The First ExchangeEdit

A Vampire Class Devastator, at 100 kilometers in length, entered the Ku-Rokti system, completely cloaked by its prototype sensors. On board it was Master Sergeant Mortrig Malevon, and he did not come here for conquest as he easily could. He came here to see his own flesh and blood.

Ameius was sleeping in his chamber. He was awakened by the sounds made by Mortig walking towards him. They had been deafened artificially, such that the others could not hear them, but Ameius himself could. Ameius woke up momentarily, to see a small note. Ameius got out of bed to sound the alarm. However, a stream of biomass from Mortrig stopped him as he grabbed Ameius and brought him back to his ship. Ameius protested, but Mortrig also muzzled him with biomass. They teleported back onto the ship. Ameius was placed in a stasis field in the middle of the bridge.

Mortrig - Now tell me, who am I?

Ameius - A Dominatus.

Mortrig - Correct, now tell me more about what kind of Dominatus I am?

Ameius - If you mean which of the sub-types, I don't know how to visually distinguish them. Except that Alphas are bigger, which you are not I think.

Mortrig - I see, now tell me what the Dominatus are. Then after that, tell me what you know about the Tyranny.

Ameius – The Dominatus are a sentient species from the Mirus galaxy. All but one of whose members are currently organized into the idiotically named "Drakodominatus Tyranny." I also know we result from a super-soldier serum being used on our prior species, the Drakodominatus.

Mortrig - Really, tell me how the name is idiotic.

Ameius - Why would you advertise that you are a tyranny? Wouldn't you want to pretend to be good? I also never answered your second question.

Mortrig - Answer it now.

Ameius - The Tyranny as an Empire from the Mirus Galaxy, most notable for its highly unethical practices including treating its massive slave population worse than many empires treat their food animals. They also have caused trillions of deaths in their time. Considered an extremely grave threat to the clients my empire is sworn to protect.

Mortrig - My my, you really are one of them now.

Ameius - Yes, I am. Now I assume you plan to kill me?

Mortrig - No, before I do that you must be shown something that perhaps will alter the way you think.

With that, Mortrig set sail for his estate world, something that he, and he alone, owned.

Ameius - I've already seen the look on the face of a freed slave. That's all I need to see.

The ship made due haste to the world, and they disembarked on it, to see a rolling, lush, paradise like temperate landscape. They beamed themselves down and rode Mortrig's steed down a road to what seemed to be a giant palace, as large as a city, made of polished marble.

Ameius - This is where you made innocent people suffer for their entire lives? Who are you by the way, I know you're a Dominatus, but more specifically.

Mortrig - There is no such thing as innocence, no such thing as right or wrong, merely the stronger and the weaker.

At that, they touched the Golden Gate, which was opened by two Hounds of Kuzushimasu overseers, who bowed at their master.

They eventually went down and went into the main hall, where Steel Exterminator Grox lined the hallways, as they settled on the dinner table.

Mortrig - Now tell me, what exactly is good, and what exactly is evil?

Ameius - Are you asking for a metaphysical grounding or a description of the moral code?

Mortrig - Whichever you believe to be most fitting.

Ameius - Goodness is founded upon altruism. The behavior, observed in wild animals and sentient beings, of putting the needs of others before yourself. Though it can also be expanded to include instances when you bring about the benefit of others whilst having a neutral or positive effect on your own well-being.

Mortrig - Now tell me, who gave you that definition?

Ameius - No one, word for word. It's compiled from one ethics class I've been attending daily, and statements from Lingur, Callanni, and Awesh, my primary caregivers.

Mortrig - Where are you enrolled in?

Ameius - Their top university. Lingur was advised that I be moved up to higher education. I was put in this one because they're trying to make me as good as they can, and it was the closest one to me. Now who are you? What is your name?

Mortrig - You will know in due time. It's good to see you still have your intellect, however what would have happened if you were constantly told that morality consisted of the exact opposite things.

Ameius - I would believe it, unless I saw clear evidence to the contrary. That's true of every position, and is not a good argument for morality not being that way.

Mortrig - Thus you make it the point that morality is contingent upon a point of authority informing you of a subjective viewpoint, correct?

Ameius - No. I have no idea what conclusions I would come to without any culture influencing me, and I doubt you do either.

Mortrig - An argument divided upon itself cannot stand Ameius. You just agreed to the fact that morals are subjective.

Mortrig - Now tell me, have they shown you an archive of "Tyranny War Criminals?"

Ameius - Yes, but It was very incomplete. They've not know you for that long. There was Archon Angrus, Abaddon Heimdall, Medusa Heimdall, Mortrig Malevon, and Vitaze Nasdtzectht.

Mortrig - Now tell me who I am?

Ameius - You're... Mortrig? Dad?

Mortrig - Welcome home son.

At that Mortrig deactivated the force field and opened his arms.

Ameius - Look, father, I'll hug you if you want, but I'm not going to become like you.

Ameius none the less hesitantly hugged his father.

Mortrig - Why don't you want to become like me? I have rule over a thousand worlds and a million ships. You could have more than the Aeoneoantrix could ever give you. A proper education, a good placement, some worlds to your name!

Ameius - That's 1,000 worlds of suffering people and a million ships to subjugate more. The only reason I might take a tyranny slave colony would be to lower their burden.

Mortrig - Son, why does their suffering matter so much to you, they are inferior beings. Do you care for the suffering of a bacterium?

Ameius - They're people. And I don't believe they're inferior in any meaningful way. We just happen to be bigger and smarter.

Mortrig - Do you imply that an Aeoneonatrix is the same as a Dominatus on the metaphysical level?

Ameius - I think so. But even if we weren't, that wouldn't necessarily mean we could do just anything we wanted to do to them. It’s their properties, and not how we compare to them, that determine their rights.

Mortrig then asked Ameius about his culinary preferences.

Mortrig - Do you like it raw or cooked?

Ameius - I go both ways. I like raw a tad more though.

Mortrig - Very well.

At that, Mortrig had an epic brought in, who was rather sentient, and looked at Ameius, and Mortrig quickly incapacitated it.

Mortrig - Finish it.

Ameius - Wait, is this thing sapient?

Mortrig - Does it matter? It is beneath us.

Ameius - It DEEPLY matters. Would you have no objection to something proportionately better than you eating you?

Mortrig - Such a problem does not arise, because we are Dominatus.

At that, Mortrig finally killed the epic, and had an overseer cut it up.

Mortrig - Care for some?

Ameius - Uhhhh.

He could not help but salivate at the beast.

Ameius - well I guess... it's already dead....

He could no longer resist the urge to begin eating.

Mortrig - No matter what happens, you are still a Dominatus.

Ameius - I know I'm a Dominatus. I just want to use that to help other people.

Mortrig - I see. So tell me, do you want to be one with the Tyranny or not?

Ameius - No, No, No, A million times no and never. Even If you take me back, I'll just find a way to get myself executed. Openly insults the Tyrant maybe or just throw my tests and fall in the bottom 10% of my year.

Mortrig - Standard Operating Procedure would be to kill you right now.

Ameius - You may do that if you wish. I'd rather die than be like you.

Mortrig - I will give you time to ponder what you have said and done, in the meantime, so we can keep in touch, here is a book.

He hands Ameius a book (put in explanation later.)

Mortrig - I will spare you for now so you have time to repent. I will now take you back to Ku-Rokti

Ameius - Really?

Mortrig - Take the book first.

Ameius tokes the book.

They then boarded the Vampire again and docked over Ku-Rokti, where Ameius was beamed down into a forest with the notebook. As quickly as Mortrig came, he left.

Ameius wondered what the note-book did. Would his father have bothered him a normal note-book? Or was it something else?

Notebook - This is your father. This notebook is a long range communications device. Anytime I want to talk with you or anytime you want to talk with me, this is the place to do it. Just write, and I’ll see it.

Ameius - Okay, Dad, this is Ameius Wildlight. Returning to bed, hoping I don't get caught.

Mortrig - Goodbye the… Wait. Wildlight?

Ameius - Lingur gave me his last name.

Mortrig - Why do you not adopt my own?

Ameius - Well, first, we didn't know who my father was. Second, that would raise suspicions as to my loyalties. Third, it’s almost the word "Malevolent."

Mortrig - Very well, till next time ... son.

Ameius - Until next time, Father. I'm sorry you couldn't have the son you wanted.

At that, Mortrig only stared at the book, and a single tear went down his face.

The second ExchangeEdit

Ameius - Hello, father.

Mortrig - Yes?

Ameius - I just got my first combat training session today. They had almost no idea what to do with my biomass, and in fact, my strength more broadly. I did learn a few things though. Just not as much as I wish I could have.

Mortrig - You can subconciously control your biomass when you eat, and do other things, you must funnel it into a conscious impulse.

Ameius - How do I do that?

Mortrig - It takes much practice, and a driving force to motivate your biomass. I cannot tell you every secret as you are an enemy combatant. But know that the reasoning for your biomass comes from your heart as much as your head.

Ameius - Okay.

Ameius - I have managed a few tricks, I can get a shield going fine. It’s tendrils I have a problem with. They're hard to control at times. But there are plenty of animals to practice on.

Mortrig - The tendrils are the most versatile tool, but for the tendrils, you must start slow and learn how to control that first. Only after you have mastered a few can you have more.

Ameius - Okay

Ameius - I nearly killed my sparing opponent.

Mortrig - I see, if you want additional training, just call me and I shall have you picked up.

Ameius - But once I've gotten too much, I doubt I'll get sent back.'

Mortrig - So do you want additional training, or not?

Ameius - Yes, but it's not worth the rest of your education, and what I’m afraid it might turn me into.

Mortrig - If that's the case you must continue your tutelage on your own.

Ameius - I know.

Mortrig - If that is so, I must both wish you failure as an enemy, and success, as your father.

Ameius - There was an entire section on how to kill a Dominatus. We’re considered categorically different than a normal enemy combatant.

Mortrig - hmm, what does it say about that, it should be rather interesting.

Ameius - It's considered impossible. The goal against a Dominatus isn't victory, it's escape. That goes both for individual battle, and when they attempt to conquer a client world. You're just supposed to just count the planet lost and try to get as many people off of it as you can.

Mortrig - That’s quite entertaining son, that probably elevates you to the stance of their best warrior already.

Ameius - Yes, I think it does. They also said that there's only one way it's been accomplished practically. By freezing them with Liquid nitrogen, and smashing them.

Mortrig - How do they know that?

Ameius - That's how they killed mom.

There was no writing for quite some time.

Ameius - Father, what was she like? I don't even know her name, and neither do they.

Mortrig - Son, she was a beautiful and smart woman with hundreds of systems to her name. Her name was Scyllis, and she was merely onboard your ship to facilitate your transfer back to the hypergate to take you back to Demogorgon Prime. She died protecting you, so you would not become like them.

Ameius - Lingur says almost the same thing, that he risked his life to protect me from becoming like you.

Mortrig - By killing your mother, then kidnapping you.

Ameius - Yes.

Mortrig - How does that elevate him to his moral high ground?

Ameius - Perhaps it does not.

Mortrig - In addition, he also assumes my place as father and raises you in a place not of your temperament.

Ameius - True.

Mortrig - By your moral code, he is a murderer, a kidnapper, and an impersonator.

Ameius – Yes, though he actually stopped me from calling him "father."

Mortrig - I see.

Ameius - In addition, he's the second best here.

Ameius - The others often assume I'll be evil merely based on my species, especially when they first meet me.

Mortrig - You are not evil, you are superior! Tell me, does he know who your father is?

Ameius - Yes, he knows. He actually tried to stop me from finding out. The less I identify as a Dominatus the better.

Mortrig - He really didn't want you to find out, he didn't want you to become one with your heritage, simply unacceptable.

Ameius - I'm not sure that I want to become one with my heritage. I've heard from Gondoo how you treat your slaves. I don't want to put anyone through that.

Mortrig - But it's inescapable you are bioengineered to be the perfect soldier, scientists and leader, the perfect warrior!

Ameius - That's not what I want to escape. Like I said, I heard from Gondoo what slaves are treated like. I don't want to treat people like that.

Mortrig - Who is Gondoo?

Ameius - I shouldn't say

Mortrig - Just do it, I’m your father.

Ameius - I guess they've not been trying to keep it secret. He's an escaped slave. From a nearby spa world.

Mortrig - I remember that world, though slaves are merely given ID numbers based on their work camps.

Ameius - They named him Gondoo Freefilght.

Mortrig - Well thats stupid, he's a slave, he doesn't deserve a name.

Ameius - They gave him full citizenship.

Mortrig - I see.

Mortrig - Anything else you wish to ask me about?

Ameius - Yes. You keep speaking as though, if I went through your education, I'd have millions of my own slaves. How would I control them? Do you plan to get new loyalty chips? Or would I just have to earn their devotion with fear or love?

Mortrig - Come to my world and i shall show you.

Ameius - Can you not tell me from here? Besides, I can't get there easily.

Mortrig - I will send a ship to you in the forest you landed, board it.

Ameius - Will I get to come back?

Mortrig - Yes

The ship touched down. Ameius got back on. The ship departed for Mortrig's world. The ship touched down on the world.

Ameius - Can we eat something dumber this time?

Mortrig - Very well son.

At that Mortrig called for an overseer to get a non-sapient epic.

Mortrig - Now here is the way we deal with slaves now.

Mortrig then showed Ameius a pen of Biodrone workers, all in storage.

Mortrig - Genetically encoding synthetically made organic organisms for loyalty to Dominatus.

Ameius - Made from the corpses of fallen slaves?

Mortrig - Anything organic really.

Mortrig then tossed the epic into a machine that ripped it apart, and from it's reduced components made a biodrone.

Ameuis - Anything?

Mortrig - yes

Ameius - Are biodrones sapient?

Mortrig - Define sapient.

Ameius - Understanding of philosophy. I think that's the best one I've heard.

Mortrig - Then these are not sapient.

Ameius - Another one might be something that, if it could communicate, you could converse with for an extended time.

Mortrig - Then these are not sapient.

Ameius - I guess it’s an improvement then.

Mortrig - Better yet, they require less maintenance.

Ameius - May I ask another question?

Mortrig - Yes

Ameius - Why are you counter-attacking the slaves? Why not try to offer them a peace agreement now that you don't need them to serve you?

Mortrig - Because we need the worlds, and we need them to pay.

Ameius - First, there are a million of you; you will be able to live on one planet for thousands of years to come. Second, you need them to pay just for escaping? Just for seeking reasonable lives?

Mortrig - They do not deserve lives, merely our rule.

Ameius - If they don't deserve lives, why do we?

Mortrig - Because we are Dominatus

Ameius - And what makes us special?

Mortrig - That is quite simple, we are the Dominatus, and we have the means to enforce that belief.

Ameius - What if another race was able to enforce that belief for them? Even if there isn't one, it's logically possible isn't it?

Mortrig - Then they would be the Dominatus, and we wouldn't deserve to live.

Ameius - And you're willing to accept that?

Mortrig - Of course, it’s what makes us Dominatus.

Ameius - And you'd submit to enslavement to such a race while they got their chips working again?

Mortrig - Does it matter? They'd be able to subjugate us anyway.

Ameius - But I assume you wouldn't punish the slaves had they all collectively said "well, the Dominatus are superior; let's just keep working for them in these horrible conditions until they get our loyalty chips working again."

Mortrig - However, we cannot take the risk, and that is effectively what we enforce with the biodrones.

Ameius - Right, but had they kept right on working, you'd not be killing them now right?

Mortrig - No we wouldn't.

Ameius - And I'd imagine you think they have a moral obligation to keep serving your will, because you can enforce it?

Mortrig - Yes, exactly.

Ameius - So you'd be obligated to accept what you give them because someone could enforce it?

Mortrig - Yes, however the problem does not arise.

Ameius - Lingur was able to take my egg correct?

Mortrig - Yes.

Ameius - So shouldn't you let him have me? That's what your absurdities reduce to.

Mortrig - Whats to prevent me from killing Lingur right now?

Ameius - You're several light-years away from Ku-Rokti.

Mortrig - What’s to prevent me from taking you into Dominatus custody right now?

Ameius - You care about me. You know I'd just get myself killed there, and you're willing to break they tyranny's laws and defy your ruler to keep giving me chances until I yield.

Ameius - That's why you are not in fact doing it.

Mortrig - Very well, if you do not seek a solution, I see I cannot help you more. Board the ship, we have nothing more to discuss.

Ameius - Wait, a solution to what?

Mortrig - A solution to being an Aeoneonatrix dog now!

Ameius - I'm hardly a dog; I'm one of their citizens.

Mortrig - Is there a difference? So is an escaped slave.

Ameius - How is what they're doing any different from your education? Would I not just be indoctrinated into being Medusa's loyal pet instead of Lingur's?

Mortrig - You'd learn everything there is to know, be everything you can be, serve your own race!

Ameius - I can be a good person. Something I would not be with you.

Mortrig - If that is your belief you cannot be saved. Go, now.

Ameius - Then why haven’t you killed me?

Mortrig didn't respond as a shuttle bay opened.

Mortrig - Go before I reconsider my disposition.

Ameius complied.

The Third ExchangeEdit

Ameius - Hello, Dad.
Mortrig - Yes, Ameius?
Ameius - I hear you destroyed a species and wrote my name with their corpses?
Mortrig - Your name is Nagatros Malevon, not Ameius... Wildlight.
Ameius - Nagatros?
Mortrig - That was the name your mother and I agreed on.
Ameius - Why did you kill them?
Mortrig - If I cannot have my own son, I will have several thousand more worlds.
Ameius - Dad, you can have me. You just can't have me and the Tyranny.
Mortrig - Do you presume that I would join the Aeoneonatrix?
Ameius - Ideally. Any other good empire is an option though.
Mortrig - I will join them when they answer to my rule.
Ameius - Their presidential elections are coming up. But I doubt that's what you had in mind.
Mortrig - What will you do if I subjugate them to my rule?
Ameius - There'd be nothing I could to.
Mortrig - Would you then join me and be the administrator of that region?
Ameius - If I could help them. But I wouldn't go through your "education" to get there.
Mortrig - If your will is that strong, then perhaps you should go through education and make your views from there.
Ameius - That's just it, it's NOT that strong. I couldn't withstand years of Dominatus education and come out the person I wanted to be.
Mortrig - You would be the person you should be, not a distorted Aeoneoantrix freak!
Ameius - I'd be like the rest of the Tyranny. A common thug, misusing my superiority.
Mortrig - I am glad they did not take that away from you, but what is superiority to be used for if other than domination.
Ameius - Stewardship, or something like that. If indeed they are lower, that just gives me the responsibility to protect them.
Mortrig - That is pathetic, they are meant to serve YOU, not the other way!
Ameius - The leader is the servant of the lead. That's why people generally prefer being in a government to anarchy. Because it should help them.
Mortrig - Where do you learn this nonsense?
Ameius - Where do you think? It was on their session on the ethics of leadership.
Mortrig - What is your courseload?
Ameius - 21 hours a day. The other 3 are split evenly between eating, sleeping, and recreation.
Mortrig - Very well, what else would you like to talk about?
Ameius - How does that compare to a typical Dominatus?
Mortrig - You would only get one hour of recreation where you are able to sleep, eating would be done through pills, there is no recreation.
Ameius - They don't want to be too hard on me. They do seem to struggle with their consciences about taking me.
Mortrig - Why wouldn't they be harder on you, you are a Dominatus, you can do anything!
Ameius - I'll tell them you said so, well, I'll tell them what you said. They treat anywhere I am like a quarantine zone. I must hear no evil and see no evil. Even my idea of being superior like a steward would make them freak.
Mortrig - The word of the parent then.
Mortrig - Well what subject are you specializing in?
Ameius - Combat. For when I'm unleashed in battle later. That's what they plan even if I turn out to be an Omega, though I technically can choose.
Mortrig - Your mother and I were both Betas, although as a Dominatus you will be a leader in any field you choose.
Ameius - You know it just occurred to me that you'd have destroyed the fascinating culture before it could be studied. That alone is something to object to.
Mortrig - It can be studied from the agglomerated neurological patterns of the biodrones we made of them.
Ameius - How much information does that give you?
Mortrig - Their cultural tradition, their literature, their art, everything.
Ameius - Interesting. How many are moral like the Aeoneonatrix? Like, what percent?
Mortrig - We do not know as of yet.
Ameius - Interesting.
Mortrig - Anything else?
Ameius - No. I love you Dad. I must sleep now.
Mortrig - Good night ... Nagatros.

The Fourth ExchangeEdit

Ameius - Hello, father.

Mortrig - What?

Ameius - I'll be full grown in a little over a month. Only 5 weeks left.

Mortrig - That is quite nice to know. However you have a few years left before your subtype is known.

Ameius - I know. But they plan to put me in battle then.

Mortrig - Against what enemies?

Ameius - It will vary, but the tyranny will be among them.

Mortrig - The best way to kill a Dominatus is with another Dominatus.

Ameius - I know. Dad, why do you side with the tyranny?

Mortrig - The better question is why not? You are one of the master race, one with a vast dominion that only increases.

Ameius - That's useless to me, I cannot do as I please with it. Unless they let me ask that the local empires remain unharmed, or at least not dead or brutally enslaved. So I will not in fact be imposing my will on my planet's races, but that of the tyranny.

Mortrig - You could do much more than you can do with the Aeoneonatrix. You will have your so called stewardship upon your legions of biodorones.

Ameius - Exactly, I would have to use biodrones. I would not control the planets that I owned. The tyranny would.

Mortrig - The biodrones would be under your jurisdiction, the overseers would be as well.

Ameius - What rules would exist as to what I'm allowed to do with them?

Mortrig - Merely have them meet the production quotas.

Ameius - Exactly. I don't really own the worlds. They're just a means of production for the tyranny. What freedom I would have is merely there to re-enforce the illusion that I'm any less of a slave than the overseers.

Mortrig - By that logic the only non slave is the Tyrant.

Ameius - That is exactly what I'm getting at. You are every bit as much a slave to the tyranny as Gondoo or Ikeben were. It just so happens that the work they need from you is more comfortable.

Mortrig - You really have been clouded by Aeoneoantrix stupidity to such a large extent. I have more power than your little empire many times over!

Ameius - Name one thing the tyrant couldn't order you to do if she wanted to.

Mortrig - Still call you my son.

Ameius - Dad I...

Mortrig - I grant you this book and all you try to do is infuse within me Aeoneonatrix propaganda. You are nothing more than a vessel for Lingur! You are a slave, worse than my biodrones. I see now that there is nothing about you that can be saved.

At that, the book closed.

Ameius - Dad I... I do want you, dad.

There was no response.

Lingur Encounters MortrigEdit

Lingur looked with awe at the planet below him, It was an Aeoneonatrix world like any other, and you would hardly know of its significance from the surface had you been born there and not been told. But this planet, Felrul, was significant indeed, because it was the first Aeoneonatrix colony in another galaxy. Lingur felt a deep sense of satisfaction at this accomplishment, though the look in his now girlfriend Callanni's eyes gave the impression that she was infinitely more delighted than even he.

They would not have long to enjoy this sight, however, as he was called to deal with a Dominatus attack on a nearby liberated Dominatus colony. As they hurried to the colony, he asked Ameius, who had not yet reached maturity and was thus not intended to participate in the battle, if he felt the same sense of satisfaction.

Ameius - It is quite exciting that we have colonies in other galaxies. However, how will we win against the Dominatus?
Lingur - That is yet to be decided. I have formulated in my mind plans to, rather crudely and dropishly, return that ship Gondoo came on to their home planet, but these are in their earliest stages and in all likelihood will not manifest in reality.

Mortrig Malevon had, stressed by his encounters with Ameius and his success in the Milky Way campaigns, been posted to the Bunsen Galaxy. His holdings still remained in the Milky Way, so he only brought 10,000 ships with him to Bunsen, leading an attack on a slave world as part of the Tyranny master plan.

As with all the other galaxies where this approach was proceeding well, the attack force steamrolled through the salves. The intimidating firepower of the Mark 2 Fleet utterly crushed everything that came into their way, using the full variety of Tyranny weaponry to blast everything that came into sight. Soon, the Dominatus started landing countless legions of Myrmidons on the Planets, supported by Steel Exterminator overseers. Mortrig himself led the charge, and soon his kill count was running into thousands of slaves. This was one of the most well defended slave planets in the galaxy, but the slaves were being utterly destroyed. Mortrig, possessed by his fury at having lost his son, eschewed long range weaponry and armor, only using biomass to utterly destroy the slaves.

The Vengeance arrived at the planet as the attack was occurring. It was all Awesh could do to get the ship to the surface where the Mark 2 fleet would not focus on it. Many Aeoneonatrix soldiers, including some Aestrom, exited the ship along with a few squads of defenders.

The Myrmidons kept on pressing forwards, surging through the lines of slaves, with Mortrig at the head. Combat Harvester Mark 2s also skimmed above, ripping slaves out and turning them into biodrones.

Normally the Aeoneonatrix's goal in these circumstances would be saving as many of the non-combatant slaves as possible. But the Shepherds had all been shot down within minutes by the Mark 2 fleet. It was clear all that could be done was to make this battle costly for the Dominatus, but even then there was no hope of rendering it not worth having fought.

Myrmidons were designed to be expendable, to be lost in the millions or billions in single battles, and they attacked all the slaves without mercy, also to be seen for the first times were the new biodrones, which were somewhat more elite than the Myrmidons.

Though the Vengeance had been landed to the East of the marching Tyranny soldiers, their modest force was not able to escape its detection as he had hoped. Upon seeing that this had occurred, Lingur ordered his force into a nearby cave that he hoped only a small part of the enemy force could enter at a time, hopefully robbing them of some of the advantage their greater numbers provided.

The Myrmidons were funneled into the cave where there numbers counted for nothing, and formed a heap of their dead.

Mortrig however, with his predatory sense, noticed Lingur, and ordered them to start using bioweapons in the cave. Soon enough, the necrosis weapons of the Tyranny were at work on the Aeoneonatrix troops.

Lingur ran towards the back of the cave, which he saw was rather large and complex, the size of a large town or small city even.

However, Mortrig wanted the kill for himself, and while many of the Aeoneonatrix were decaying, he alone entered the cave searching for Lingur.

Mortrig - Come out Lingur, slayer of my mate, and taker of my son.

Lingur had run toward the back of the cave, which he saw was rather large. He did not emerge from his hiding place as he heard Mortrig's pleas. Using his senses, Mortrig pinpointed Lingur’s location, and as Lingur turned around, he faced Mortrig.

Mortrig - There you are, little rodent!
Lingur - I am not a rodent, I'm a large, grazing animal.
Mortrig - All the same beneath my feet.

At that, a massive biomass spike came from Mortrig’s center, at Lingur. Lingur barely got out of the way in time.

Mortrig - I will make you lament the day you stole my son, your misery will know no bounds!
Lingur - Hence why you tried to kill me with that biomass spike, which would have been a pretty quick death. Got it, dumdum.

Mortrig was enraged beyond bounds by the Aeoneonatrix and this reflected itself in an increase in his sadism. Dozens of biomass tendrils broke out of his body, some ending with hooks and other tentacles and started slicing open Lingur's body. Though he tried to dodge them, he was overwhelmed by the massive flurry of them, each strike carving a stroke of Ameius name into his body. Soon enough, his body was being engulfed, as blood poured out of his wounds with the words Ameius.

Mortrig - You will regret that day for the rest of eternity!

Lingur saw a light at the end of a side-passage in the cave, he ran outside, hoping to get out and signal his ship. Mortrig followed him to the side passage as biomass tendrils continued to lacerate and eviscerate Lingur more, some of Lingur’s internal organs falling out. Lingur eventually got outside the cave. He finally collapsed onto the ground about 60 feet/18 meters away. He turned around and saw Mortrig approaching.

Mortrig - Time to end this charade.

At that, Mortrig gathered many biomass tendrils in the air and had them poised to strike at Lingur. Lingur looked up and saw a pile of rocks above the cave. Summoning all of the strength he has left, he pulled his blaster out of its holster and shot the lowest one, triggering a rock-slide. As the rocks piled on top of Mortrig, Lingur attempted to signal his ship, but was not able to press the button before blacking out. Mortrig, though he weathered the rockslide was unable to launch the final attack.

Lingur woke up later in a hospital on Felrul. He was still in intense pain. He saw Awesh and Callanni in the room, speaking to each other about him. Awesh looked over and saw him.

Awesh - He's awake! Look! Look! His eye is open!

Callanni saw this and quickly dashed over to him.

Callanni - Hey there.
Lingur - How long was I out?
Callanni - A few days. They ultimately had to replace 6 organs with mechanical versions. Your blood is likewise artificial.
Lingur - How did you find me? I was unable to signal the ship.
Awesh - Ameius found you, he was able to sniff you out after hearing the rock slide near the entrance to the cave he had heard you go into.
Lingur - How long until I'm expected to be fighting again?
Callanni - The doctors are not sure, but weeks to a month. It'll likely be after Ameius' first appearance in combat.
Lingur - I see.
Callanni - Well, you'd best eat something. Would you like to taste some of the native plants?
Lingur - Sure, give me a sampling of the ones you think I’ll like.
Callanni - Okay.

The Fifth ExchangeEdit

Ameius - Hello, father.

After waiting quite a while he got a reply.

Mortrig - Hello, Ameius

Ameius - You did... quite a number on Lingur today.

Mortrig - If not for that rockslide I would have done more.

Ameius - I know. As it is now, he's not expected to leave the hospital for a few weeks.

Mortrig - Good for him, tell him not to interfere with the business of the Tyranny.

Ameius - How can you expect a soldier not to interfere with another empire with conflicting interests?

Mortrig - If he supports the slaves, I see no reason not to open up hostilities with your kidnapper’s empire. I have a fleet poised for Ku-Rokti if you want that.

Ameius - I'd imagine you do. I actually would rather you didn't.

Mortrig - In fact, why should I not pay Lingur a visit at the hospital?

Ameius - Because you can still have me. He hasn't taken that.

Mortrig - If I kill him, what will you do?

Ameius - It would gain you nothing. If anything, it would push me away from joining the tyranny.

Mortrig - How so?

Ameius - One more person dead, and on I both knew and liked. I of all people have learned that that tends to sour one to a group of people.

Mortrig - And is it not impossible for you to join the Tyranny as of now?

Ameius - Yes.

Mortrig - Son, each day you stay there is another day that you will not be accepted as a Dominatus. Soon enough, the die will have been cast.

Ameius - What do you mean by that?

Mortrig - Soon enough you will be ABSOLUTELY beyond the point of redemption.

Ameius - Why is that?

Mortrig - Soon enough, Aeoneonatrix values will have destroyed all potential you have.

Ameius - Why should it be that I join the tyranny? Why can't you come here?

Mortrig - The Aeoneonatrix are repulsive, and I would not come there unless I was guaranteed to be their Tyrant.

Ameius - What is so repulsive about them?

Mortrig - The equality of all life, and their morals.

Ameius - They don't believe in the equality of all life, merely all sapient life, well, most of them, they do have racists. But just because they believe in the equality of all life doesn't mean you would have to. And what is so repulsive about their morals?

Mortrig - The fact that morals dictate what they do other than the other way around.

Ameius - What's the point of morals when they just match whatever you happen to choose to do?

Mortrig - Morals are a justification, not a set of rules.

Ameius - What is it that makes you feel you need to justify your conquests? Are you perhaps not as far gone as they say?

Mortrig - We don't need to justify it to ourselves, I just comment on how stupid on how your morals do not save that purpose. Perhaps you are the one who is too far gone.

Ameius - Maybe I am too far gone. Maybe you're completely right to have your conquests. But is that power worth more to you than your own son?

Mortrig - Are the Aeoneonatrix worth more than your race and father?

Ameius - No. If it were just a matter of leaving this planet, I'd go with you, especially considering I might be able to stay in contact with my friends here. What I'm not willing to give up is my status as a non-mass-murderer. Now you answer my question. Is the power you have as a tyranny Dominatus worth more than me?

Mortrig - NO, you answer my question first before I entertain yours! As a Dominatus you are a postsapient, you are to them what they are to non-sapient life. Killing them is like killing a non-sapient.

Ameius - No. It is their properties, not how I compare to them that decides their rights. By your logic, it is immoral for a predator to kill another creature because they are at the same level of consciousness.

Mortrig - Their properties are pathetic. You said that they are predicated on respect for sapient life, though that only applies to sapients. Nothing is immoral for a Dominatus except killing another Dominatus for no reason.

Ameius - Be clear for me, is it immoral for one of them to kill another one of them for no reason?

Mortrig - Is it immoral because it does not serve the interests of the Tyranny.

Ameius - Let's say the circumstances were such that it is neutral to the tyranny in the long-term. Would it be wrong?

Mortrig - It would be wrong because said circumstance would never exist. Again, right or wrong is based upon gains and losses. Each Dominatus lost is a large loss.

Ameius - Let's say the species will be destroyed by a super-nova before the tyranny encounters it. There is no effect on the tyranny. Would it be wrong?

Ameius - I don't want to chase this tangent any further. Answer my question. What is more important, power or me?

Mortrig - Power is, because you are not a Dominatus anymore. Power is, because that is what will allow me to mold you back into your destined form. Power is, because I am Mortrig Malevon, and as my son, you will always belong to me. Power is, because my son is already dead.

There was a long pause.

Ameius - Dad... Don't be like that. I want you. If I had no interest in being your son, I would have thrown this book away.

Mortrig - A son of mine is not a son of Lingur.

Ameius - I can give up Lingur. I'd miss him, but I'd get over it. What I cannot accept, is having to be a mass murderer. And that I must choose is YOUR fault, not Lingur's.

Mortrig - Perhaps I could assign you to research instead. Being a mass murderer as you put it is your choice. I do it simply because I don't really care. Expansion, not mass murder is the demand.

Ameius - Then we could terraform. There'd be no need to even disturb other civilizations.

Mortrig - If you are able to meet the colonization quotas and production quotas you would not need to.

Ameius - But what would that production go to? Besides, I have unusual gifts. Ideally I’d use them to help people too. Like a steward, as I have said.

Mortrig - The production would go to research and to more ships. If a steward would increase productivity I don't see why not.

Ameius - And where would those ships go? Conquests, that's where. But even if I could operate in the tyranny as I want to now. Dominatus education would prevent me from wanting to.

Mortrig - Then you will never be part of us. That is the truth if your mind is so bent.

Ameius - I don't want to be a part of your empire. You're the only one I want.

Mortrig - I will have you and the empire.

Ameius - How?

Mortrig - I will crush the slave revolt, then the Aeoneonatrix. Then you will join us.

Ameius - You think you will win my heart by killing more people?

Mortrig - You will join us or you will die.

Ameius - I would gladly die to avoid joining you. I will never abuse my power as you do, nor will I allow myself to be trained to.

Mortrig - You only hold that conviction because of Aeoneonatrix education, Tyranny education will make you forget all your stupid sentiments.

Ameius - Perhaps, but it is now not reversible except by events it prevents from occurring. It is you that must change, not me.

Mortrig - What makes me any more malleable than you?

Ameius - The fact that only I actually have to give up my ideals to cease enacting them. You can just decide you, as a member of the master race, have found it preferable not to exercise your natural rights because you care more about being able to raise your own son.

Mortrig - I do care about raising my own son, as a Dominatus, not an Aeoneonatrix mongrel.

Ameius - If I were like the Aeoneonatrix, I would not believe I was superior at all. I am still a Dominatus, just one of a different sort.

Mortrig - The ultimate in stewardship is done with biodrones. Not in serving as a shepherd for the inferior Aeoneonatrix dogs.

Ameius - What is so ultimate about the guiding of biodrones or their protection?

Mortrig - That they have already been shown a path, yet still need you to provide direction. It satisfies your rant on being a steward.

Ameius - I do not just pettily desire to guide a thing. I seek to act as a protector of life.

Mortrig - You will serve as a protector for your species first, and you will protect others once you have conquered everything for the Tyranny.

Ameius - They'd all be killed and/or turned into biodrones.

Mortrig - You still get to protect their vestigial remains.

Ameius - And you honestly think that'd be the same thing?

Mortrig - I'm just trying to justify that for you, I personally don't care.

Ameius - You seem to care very deeply about some part of the process of mass murder and conquest.

Mortrig - I am indifferent to mass murder, I do enjoy conquest though.

Ameius - I would too, had I not heard the tales of those it has victimized.

Mortrig - Does it look like I care about them?

Ameius - No, it does not.

Mortrig - Thus why do you care about them? They are prey.

Ameius - They are people. I have personally spoken to them.

Mortrig - They are numbers.

Ameius - No, they merely need to be counted on some occasions. They each have personalities, hopes, fears, and goals.

Mortrig - Each of which can be programmed into a biodrone.

Ameius - Maybe biodrones are people. Either way, the point is that the people you conquer have are real people who feel the suffering you bring. I've been told about it, and I don't want to put people through that.

Mortrig - Why do you care about the suffering of those lower than you? It is the paramount of Aeoneonatrix idiocy! You are superior not to serve the maggots of lower races, but the Dominatus! To give away that superiority in order to be a mere slave for them stands testament to the indoctrination the Aeoneonatrix have put you through.

Ameius - To be a slave is a position more glorious than yours. You are but a common thug.

Mortrig - Hmph do you view being a slave as the apex of your nature?

Ameius - No. I don't want to protect others because I am subjugated to their will, but because it is my duty as a member of the master race.

Mortrig - Is it the duty of the master to serve the slave? The mighty do as they please, the weak accommodate. The mighty do not give the weak the ability to do what they want.

Ameius - No, that is not the master's duty, but I am not their master in that sense.

Mortrig - Then you are but a slave.

At that, the book closed, Mortrig did not respond.

The Sixth ExchangeEdit

Ameius - I'm reaching my 100th day tomorrow, I'll be making my first appearance on the battlefield.

Mortrig - That’s quite good for you Ameius, except for the fact that you will be used against the Tyranny. Mark my words, you will be killed if you are deployed against a Tyranny educated Dominatus.

Ameius - I expect to fight Mardor on my first day.

Mortrig - Those weaklings?

Ameius - Yes.

Ameius - I wonder if they're tasty.

Mortrig - Hmph, have you learned how to speak High Demogorgon yet?

Ameius - No.

Mortrig - Hmph, so you are illiterate as well.

Ameius - Where would I have learned it? The only ones here who speak any Dominatus language are the Dorgitassi.

Mortrig - The Dorgitassi speak in the encoded language of slaves, just vestigial remnants of the loyalty chips. They do not speak in High Demogorgon, merely the gibberish of animals. You are even less of a Dominatus than I thought.

Ameius - And yet I'm your son. And you seem to be a Dominatus.

Mortrig - I am the model of a Dominatus. Why do you resist your culture so much, it is in your blood!

Ameius - Because a crucial part of my education was hearing stories from the Dorgitassi. I know what your culture is like better than you. I don't understand how anyone in their right mind could want it. Then again, you aren't in your right mind. You were raised from birth to be a loyal slave to Abbadnon Heimdall, and now Medusa has taken his place as your master.

Mortrig - I am in my right mind you ignorant whelp, even I've accomplished more than the Aeoneonatrix have a whole race. You are misguided not to submit yourself to the Tyranny. The very fact that you listen to slaves is pathetic.

Ameius - By the Cleanser, it's in your own words. SUBMIT. And you claim you are not a slave?

Mortrig - I am a god. The only thing preventing you from being killed right now is the belief that you can see reason your stupid excuse of a Dominatus You merely grovel to your inferiors asking for the completion of a life you will never have.

Ameius - It is you who cannot see reason. You are a slave who thinks he is free.

Mortrig - As a Dominatus, genocide, conquest, torture is all justified, you are exempt from all morals. You fool; the Dominatus are freest of all races.

Ameius - You fool! It is even called the tyranny.

Mortrig - And I am a tyrant whelp. It is only Tyranny for the biodrones. And even then we have freed them from the pain of choice.

Ameius - Please, go defy your master, openly and unanonamusly. See how it works out.

Mortrig was suddenly called away and could not continue the exchange.

Ameius' First BattleEdit

Ameius looked out the window into deep space. He was alerted to an Aeoneonatrix coming up to him. He turned and saw that this was Callanni.

Ameius - What are we needed for?
Callanni - We just got a distress signal. You see, one or two of the liberated Dominatus slave worlds have become our clients, and one of them is being attacked by Mardor.
Ameius - Very well, let us go to the world then. Can't let it fall to the Mardor.

The ship headed over to the planet under Mardor attack. The ship landed, and Ameius emerged along with several squads of Aeoneonatrix soldiers.

Ameius - What are the orders Callanni?

The soldiers went off in another direction, under their own varying orders.

Callanni - Work to destroy the attacking Mardor force, while minimizing casualties on our side. Protection is prioritized over destruction.

A squad of Mardor began firing on Ameius. Ameius, confident in his genetics as a Dominatus surged at the Mardor, although even fully matured he was only at 50% strength of a Dominatus, having not been put through the rigorous training that they had. Ameius’ body however shrugged off the lighter shells as he fired off his plasma cannon, which was quite accurate. The members of the squad that survived the blast began running away. Ameius however, felt quite hungry and started devouring the Mardor by sprinting at them. However, he noticed that the wounds he did sustain from higher caliber weaponry were not regenerating. The biomass wriggled around the wounds but did not repair them. Many more soldiers began firing as well. Ameius armor, not of Dominatus make continued to fail as he was also unable to use biomass armor. Slowly, the wounds began to mount as the pain forced him to lose grip of the plasma cannon. He tried to create a shield but was pushed back by this, until slaves with guns came to fire at the Mardor. The Mardor turned to the slaves, but they were being shot down one by one. After the Mardor were dead, one of the slaves looked up at Ameius.

Slave - Why... What are you doing on our side?
Ameius - I am not with the Tyranny, I hate them. Lingur took me as a child.
Slave - Woah... Well thanks I guess...
Ameius - You are welcome ... what did the Dominatus do to you?
Slave - Ships, I must have had a hand in 1000 of the things.
Ameius - Wow.
Slave - Well, we need to continue repelling these Mardor.
Ameius - Ok, let’s go!
Slave - Do you want us to back you up?
Ameius - Sure, let’s kick these Mardor out!

At that, Ameius starts going through the opposing Mardor, firing his plasma cannon proficiently while smashing apart the ones foolish enough to get into close combat range The Slaves provide a great deal of assistance. Ameius, supported by the slaves, continued to push back the Mardor to their landing zones.

A Mardor at the zone sees Ameius coming.

Mardor - OH CRAP! *Tosses gun aside* I surrender! Please don't eat me!

Ameius pondered on what to do. Ameius tried to follow the Aeoneonatrix teachings, but there was a growing hunger. It was his primal urge as a Dominatus to be the apex predator. Ameius’ kindness was taken on by his inbuilt Dominatus urges as a shadow engulfed his psyche, the shadow of Demogorgon Prime.

Ameius - You deserve this fiend!

At that, Ameius, in one giant gulp, consumes the Mardor. The Other Mardor ran away in horror. At that, Ameius rational side, his Aeoneonatrix side, returned.

Ameius - Oh, my Cleanser what have I done? I just killed an unarmed prisoner...

He quickly refocused on combat to get his mind off of it. It did not work. It pried at him as he destroyed the Mardor soldiers and ships. Soon the defense had been successful. Ameius got back on board the ship. He walked straight to his room, not wanting to talk to Callanni.

Callanni - *Knocks on door* Ameius open up, we both know I couldn't punish you if I wanted to.

Ameius opened the door.

Ameius - I wasn't rational, my instincts just took over.
Callanni - I see...
Ameius - Callanni, this is a big problem. If I can't control myself in battle, such that I kill an unarmed prisoner, how can I be trusted?

Callanni had no answer.

Ameius - What if both Cesterity and Gondoo are right? What if I am a monster by my nature, which can be suppressed at times, but cannot be fully made into a force for good?
Callanni - We can try to train this out... Or only employ you against non-edible enemies.
Ameius - But If I couldn't control my hunger here, what if I slip up against an ally, or Cleanser forbid, a civilian.
Callanni - Don't give up, we should be able to get rid of this.
Ameius - I guess so.
Callanni - Now, we're going back to Ku-Rokti.
Ameius - OK.

Ameius went back to his room once they arrived.

The Seventh ExchangeEdit

Ameius - Hello Father.

Mortrig - Hello Ameius

Ameius - I had my first battle today. I won.

Mortrig - Something tells me this was not a complete victory.

Ameius - The client planet was saved and the Mardor repelled, that aspect was not incomplete.

Mortrig - Yet something was missing.

Ameius - I ate a Mardor, well, I ate several, but this one had tossed his gun aside and was surrendering.

Mortrig - There is no escaping your heritage.

Ameius - I'm starting to wonder if you're right. My predator instinct just took over.

Mortrig - It is because I am right ... Beneath the facade of their "education" you are a Dominatus.

Ameius - Maybe I can't escape what I am...

Mortrig - Because you are and always will be a Dominatus There is no escaping that ... now join me.

Ameius - No. I can't do that. I still don't want to hurt people...

Mortrig - It is part of your nature to kill those lower than you.

Ameius - What does the universe need with such a being as me then?

Mortrig - The universe only needs us.

Ameius - I... I don't want to be a monster, dad.

Mortrig - You aren't a monster, you are a ruler! You are above such petty morals.

Ameius - It seems as though I don't always have a choice in the matter. Not when my nature takes over.

Mortrig - Which is why you should accept your nature and join me.

Ameius - No, if I come to the conclusion I cannot be redeemed, I'll just kill myself, unless you can give me a reason to join you.

Mortrig - The only way for redemption is to join us. Your mind can be purged of the Aeoneoantrix filth!

Nagatros - Maybe I shou...

Ameius - No, No, I can't do what you do.

Mortrig - Why not? Is it wrong to kill an ant?

Ameius - Ants don't think. Ants don't beg you to stop.

Mortrig - A Dominatus is a supersapient, a sapients pleas are an ant's sound of being crushed.

Ameius - If killing innocents is what it means to be part of the master race, I want nothing to do with it. But it seems what I want doesn't matter. I'm a slave to my nature.

Mortrig - An ant's innocence does not matter to a sapient, a sapient's innocence does not matter to a Dominatus.

Ameius - IT MATTERS TO ME! And I know sure as crap I'm a Dominatus, even when I wish I wasn't.

Mortrig - Hmph, to wish yourself not of the master race is yet more folly. You will find out, with each "sapient" you kill, how much of a Dominatus you are.

At that, the book closed.

Ameius - *talking to himself* You're right, I will. I sadly will.

The Eighth ExchangeEdit

Ameius - Give me your best pitch.

Mortrig - What do you mean?

Ameius - Why should I join you?

Mortrig - You should join the Tyranny because that is your destiny as a Dominatus.

Ameius - Why is it my destiny?

Mortrig - You are not one with any other race, the only acceptable state for you in life is with the Tyranny. A Dominatus only belongs with other Dominatus, not with the mongrel scum of other empires.

Ameius - Why?

Mortrig - Does a sapient belong with non sapients? Does a god exist to serve mortals?

Ameius - A God exists to govern them, to guide them, like The Watcher does perhaps. This is usually mutually beneficial.

Mortrig - Gods do not exist.

Ameius - I assumed that "god" referred to us.

Mortrig - Have we not already executed the act of supreme benevolence by taking away their free will? The weight of a decision is something their puny minds cannot bear.

Ameius - I've only rarely seen them have difficulty making decisions. I've never seen anything to suggest that they cannot bear it.

Mortrig - You perceive incorrectly then, the weight of free will is something that we deliver them from.

Ameius - They seem to be doing fine. I've never seen anything to suggest they cannot take this weight.

Mortrig - Yet we deliver them to supreme purpose, serving us. Their inability to comprehend that points to fault in decision making.

Ameius - How do you know it does not simply show that it is not really their purpose ?

Mortrig - Because we are Dominatus, and we are superior.

Ameius - How does it follow that they should serve us?

Mortrig - You already admitted you are above them. Is it not the destiny of the weak to serve the strong?

Ameius - I don't see any reason why it should be. It's intuitive, but I demand more than that to inflict the suffering that you inflict.

Mortrig - Why do you care about their suffering, are you not above such petty concern? Does a child care about the bug he squashes?

Ameius - No, I am not above such concerns. I have heard Gondoo's tales, and that of several more.

Mortrig - Does a child listen to the pleas of mercy of an insect? You only think this because you have been indoctrinated by them.

Ameius - Insects do not have the capacity to plea for mercy. Sapients do.

Mortrig - Pathetic how you soil your ears with their pleas.

Ameius - Why is their suffering less important than ours? Better question, why is it not important at all as you propose?

Mortrig - Because there pleas are merely the beating of the wings of a bee. The primal plea of those lesser than me for life. One I grant, with immortality through making them biodrones.

Ameius - I don't see how it follows that their suffering does not matter because they are lesser beings.

Mortrig - That is because you have been given the education of lesser beings. It is utterly irrelevant to me.

Ameius - Show me how it follows, then.

Mortrig - Alright, I'll assume you've been taught basic addition. Do you agree that 1 is to 0 as 2 is to 1

Ameius - Yes, but that does not prove that 1 is equal to 0.

Mortrig - Clearly you haven't learned to reason. Do you then agree that the difference in sentience quotient between a sapient and a non-sapient is the same as that between a supersapient and a sapient?

Ameius - Yes I have, but, as I believe I told you the first time we conversed, it should be their properties, and not how we compare to them, that determine their rights.

Mortrig - Simply stupid. Still wrong, you do not have empirical evidence for that. Therefore their properties are to us as the properties of a nonsapeint are to them.

Ameius - This is an ethical issue, evidence is not applicable. You also cannot prove that it is how we compare to them that matters.

Mortrig - Wrong, my statement is mathematical proven.

Ameius - How can you prove a value judgment? Have you never heard of the is-ought gap?

Mortrig - We have already proven it mathematically. *shows Ameius the proof* It is simply an epistemological calculation. David Hume has been proven false by Dominatus philosophers, your judgment is false.

Ameius - You can define a system of mathematics to prove anything, I believe I proved the planet Ku-Rokti was 7 meters from pole to pole once. Regardless, to slip a term into the conclusion that was in neither premise is to render a deductive argument invalid by definition.

Mortrig - Not unless part of the premises implied the conclusion as per a semantic relation.

Ameius - Yes, but that merely means you can use a synonym of a thing in place of the thing. Regardless, you cannot show that the tyranny is in the right without an ought premise, and those things are a pain to demonstrate.

Mortrig - It is a synonym of a relation between two things, pay attention. And given enough effort, anything is the synonym of a relation of something

Ameius - While such principles are good to troll the locals here with, they make philosophy impossible to perform and thus must be ignored. As it is, I can also make enslaving a sapient being a synonym of an immoral action.

Mortrig - Thus enforcing your will as a Dominauts to dictate morals.

Ameius - Hence, a dilemma. We are both Dominatus, yet I have dictated a different set of morals than you.

Mortrig - Something only Dominatus would be able to do.

Ameius - Why?

Mortrig - The problem is you are unable to enforce your set of morals. I on the other hand *points to biodrones* am.

Ameius - I'll remind Gondoo of that later, he's recently come under the impression that he escaped.

Mortrig - Very well son. By the way, I noticed you said you used your intelligence to toy with the Aeoneonatrix.

Ameius - Yes, Awesh is still trying to get over that proof I made that 9 = 99 = 999 = 9999 = 99999 etc. I'm thinking of just telling him what's wrong with it, I'm starting to feel sorry for him.

Mortrig - Very funny.

Ameius - Indeed, I've made a sport of slipping errors past Callanni in my mathematics assignments. It is the only way from keeping this stuff from being intolerably boring for how below me it is.

Mortrig - That means you belong with us

Ameius - Of course I do, but that has unacceptable implications at the moment.

Mortrig - Very well.

Ameius - As of now, I wish the tyranny was something I was willing to join, hence, why I asked you to try to give me your best pitch.

Mortrig - You are yet too illogical for me to pitch to you.

Ameius - Perhaps. As of now, I must contend with what I am here. I am not doing well. That incident with the Mardor has happened a few more times now. An Aeoneonatrix called Owler Steelnight has ensured I continue to be deployed despite this.

Mortrig - We shall discuss some other time, i have other things to attend to.

Ameius - Okay.

Ameius Battles the TyrannyEdit

On a distant outpost of the Tyranny, the Domiantus were in the process of constructing their infrastructure, and had left it unguarded with space forces. The skies burst open with the entry of Aeoneonatrix ships, which entered directly into the atmosphere. They were surprised that they had absolutely no resistance, and had almost absolute orbital superiority, although the world had already broadcasted for help.

In particular, the vengeance comes in, bearing Ameius, ready to fight directly against the tyranny, against his own race, for the first time.

"Are you sure you're ready for this?" Callanni asks.

"Yes," Ameius says, "I'm ready."

Awesh lands the ship and Ameius, along with several other units, is deployed. Lingur himself stays on board, however, not yet ready to face a Dominatus again. The Dominatus force on the world merely consisted of a few overseers and their units. They were in the process of creating biodrones of the world's civilians via combat harvesters. Ameius rushed up to the force, expecting a fight. However, instead of firing at Ameius, the forces in his area were made to cease fire on Ameius; however, they still continued blasting the other Aeoneonatrix forces.

Ameius doesn't notice this at first, but then realizes he's not being shot at. However, he realizes that Aeoneonatrix forces behind him are being utterly demolished.

Ameius, curious as to whether something is happening that he can use to his advantage, speaks to one of the overseers.

"Erm... Why aren't you firing at me?"

Overseer - My liege, you are a Dominatus.

Ameius - Wait, you're programmed not to fight me even if I'm fighting you? Are you also programmed to obey me?

Overseer - To obey the highest ranking Dominatus in the area? Yes.

Ameius - Alright then. I order you to stop firing.

Overseer - Cease Fire!

All the Dominatus units cease fire immediately.

Ameius - Also cease the biodroning process.

Overseer - Cease the operation of the combat harvesters.

The Combat Harvester operation ceases.

Ameius - Hmmm... Now lie down, and roll over.

The overseer does so.

Ameius - Alright then, go on over to the Aeoneonatrix and surrender yourselves as prisoners. Do anything they tell you to do and answer any question they ask truthfully. Take the orders of the Aeoneonatrix with the same weight you would give orders from me, unless and until I say otherwise.

Overseer - Very well.

The procession of overseers continues to march towards the ship.

Ameius - *turns to civilians,* I suggest you get going too.

The civilians start scurrying to the Aeoneonatrix ships. Right as they are about to enter the ships however, the sky rips open. Dominatus Mark 2 ships enter led by Warmaster Mortrig Malevon. Ameius notices the fleet.

Mortrig - Reverse the decision of my son.

The Mark 2s begin ravaging all the Aeoneonatrix ships with their massively superior firepower while Overseers start attacking Aeoneonatrix and Harvesters go after the civilians.

Ameius - Dad?

Mortrig - Doing this to the Mardor is fine, but against your own race ... that is utterly inacceptable.

Ameius turns to the Civilians "Run as fast as you can for the shepherds, those are the big round ones!"

The Mark 2s continued firing at the Aeoneonatrix, decimating them, while Mortrig beams down to the ground.

Ameius - You're all the same to me, agents attempting to destroy lives for their personal gain.

Mortrig - That is because only the gain of the Dominatus matters.

The ships continue destroying the Aeoneonatrix fleet, as the overseers fire on their ground forces. Ameius begins running from Mortrig.

Meanwhile, The Vengeance has gone into orbit, and the fleet is busy beaming the civilians into shepherds.

Lingur - Shepherds, retreat as soon as you reach full capacity!

Mortrig advances towards Ameius in full battle regalia, easily catching up as his ships continue firing at the worn down Aeoneoantrix fleet

Mortrig - Your last ships are in my sights, including the Vengeance, it is time your foolish race dies. At that Mortrig activates interdictors, making travel impossible.

Ameius discovers that a pile of grenades is right next to him, and knows he can commit suicide with them.

Ameius, summoning every ounce of his will, his strength, and his love for Lingur, Callanni, The Aeoneonatrix, and all sapient beings, wills a biomass tendril over to the grenades, and successfully gets in position to detonate them.

Ameius - Let them go.

Mortrig - Or what, those grenades won't kill me.

Ameius - I know, but they will kill me. If you want me to stay alive, let the Aeoneonatrix fleet and all of the remaining civilians go. That includes all of the Aeoneonatrix soldiers too.

Ameius has a look of determination on his face.

Mortrig was stuck in a dilemma, only 10 shepherds and the vengeance remained, but the Aeoneonatrix troops and civilians on the ground had to be biodroned as well.

Mortrig gave the signal for the interdictors to let go.

Ameius activates a communicator, "Lingur, GO!"

Lingur - Without you?

"I'd have to move away from the grenades," Ameius says, "If I do, He'll instantly resume attacking. Don't worry, he won't kill me, if he would, this wouldn't work at all."

Lingur hesitates, and then gives the order to retreat. The Aeoneonatrix ships leave.

Mortrig is possessed by complete and utter rage at this. Before Ameius can react; he uses his biomass to push Ameius away from the grenades into a nearby cliff face.

Ameius coughs and gets up. As he gets up, Mortrig begins pummeling him and utterly smashes him up, rendering him unconscious as he does not know how to regenerate fast.

Mortrig - Eternal Guardsmen, take him to my ship.

At that, in a group, the Eternal Guardsmen carry Ameius and drag him onto the ship

The Rescued SpeciesEdit

Lingur led his feeble remaining force of the Vengeance and 10 shepherds to Ku-Rokti. In all, he had saved 100,000 of the native species on the planet the tyranny had attacked. As the ships landed, the significant population was unloaded.

One of the Aeoneonatrix on the surface spoke to him as he left the Vengeance.

Aeon - Hello Lingur, what is this?
Lingur - A new species, we just barely stopped the tyranny from conquering them, and at great cost.
Aeon - Where is Ameius?
Lingur - As I said, at great cost.
Aeon - Sad news for any day. What is this species called?
Lingur - Well I never made time to ask, the one that they have agreed to have as their representative should be getting off the first shepherd, he will be expecting you to welcome him.
Aeon - Very well.

Indeed, the Alien walked out of the shepherd just as the Aeoneonatrix arrived to greet him.

Aeon - Hello Alien.
Alien - Umm.... Hello there.
Aeon - Tell me exactly, what was the situation like prior to Lingur saving you?
Alien - Well, these huge creatures were commanding even huger robots and slave drones to make us into more slave drones.
Aeon - Sounds like the Tyranny. Oh well, do you have any preferences for food or accommodations.
Alien - Do forgive me, this is all very sudden. We knew there might be something like you, but I didn't expect... any of this. Aliens man, frikin aliens.
Aeon - Generally, having your first contact be with the Tyranny gives you a bad impression of the universe.
Alien - Well we're just thankful you saved us...
Aeon - *Turns to Lingur* Lingur, the reports say that there was a force preventing you from leaving the area until Ameius communicated with you. Care to explain?
Lingur - Mortrig did something, other than that I'm not sure.
Aeon - I hope he’s okay.
Aeon - *Turns to Alien* Does your species have a name?
Alien - We call ourselves the Condalla.
Aeon - Alright, is there anything other than protection you need in particular?
Condalla - Well we rather like the water, are there any lakes around here? We prefer to live near those. Also, in case our mouths didn't give it away, we're filter feeders, so that lake need have some small plant particles in it.
Aeon - Alright, I think our worlds can provide.
Condalla - Thank you... This is all so much... you've been so kind. My name is Appelall.
Aeon - Welcome Appelall.
Appelall - It's so weird, even before the tyranny, we expected aliens to be more hostile. We didn't think benevolent empires would survive. Not in great numbers at least.
Aeon - I see, well this region, the Delcath Subsector is ruled by those who believe in benevolence.
Appelall - Thank you...
Aeon - However, it's not a very friendly universe, beyond the borders of Delcath lie those who seek to destroy life as we know it.
Appelall - I see... Well that sucks. Anyways, I'd like to do a tally of my race, see if we can account for who all survived.
Aeon - Only 100,000 survived, Appelall.
Appelall - I heard... This is so... I don't know. I was on my way home from buying the mobile phone, a new contraption for us; though I imagine you've had it for a while, and I see the ships come in and...
Aeon - Such has been the fate of the worlds that have fallen to them.
Appelall - I would guess... Can I not think about them right now actually...?
Aeon - What should we talk about then?
Appelall - Well... we're becoming citizens of your empire right?
Aeon - Yes.
Appelall - Thank... you for that. Anyways, what will that entail?
Aeon - Well, you'll be bound by our laws of course, though if this is ever a problem, talk to us. Your species will get four representatives on the council of species. You'll have all of the rights any other species here has. You can serve in the military, vote, run for offices, and much else.
Appelall - Well, okay then, Can you show is to the lake now?
Aeon - Sure.

Ameius Wakes UpEdit

Ameius wakes up in the darkness, but is soon is able to see given his Dominatus senses.

Ameius - Where am I?

A voice comes from the darkness, and it is that of one of the overseers.

Overseer - In Tagervris, the estate of Warmaster Mortrig Malevon.
Ameius - Alright then, may I get going?
Overseer - My master has commanded me otherwise.
Ameius - So I'm a prisoner then?
Overseer - Yes.

Ameius lays back and takes this in for a moment.

Ameius - Well, can we talk?
Overseer - Yes, my liege.
Ameius - Heh, so you still address me like your master even though I'm a prisoner?
Overseer - Yes, my liege.
Ameius - Heh, will you still lay down and roll over for me?
Overseer - No, my liege. I am restricted to taking and responding to queries, my liege.
Ameius - Alright then, tell me, do the Mark 2 ships have any weaknesses you know of?
Overseer - Overseers do not know of ship design.
Ameius - Do you know anything that might help the Aeoneonatrix or anyone else fight them?
Overseer - I suggest giving up. One cannot fight my masters.
Ameius - And yet Lingur was able to steal me.
Overseer - Only for a short time, you shall soon be with the Tyranny.
Ameius - So my father plans on educating me?
Overseer - To my knowledge, yes, my liege.
Ameius - Well that's just fantastic.
Overseer - Isn't it, my liege?
Ameius - I was being sarcastic.
Overseer - How can one be sarcastic about such a task?
Ameius - Well I used my mouth, but others might choose their own method.
Overseer - I meant that it is utterly incomprehensible for one to dislike the fact of being one with the Tyranny, my liege.
Ameius - Well I find the idea of causing the mass suffering of sapient beings appalling.
Overseer - Their suffering does not matter, in fact it is the suffering of a being that provides the power of a biodrone.
Ameius - Seriously?
Overseer - Seriously, my liege.
Ameius - Why do you serve the Dominatus?
Overseer - Because it is my purpose.
Ameius - Have you ever considered that you might have a crappy purpose?
Overseer - No it is not, i have the greatest purpose in the world.
Ameius - What makes you say that?
Overseer - Isn't it a self-evident truth?
Ameius - If it were, would people be so resistant to being enslaved?
Overseer - It is because of that the Dominauts are willing to go through the pain of making them see the light. Isn't that a supreme benevolence?
Ameius - I suppose it would be, if it were true.
Overseer - How can you oppose the fact that it is true?
Ameius - I see no reason to believe it, and it seems awfully convenient for the Dominatus that they and they alone just happen to be justified in enslaving all of these people.
Overseer - Oh, how your eyes must be opened.
Ameius - And I assume you will be helping me with that?
Overseer - Yes, I will assist my master to my utmost.
Ameius - Well I suppose I appreciate your devotion at least.
Overseer - Thank you very much, my liege.
Ameius - Say, I recognize that hissy, shrill voice that makes you want to punch whoever has it in the face. What type of overseer are you?
Overseer - Harbinger of Agony.
Ameius - Which race would that be?
Overseer - Mardor.
Ameius - I see... What is your name?
Overseer - I am F-1F390D2A-Punisher
Ameius - Alright then, Punisher it is. We can call each other by name if you want, perhaps you can call me "Master Wildlight?"
Punisher - It is entirely your choice, though that is a wierd nickname, Nagatros Malevon.
Ameius - Oh, right, that. Master Malevon will do then.
Punisher - Very well Master Malevon.
Ameius - So when will my father be coming in?
Punisher - I do not know, Master Malevon.
Ameius - Also, when and what will I be eating today?
Punisher - I do not know when, your father surely has something planned.
Ameius - Can you send someone out to ask? Does my father even know I've awoken?
Punisher - He will come in due time.

Ameius' Education BeginsEdit

Ameius heard the door open as 10 Steel Reaper overseers stood in an entourage.

Steel Reaper - Your father wants to meet with you.

Ameius - Aren't you so poisonous no life can be in the same room with you?

Steel Reaper - I am only 1% organic.

Ameius - Alright then. I'm ready to see my father.

The Steel Reapers bring Ameius to the central hall of the palace, where Mortrig waits for them.

Ameius - Hello, father.

Mortrig - Hello, son.

Ameius - Why am I being held?

Mortrig - You are not a prisoner, you are a student.

Ameius - So you plan to home-school me?

Mortrig - Until I can put you into Stanbridge, yes.

Ameius - Well I'd be more than happy to receive combat training.

Mortrig - That comes in tandem with your philosophy and ethics classes.

Ameius - Right... those.

Mortrig - As well as your biomass, regeneration, and pain tolerance training. A Class is happening as of now; here is a holograph of it.

The holograph plays.

Lecture - Hello class, this is the first lecture for ethics for the Dominatus. You are expected and required to treat all other Dominatus who perform their jobs adequately with utmost respect. However, Dominatus who exhibit non Dominatus qualities are to be shunned and ostracized until they can improve their performance. This carries from this academy all the way to after your graduation. Everyone else is merely a tool for you, and can be treated accordingly.

Ameius - Out of curiosity, have the Dominatus as of yet invented a device that can twirl my mustache for me so I can go on working without having to do it myself?

Mortrig - We do not have body hair.

Ameius - It's an expression, it means you are being obviously over-the-top evil.

Mortrig - Good and Evil are merely a matter of perspective.

Ameius - But also it is objectively the place of lesser beings to be dominated by the master race.

Mortrig - The only objective thing is this, might makes right so long as the mighty can enforce it. Ubkretzhven tyzvrenz daldiztrzcht,akristz chretzitk astz drigen Ubkretzhvenitcht hirtzkwaz Paznarkricktz ritz.

Ameius - Turn your translator back on.

Mortrig - Might makes right, so long as the might can enforce it.

Ameius - Perhaps you could teach me high Demogorgon?

Mortrig - Hmph, it would allow you to understand the lectures.

Ameius - How did the split between high and low demogorgon coma about anyway?

Mortrig - With the creation of the overseers, the Dominatus shifted into High Demogorgon while the overseers were able to learn Low Demogorgon.

Ameius - Alright then. By the way, may I make a request?

Mortrig - What?

Ameius - If you do conquer the Aeoneonatrix, please keep a relatively large breeding population of them alive, so that I may have one every day as a treat.

Mortrig - The problems that would come from that will no longer arise, after we are done here.

Ameius - What do you mean?

Mortrig - You and I both know the implications of eating an Aeoneonatrix, something I've learned when I have eaten some of them.

Ameius - Oh really, why what would those be?

Mortrig - That you keep their memories.

Ameius - Well of course, but why is that a problem?

Ameius made the most innocent face he could manage without looking like he was trying to look innocent.

Mortrig - IN your current state...

He sees Ameius face and then stops.

Mortrig - Never mind.

Ameius - So, I'll tell you what, I'll watch the rest of this lecture here, whilst you prepare for my combat training?

Mortrig - Very well, I’ll have the overseers watch you while you watch this. I have other things to do.

Mortrig - F-1F390D2A-Punisher, come with me to set training up in the plaza.

Punisher - Very well.

Mortrig - Go to the main plaza when you are done.

Ameius - Alright.

The overseer entered the training ground with Mortrig.

Mortrig - Observations?

Overseer - It is excellent how eager he is to become one with the tyranny. It seems his eyes are opening very quickly.

Mortrig - Hmph, I hope that he becomes sincere in his want to join us. If not, I will have provided those mongrels with a trained Dominatus.

Punisher - I do not think there is much to worry about, my liege. He seems eager to join the tyranny.

Mortrig - His demand to eat Aeoneonatrix means that his education will never be complete so long as he considers their mongrel customs memory.

Punisher - Oh... Are you saying you think that was his intention? To constantly remind himself of their values to stave off education?

Mortrig - Exactly. Of course, by the time he is done being educated, he will learn to disregard their memories.

Punisher - Of course, my liege. He will be one with you soon enough. I am just delighted to see this all is ending so well.

Mortrig - Agreed.

With that, the lecture was finished, and Ameius came in.

Ameius - I am ready to begin.

Mortrig - Very well. Hmm, before we do anything exotic, first come here. These are prisoners of war from the previous exchange, simply practice a punch.

Ameius pauses...

Ameius - Did you consider dummies? They are usually more renewable and easier to acquire, there's also less you could be doing with them instead.

Mortrig - Just do it, lest I reconsider my niceness.

Ameius hesitated further, but got in position.

Ameius - Err, hi there, I'm sorry. I kind of have to kill you.

One of the prisoners started running away.

Prisoner - Lord Wildlight? You are an Aeoneonatrix!

Ameius punched all of the targets with non-lethal force.

Mortrig - They are all still alive, kill them.

Ameius - Oh come now, what would be the point of that? Just so we couldn't use them for anything else?

Mortrig - Obey your father. This is to promote strength of character. Of course we can turn them into biodrones.

Ameius immediately crushed all of them to death.

Ameius - By the way, speaking of the biodrones, did you ever consider something other than suffering to power them? Batteries perhaps?

Mortrig - Suffering is an intrinsic emotion, and provides a great motive power source, batteries need to be recharged. Suffering does not. Now, We will repeat this exercise until I believe you have done it well enough.

Ameius - By the way, what is the nature of this suffering?

Mortrig - It uses the biochemical energies created by the suffering of a consciousness in order to create power.

Ameius - Does being a biodrone hurt physically, or is it the metal anguish they feel over being enslaved to people they hate?

Mortrig - At the highest level, all pain is the same.

Ameius smashes the next group of prisoners that come in.

Ameius - Yes, but I'd like to know the cause of the pain.

Mortrig - It adapts to whatever causes one the most anguish. Your mother developed the concept.

Ameius - Oh... I assumed a scientist had done it.

Mortrig - All Dominatus function as scientists and warriors.

Ameius - I see. Why suffering, why not happiness instead?

Mortrig - It is much easier to cause a negative emotion than a positive one.

Ameius - I'll tell you what, a way to power them with happiness with greater efficiency will be my own project if that's okay. Can I trust it would be implemented?

Mortrig - If you can do find a way to have it produce equal power, I would be indifferent to it.

Ameius smashes another group of prisoners.

Ameius - Always keep in mind game theory, father. Gratuitous malevolence is usually unwise.

Mortrig - Good and evil are merely concepts, if one way of doing something provides a larger amount of resources than another, it should be preferred. Good and evil are irrelevant.

Ameius smashes another group.

Ameius - Yes, but do keep in mind the reason that most species have a sense of morality. It is the same reason that the entire giga-quadrant is currently trying to kill you and not us. The same things that caused the Dominatus to conform to what is usually considered evil are the reasons everyone hates you and wants to kill you.

Ameius - Kill us and not them I mean. Them being the Aeoneonatrix.

Ameius resumes his innocent look and continues smashing.

Mortrig - It matters not what they think they shall all be under our heel in due time.

Ameius - It matters what they do and what they think influences that.

Mortrig - Your point is invalid because they do not act because of morality, but out of self-interest.

Ameius smashes another group of prisoners.

Mortrig - It is pragmatism, not idealism that decides people’s actions.

Ameius - It does not matter. The functional result is the same. If we act in a way that is considered "evil," we will be hated, and I of all people can confirm, we are hated.

Mortrig - They may hate us so long as they fear us. That is something I can confirm.

Ameius – Perhaps. Then again, if being a biodrone were an orgy of bliss and happiness, maybe they'd not be so hesitant.

Ameius smashed another group of prisoners.

Mortrig - A biodrone is not hesitant, it has no will.

Ameius - I meant people would be less hesitant to become biodrones. If I were some sapient and I could have my true purpose AND happiness, I would have little reason to resist.

Mortrig - It does not matter if we have combat harvesters, which we do.

Ameius - Dad, we are not in front of people we need to impress, we do not need to pretend the tyranny is invincible right now.

Mortrig - It may take months or years, but the Tyranny will conquer. Besides, we could just lie about happiness occurring as opposed to pain.

Ameius - True.

Ameius smashes a few more prisoners.

Mortrig - Continue this until I return.

Ameius - Okay.

Ameius waits for his father to leave the room. Mortrig had left Ameius in an unmonitored room so as to give him privacy. Ameius looks around with his Dominatus senses and confirms that no one and nothing is watching. With that, Ameius falls to his knees and begins crying over the innocent blood he has shed.

"Those people," he tormentingly thinks to himself, "they all had lives, and hopes and dreams. They all had others they loved, and others who loved them. They all had aspirations, they all had strengths, and they all had flaws." Though he had only known them for a second, he knew everyone had these things.

The next group of prisoners was sent into the room. Ameius paused.

"No," Ameius thought, "I have to keep up this charade. My only chance of survival is to convince them that I have become like them. Then again, by the end of their education, I probably will have."

Ameius smashed the prisoners, and began weeping more heavily. "And even if I do get out," he thought, "for them, the story is over."

Mortrig - It is time you learn how to regenerate.

Mortrig enters the room. Ameius was smashing the prisoners like nothing was happening, but on the inside, he was being tormented horrifically by his conscience.

Mortrig - You will do this for 3 hours every day, your quota is ...

Mortrig noticed the tears on the floor. Mortrig takes this into account and knows this is natural given Ameius time with the Aeoneonatrix.

Mortrig - You will kill 600 every hour for three hours, every day.

Ameius struggles, but keeps it all inside. Mortrig notices that Ameius is struggling but tolerates this, as he believes Ameius needs time to adjust.

Ameius - So what all will I be doing besides that? I specifically have combat in mind.

Mortrig - Mathematics, Physics, High Demogorgon, Ethics, Biomass, Pain Tolerance, everything. You will also be expected to kill the people needed in a way that i teach you as to teach you skill.

"Of course..." Ameius says. He quickly catches himself slipping and puts on his game face. "I do need to learn to kill lesser beings don't I..."

Mortrig - There are two reasons for this, you know the first, you will know the second soon enough.

Ameius - Please just spoil it for me.

Mortrig - You shall learn in due time.

In the ways of the DominatusEdit

As dawn broke over the estate world of Mortirg Malevon, Ameius was awoken by the overseers after completing his daily sleep cycle by Harbinger of Agony overseers.

Mortrig - It is time to lose the weakness of the flesh, it is time to start the road towards immunity from pain.
Ameius - I see.

At that, a stasis field was placed around Ameius, preventing him from moving.

Mortrig - We shall start according to the Dominatus curricula.
Ameius - So how exactly does this work?
Mortrig - Simple, as you shall soon see.

At that, Mortrig took an energy whip and hit Ameius with it, causing excruciating pain.

Ameius - Owww, what the hell?
Mortrig - This will go on for the rest of the hour.

For the rest of the hour, Mortrig attacked Ameius with the energy whips, sending waves of pain throughout the nervous system of Ameius. Ameius screamed in agony at each lash, part of the mandatory training of the Dominatus. The essence of agony ripped across his flesh, racking his mind and driving him to question the presence of a benevolent force in the universe. Yet far from each strike being driven with the intention of pain, each strike was made with the force of love. The red hot scars created were made because of the paternalism that Mortrig felt for the last one close to him. All his friends and family had been taken away, from the Unification Wars to the start of the Revolt, it seemed that the universe wanted to scheme against any sort of stability in his life. His training of Ameius to resist pain was made solely out of an intention to protect his son from whatever trials and tribulations would await him. It was with this in mind that Mortrig flogged Ameius for the rest of the hour.The stasis field ended as Ameius collapsed to the floor, still writhing in pain.

Ameius - Owww...
Mortrig - You will repeat this every day.The intensity of the pain will increase every day.
Ameius - No... Okay. I can take it.
Mortrig - Thats the spirit. Now to your regeneration training.
Ameius - Alright, how will this work?
Mortrig put Ameius into a stasis field again and struck at him with a sword, leaving a gash.
Ameius - *In extreme pain* I should have expected.
Mortrig - I will not strike you again, now focus your mind, and attempt regeneration.

Ameius concentrated all his will into the task of regenerating the gash, ever iota of his conscious thought being devoted to the sealing of his wound. While nature compelled the gash to open, leaking forth the viscous biomass inside him, he resisted it, urging with his mind regeneration from the gash. Mortrig watched as his son, bleeding from the hand of Mortrig tried with all of his will to regenerate. The flesh of Ameius erupted as the biomass tried to cover the wound, as the tendrils tried to sew together the damaged appendage. Ameius struggled with all his might, wracked in the pain of the wound which weeped biomass as he tried to cover it. it was ultimately to little avail, as he could only sew some parts of it together, while the rest of it remained open, a result typical of the first class of any Dominatus. Mortrig however, was prepared for this, and had an overseer on standby deliver immediate medical aid.

Mortrig - You and I will have lunch before we continue for more training.
Ameius - Let me guess, it's sapient and I have to kill it?
Mortrig - Yes, although this is not a combat challenge.
Mortrig - This epic is restrained and cannot fight back, now simply press a button, and it will die.
Ameius - Is it painfu... Nevermind, I don't want to know.

Ameius presses the button then quickly looks away. Mortrig forces Ameius to look as the Epic screams in pain and is killed by electric schock.

Ameius - Alright then... shall we begin eating?
Mortrig - Aye

Ameius runs up to the epic and begins eating.

Mortrig - No, we eat with class.

Mortrig and Ameius sat at a table while the Mardor Overseers carved up the epic.

Ameius - Of course. Forgive me. Back there my food was basically plopped in front of me.

Ameius sits down and they both began to eat the now served food.

Mortrig - Comments on your education so far?
Ameius - It hurts.But it's usually worth it
Mortrig - Which is why we will be moving to your intellectual education after this.
Ameius - Good. By the way, how does Biomass work from a neuromuscular standpoint?
Mortrig - Biomass is a synthetically engienered semisolid that can be controlled from the homogenously distributed neurological system of the Dominatus.
Ameius - I see. So, *cuts piece off of epic and eats it* anything you want to talk about over lunch?
Mortrig - I should tell you that I had to plead the case of not killing you to the Tyrant.

Ameius drops his fork

Ameius - Really?!
Mortrig - Yes.
Mortrig - Trust me, it was hard to convince the rest of the Tyranny to keep you alive.
Ameius - Why? I thought that issue was already settled?
Mortrig - It was quite a large debate in some circles of the Tyranny.
Ameius - Why?
Mortrig - The largest opponent of mine was Meshuggah Metallicus. Do you realize how bad a Dominatus in the hands of another empire is for the Tyranny?
Ameius - Well yes, of course, but I'm here right now.
Mortrig - Aye, but some believe that you have been corrupted too much.
Ameius - I see. So they're concerned I cannot be fixed?
Mortrig - Aye.
Ameius - I see. Who is this "Meshuggah Metallicus"
Mortrig - An Honor Guard currently posted in Andromeda, of the same relative rank as myself.
Ameius - I see. Is there any danger of this execution coming to pass?
Mortrig - I have argued it off for now.
Ameius - I see. Thank you.
Mortrig - The man is crazy.
Ameius - I see.
Ameius - Is that why you think he in particular is in favor of it?
Mortrig - Aye, he is a hardliner with no room for tolerance. I on the other hand am more liberal as Dominatus go.
Ameius - Liberal? What exactly do you mean by that?
Mortrig - It means that I am more tolerant.
Ameius - Of what?
Mortrig - If I thought like a conservative, I would have killed you after you fell into Aeoneonatrix hands.
Ameius - I see.
Ameius - By the way, do the Dominatus have storytellers of any sort?
Mortrig - Yes we do.
Ameius - I see. I might like to see a Tyranny novel.

Mortrig hands Ameius a Tyranny child's book.

Ameius - Thank you.
Mortrig - You are welcome.
Ameius - So, how many Dominatus would you estimate want me executed?
Mortrig - Several hundred which I know of.
Ameius - I see. How many were arguing with you against it?
Mortrig - Several Hundred.
Ameius - I see, so it's evenly matched?
Mortrig - Yes.
Ameius - What part of the total population would you guess supports it and opposes it?
Mortrig - Roughly half, and roughly half.
Ameius - I see.

Ameius ate the last bite of his meal.

Ameius - One last question, where do you think mom would have stood?
Mortrig - She would have ... had you killed.
Ameius - Really? Which of you would have had the final decision on that?
Mortrig - We'll never know now that she’s dead.
Ameius - Yeah...
Ameius - What exactly do you plan to do with Lingur? Once he's captured I mean?
Mortrig - He will pay for his transgressions.
Ameius - How?
Mortrig - You would not like to know as of now.
Ameius - Okay.
Ameius - Believe me, I am trying. All delusions of return to the Aeoneonatrix are gone from my mind. Even if I wanted it, and I don't especially, I know I couldn't. I have accepted what I am. I am a conqueror, and that is what I was destined to be. Mortrig - Pain is what awaits him.
Ameius - I guessed that much.
Ameius - Just save the brain for me. I'd like to eat it.
Mortrig - Aye.
Ameius - So are we done here?
Mortrig - Now to your education in mathematics.

The Destruction of the MardorEdit

A few days later, Ameius had just finished his morning drills, and killed another epic. He sat down to eat with his father.

Ameius - Is there any news on the state of the Mardor, father? Are they still doing battle with the Aeoneonatrix?

Mortrig - No, sadly, the battle ended with the Mardor being repelled.

Ameius tried to hide his feeling of delight, but he was not sure he had done it entirely.

Ameius - I see. So, do you have any other plans?

Mortrig - I will put them under my yoke in due time.

Ameius - I see.

The Cleansing of MortrigEdit

That night, Mortrig lied asleep, dreaming. In his dream, he was sitting at his own dinner table as he usually would with Ameius, but instead of Ameius, he was speaking with an alien looking figure about his size.

Figure - Tell me, Mortrig, how much do you know about Aeoneonatrix mythology?

Mortrig - I know they worship a god called "The Cleanser." They have a rite where their children sell their souls to him.

Figure - Tell me, do you think their god is real?

Mortrig - Of course not.

Figure - Why do you say that?

Mortrig - Gods do not exist.

Figure - Are you sure about that?

Mortrig - Yes.

Figure - Perhaps this "Cleanser" is an ascended being, has that occurred to you?

Mortrig - No. Why?

Figure - Did you know that some immortals can manipulate dreams?

Mortrig looked around until he found some writing. He looked at it, looked away, and then looked back. It had changed. That was a common sign used by lucid dreamers. Mortrig knew he was dreaming.

Mortrig - So you’re the god of the Aeoneonatrix?

Cleanser - Yep

Mortrig - Hmph, you look rather unimpressive... wait, that would mean... did Nagatros...?

Cleanser - A few hours after he hatched.

Mortrig pulled out a weapon and shot the figure with it. The figure was unharmed.

Cleanser - This is a dream Mortrig, I am quite safe from harm I assure you.

Mortrig - Damn you!

Cleanser - Oh come now, you must calm down.


Cleanser - He offered himself to me willingly.


Cleanser - He knew what he was doing.

Mortrig - Mark my words, Cleanser, I will find you, and I make you wish I would destroy you. You will learn a whole new meaning of pain at my hands!

Cleanser - Oh come now, you think I'll be stupid enough to let you remember this? As it is now, when you wake up, you won't know anything is amiss. Then, later, if Nagatros ever falls to you, I will cleanse him, and if he resists, I will kill him. Either way, he can never be a true Dominatus. He will never conquer a single world and never make a single discovery for the tyranny. You will never be his father and he will never be your son. He will either die, or spend his entire life as my loyal slave, helping, protecting, and serving other beings.

Mortrig - Burn... burn in the hottest most torturous fire ever conceived.

Cleanser - Hostile aren't we, and to think, I had meant to give you an offer which would absolve you of this situation.

Mortrig - What?

Mortrig is seething with unbelievable rage.

Cleanser - I will return Nagatros Malevon's soul to him. All I ask is that you give me yours.

Mortrig - No.

Cleanser - Why?

Mortrig - You'll just kill me.

Cleanser - We can put conditions on the deal. If you want to forbid me from killing you that's fine.

Mortrig - Then you'll control my mind.

Cleanser - Fine then, I can't kill you, and I can't make you do anything against your will. Do we have a deal? Think about it, he can live a nice, long life as a tyranny Dominatus, conquer worlds, expand the tyranny, and have everything you want him to have.

Mortrig thought for a moment. To sell one’s soul, to become a slave, was something he shouldn’t even be considering. And yet he was. He had to. Nagatros was at stake, and Mortrig cared more about his son than he cared about himself.

Mortrig - I'll… I’ll do it.

Cleanser - So then, I return ownership of Nagatros Malevon's soul to himself, and in exchange, you give me your soul, on the conditions that I may not kill you or force you to commit any action. Is that a deal?

Mortrig - Yes.

Cleanser - Excellent. Now, I do have a few things I'd like to do with that soul of yours.

Suddenly, Mortrig was in a production facility. He looked at his hands, he was a slave. As he stood, he felt the snap of a whip across his back. He keeled over in pain.

Mortrig - What the hell? I can't feel pain.

Cleanser - Actually you can. Your training has just made you able to tolerate any amount of pain you'll ever sense in your real body. I can adjust for that my manipulating your soul directly.

Mortrig said nothing in response.

He felt the whip again. He turned around. He saw a Drakodominatus.

Mortrig - When is this?

Cleanser - A while ago, before the loyalty chips.

Mortrig looked at the Drakodominatus. It was one of his subordinates. This one had died in the culling.

Mortrig spoke to him.

Mortrig - Stop whipping me, I am your superior, Mortrig Malevon.

The next whip is harder. Mortrig is having trouble dealing with the pain.

Drakodominatus - GET BACK TO WORK!

Mortrig - No.

Mortrig felt another whip.

Mortrig - Fi… Fine.

Mortrig turned around and began working. This kept up until night, when he went back to his quarters. He slept, and then awoke again; still, he had no regret for his actions.

As time went on, he eventually died, and was reborn in another body. This kept on going as he died again and again. His lot became much worse much worse after the overseers were invented. Sons of Hedon occasionally killed him, but the worst ones were always the Harbingers of Agony, still, he didn't feel even a twinge of remorse. Soon after that, he ended up on his own estate, serving himself. Tyranny production facilities were all essentially the same, so it didn’t really affect how much suffering he felt. He had a loyalty chip in him by this point, so he couldn't say anything. One day, he felt his chip go out. He was relieved to be free, but this did not translate into any guilt for his having inflicted the same sufferings upon others. He instantly ran, but was intercepted, and turned into a biodrone. As he sat there in agony, he heard the Cleanser's voice again.

Cleanser - How are you holding up?

Mortrig - It will take much more than this to break me.

Cleanser - I can wait.

Mortrig sat around as a biodrone for a few years. Eventually, he saw Ameius arrive. He had been spared the partial comprehension which was normal for a biodrone, so he was fully aware of what was going on around him. Not once, ever, did he feel any remorse for his actions. Eventually, the current date was reached, and the hallucination ended.

Cleanser - That's it, you're irredeemable! You're incapable of feeling any remorse for your actions.

Mortrig - Aye. Can I go now?

The Cleanser is visibly frustrated.

Cleanser - You will wake up in a second. Oh well, I may not have fixed you, but I still won the day.

Mortrig - Keep telling yourself that, whelp.

Cleanser - Heh, if only you knew.

Mortrig - Your attempts to induce concern in me are falling short, Cleanser.

Cleanser - Heh, you'll forget it in a few minutes, so I may as well tell you.

Mortrig - Tell me what?

Cleanser - Things which deal in souls are usually good at getting the best out of the deals they make. In this case, you asked me to reverse your son's dedication, but you should have asked me to reverse his indoctrination as well. Because you did not, and because he was carefully conditioned, all the way from birth, to always serve me and obey me unquestioningly, all I have to do is approach him and ask him to resell his soul to me, and he will. So in the end, I come out with both your soul, and his.

Mortrig - You monster...

Cleanser - Oh please, you allowed me to feed you a specific deal whose wording I had optimized for my own benefit. It's not my fault that you fell for it. By the way, the phrasing also allows me to prevent you from doing anything I want, because after all, all I agreed was that I couldn't MAKE you do anything, I can still prevent you from acting, resulting in you going limp and falling to the ground.

Mortrig - You...

Cleanser - Ta ta Mr. Malevon. I'll be seeing you again soon.

Suddenly, Mortrig awoke, remembering only the sufferings felt in the dream, but not anything to do with the Cleanser or his deal.

Ameius and the CleanserEdit

Ameius stood kneeling before the cleanser in his room. He had just resold his soul.

Cleanser - Alright, so you've been rededicated. I now own both you and your father's souls, and I can make him freeze up. That should allow you to escape.

Ameius - Thank you, master.

Cleanser - You are welcome.

Ameius - May I ask a question, master?

Cleanser - Yes.

Ameius - Do you plan to try to cleanse him again?

Cleanser - If I get a good idea as to how. He doesn't care about the suffering of any non-dominatus, and It will not be easy to change that.

Ameius - I see. Is there anything I can do to help?

Cleanser - There probably will be, but not yet. Now, return to the Aeoneonatrix.

Ameius - Yes, master.

In the Middle of the NightEdit

That night, after another hard day of training, Ameius set about doing as the Cleanser had commanded. There was a ship outside which Ameius would be able to use. All he had to do was get outside to it and enter it without either Mortrig or an overseer deactivating it.

After he was sure that his father was asleep, he stealthily crept out of bed. He knew the Cleanser was preventing some of the systems designed to prevent his escape from working, but he still needed to be careful, as it was best if the Cleanser did not intervene enough to make obvious that immortal activity had taken place. Ameius quietly opened the door. He knew Punisher would be nearby. Stopping him from doing anything to alert Mortrig was Ameius' first order of business.

As Ameius left, he saw that Punisher was right outside of his room. Ameius quickly hurled a tendril at Punisher to restrain him. He felt a tad guilty as he did this, as he knew Punisher would face horrid torments for allowing him to escape, but he could not concern himself with that.

Ameius knew his tendril would only last a second, so he advanced towards Punisher and was able to knock him out.

He quickly ran through the house. He planned his route carefully, so as to minimize the number of overseers he crossed paths with. He had been planning this for a while, and so he had asked them about their rounds. He was able to take each overseer by surprise, and overpower them quickly.

Eventually, he was able to get outside. The space around Mortrig’s palace was beautiful. Its landscape was plotted to mathematical perfection, maintained by the blood and agony many slaves and later, biodrones, to ensure that it was a place of astounding beauty.

Now, all he needed to do was unlock the ship. It wasn’t a war ship by any means, merely a transport vehicle. It was small, only meant to carry small groups of Dominatus and overseers. Mortrig had been teaching Ameius to drive it. He was confident that he could manage the trip to Ku-Rokti. Ameius input the code to unlock it, but then, he heard a voice behind him.

Mortrig - What are you doing up, son?

Ameius felt a sudden burst of surprise and fear. He could tell by the look on Mortrig’s face that he was angry, and intended to punish him.

Ameius - Oh, uh, hi, uh, dad. What are you doing up?

Mortrig - Your trotting about has activated an alarm. I was just up to check on you, so, may I ask why you are out and about despite my orders, and what you are doing out here?

Ameius had no answer. He closed his eyes and prayed one word silently. "Now."

Suddenly, Mortrig collapsed onto the ground below, totally immobile.

Ameius - I'm sorry, Dad, but I have to leave now.

Mortrig tried to command the ship to deactivate, but he could not. Ameius ran in, and set a course for Ku-Rokti.

As he turned around, he looked at his father's beautiful estate, a place where countless people suffered in horrible agony on a constant basis. He felt a little bad. He loved his father, but at the same time, he had to do the right thing. He had to leave, before his father could corrupt him.

He settled into the ship's chair, and waited for its arrival in the Aeoneonatrix Empire.

The Return HomeEdit

Pausac sat at her desk, as usual, monitoring the skies above Ku-Rokti. Her work-space wasn't very comfortable, and was, in fact, nearly entirely utilitarian in design, but it was decorated with a picture of her husband and son. Suddenly, a ship came into view.

Pausac sprang into action. She hailed the vessel.

Pausac - Hello, you are flying in Aeoneonatrix Space. Please identify yourself and state your purpose.

Ameius - This is Nagatro... Ameius Wildlight. I'm just returning home.

Pausac’s jaw dropped.

Pausac - Ameius?

Ameius - Yes. I hope I’m still welcome?

Pausac was very surprised at first, but once that no longer overwhelmed her, she was delighted. Everyone who had liked Ameius before had missed him, and seeing him back was truly wonderful.

Pausac - Well then, welcome. You are cleared to land.

Ameius - Thank you.

Ameius landed. As he exited the ship, he looked around. He hadn't seen this place in well over a year. It lacked any of the aesthetic qualities of Mortrig's estate, but, at that moment, it was more beautiful to him than that planet could ever hope to be.

He exited the ship. Another Aeoneonatrix was there to greet him.

Aeon - Welcome back Ameius!

Ameius - Thank you. When will Lingur and Callanni be along?

Aeon - They've already been called. I understand that there's a lot of catching up to do.

Ameius - Indeed.

A few minutes later, Lingur, Callanni, and Awesh pulled up in their car.

Looks of delight spread across all of their faces as they saw Ameius. Lingur ran out of his car, and up to his adopted son. He hugged him with great force.

Lingur - Ameius!

Ameius - Hello, Lingur.

Lingur - I'm so happy to see you.

Ameius - I know. I'd imagine. So, shall we speak here or should we go somewhere more appropriate to catch up?

Lingur - We shall return to your old room.

Ameius - Okay.

With great happiness in the air around them, the three Aeoneonatrix drove to the facility where Ameius had been kept before. They arrived about ten minutes before Ameius did, as he had to walk.

The large door opened, and Ameius went in. He sat down on his bed.

Ameius - So, is there anything to tell me?

Lingur - Well, for one thing, Callanni and I are going to marry.

Ameius - That's amazing!

Lingur - Indeed. In addition, the Mardor have been destroyed.

Ameius settled back further on the bed. It was nowhere near as comfortable as the one Mortrig had given him. Indeed, his whole room was far less luxurious than at the Malevon estate.

Ameius - I heard. I also heard about the elections, and the terpshiore.

Lingur - I see. Is there anything you'd like to know?

Ameius smiled.

Ameius - Well, how did the elections turn out?

Lingur took on a flat look, and spoke as though trying to answer the question and move on as quickly as possible.

Lingur - Nowuro.

Ameius looked up from the bed, somewhat disappointed.

Ameius - Oh.

Lingur - Yes. He has already instituted tax discrimination against the undedicated, as well as barred them from voting and holding public office.

A look of concern flashed across Ameius' face.

Ameius - Well, things can only work out so well I suppose.

Having put it out of his mind, Ameius suddenly took on a different look. He now spoke with hesitance.

Ameius - If I may ask, what has become of Gondoo?

Lingur - He still works at the spa, though he has been promoted. He's planning to move back to Candleflame palace with us, though he's made plans to simply work at a branch of the same spa in that area.

Ameius - I see.

After briefly showing interest, and sadness, knowing that Gondoo probably still hated him, Ameius now took on a happier look.

Ameius - By the way, would you like me to give you some information which may help you improve my training here? It won't be up to Dominatus standards, but it can be better.

Lingur - Of course, in fact, anything at all you've learned about the Tyranny as of late would be good.

Ameius - I see.

Ameius’ face now showed slightly mischievous glee.

Ameius - I do plan to tell all, do not worry.

Lingur returned the look.

Lingur - Great.

Lingur now took on a curious expression.

Lingur - If I may ask, though, how did you ever escape?

Ameius - Oh, well, apparently the Cleanser was able to get my Father's soul. He froze him and prevented him from keeping me away.

Lingur - I see.

Lingur looked joyful to see that answer, perhaps merely because his master had been mentioned at all.

Ameius - So then, what's for dinner?

Callanni - Oh, the creatures are being brought in right now.

Ameius - I see.

Ameius lied back on the bed. It was good to be home again.


Mortrig sat at his dinner table. He was livid at his son. That abandonment would not doubt soon lead to the stripping of his title. This fact somehow managed to over-shadow the still more urgent matter of why he just collapsed and was rendered unable to act against his son's escape. He had been through medical examinations, and nothing wrong was detected with him. He couldn't stop his work. The Tyranny needed him right now, but he needed to deal with what was happening.

Back Into ActionEdit

The Vengeance hovered over a tribal Planet in the Bunsen Galaxy. It was in the midst of Tyranny conquest. Though it'd been a while since he returned, this was the first time Ameius had gone back into combat with the Tyranny. It was similar to the first time around.

Ameius looked down and beheld the beauty the tyranny was planning to corrupt. There was no Dominatus on-planet, merely overseers.

Ameius contemplated. He wasn’t very worried about being captured again. Ameius had a strategy in mind to do better than before. Nonetheless, he felt powerful emotion about what he was about to do. He was opposing his own people. No, he wasn't. The Aeoneonatrix were his people. Ameius knew this, but it didn't quell his emotions. He wished he could find a way to bring not only his father, but his entire race, to the light, and to show them that conquest, slavery, and cruelty were not the way. There was no such method, though, and Ameius knew that. He had to be content with eliminating the threat his kind presented.

As the ship landed, Lingur ordered Ameius out.

Ameius leapt into action. He ran out of the ship and immediately began to use the overseer's programming against them. He had very little time before Mortrig arrived like before, or perhaps another Dominatus, and if he wasn’t done, the people would be taken, along with him and all of the Aeoneonatrix accompanying him.

Ameius - Attention, Overseers. Cease all operation of combat harvesters, and euthanize any new biodrones who have been created, as well as any old ones who are currently on-planet. Do not fire on any Aeoneonatrix soldiers or in any way harm either them or the local population.

Things were going well. Just as last time, the overseers mindlessly followed their programming and obeyed Ameius. Ameius was beginning to think it would work out.

Lead Overseer - Cease combat harvester operations, cease fire on enemy infantry! Destroy all biodrones, but do not further harm the local population.

Ameius - Now, destroy all combat harvesters on the planet.

The overseer in charge instructed his forces likewise, and the combat harvesters were soon gone. Not too many had been deployed, as this world's sapient race only inhabited a small part of it. Still, the main threat was gone. It was time to remove the population.

Ameius activated his communicator.

Ameius - Now, Lingur.

Lingur - On it.

Lingur ordered Awesh to begin beaming the populous of the planet into shepherds. The planet itself was still assumed lost, and Ameius only had a few minutes left before Tyranny forces arrived.

Ameius - Now, if you have finished destroying all of the combat harvesters in your area, have all but the highest ranking overseer in your area self-terminate.

Ameius was disturbed by his own coldness as he spoke. He felt bad about what he was doing. The overseers were to no lesser extent slaves than Gondoo had been, and Ameius wished he could find a way to save them rather than destroy them.

The overseers obeyed. Soon, they began to die one by one, and soon, not very many were left.

Eventually, much of the planet's population was beamed out, and then all of the ones who had lived. The Aeoneonatrix, delighted to have saved so many and relieved that they and the ones they had rescued were going to get away, took their rather large force of shepherds back to Aeoneonatrix territory. They attempted an indirect route, so as to reduce the likelihood of interception. Only the Vengeance and a few escorts stayed.

Ameius - Now, all remaining overseers self-terminate.

The last of the Tyranny forces shot themselves. Some scans picked up a few hiding locals and brought them onto the Vengeance, but Ameius soon got on it, and departed. He was relieved. He had probably escaped with only a few minutes to spare.

Mortrig arrived a few moments later, but not soon enough to prevent the escape. Nonetheless, the geoengineering soon took place, and the planet was made into a Tyranny world.

Another New RaceEdit

The Shepherds and the Vengeance ran back to Felrul as quickly as they could. The population of a little over a million who they had saved was in tow behind them. The tribal peoples were confused. They had no idea what had just happened. Many of the Aeoeonatrix were having trouble managing them in their shepherds, to the extent that the refugees inside them more or less had to be treated like prisoners.

As they landed, the shepherds couldn't unload their passengers just yet. The Aeoneonatrix had not yet rescued a race this primitive, but they had protocols.

Eventually, a few of the tribals were calm enough to listen to and talk with the Aeoneonatrix. One of them was successfully chosen to represent the race, a tribe leader. As he was escorted out of the ship, he looked upon and contemplated all of the strange things that were happening. He had no idea how to interpret them as he was led by the strange and mysterious creatures out of... he hadn't even formulated a guess, and onto some land he'd never seen.

He looked around. He noticed that none of the plants or animals around here were recognizable. The place also felt quite cold, though not unbearable.

Eventually, one of the mysterious creatures approached and spoke to him.

Cabar - Hello. May I ask for your name?

He looks at the strange creature, and says "My name is Tribe Leader Ti’Kri’Aksha, I am unfamiliar with you, what is your name?"

He looks at the strange creature, and says "My name is Lightbringer Ti’Kri’Aksha, I am unfamilliar with this place, along with your kind. What are you?"

Cabar - We are the Aeoneonatrix. We came to rescue your race from the conquest of your home, and we have just done so. I'm sorry to say that we cannot send you back, as your land has already fallen to the forces we rescued you from.

Ti'Kri'Aksha - I see...where are we, how did we get here. What forces did our home-land fall to?

Cabar - We are in the sky, far away from the land you come from. We took you here in this device, which we ourselves built. As for the forces, they are called the "Drakodominatus Tyranny," though I'd rather explain them at a later date.

Ti’Kri’Aksha - Can you tell me more...about what your kind is?

Cabar - Let me see... you see. Our race is... older than yours. Your kind has only existed for about a tenth of the time mine has. We were made earlier. Because we were made so much earlier, we have had time to study the universe, and we have learned how to do amazing things, such as settle on this land, and build these ships which can take us through the stars.

Ti’Kri’Aksha - The stars... unbelievable, only the gods have that power...Also, you mentioned "The Universe", what is it?

Cabar - Everything. The Universe is everything that exists.

Ti'Kri'Aksha - That's...amazing...

Cabar - It comes with age.

Ti’Kri’Aksha - I am 50 Cycles old, I am an elder.

Cabar looks confused, and then looks at a strange box, for a second.

Cabar - 50 Cycles, Elder?

Ti'Kri'Aksha - Yes, 20 Cycles in our world, is an old age. Also, what was that strange thing you looked at?

Cabar - Oh, never mind it. It's just... you measure time according to the manner in which your days alternate, yes? They are warm, warmer, cold, and then colder?

Cabar - And one full revolution of that is a "cycle?"

Ti'Kri'Aksha - Yes, that is correct.

Cabar - And tell me, how long do you guys live, on average? How many cycles?

Ti'Kri'Aksha - The norm for my people, is around 50 Cycles, but the oldest are 60 Cycles.

Cabar - I see. Well, for my people, that's a very short time. Your cycles move quickly, such that one of those stages only takes a day. For you to only live to see 50 of them is to only live to see 200 days. My race, by contrast, live to be 32,000 cycles, and the average one sees 9,100.

Cabar - I'm over 5700 cycles old.

Ti'Kri'Aksha - I'm...I'm without words. I cannot imagine living that long.

Cabar - And I cannot imagine living so shortly. You are only 200 days old. Why, if one of my people were told that they had only 200 days to live, they would think it a tragedy, and weep for their last days, but that is simply the amount of time the universe has allotted you... And if that maximum lifespan is achieved, you will still only live to see another 40 days... by the Cleanser...

Cabar quickly snapped out of it and resumed his friendly, diplomatic face.

Ti'Kri'Aksha - It isn't as bad as you see it for us, for us it is a long time.

Cabar - I see. Well, do you have any other questions? Shall I explain the fate of your people?

Ti'Kri'Aksha - Telling our fate would be nice, my people are curious to what it is.

Cabar - Well, you are to join our empi... Well, you see, the Aeoneonatrix, are united into one single tribe spanning thousands of stars. You are to join us. We will give you equal lives as best as we can but... I see a problem. We'd normally take 1825 cycles to learn everything we need to know about the universe to function well in our societ... tribe, but if you have only 60 Cycles to live... why you will not be able to take any job capable of sustaining you.

Cabar immediately realizes what he'd just let to slip out, and begins to think about how to backpedal.

Ti'Kri'Aksha - What is a..."Job."

Cabar - In our society, those who need work done for them advertise themselves to those who need to do work to earn food. Each of us, at least usually, has a job, that is, a sort of work that we do. I interact with other sorts of beings, for instance. We will surely ensure that you have the sustenance you need, but I am not sure what sort of work you will be able to do in our society. Without even the lifespan needed to learn our symbols.

Ti'Kri'Aksha - Symbols?

Cabar - Yes, we use a system of pictures when we need to communicate but cannot of do not wish to use sounds, for example, to store words for later. It is an essential skill in our society, and it takes a adult about 60 cycles to learn.

Ti'Kri'Aksha - 60 Cycles...just for that...

Cabar - Yes. Worry not. We will surely pull our heads together to figure out how to give you the best lives that we can. In the meantime, there is one other thing I must explain to you.

Ti'Kri'Aksha - Hm?

Cabar - What if I told you there were an entity with an age no less than 9,131,250 cycles old?

Ti'Kri'Aksha - By the gods, that's older then the gods themselves!

Cabar - Ah, yes, well, this entity is a god, he is the god of my people. He will be interested in meeting you very shortly. I must inform you that if you should dedicate yourself to him, you will experence certain benefits in this society.

Ti'Kri'Aksha - What does the...Dedication entail, additionally, what do you mean by certain benefits.

Cabar - You must sell your soul to him completely. In exchange, you will be permitted to keep more of the... goods you earn by your work for your own use, and be able to take part in deciding who the leaders of our tribe are, or even join them, though given your life span, you will not live to see the next new leader chosen, nor to gain the education to be one.

Ti'Kri'Aksha - Selling souls...that's...that's...extreme...never heard of that before. Also, what if we don't?

Cabar - You will have to pay more of your wages to the government than otherwise, and you will not be able to lead parts of our tribe, or help decide who does, but that decision only happens every 456 cycles, so you will be dead before you get a chance to do so.

Ti'Kri'Aksha - That's...not rather fair. Regardless of which god they followed, people were welcome in our tribe, and got a chance to speak out for their own benefit. They were equal!

Cabar - I do not formulate the rules. I can merely inform you of them. You are free to follow your own gods once dedicated, as ours does not demand your monolatry.

Ti'Kri'Aksha - I would rather not, but I guess I really don't have a choice...we will dedicate.

Cabar - I see. Thank you. When I think of it though, we only collect the portions of your wages that we do every 91 cycles, so not all of you will ever see such an event.

Ti'Kri'Aksha - Alright.

Ti'Kri'Aksha walks back to his group, his mind struggling to grasp around what was going on, and what just happened. These...people, where strange, but very interesting. They lived as long as the gods, and had a god which seemingly lasted eternal. But, he was questioning his decision of dedicating his people to this strange god, was it a good choice? Or did he damn them to misfortune?

He returns to his people, and tells them what happened.

A Conversation on Ku-RoktiEdit

Ameius ran along a long stretch of road. It was night time, but as a Dominatus, he only needed one hour of sleep, which he would acquire later. As he ran, he looked out into the stars. That was where he was going to use the training he was doing right now to help those in need, and to advance the cause of good. As he ran along, he saw that Lingur had come outside and was nearby.

Ameius, assuming that Lingur sought his audience, immediately ran over to him.

Ameius - What is it, Grand Guardian?
Lingur - It is time for your meal break.
Ameius - Ah, I see.
Lingur - Do you mind if I join you?
Ameius - Sure, you may.
Lingur - Thank you. Come inside.

Ameius went inside to his usual room. He looked at the carcass of the animal he was about to consume. Most carnivores and omnivores never thought much of the simple act of consuming a sentient, even if non-sapient, being's flesh, but Ameius had thought long and hard about it. For one thing, he was, in this location, somewhat unusual for doing it, as he had been surrounded by herbivores all his life, at least until his father captured him. For another thing, when he consumed them, he absorbed their memories.

Ameius knew what it was like to be one of his own meals, and in fact, to be most of them. Ameius could, and sometimes did, access their memories. They all had their own unique take on their final moments, to some extent. They each thought different things, in their wordless, primitive way of thinking, at that moment when an Aeoneonatrix came in for them, and slaughtered them so that they may serve as Ameius' food. Most of them were afraid in their final moments. The smartest ones knew that they were mortal, and that their existence was about to end.

What Ameius knew, though, that none of them did, was that their sacrifice was going somewhere, to him. Ameius was sustained on the flesh that was taken in those slaughterhouses. These lesser, lower beings had not died merely because they were prey, and that was the way of things, as Mortrig said, but rather, they were being used to aid the higher end of Ameius' life.

Ameius was a being who could do more good for the universe than those animals ever could. Of course, this harmed them, and that was the way it had to be, but Ameius knew they did not die for nothing, even if they could never understand the nature of the sacrifice they were making.

Ameius began to eat away at his prey. Lingur was eating too, out of a bowl of graxor nuts.

As he ate, Lingur began a conversation.

Lingur - What is it like to have the memories of so many beings stored inside you?

Ameius looked at Lingur.

Ameius - Why do you ask?
Lingur - Oh, just curious.
Ameius - I see.

Ameius sighed.

Ameius - It provides... perspective. I am more well-tuned to what it is like to be the many things I have consumed than I otherwise could be. I also have a greater sense of how I compare to them, and how they do to each other. You can hear that an ant, or an animal cannot comprehend what you can, but I understand what it means in a way you, and most other beings, don’t.
Lingur - I see. So it’s true that the Dominatus have some higher level of sapience and comprehension?
Ameius - Yes, it is. The manner in which I think is higher than yours. You are something of an ant to me I suppose.
Lingur - I see. May I ask a question then?
Ameius - Yes, of course.
Lingur - Why don't you go all the way like they do, then? If we are so... antish, why do you care about us?
Ameius - You are still beings. You still think, you still feel.
Lingur - But so are the animals you eat.
Ameius - Yes, they are, and there are things I'd seek to prevent having done to them. I would act to stop a full sapient from locking any of the animals I'm eating now in a basement and torturing them for fun.
Lingur - I see.
Ameius - The only reason I eat them is because I need to, and I am in a better position position to bring about the greater good than they are. Their loss makes things better overall, which is why it is acceptable, and because I have the faculties that I do, it is my place to make that decision, though that also means I have the responsibility not to misuse that position of power as the Tyranny does.
Lingur - I see. So then, would you ever allow yourself to come to the conclusion that you could kill me with that logic?
Ameius - You specifically are very effective at fighting evil in this universe, better than me, but a sapient, yes. Mortrig made me kill many of them to sustain myself, and if there were no non-sapient beings, I would have to consume some sapient ones to sustain myself, in hopes of being able to save many more than I eat.

Lingur shuttered at what Ameius was saying.

Lingur - I see.
Ameius - Of course, I hate it when I’m put in that position. I don't like it at all, but I learned to grit my teeth and do what must be done when it must be done.

Lingur is visibly disturbed by this.

Lingur - I suppose.
Ameius - After all, we both serve the Cleanser, and I am as an ant compared to him.
Lingur - That is true.
Ameius - Indeed, and even if I did buy into the "Highest sapience quotient rules the world" argument, which I don't, he'd be the one I'd serve, not the Tyranny.
Lingur - I see. I've never thought of it like that before. I've always just served him because he was a good being, and one who rightly owned my soul.
Ameius - I see. I've put a great deal more thought into it than that I guess. I've had to. Staving off indoctrination is not easy. I've had to justify every aspect of my understanding of the ways of the Aeoneonatrix, and of the Cleanser.
Lingur - I see.
Ameius - May I ask you a question now?
Lingur - Of course.
Ameius - What was your moral reasoning, when you took me?

Lingur looked at Ameius, worried by the fact that he was asking.

Lingur - Well, what would not taking you have entailed? You'd have grown up to be one of them. As of now, you are a force for good.
Ameius - I see. Fair enough.

Ameius continued eating.

Ameius thought about the sapient beings he had killed in training. Ameius wondered if he himself were in their position, what would he think of the higher being who mercilessly killed him? Ameius thought about it for a moment. He ultimately decided that he would understand.

The New Race's AccommodationsEdit

A little while later, Ti'Kri'Aksha was called out of his temporary home to meet with Cabar again to discuss his species' accommodations in the Aeoneonatrix Empire.

The room was decorated in a few of the plants and animals saved from Ti's home planet for study.

Cabar waited patiently for the tribal, who still understood little of the recent events in his life, to arrive.

Eventually Ti'Kri'Aksha arrives, and enters the building. He looks around curiously as he walks towards the room Cabar is in.

When he arrives, Cabar welcomes him with a happy face.

Cabar - Welcome again. Are you having an alright time here?

Ti'Kri'Akshi - Well, I'm getting used to it. You put us someplace which attempts to mimic our habitat, but...but it's not the same as the real thing. Also, a box in there has rude people in it, who completely ignore us.

Cabar - I see. That will be explained in due time. Either way, we have worked out a proposal. We plan to make this the primary way your race is accommodated in our empire, but we wanted to see if there was anything about it you object to.

Ti'Kri'Aksha - It's fine...for now, we will see how it goes as time moves on.

Cabar - Well, that is what I have called you here to discuss, your long term accommodations.

Ti'Kri'Aksha - Well, everything is fine, although if we were outside it would be better, with our own land to gather from, among other things.

Cabar - Yes, well, we seek to arrange for your people to have a better state than now, closer to the one which would be ideal for you. We have formulated a plan, and I want to know if you find it acceptable.

Ti'Kri'Aksha - Alright.

Cabar - Alright, so here it is. We plan to create a special form of employment for you. You will be allowed to, in tribe-sized groups, agree to work under those who need labor in the empire. One group of you might choose to work for a farm, another for a factory. Part of your pay will be living space on or near the site of your work. You would be permitted to live and work there for as long as you want, and raise your children there, however, you will also be permitted to leave if you desire. In addition, your children will, by default, inherit your contract, though they may leave and work elsewhere if they wish. Is that acceptable to you, and do you have any questions?

Ti'Kri'Aksa - I was going to ask what a farm and factory is, but the children contract inheritance sounds worrying. Children are foolish, and have not yet grown to maturity. They will most likely follow their parents like lemmings because their parents are their number 1 role-model, besides me, of course.

Cabar - Well, if they want to change employment later in life, they can.

Ti'Kri'Aksa - What happens if they wasted the majority of their lives, before they found out that they wanted to get out? It would be too late.

Cabar - Well, we could attempt to examine them and determine what jobs they will be best suited for, and advise them accordingly.

Ti'Kri'Aksa - That could work out, perhaps we should implement it, and see how it works out. If it does not work out, I'll talk to you about it.

Cabar - Alright. So then, you do not see any objection to our heritable contract plan?

Ti'Kri'Aksa - For now, no. I will see how it goes.

Cabar - Alright then. So, then, we shall begin allowing those who seek to employ members of your race to begin presenting them, including you, with job opportunities?

Ti'Kri'Aksha - That's fine.

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