apart in face of war’s magnitude, the calamities wrought by it, the numbers dead, the damage wrought to it’s battlegrounds. It is for this reason that the current conflict between the DCP and the Tyranny was like none before it and it is for this reason that the Battle of the Deathstorm would rank as arguably the Gigaquadrant’s largest ever naval battle. The two titans of the Milky Way, the incumbent DCP and the new Tyranny sought in this battle of battles to establish who would have dominion over the Milky Way. For the DCP, this was a battle to keep it’s status as the Milky Way’s preeminent power, while for the Tyranny, which was losing territory in all of it’s galaxies except Mirus, it was a gambit to hold one of their most powerful enemies before they reached Mirus. Arrayed against each other were two of the largest battle fleets every to face each other in pitched battle. The largest DCP battle fleet ever assembled, composed of both the Emperor’s escort and the majority of the DCP’s fleets fought the juggernaut which was the bulk of the Tyranny’s Milky Way forces which while outnumbered due to the DCP’s reinforcements and due to the fact that they had cannibalized the amount of ships necessary to restore all remaining ones to full operational capacity because of their lack of supplies was still powerful enough to put the outcome of the battle in question. The two forces were commanded by two massive military figures, Grand Admiral Mortifis and Emperor Wormulus himself. Second to the Emperor himself was Brodo, an extremely high ranking Regent in the DCP who was the older brother of Grodo, who had fallen during the Siege of Horatorio and who he had vowed to avenge.

The Tyranny’s forces were to be attacked simultaneously on two sides, one from the Emperor’s Personal Guard who had managed to flank them from the rear, and the other from Brodo’s massive fleet who were approaching from DCP space. The battle would take place over the entire expanse of the Deathstorm, in proximity to the decaying Dominatus hyperspatial weapons, cosmic string loops and entropic anomalies. The two forces fast approached to a battle both knew would totally decide the outcome of war. To prepare his men, Brodo, who had never had any of his brother’s oratorical talent gave a short and laconic speech to the entire fleet.

  • Brodo – I will speak shortly and with no frivolity. The fate of the war is to be decided here as the naval strengths of both sides are completely committed. My brother and your brothers died to give us this opportunity. Do not waste it.

The crew of his Obsidian’s bridge did not meet his speech with any applause but before he cast his head down in failure, he noticed that it did have an effect. While they did not applaud, he saw them stare with intent in their eyes, showing obvious emotion which he knew was to be steeled into determination for the coming fight. The countdown to the fleet’s exit continued as Brodo looked out of his viewscreen which he knew would be replaced in a few moments by the behemoth of the Tyranny’s forces, an enemy he had to subdue and he breathed to himself.

The DCP’s technology did not cause time to slow down for him when moments turned into eternities in his perception as he anticipated the battle. He knew that in a few short moments that he would have the fight of his life on his hands. The Emperor himself who commanded the hammer, had trusted him to be his anvil, and if either of them failed the future looked very bleak indeed. 3 seconds remained till they entered the battlespace, a fact made apparent to him by his adjutant breaking him rather rudely out of his trancelike state. Taken from the trance he counted down in preparation. He reviewed the battleplan that they had all practiced. 3. He thought of the DCP’s ascent to power and how much he dreaded it’s fall. 2. He thought of his brother and the memories that they had both shared before the Dominatus robbed Grodo of life. 1. He thought of the retribution he would bring to the Dominatus for their impasses against both him and his brother and the DCP. 0.

Instantly the shimmering environment relayed to him by his view screen changed into the nightmarish and eldritch spacetime gash created by the Dominatus. The gutted stars and hyperspatial abominations replaced what had once been the DCP-Tyranny border. He had seen pictures of this area before but he had never seen it in the flesh, and was for a moment, taken aback by the cataclysmic damage his enemy was capable of creating. However, that ephemeral thought soon faded and he soon entered a state fully focused on the battle.

All across the Deathstorm, countless DCP and Tyranny ships engaged each other in a vicious manner that reflected their inner beasts as opposed to their hyperadvanced technologies. Monstrous weapons, easily capable of killing planets, were exchanged on a constant basis without any kind of reservation, completely obliterating battlegroups and further disturbing the fabric of spacetime. Time was measured not by the day, but by the amount of ships destroyed each passing second, with numbers lost approaching the amount that some empires had in their combined fleets. Mass was measured not by scale, but by the countless kilograms of destroyed and catastrophically damaged ships. Distance was not measured by meters, but by the distance from any civilized thought in the conflict which was brutality embodied.

Brodo did not need to coordinate his forces as there was no room for any maneuver or tactics in such a slugfest and committed himself to optimizing the performance of his ship. Soon enough, the Cronus Class Colossus, the rival class of the DCP’s Gargantuan appeared in his field of view and he calculated it was headed to fight a Gargantuan in a fight which was roughly even. Commanding an Obsidian, designed to outclass a Gargantuan, he struck a preemptive strike against his foe, firing his cosmic string weapons as well as his gridfire at the center of the monstrous ship. The resulting blast inflicted heavy damage on the Colossus, which soon turned it’s Joint Quantum Entropy Weapon on the Obsidian. While it did do some damage, a second salvo completely destroyed the Colossus which exploded in a spectacular fireball which quickly imploded upon itself and sent out a large gamma ray burst.

Brodo did not have time to celebrate as he turned the ship’s attention to the Tyranny vessel which high command had judged to be the equal of the Obsidian, namely a slightly damaged Apocalypse Class Doomstar which had just finished wrecking a Gargantuan. The two vessels moved against each other and simultaneously launched both their massive weapons, each capable of obliterating entire systems, against each other. One nigh-omnipotent orb of destruction wielded by the Apocalypse Class collided into the Obsidian while the cosmic strings and gridfire of the Obsidian reached the Apocalypse Class. Both salvos completely reduced the shielding of both ships, and Brodo looked on uncertainty as to how the encounter would end. He knew that the cosmic strings could be fired before the gridfire and he conjectured that the Apocalypse’s main weapons had the same recharge rate as his gridfire. Thus he made the decision to fire his cosmic strings first at an exposed but charging orb so as to damage the Doomstar then to fire the gridfire to destroy it. Hoping for the best result, he merely bided his time as he stared across the viewscreen to the massive vessel that he had to destroy and knew intended to destroy him. As soon as the cosmic string was reloaded he fired it at the Doomstar and he hoped for a cataclysmic chain reaction to happen as soon as they made contact.

However, much to his chagrin, the Doomstar fired a half-charged up version and the resulting chain reaction took place where the resulting phenomena would damage both of them. Somehow, the Doomstar had also managed to get another semicharged Sphere ready before his gridfire was operational and for a moment, Brodo stared into the orb’s nadir, look at his oblivion. However, before it was fired, a critically damaged Gargantuan began to fire at the Doomstar with it’s remaining armament. The remaining armament was not sufficient to heavily damage the Doomstar, which outclassed the Gargantuan, but did draw it’s attention, and the orb was fired at the Gargantuan, completely consuming it.

Brodo was taken aback by the utter ruthlessness displayed by the Dominatus and impressed by the raw show of courage by the Gargatuan’s Commander. He gave the order to fire the now loaded gridfire at the top of his lungs and the crew responded by firing the gridfire against the Dominatus ship. The ship, already heavily damaged, was completely destroyed and it’s remaining orbs fired off unto itself causing a massive catastrophe which perverted the local spacetime even more.

Brodo took some time to repair the ship and to survey the battle. He saw the utter carnage being wrecked as the new ships were added to the abattoir that was the Deathstorm. The battle was a savage fight which saw ludicrous amounts of ships lost to both the warped spacetime phenomena and to each other’s weapons. Spacetime was so warped that relativity could be disregarded to an extent which allowed people from around the Milky Way to view it as it transpired. Both sides, rather evenly matched were grinding each other down and it looked like the battle was going to go on for a very long time as no side could gain an advantage over each other.

Deciding to temporarily stop engaging the Tyranny’s most massive ships he instead transitioned to a strategy based around using his ship to eliminate the Tyranny’s Titan Category Vessels, just one level of power below the Gargantuan Category vehicles he had been engaging and thus easy prey for him. With his twin weapons of gridfire and cosmic strings he tore a bloody path through the Tyranny’s titans, helping beleaguered DCP fleets in the area.

However, this did not continue for long as he saw the Tyranny’s Milky Way Flagship, the Abaddon Class Behemoth named Milky Way after the Tyranny’s presence there, and the one ship that obviously outclassed the Obsidian fire it’s main weapon at his ship. The resulting impact completely eviscerated his ship’s systems save for it’s main engines and knocked out Brodo.

In that moment between life and death, Brodo saw himself as a child in his childhood home. He saw his father, mother, and even Grodo who were at the table waiting for food that his mother was making. He felt comforted by the warm embrace of his family’s hugs and felt soother by the placidity of the home. He did not at the time remember that there was a battle going on, the oblivion of placidity having induced some amnesia in him at the time and he felt himself submit to ennui.

In the real world, surviving crew members tried to revive him from his coma, trying to shake him awake but to no avail. He was stuck in the ennui of his dreams and his fantasy of returning to the simplicity and comfort of childhood. Suddenly, an angry crew member shouted at his comatose form that the Emperor was in danger and that his brother would be ashamed of him if he saw him now.

At that moment, Brodo remembered what was happening around him and what his purpose was and he ran from the hugs of the phantoms of his coma, harbingers of ennui, and out the door of his house and back into reality. He saw the Abaddon Class Flagship, having completely ravaged some other Gargantua and Obsidians, engage the Palace Ship itself, and to Brodo’s shock, the Abaddon Class looked to be winning. He knew that if destroyed the Emperor’s ship that the Tyranny would prevail. He saw his Emperor in danger and at that moment decided to sacrifice everything to preserve the DCP.

Brodo ordered the ship to be put on full ramming speed and for the weapons to be readied even if the means for firing them out were not operational. At that moment, he uttered his last words.

  • Brodo – Out Emperor and our empire is in grave danger. It is our duty to defend him. While we will die, our deaths will give life to the DCP and the Emperor.

The crew looked at each other then at him and teary eyed, saluted him while putting the ship on ramming speed towards the Abaddon Class.

The Obsidian, a tiny sliver of black, rushed towards the Abaddon Class at a nigh-impossible speed only made possible by the DCP’s technologies. Right as they pierced the shield, which floated at a 1 kilometer radius from the Abaddon Class, he teleported the Obsidian into the massive core of the Abaddon Class, which he correctly guessed the location of. stuck inside the cavernous insides of the Abaddon Class, where space, time, and the laws of the universe where warped beyond all comprehension, he detonated both his gridfire and the cosmic strings.

It is said that at the edge of death, one’s life flashes before one’s eyes. For Grodo, caught at the epicenter of the blast created by the reaction between the Abaddon’s core and the Gridfire as well as the cosmic string loops, this was true. However, at the center of a region of space time that should not be, he was not immediately consumed, and lived on for one more plack time. The last sight of reality he had was that of the Abaddon Class’s demise followed by a glimpse of Wormulus’s palace ship, which he then knew was still functioning. At that, he submitted to the now welcoming darkness, knowing that his mission in life was complete.

Not even the Abaddon Class could stand up to this and with the Grand Admiral on board, it consumed itself as the chain reaction between it’s main energy source and the DCP’s weapons took effect. It was devoured by the raw power unleashed by the unnatural intercourse between the DCP’s and the Tyranny’s technological wizardry. The massive beast of ship scrunched itself up as it rapidly imploded and the resulting cataclysm reverberated through both the Deathstorm and the surrounding regions.

Wormulus observed this from his palace ship, which was still under heavy fire against the Abaddon Class which was slightly more powerful than it. His shields were already depleted and he knew that without the shields, it would take just one more burst from the Abaddon Class to critically damage his ship. He saw the small sliver of black cross the void and enter the Abaddon Class. He then saw the resulting reaction and saw the “Milky Way” as the Abaddon Class was named, be completely obliterated. He also saw his close friend Brodo, a man who had served him for a very long time, die, sacrificing his life for Wormulus. Emboldened by this sacrifice, Wormulus and his ship fought with renewed vigor and caused havoc amongst the Tyranny’s forces, turning the tide of this stalemated battle.

The battle continued for some more time, though with the Grand Admiral defeated and the Abaddon Class destroyed, the Tyranny’s forces were gradually defeated. The ever present sound of ships blowing up and of weapons being fired gave away to the silence of the vacuum of space. The coruscating lights that had once lit up the Deathstorm were replaced by the blackness of the spacetime abysses and anomalies exacerbated by the fighting. The Deathstorm still remained and was even more warped and distorted, but the DCP had at a monstrous, almost pyrrhic cost, emerged triumphant over the Tyranny, which saw it’s Milky Way forces utterly decimated.

The cheers of newly arrived DCP reinforcements contrasted heavily with the reticence of the veterans of the battle. Their jubilance stood in stark difference to the scarred crew who had seen the magnitude of sacrifice and loss of in the battle. The applause was brought to a halt as they momentarily considered their casualties and the friends they had lost in the battle. Casualty reports kept streaming in and sorrow overtook the feeling of triumph. However, after some time, this sadness turned into rage, and Emperor Wormulus declared that they would not stop until they had erased the Tyranny not just from the Milky Way, but from the First Gigaquadrant.

Wormulus – The DCP has faced adversity time and time before. We have been pushed to the brink, but we have always come back. This has been no easy task, and as with what we have accomplished today, there has always been extreme sacrifice. However, while all of us would rather that the DCP souls who have gone to rest today would have lived on, our sacrifice is not a measure of our callousness but of our courage. We are not the DCP because of our technology or our expanse but because we stand tall in the face of everything that confronts us and we do not give up. Now, we must do everything we can to make sure that the sacrifices made today are not in vain. We will press on and expunge the Tyranny from the Milky Way, and then Demogorgon Prime. Only then will we have paid our debt to those who sacrificed everything for us this battle.

Storm of VengeanceEdit

After the Battle of the Deathstorm, the DCP engaged in a relentless offensive all across the Tyranny, an offensive in which the momentum lost by the horrendous casualties during the battle was made up for the fire and valor of the men leading it. In a desperate bid to cause casualties against the DCP, the Tyranny resorted to using super-weapons of it's own against it's own territory in a bid to cause the DCP more extreme casualties and to slow the encroaching tide of enemy fleets. The DCP responded in kind by using monstrous amounts of Neutron-Effusion Weapons and Gridfire against the Tyranny to further stymie their industrial capacity. Entire sub sectors faded into the darkness of oblivion as the Tyranny attempted to destroy DCP ships via the most desperate of scorched earth tactics and sub sectors more where consumed by the storm of the DCP's vengeance. Tyranny forces trying to retreat were outpaced by their DCP counterparts, as without the wormhole network which had been ripped up, whatever Tyranny forces remained could not move to escape the DCP. No matter how many casualties the DCP suffered, they continued to press on and on, encroaching on the Tyranny's galactic capital like a noose made of the personified anger of a race. One of the last worlds on the way to the capital was the world of Barris, one of the many common desert wastelands of the Tyranny, one which was spared complete destruction by the DCP's desire to test out it's newest inventions in ground combat.

As per usual, the invasion began with an earth-shattering bombardment from the DCP, something of an intensity just below that needed to crack over the planet's crust. The DCP began to land its troops outside the range of the ruined fortresses of the Tyranny and began to advance on where they thought the Tyranny's garrison would be. They soon chanced upon the battle they had been waiting for as large amounts of Tyranny armor began to attack them. In a sight all too common in their conflict, waves of Steelhammer Class Main Battle Tanks emerged to fight the DCP's Canister tanks, a battle which they fought on equal terms as expected. However, the DCP has a new weapon designed to counter the Steelhammer, the Stabilizer Class Heavy Battle Platform, a large pyramid shaped hovercraft enshrouded in a cloud of nannies. It's main weapon was the collection of advanced quantum replicators at it's apex, which could form themselves into a variety of different powerful weapons. These vehicles entered the fray and began to blast the Steelhammers apart, a task they did very efficiently given that once they penetrated the shields of the Steelhammer, all they had to do was smash apart the top armor, which was a trivial task since the Stabilizer was very tall. For once, the Steelhammer had an enemy that was not just equal to it one-on-one, but better by a noticeable margin. Whenever the Steelhammers responded, the Stabilizer's clouds of nanites formed themselves into protective shields that absorbed the brunt of the Steelhammer' power and prevented the Stabilizer from being hurt. Only when the nanitess were all destroyed and only when the Steelhammers had pierced the shielding of the Stabilizer could they fully destroy them. What followed was an armored battle in which even though the Steelhammers fought well, they were destroyed by the superior Stabilizers. The DCP had conquered the world and had proved the effectiveness of the Stabilizer. The next weapon they would test out, once it was ready, and hopefully in Mirus, was a very special application of utility fog. For now though, the DCP had to conquer the Tyranny's capital along with the Orion League and the Allied Terran Republic.

Tyranny - Orion League FrontEdit

The Dominatus Plan for control of the Milky Way was informed by the multi-front nature of the theater, the comparative strengths of their foes, and the obvious numerical limits of their forces. The vast majority of the force was dedicated to their plan for defeating the DCP, with smaller portions used for the combat against the Orion League and the Allied Terran Republic. The Tyranny's plan against the Allied Terran Republic revolved around kicking them out of the war as fast as possible by offering a ceasefire after defeating the majority of their forces, while the plan against the Orion League revolved around grounding away at their fleets until they lost their status as fighting forces due to depletion in their ranks. Nimz Krenev, the Dominatus Commander in charge of the front against the Orion League had been given a sizable but outnumbered fleet in order to combat the Orion League, which was spearheaded by the French. Commanding his forces from a fearsome 314 kilometer long Cronos Class Colossus, and in charge of a force which included a significant amount of Overseers, Chiliarchs and other armored elements among others, he had to deal with an Orion League force that outnumbered his own by a sizable margin and which, as the attacker decided where battle was going to take place.

The Orion League plan for defeating the Dominatus hinged on a focused drive into the Tyranny which would link up with hopefully successful offensive forces from the Delpha Coalition of Planets and ATR, the former of which would provide the firepower in order to defeat the bulk of the Dominatus fleets. This hinged on a planet-hopping campaign in which they did not overextend their forces and instead only captured key planets while bypassing others in order to avoid the inevitable attrition of a front-wide assault. Bypassed planets were to be cut off from supplies and dealt with easily once they were completely surrounded. Speed was of the essence to the Orion League, who, with a doctrine dictated by maneuver warfare, did not want to get into a war of attrition with the Dominatus. While the Orion League acknowledged on a one-on-one basis, their ships were less powerful than those of the Tyranny's, they believed that their superior tactics and superior numbers would win the day for them.

Waiting for an inevitable DCP offensive in order to launch their attacks against the Dominatus, when the DCP's grand offensives came in January, the French Fleet began its attack against the Dominatus. Ripping through several frontier worlds which would serve as supply conduits for their offensive, the concentrated French assault fleets quickly overwhelmed the garrisons left behind. Since only Myrmidons and Tyrant Class Cruiser Mark 2s guarded these worlds and the French had numerical superiority, the outcome was never in question. However, in these first offensives, the French witnessed the power of even the Tyranny's cruisers, which were considerably more powerful than their own, and could only be defeated reliably by the Orion League's own capital ships in straight up ship fights. More worrying was that French Intelligence reported that there were many Tyranny ships which were larger and more powerful than the cruisers. However, France's strike craft were shown to be markedly superior to the Dominatus' own, with French fighters easily defeating the swarms of quantity based drone fighters. French bombers also helped in defeating the Cruisers on a timely basis, as Dominatus ships were optimized for antiship power as opposed to point defense. On the ground, the Orion League easily beat the Myrmidons, allowing the Orion League to achieve domination of these worlds quickly.

February also saw the French offensives reach deeper and deeper into Dominatus territory as the Dominatus, focused on their front against the DCP simply did not have the resources to spare against the French at that point. Nimz could only afford to attack the Oriion League's forces if they were concentrated in a single protracted battle in which the momentum of the Orion League was expended. Fortunately for him, though the Orion League's island hopping strategy was based on bypassing the hardest worlds to crack and starving them off, there were simply worlds that they could not avoid due to their industrial capacity and thus their ability to sustain themselves and show themselves thorns in the backs of the French. The world of Beyfors Prime was one such world, one that Aurelian would otherwise not want to attack, but one that if left unchecked would provide an unceasing flood of fleets that would rip the Orion League's offensive up. He would draw the French forces into Beyfors and wait till essentially the entirety of the Orion League's forces were tied up on the world. When that was done, he would strike with the full force of his fleet. He knew the French had already encountered thee Tyranny's capital ships and had come up lacking - French capital ships could not defeat the Tyranny's own in one on one combat, but France's strike craft tipped the scales and were able to wreck both the Tyranny's capital ships and utterly decimate the Tyranny's comparatively useless strike craft. Nimz however, knew that the French would have nothing to stand against his Cronos Class Colossus, which unfortunately for him, only had enough supplies for a single battle, and that his small contingent of Titans would be almost completely invulnerable to France's capital ships. He wanted to keep these ships as a surprise, as well as the Tyranny's Overseers which the French had not yet encountered. He was aware that the Tyranny's Chiliarchs, 4 meter tall cybernetic shock troops were more than a match for the Orion League's infantry, and knew that the Overseers would be a force that would utterly crush anything that France could throw at them on the ground. Furthermore, he decided that he would deploy Steelhammers en masse against the French. Steelhammers were among the most powerful main battle tanks in the Gigaquadrant - in the same league as the DCP's Canister tanks and the Draconid Imperium's Dragon tanks. While the French had been able to defeat isolated groups of Steelhammers, which were noticeably superior to France's Ulysse series of tanks and were only effectively dealt with by ATGMs and air support, Nimz figured that they would break under a massed Steelhammer offensive.

The French attacked Beyfors in a typical manner, decisively defeating the considerable garrison force composed of capital ships and cruisers with their larger assault fleet which was complemented by an even larger flotilla of strike craft. Teindas knew that he could not simply shatter the planet since he needed it as a logistical base to support further offensives and because the industrial capacity of the planet could be extremely useful if converted to French service. After winning the battle, he kept his ships in position so as not to overextend his lines till he was sure the planet would fall to him. French ground forces were prepped and deployed for what they knew to be the most heavily defended Dominatus planet they had yet come across. After an intensive orbital bombardment, the French began landing their troops in gunships and transports, only to be met by fearsome Dominatus anti-aircraft fire. However, while Dominatus anti-air was effective against the French VTOLs, it was comparatively ineffectual against dedicated French close air support, which decimated the batteries, clearing a path for the infantry. Advancing cautiously towards the massive shielded Dominatus spires which marked the nerve centers of the world, French troops found themselves harassed only by swarms of Myrmidons and groups of Chiliarchs. While the Myrmidons were easily dispatched, the Chiliarchs posed a larger problem, but while they slaughtered French infantry in ambushes, they were quickly dispatched by the French vehicles. Then French advance continued, bruised but not broken till they reached the bombarded, but still intact main defense positions of the planet. Expecting these defense positions to be staffed primarily by Myrmidons, they found themselves taking heavy casualties against a line staffed entirely by Chiliarchs. Furthermore, they found that this line of positions was also garrisoned by multiple Steelhammers,which ripped into French armor and prevented them from engaging the Chiliarchs. These troops were also dug into positions that were resistant to French air support and orbital bombardment, and thus could not easily be dislodged by anti-ground strikes. With roaring fusillades of Steelhammer and Chiliarch fire, the Dominatus forces accrued a startling amount of kills whenever the French attempted to directly break through their lines, and eventually, after some time, forced the French to dig in.

Teindas did not have an easy way out of this - he could not simply bombard the planet to smithereens due to its strategic utility, and he could not just bypass it. Furthermore, he could not just wait the siege out, since this planet was largely self sufficient. In order to keep the campaign going on, he had to break the Tyranny's line on the ground, and had to keep his fleet there to preserve a steady flow of reinforcements. He made the decision to continue the siege while the rest of his front stabilized and until he could call upon the bulk of his forces to break the world. Time passed on and he continued with his plan, calling on more and more reinforcements and grinding away everyday at the Tyranny's line. He had losses, but they were acceptable, and more easily replaceable and justifiable if he captured Beyfors. Eventually, once he had committed a substantial amount of his forces, he decided to make a grand offensive. Unfortunately for him, the Dominatus were planning their very own.

At the same time the Tyranny launched its massive offensives against the DCP during Operation Deathstorm and against the ATR, they launched another, christened Operation Gold Twilight against the French on Beyfors. Nimz gave the order to Pestilence, the commander of the yet unseen Horsemen of Destiny on Beyfors to launch the Dominatus ground offensive, which would be immediately followed by an offensive from Nimz's fleet. While the French prepared for an offensive, Pestilence launched his own, and with himself at the lead, led his detachment of Horsemen of Destiny against the ATGM armed French infantry, so as to distract them from the Steelhammers. Ripping forth from the Dominatus emplacements, the previously unseen Horsemen of Destiny entered a cavalry charge against the French, ripping into their ranks and disrupting the infantry. The French infantry were virtually powerless to stop them, and French armor was generally unable to target the comparatively nimble and agile Horsemen, who ravaged the French ranks. This charge was followed by a massed Steelhammer offensive which broke the back of the French. Before air support could be dispatched, Nimz and his fleet exited hyperspace and began to lay waste to the Orion League fleet. The entire Orion League armada lay at the risk of complete and utter annihilation, as well as a significant amount of ground forces. Teindas knew that there was no time for an evacuation of his frontline forces, and only those currently in transit or near the drop zones could be saved in time to prevent the fleet from falling victim to the Dominatus onslaught. After making a hasty and incomplete evacuation, his decimated fleet ready to exit the system, he made a declaration to those still on the planet.

Teindas - We shall return, and we shall avenge you.

With a last attempt at providing a sense of dignity and hope to his abandoned troops on the ground, Teindas and the remands of his battered fleet left the system and began a tactical retreat. They shifted their tactics to asymmetrical warfare and resistance as they built up their forces and waited for the Tyranny's other foes to regroup and recuperate so that hopefully, the Dominatus onslaught could be stopped, only then would they resume an attack.

Tyranny - ATR FrontEdit


On the fateful day that the DCP declared war on the Tyranny, the entire border of the Tyranny's Milky Way colonies went up in flames. However, Stahl, who controlled the Tyranny's forces in the Milky Way was not at all fazed - he had a plan. The part of the plan for dealing with the DCP was already in play, so the part he had to execute next was how to deal with the ATR, who were considered by the Dominatus to be the DCP's staunchest allies. The Tyranny's plan for dealing with the ATR was simple, they were to attack a world that was culturally significant to the ATR, and to utterly defile it so as to inflict as much shame as possible on the ATR. They were to attack it in a way that would make the ATR underestimate the Tyranny's power and in such a way that the ATR would clamor for an immense pitched battle to reclaim the world. Once the main offensive ATR fleet was dispatched to reclaim the world, they would destroy the token Dominatus force left to guard it. While this happened, the Tyranny would completely blockade he system in both hyperspace and real space and crush the encircled humans in a pitched battle. The ATR fleet would be unable to retreat and other Tyranny fleets would prevent a breakthrough. The ATR fleet would then be utterly dismantled and destroyed in a video that would be live streamed to the ATR's leadership in real time. The Tyranny was also to use extremely overwhelming force in it's display, using ships that would later be dispatched to the front with the DCP and the intended result was supposed to be showing the ATR that the Tyranny could curb stomp them despite the ATR's best efforts. Once this was done, as soon as the campaign against the DCP looked to be in the Tyranny's favor, the Tyranny would propose a ceasefire with the ATR as well as a nonaggression pact between the two, and once the ATR accepted it, the Tyranny would turns all forces devoted to the ATR to the DCP. Once the DCP was sufficiently neutered, the Tyranny would turn on the ATR and devote many more forces to the Orion League and Katar and conquer them. Once this conquest was done, they would finish their conquest of the DCP. Once this was accomplished they would be transferred to other galaxies if the other galaxies had not yet been dominated by the Tyranny.

Thus, on that fateful day, a large Tyranny fleet led by Titan Class ships not assigned to the front with the DCP made way for Danann, the one of the home worlds of the ATR and a world the Tyranny knew was not extremely well defended. The ATR, which had at that point not yet known the Tyranny and DCP were then at war with each other, was not prepared for such a powerful attacking force. Outnumbered and overpowered, especially by the Titans, ships which they had no counter for, despite their valiant efforts, they were overcome. They also had no means of requesting reinforcements, as the Tyranny's military intelligence had instituted a communications blackout on the world. In quite a short amount of time, the modest defense force that had guarded Danann was no more, reduced to stellar dust by the Tyranny's fearsome armaments.

In a show of utter brutality for most other races, but standard operating procedure for the Dominatus, the Tyranny began to sow virus bombs and all kinds of biological weapons which reduced the beautiful forests of the world to primordial sludge. Once sprawling and beautiful habitats for all kinds of animals were utterly disfigured and destroyed by the Tyranny's perverse biological weapons and all around them, the inhabitants of the world could see a world whose beauty they cherished be reduced to a wasteland. During this time, the Tyranny also began bombardment of the gleaming golden spires of the world and reduced the golden spires to piles of slag which looked identical to the pools of sludge on the world. Next came the Tyranny's elite ground troops, waves of Chiliarchs, tanks, gunships, and Overseers, all selected for the shock and awe that they brought. The outnumbered garrisons, though courageous were ground to dust under the iron heel of the invaders. Then came the combat harvesters, which gruesomely converted the entire planet's population into biodrones.

All this was recorded by the Tyranny and the recording was implanted into a severely tortured Adamar, the governor of the world. Adamar was then sent by an experimental, one use, one way hyperdrive to Terrae, where in front of a council which was wondering what had happened to Danann, they received the answer that they could only have conceived in their nightmares.


As news seeped into the Grand Council of the Allied Terran Republic a state of emergency was declared throughout the Milky Way colonies of the Republic. Defenses around Terrae and the other Core Worlds were put on high alert as both the political and military council debated the news that Danann had been completely destroyed by the forces of the Drakodominatus Tyranny. Shocked at the treatment of the innocent world at the hands of these aggressors, the usually peaceful Councilor Elethien, leader of her people and the home they have now lost, spoke up. In an impassioned speech before her colleagues which was distributed to all corners of the Republic, the slender elven councilor spoke of the horrors inflicted on her peaceful people and the total carnage visited upon her world.

When her speech ended, she had moved many of the other councilors to tears while others fought back urges to slam on their desks in anger that they were unprepared for this attack. Thus, two votes were called. The first, an emergency vote to elect a wartime leader resulted in Elethien herself being elected temporary president of the e-democratic republic while the second called for an immediate declaration of war against the Drakodominatus Tyranny.

As soon as the last councilor read aloud her vote, the reality of the situation became clear. A single podium rose from the centre of the cavernous, circular council chamber. Striding gracefully, though sorrowfully up to it, Elethien spoke. "In accordance with the will of the Council and the people, I, Elethien of Danann do humbly take the position of President of the Allied Terran Republic. I will do my utmost to help the Republic during this time of conflict with every fibre of my being. As the first act of my presidency and according to the democratic will of the Council, the Republic will henceforth be in a state of war against the Drakodominatus Tyranny. Together with our allies, we will rise up and strike down those who dared attack us. We do this in memory of the billions dead on Danann. For a better galaxy! For a better future!"

Elethien's shouts were echoed by the other councilors and across the Republic and the fleets of the ATR prepared for war.


The Allied Terran Republic had dispatched an immense and powerful offensive force towards Danaan in an effort to reclaim it and show the Tyranny the power of the Allied Terran Republic. During this time, the DCP was busying showing the Tyranny it's power by launching countless super-weapons at the Tyranny on their shared border. Of course, the Tyranny had planned for both of these events and had a fearsome plan to make both these efforts backfire. Against the DCP, there was Operation Deathstorm, and against the Allied Terran Republic, there was Operation Soulcruhser. Operation Soulcrusher called for the Tyranny to leave only a token force defending Danaan for the ATR to defeat with it's vengeance fleet. Once this was done, the Tyranny would erect a real space and hyperspace blockade around the system and lay attack the encircled fleet while other Tyranny fleets prevented a breakthrough. They were to interdict the surrounded fleet so that the Tyranny would cause 100% casualties and after this was done and Operation Deathstorm was in effect, ask the ATR for peace. Of course, the ATR didn't know any of this.

Captain Broderick Westcott had worked his way up the ranks of the ATR's navy and after decades of illustrious service had earned the right to command the ATS Pablo Picasso, an Ériu-class Dreadnaught. Standing on the bridge, he inspected the rest of the fleet and chills ran down his spine when he saw the fleet in all of it's magnificence. Countless ATR ships, composing one of the largest fleets ever assembled, filled his field of vision. This fleet surely couldn't be stopped - it was a fleet that would teach those extragalactic Dominatus not to mess with Humanity! Broderick's wife had children had died on Danaan while they were vacationing there. He could not believe the cruelty and callousness of the Dominatus as he saw those closest to him be converted to biodrones in a process that made the scariest nightmare he had seem like an idyllic dream. His dreams were forever scarred by the mad lashing of the Combat Harvester's insides at his wife and children as they bound those he loved to lives of unimaginable pain devoted to serving the Tyranny.

Thinking about this, tears streamed down Broderick's cheek as he thought about the revenge he would get on the Dominatus. The entire Republic was united in rage against the Tyranny and the validation of their hopes rested on the fleet he was part of. Checking his status, he saw that the fleet was about to exit the system into Danaan and readied himself to slaughter the Dominatus pigs who dared invade the ATR. He counted down as he exited hyperspace and began to issue orders to his troops.

  • Broderick - Remember what they have done to humanity, teach them the price for their sins! Destroy them all!

Broderick's men cheered at this and assumed battle stations, ready for a fight that would earn back their dignity. As soon as the fleet exited hyperspace, they chanced upon the token Dominatus fleet left to defend the world.

  • Broderick - Fire Turbolasers as that Tyrant Class Cruiser! Reduce it to slag!

The combined turbo lasers of the battle fleet turned on the Dominatus and in a pitifully one-sided fight, defeated the vastly outnumbered Dominatus. At that point however, Broederick knew something was wrong. The fight was far too easy, surely these could not have been the same fleet that conquered the world. He knew from the videos that the Dominatus fleet was much larger and more powerful than the token garrison that the ATR fleet had completely destroyed. Through the entire crew, relief and joy turned to puzzlement and confusion on what to do next and thus, hailed Admiral Evelyn Ducote, commander of the ATS Marie Curie, a Sentinel Class Command Ship.

  • Broederick - Admiral, what do we do now?' Surely this isn't the main Dominatus force.
  • Evelyn - I can't reach command. Something is very wrong.

As if on queue, the main Dominatus force, led by an utterly massive Cerberus Class Devourer and armed with a large amount of Titans, forces which were scheduled for transfer to the front with the DCP appeared everywhere. Having scanned the area beforehand and having surveyed the current locations of the ATR's forces, they exited hyperspace with weapons already locked on the ATR's fleet, whose ships facing inside the system at the time.

  • Evelyn - Shit! We're encircled. Withdraw!

The Hyperdrives of the fleet revved up as they prepared to enter hyperspace, only to find out that they were stuck there. Indeed, a group of Interdictor Class Dreadnaught and they prevented any form of hyperspatial travel.

  • Broderick - It's not working!
  • Other Officer - We're trapped!
  • Evelyn - Fight them!

As soon as this command got out, Broderick noticed the first salvo of the Tyranny's weaponry making contact with the fleet, damaging many of the ATR's ships, which were still turning around to face the enemies who were coming from out of the system. The raging hyperlasers of the Tyranny combined to overload the shields and armor of many ATR vessels, and the Pablo Picasso felt the impact of this combined fire. Broderick turned his attention on a Kraken Class Dreadnaught, a monstrous ship which the engineers assured him the Ériu-class could match one on one. The Pablo Picasso turned on the Kraken and fired everything he had at it. Turbolaser bolts, Hypermatter torpedoes, and antiproton weaponry streaked throughout the darkness of space at the enemy dreadnaught . The first salvo did noticeable damage to the shielding, though the following barrage from the Kraken and the damage it did on Broderick's ship was testament to the fact that both ships were equally matched. Of course, what he didn't count on was the impact of a Bombard Class Dreadnaught on his ship. The Dominatus were aiming to disable and destroy the ATR's largest ships first and to later mop up the weaker ones. The direct hit from the Bombard Class, a ship which was quite literally a massive weapon, was enough to completely deplete the shields and inflict some damage. Broderick knew that his ship would not be able to survive another blast and ordered it to use whatever he had remaining to save Evelyn.

Despair and dread welled up in him as the Pablo Picasso destroyed a Subjugator Class Battleship which had been involved in fighting the Marie Curie as the knowledge that this was a losing battle set in. Before Broderick could fully contemplate this thought, another blast from the Kraken Class Dreadnaught destroyed most of his ship's systems, only leaving life support.

Broderick saw the rest of the fleet be destroyed or disabled by the Tyranny's fleet. It was strange to him how while this day was supposed to be a shining moment in human history, instead it was worse than anything they could have possibly imagined. It was so frustrating, that even though the Pablo Picasso could destroy a Kraken one-on-one that the given circumstances meant that the ATR fleet was much less effective than it normally would be. It was gruesome seeing so many of his friends and colleagues dead. It was hopeless - he had come here to avenge his beloved but instead his loss had only served to insult their memory even more.

Horsemen of Destiny, Human-Sindar Hybrid Overseers broke into the ship via Hellfire Class Heavy Dropships and Broderick could do nothing but watch them go through. Any resistance was met brutally by retribution from the 3.4-4 meter tall overseers, who towered over the baseline humans. However, he noted that humans who were too shellshocked to fight were merely ignored by the giants going through his ship. While combined weapons fire did take down some Overseers, it was clearly an unbalanced fight as the hyper-advanced super soldiers plowed through the ship. Soon enough, they had reached the bridge, where Broderick and his crew had assembled for a last stand. As soon as the doors were opened, they began firing at the Overseers, taking some of their number down via accurate and powerful fire. However, the Overseers responded in kind, first by return fire and second by melee combat, in which the humans were hopelessly outmatched. Broderick saw an Overseer crush his first mate's skull merely with a punch, but took the Overseer out with an extremely lucky and accurate shot. However, this did not save him from another overseer, who broke every bone in his body. Broderick saw this happen to the rest of his crew, and before blacking out from the pain saw one last thing - the Cerberus Class Devourer completely consume the ATS Marie Curie, ripping it apart via its foul tendrils and foundries, converting what had once been a symbol of hope among humanity into something for the Dominatus. With this sight firmly engraved in his head, he passed out.


On that dark day, the Allied Terran Republic had lost one of it's most sizable fleets. On a day that was supposed to be it's brightest - a supernova of human hope, it was instead it's darkest - an abyss of despair and despondency. The entire battle had been streamed to them by the Dominatus who had overridden the multimedia segments of the ATR. This was coupled with the news that the DCP were losing large swaths of territory and had been utterly decimated during the Tyranny's Operation Deathstorm. In a council chamber full of silence and mourning, of scared and grieving councilors, ready to proceed with the administration of a hopeless situation, the Dominatus issued an ultimatum to the Republic. The ultimatum was delivered by a 4 meter tall Horseman of Destiny, an Overeer of the rank Praetor, second only to the Overseer Dynast himself, an Overseer named Futility. Two times the size of every other person in the room, he proceeded to deliver his ultimatum.

  • Futility- Members of the Allied Terran Republic. You have fought well, but you have fought the impossible fight. Everywhere, your allies crumble and fall beneath our might. You, more than anyone, should know that we cannot be stopped. We are prepared to spare you our wrath if you agree to a ceasefire and a nonaggression pact. We do not ask you to bend knee and surrender, but instead to accept peace in our time. Upon acceptance of this treaty, all prisoners captured will be returned to the Allied Terran Republic. The Tyranny will not attack you if you do not attack the Tyranny. That is all we ask. If you do not comply, you will remember today as the one chance you had to escape oblivion. You have 24 hours to determine your fate.

Despair and desperation gripped the entire population of the Allied Terran Republic. Throughout their intergalactic empire, citizens faced their darkest days since the apocalyptic War of Ages. However, a unifying voice in the form of President Elethien brought hope back into their hearts. Echoing throughout the stars, her voice responded to the Tyranny's ultimatum.

  • Elethien: "No. Never. We will not relent! We will not bow to your wishes! We will use every fleet, every army, every weapon available to us down to our own fists to bring an end to your campaign of terror! Do you hear me?! No matter the cost we will drive you back to Mirus with every fibre of our beings. There is still power enough within our hearts and those of our allies to put an end to your aggressions against innocent lifeforms. I, President Elethien, swear this to you!

Throughout the Republic, cheers once again went up into the air. Everyone knew that the resulting conflict could mean the end of their civilisation, though Elethien gave them courage to fight another day. Meanwhile, elseware in the Milky Way, another faction of extragalactics prepared to make their first strike...


The rejection of the peace treaty came as a shock to Stahl, who wanted to be done with all non-essential sectors as soon as possible. Indeed, now he had to use a sizable fleet to subjugate the ATR, a fleet that could have been used to help decimate the DCP and make Operation Deathstorm go faster.

In the typical Dominatus strategy for subjugation, the Dominatus expanded across the entirety of the border of the ATR - like in all other galaxies, a cloak of black and gold moving to suffocate all those who tried to resist the Tyranny. It quickly became apparent to them that while their first brilliantly planned operation allowed them to curb stomp the ATR fleet that was sent their way, that conquering the ATR would be much harder. On the border worlds, the garrisons put up valorous fights, fighting until the end, and even when they were deprived of weapons, ramming their ships into the Tyranny's so as to damage the Tyranny's behemoths. On the ground, civilians did not just stand idly by but instead did everything they could to help the soldiers on the ground.

Their shouts of defiance and their fire, as well as their sound tactical choices defeated the Tyranny's less elite forces, namely Myrmidons and Arcanii even when the planetary defense forces were outnumbered, forcing the Tyranny to use their more limited supplies of Chiliarchs and Overseers and armor, diverting many of those away from the DCP front. While the power of Chiliarchs and Overseers could first cause massive panic and despair on the outside worlds, the inhabitants of the ATR recognized that it was not an impossible feat to cause many casualties to them if they could not be held of. As this went on, the core worlds began rebuilding the fleet, and enlistment skyrocketed with countless men joining the ranks of the ATR's navy.

This frustrated the Tyranny to no end, as no matter what they tried to do, no matter how many worlds they burnt down, no matter how many populations they exterminated and assimilated, the fighting spirit of the ATR never flagged. The Tyranny resorted to showing the unbroken inhabitants of the ATR that they indeed could be broken. Broken personnel of the ATR such as those captured during the Second Battle of Danaan were televised in their agony in massed torture sessions and forced by the pain to scream out to their brethren that they should give up. These husks, whose personalities had been removed by the foul and obscenely cruel agonies inflicted by the Tyranny instead served as a propaganda vehicle for the ATR. While they showed that the individuals of the ATR could be broken and turned into the Tyranny's drones, they compelled the forces of the ATR to fight on even harder to avoid such a horrid fate. They were a reminder of what would become of the human worlds if they lost, a reminder that the soldiers of the ATR fought for both their own future, and against a future of unspeakable terror.

On the worlds where the ATR was defeated, even when they recognized defeat, they did not go down without a fight. ATR soldiers crawled under the Tyranny's massive Steelhammer Class Main Battle Tanks with explosives and blew themselves under them, giving the vaunted armored phalanxes of the Tyranny, considered by some the most elite armored forces in the Gigaquadrant, bloody noses. Armored combat was a furious mess in which, even though the Tyranny came on top, defeating the marginally less powerful tanks of the ATR, the ATR commanders ended their lives by ramming their tanks into the Tyranny's and self-destructing. Infantry combat was also as ferocious as the ATR's infantry created mountains of destroyed Myrmidon and Arcanii dead, forcing the rarer Chiliarchs and Overseers to take action. While the Chiliarchs, the Tyranny's 4 meter tall shock troopers, and the Overseers, the Tyranny's resident super soldiers could defeat and dislodge the ATR's troops and overpower them through sheer brute force, the stubborn resistance of the ATR forced even them to gain a grudging respect for the sheer tenacity of their foes. On the world of Eiren, a series of explosives laid by retreating ATR forces destroyed one of their scorned cities, causing the rubble to destroy large amounts of Tyranny forces. On the world of Mamora, the Tyranny's overwhelming superiority in melee combat due to the size and super strength of each of their soldiers was countered by the fact that the ATR's troops began to carry directional explosives that triggered themselves at the times of their deaths.

However, perhaps the most inspirational of the ATR's stories was at the culmination of the battle of Lateri. While during that battle, the Tyranny succeeded in taking one of the ATR's most formidable fortresses, the Praetor Futility, the second most senior of the Overseers of the Horsemen of Destiny died of his own hubris and of the ATR's tenacity. At the conclusion of the battle, he held one of the ATR's soldiers in his iron, inescapable grip and drew him close in a choke-hold to his face. He pontificated on how it was the Tyranny's destiny to win and how all resistance was futile. The man in his hand was not a hero, not even an elite trooper, just an average ATR soldier who had enlisted to defend his family. When asked by the trooper if he could see the face of the "superior human", Futility, in his hubris agreed. As futility opened his mouth to eat the soldier, his arrogance was met by a grenade exploding in his mouth. This was streamed by his helmet's camera to the entirety of the Republic and while he died only moments later, it was a scene that crystallized the entire war.

By the end of September 2793, though the ATR was pushed to the brink, with fighting going on in some of it's innermost worlds, they could tell the Dominatus advance was halting. They could tell that the Dominatus offensives had finally lost the vast majority of their offensive momentum. During that month, no world was lost and the conflict stagnated into a stalemate for a while. Then, in coordination with it's DCP allies, the ATR began to launch a counterattack. At first, they only halted the Tyranny's attacks, then they began to retake the corpses of worlds which the Tyranny had taken from them. They gained momentum, especially as the Battle of the Deathstorm began, and by the beginning of 2794, they were not fighting to protect their worlds, but were past their pre-war border with the Tyranny, racing towards the Tyranny's Milky Way Capital.


The end of March 2794 saw the Dominatus pushed back in every extragalactic front they fought on. Their mighty offensives, which had pushed all their enemies to the brink of destruction, had failed. Indeed, now the enemies of the Tyranny where at the doorsteps of the Tyranny's galactic capitals and in the case of the Andromedans has already destroyed it. The allied thrust had the Delpha Coalition of Planets, Allied Terran Republic converge on the Tyranny's Milky Way Capital of Hades Prime. Supporting them, the Orion League, led by France took an island hopping route on sectors they had not cleared, cutting off Tyranny fleets and capturing important worlds. While the two forces would eventually converge and support each other during the battle of Hades Prime, prior to that, they had distinct objectives. The majority of the DCP's forces continued to search and destroy other Tyranny forces to help encircle Hades Prime. The force composed of the rest of the DCP's forces as well as the ATR's entire offensive made their way for the system of Chalcedon, a place that contained a nondescript black hole which was one of the last places that harbored a large Tyranny fleet.

Those who came to Chalcedon were grizzled veterans of the entire Milky Way campaign, men and women who had seen the Dominatus War from it's start and has seen how close the Dominatus had been to winning. They were men and women who had seen the untold and countless sacrifices given by their civilizations to ensure that they could live on another day. They had seen the monstrous and nigh-unspeakable price that they had paid to get to where they were now, and they would make good on the deaths of their worlds and brethren by soundly defeating what was essentially the last major Tyranny fleet in the Milky Way. Prior to them entering Chalcedon, the entire combined fleet listened to a speech from Elethien, who stood on the command bridge of the rechristened ATS Marie Curie, a Sentinel Class Command Ship whose previous iteration had been destroyed during the Second Battle of Danaan.

  • Elethien - We all remember the dark days of the last year, the days in which it looked like the unstoppable might of the Tyranny would crush every glimmer of our civilization. They were our twilight hours, where it seemed that our allies, no matter how mighty, would crumble beside us, and where it seemed there was nothing we could do to hold the tide. However, through efforts to which words cannot do justice, through bravery beyond that which we could write epics about, we stopped them, and we turned the tide. Now, we do battle to make good on those who have paid the ultimate price to contain the beast that we will ultimately subdue. We have almost thrown them back into Mirus, we have almost completely eradicated the taint that they have stained the Milky Way with. On this day, we stand shoulder to shoulder with our most trusted and powerful allies, at odds that favor us, not the Dominatus. We stand on the precipice of a Galaxy without Dominatus, let us turn take the penultimate step in turning that dream into a reality!

At that, the force entered the system, surveying it for the Tyranny's forces, which they knew to be somewhere in the system. The Tyranny forces, using the most extreme capabilities of their advanced technology, hid near the singularity of the black hole, ready to visit extreme destruction upon their enemies. The Dominatus Commander, Bellum Asphodel gave a last briefing to his fleet, headed by the Cerberus Class Devourer which had served to consume the original ATS Marie Curie during the Second Battle of Danaan. Furthermore, his force also included a few Eclipse Class Leviathans of the Titan Category of Tyranny ships, which battles had affirmed as being superior to anything the ATR could field. Supporting them were large amounts of Dominatus dreadnoughts as well as other support ships.

  • Bellum - Do not underestimate your foe. Do not think that because he is not of your stature, not of your enhanced mental capacity, and not of your strength, that he is any less dangerous than any foe we face. They are enemies which can only be beaten by complete extermination and destruction. No amount of intimidation or terror can make humanity bow down to our might, and it is folly to let the arrogance that formed our initial assumptions in the campaign cloud our judgements now.

Bellum's force did exit their cover and began blasting at the enemy force in the system with their full might. From the Black Hole's singularity, guided by their ultra-advanced computational systems, the combined technological fury of some of the Tyranny's most notable ships struck the ATR fleet. The apocalyptic firepower brought to the battle by the Tyranny's ships created large holes in the ATR's fleet, and after the initial salvo, the Tyranny's forces made a hyperspatial jump to the event horizon of the black hole so that their power would not any more be diminished by the relativistic effects of the black hole, which had served its purpose in allowing them to ambush the ATR.

The Dominatus surprise attack had consumed large chunks of the allied fleet, and it looked as if the Dominatus had a decisive advantage during this battle.The allied fleet reacted to this by retaliating with their full might. Turbolasers fired into the Tyranny's battle fleet, dealing severe damage to whatever it hit, destroying dreadnoughts with concentrated fire and obliterating smaller ships outright. The larger ships of the Dominatus however, namely the Eclipses and the Cerberus shrugged off whatever came their way and continued to inflict immense damage on the ATR's fleet.

However, the allied fleet did not buckle at this and instead fought on, using their valor and superior numbers to grind down the Dominatus technological superiority and surprise. The result was that as the battle went on, it appeared more and more as a stalemate, with every ship the Dominatus destroyed being repaid in full by the ATR's fearsome blasts. It looked like it would go on this way indefinitely, until finally, the extragalactic ally of the ATR finally arrived.

Battle of Chalcedon

The titanic battle rages in orbit.

Blasting forth from hyperspace, a massive fleet of triangular vessels of varying sizes entered the fray. At first, the Dominatus mistook these new arrivals as flying under the flag of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, though on closer inspection, the red-hued hulls identified them as New Cyrannian Republic vessels. Crackling forth from the cannons of the new arrivals, brilliant blue lances of energy shot across space and impacted against the nearest Tyranny vessels, destroying some, disabling others and damaging the rest. On the bridge of the CRS Tythóran, the command crew watched as Commodore Monoud made his way towards the main viewscreen, the usual blackness of space this time replaced by the grand spectacle of battle. Zooming past the viewports of the bridge, hundreds of Republic fighters entered the fray, harassing the massive Dominatus like a swarm of predatory wasps. Monoud sent a transmission to the allied fleet.

Monoud: Take heed allies, the Cyrannian Republic sends aid against these nightmarish brutes. Form up on my command and we will drive them all the way to Hades Prime!

In the midst of battle, cheers echoed across the ATR and DCP fleet, which broke off from their disparate broadsides against the Tyranny and took up positions behind the Republic lines. Leading the charge from his massive flagship, Monoud ordered all turbolasers to fire at the nearest Tyranny target. It seemed that space itself was ripped to shreds as the order was given with vast amounts of energy impacting against the nearest Dominatus ships. As the battle continued, the massive capital ships of both sides met eachother in historic broadsides sure to be the talk of military historians for decades to come as the massive Tyranny Eclipse Class Titans and the Cerberus Class Devourer previously invulnerable when facing ATR ships now met their match in the planet crushing Star Dreadnoughts of the Cyrannian Republic. Ships from both sides continued to fight each other to the bitter end, with over half of the Terran fleet falling to the Tyranny's unrelenting assault while even the Cyrannians lost a sizable chunk of their battlefleet. Ultimately however, it was the sheer size of the allied fleet as well as the timely aid of the New Republic that helped tip the battle in the favour of their allies.

When the last Tyranny ship exploded under the intense turbolaser bombardment, the battle was declared won. However, it came at a great cost. Over two million had lost their lives in the battle, though ultimately their sacrifice was not in vain. Throughout the galaxy, the victors of the battle were hailed as heroes who managed to not only survive a devastating Tyranny trap but win the day. On the bridge of the ATS Marie Curie, Elethien sighed heavily. The battle was over, but the true war to destroy the Dominatus was only just beginning.

The Battle for Hades PrimeEdit

Time pressed onwards and with it, the inevitable fall of the Dominatus' extragalactic holdings. In the Milky Way, with their battle fleets destroyed in the numerous brutal battles that had occurred, the Dominatus had been losing ground and had no way to stop it. The Tyrant's orders to have kept the Mirus fleets kept in Mirus to further the Tyranny's expansion there still stood as Dominatus Supreme Command realized that it would be a better use to keep them in Mirus and prepare for a defensive there as opposed to using them in a last ditch offensive against the Tyranny's enemies. Fortunately for the Tyranny, they had managed to preserve a large number of veterans from their various extragalactic campaigns by rotating them to Mirus before they were encircled and destroyed. However, some were kept stationed in those galaxies with express orders to delay the Tyranny's enemies for as long as possible so that Dominatus Mirus could develop more and the Tyranny would have more time to lick its wounds. On the world of Hades Prime in the Milky Way, Talos Mortis, one of the masterminds behind Operation Deathstorm and the commander in charge of the Siege of Horatorio waited, making ready his defenses and preparing his troops for their last stand against the Tyranny's enemies in the Milky Way. Concentric rings of defense, all the way from hyperspace to the systems edge to the very planet itself defined the Hades System and made clear that any attacker would suffer grievous casualties in their assault of the system. Despite this, Talos knew that the system would be lost eventually - the remaining defense fleet, the rest having retreated to Mirus stood guard, a shadow of its former self. It was a fleet that while still extremely powerful, could not hope to stand against the combined navies of the Allied Terran Republic, Delpha Coalition of Planets, Orion League, and the massive expeditionary force that the New Cyrannian Republic had sent.

When the battle commenced, the Tyranny's forces held those of the combined allies off for some time. The murderous defenses and the Tyranny's fleet conspired together to create 100% casualty rates for the first waves. The gutted wrecks of Star Destroyers, DCP Dreadnaughts, and Human Capital Ships were consumed by the massive Dominatus first strike, though as time went on continued reinforcements battered and broke through the Tyranny's lines. French aircraft ripped through the lines and surgically attacked the weak spots of the Tyranny's static defenses and ships, paving the way for Star Destroyers, Dreadnaughts, and DCP Gargantua and Obsidians to utterly ravage the Tyranny's defenses. In a system constantly illuminated by the power of countless exploding suns, despite the utterly monstrous casualties they inflicted, the Tyranny's line was eroded and broken. Time went on and as it did, the allies forces inched closer and closer to the planet, and eventually, at the cost of ships beyond count, had encircled it, preparing for an invasion of it.

When yet more ships had been brought down by Hades Prime's massive batteries and when the the planetary shields had finally been eroded, the allies began landing their troops under the cover of sustained orbital bombardment. Despite this, the first waves suffered complete casualties, marking the land with the destroyed husks of ATR walkers, DCP Canister Tanks as well as Human Ulysse Series tanks. Assaulting infantry were also cut to shreds, forming mounds of corpses as the Dominatus defenses attacked them. Only sustained air support - mostly composed of French Mirages, and sustained orbital bombardment could carve out a path for future waves, who still suffered enormous casualties at the hands of the Dominatus defenders. Dominatus trenches became scenes of fierce close combat fighting that clogged with the bodies of men and synthetics from both sides, and the endless killing fields of the planet, once only defined by a pervasive desolation and plainness, came to be defined by the rampant carnage of the battle. a DCP Regent named Qrodo, the oldest of the three brothers who had all secured high spots in the DCP's military was responsible for the main breakout from the killing fields, and was able to secure a safe landing zone for future reinforcements.

Weeks dragged on as the brutal land com at continued - Dominatus Steelhammers dueled with DCP Canister tanks and ATR walkers, while the new Warlord Class Heavy Tanks, which in armament and armor, outclassed anything else on the battlefield drew a heavy toll as well. Streaking ATGM missiles, projectiles, and bolts of energy defined the battlefield as vehicles from both sides were offered as a bloody sacrifice to both side's objectives. The grey ash of crushed skulls and bones flew by the hand of the wind of the planet, permeating everything in a legacy of death. Brave troops on both sides slogged on as mud they fought through the mud and slurry not made by rain but the blood and liquefied guts of both side's troopers. However, as time dragged on, the inevitable fate of the battle, that of an Allied Victory became clearer and clearer.

Mortis would not go down silently, and on the final day of hostilities, from his battered and broken citadel, gathered the last remaining Dominatus forces. The Sovereign Executor, who had already killed a Knight during Horatorio, wanted to taste the blood of a Regent, and ultimately end the bloodline of Qrodo, Brodo, and Grodo by killing the last of its remainder. On the final night, he positioned his last forces in ambush positions around the citadel, and waited for the strike. On a morning defined by the maddening crash of Mirage bombings and orbital bombardment, the allies began their final assault against the citadel. Extremely brutal and fierce fighting occurred as the ferocity of the fighting caused the teetering and wounded towers of the citadel to shatter, killing countless men from both sides. In the brutality of this fighting, bodies served as mortar for rubbles, and viscera as the cement for the debris. Time dragged on as the armies clashed, not as professional entities, but as savage beasts hellbent only on the destruction of the other side. In a microcosm of all of this, in the citadel's throne room, Qrodo final met Mortis.

Qrodo - Give up fiend, kneel and accept your fate at the hands of the DCP!
Mortis - Ahh, amusing … The Tyranny may have lost Plazith for now, but I will make sure you join your brothers in death.

Mortis unsheathed his massive greatsword, the one he had killed Qrodo's brother with on Horatorio, one whose hilt was covered by the carcass of the brother, and charged at Qrodo. Qrodo parried, but Mortis's impossible strength pushed him back. Qrodo tried to combat Mortis, but he faced the problem all those who faced a Dominatus in close combat faced - there were no weak or critical points. Qrodo's desperation intensified as Mortis strikes grew closer and closer to striking his body instead of being parried, and his sword began to give way under the immense strength of Mortis. Time passed, and Mortis eventually snapped the blade in half, and though Mortis was scarred and his armor torn by Qrodo's masterful counterstrokes, Qrodo became afraid as to what his fate would be. Mortis next strike came not from the sword, but from a massive set of biomass tendrils which impaled the now defenseless Qrodo against a column.

Mortis - Any last words, worm?

Qrodo realized then that he was about to die, and that his bloodline would cease to exist. This realization, coupled with his desperation, pushed him to gain powers that had as of yet been nascent. In a split second, pure beams of essence powered light emanated from his eyes and went straight to Mortis, the scintillating power given by the memory of his brothers overwhelming what remained of Mortis' shielding. Despite his complete incapacitation, Qrodo continued to concentrate his gaze on Mortis as the light disintegrated the Dominatus more and more. Mortis attempted to resist, his will compelling him to step forwards and finish off Qrodo before he was consumed and inched forward while his body was devoured by the light, which was luminous enough to be seen on the rest of the battlefield. Mortis, almost dead, attempted to raise his sword to finish Qrodo, but before he could plunge it down, Qrodo intensified his gaze and destroyed Mortis completely.

A DCP squad soon entered and found the dying Qrodo next to the husk of Mortis and came to his side.

Trooper - Sir, just wait a while, medical assistance is on the way.
Qrodo - Don't bother … I'm not going to make it.
Trooper - We won the battle, in no small part thanks to you. Hold on!

Qrodo felt himself quickly slipping from reality and knew this was the end.

Qrodo - Do not grieve for my passing, or that of my brothers. Make sure it means something. The Dominatus menace will not end here. It is not enough to evict them. We must eradicate them.

As Qrodo slipped into death, it dawned on the squad troopers that the easy part was over - the true war was just beginning.

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