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This subpage of Attero Dominatus covers the campaign of the Tyranny in the Borealis Galaxy against the Junction. Being fooled into cooperation, the Tyranny would learn that being noticed by the Junction is not a good thing. Meanwhile, the Dominatus members of the Aurfaust PMC would take a job from Torrent, which, unfortunate for them, would attract the attention of Vorius...


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Enter the Junction[]

Grevitrov, the Administrator of the Tyranny planets of the Borealis Galaxy was contacted by a transmission coming from the Grim Reaper Sector. Upon answering it, on his screen appeared what looked like a white-plated Junction Scrapling.

??? - My greetings. I am Alfabusium of the Universal Junction of Species. Am I right to say you lead this territory?
Grevitrov - Yes, that is my duty.
Alfabusium - Our people have recently worked together in the conflict of the hyperspace stars and, while we kind of left with a bad taste on each other's mouths, we have decided to leave that behind and propose a working partnership, perhaps even an alliance in the future.
Grevitrov - Such an alliance would be quite beneficial to both parties. Of course, are there any specific terms for this deal?
Alfabusium - Your species is undoubtedly the pinnacle of organic evolution, and the Junction of Species admires such traits. You have to excuse my masters for being so cold but we do care for our partners. And we are currently planning on developing a new set of soldiers which we could share with your species.
Grevitrov - Thank you, however, tell me more about this new set of troops.
Alfabusium - If we combined your evolutionary prowness with our own technology, imagine the results. An army of mass produced soldiers, equipped with your most potent genetics and our most powerful technologies, would be the most powerful soldiers of this entire Gigaquadrant.
Grevitrov - It sounds quite enticing, so does this necessitate combined research?
Alfabusium - Affirmitive. I would like to know if you have a spare body of a deceased Dominatus you could share with our drones, so they may study it.
Grevitrov - I'm afraid however, that is not possible. The bodies of Dominatus are ours to handle and ours alone.
Alfabusium - Hmm. It is understandable. Perhaps a blood sample, then? Or a piece of skin?
Grevitrov - We can give you what was used to create the overseers, but anything Dominatus related is strictly off limits to outsiders.
Alfabusium - It might be enough. To make things more confortable, we can build these soldiers together. You are welcome to send your scientists to my spaceship so they may work with us. Our minds combined should create these soldiers even faster than if we work alone.
Grevitrov - That is acceptable, could you give the coordinates for that spaceship?
Alfabusium - It shall be done shortly. It will be located in the rim of your sector, as outsiders are not allowed inside our own territory. It will be easily recognized by its white-plated armor.
Grevitrov - Affirmative, we understand.

Alfabusium bowed to Grevitrov in a sign of respect.

Alfabusium - I'll be waiting for your scientits, then. Have a good day.
Grevitrov - Have a good day as well.

The transmission was closed. Grevitrov could only imagine how adept such soldiers would be, and how they would massacre any enemy the Tyranny would ever have. And at the same time, Alfabusium could not wait for the scientists' arrival. He had plans for them...


Warlord Torrent of the New Wranploer Legion decided to change his usual view on PMCs and send a transmission to the Aurfaust PMC. While he would usually order it to be attacked, he had seen the Dominatus' power during the Second Borealis War and knew they could be useful to him.

Torrent - C'mon, pick the transmission up, I don't have all day.
Grikst - Hello, this is Aurfaust PMC. Anything for a Price.

Grikst instantly recognized the figure before him, Warlord Torrent, a powerful leader as well as a very lucrative potential customer.

Grikst - Warlord Torrent, I was not expecting someone of your reputation.
Torrent - That's nice of you, but I'm not here for chit-chat. I have a job which I believe you are the most suitable for.
Grikst - What job would that be, planetary invasion? mass destruction? death in general?
Torrent - You could call a little of all of that. I know you Dominatus are really powerful, I've seen your race in action already. What I want you to do is to invade the Zoles Imperium homeworld of Zoleia and murder that insect king Rebaris.
Grikst - Even for us, an undertaking of that magnitude would require the entire PMC. You do realize this will come with a hefty price?
Torrent - If you really know me, you would know money is not an issue. I can make you and all of your PMC the richest men in this galactic arm with one order, but first, I want the Zoles king dead and his homeworld in ruins.
Grikst - Very well. Soon the insect-king shall be dead.
Torrent - Bring me his head while you're at it. As a trophy.
Grikst - Very well. Soon enough.
Torrent - I'll be waiting for your success.

Grikst broadcasted the contract to all of his operators and they congregated near Aurfaust headquarters. They armed up, then entered the Aurfaust flagship, a modified Assassin Class Stealth Cruiser and began a hyperspace jump to Zoleia, Before the flagship could go, however, another ship arrived to its location, sporting Wranploer design.

Grikst - Unknown ship, report your identity or face the consequences!
??? - ...Have you recently contacted Warlord Torrent?
Grikst - That is none of your business.
??? - ...We are reinforcements...sent by him..to aid you in your attack.
Grikst - Oh really, prove it.

On Grikst's screen appeared the image of a seemingly average Wranploer soldier.

Wranploer - We request to board your ship...so we may attack together.
Grikst - Hmm, alright, why Torrent would send such an average force to help us escapes me, but alright.

Grikst allowed the Wranploers to board.

As the ships connected for the Wranploer to board, however, nothing seemed to come out of the Wranploer ship. However, the Dominatus on Grikst's ship began hear what sounded like howls coming from inside of it.

Dominatus 1 - Is this a joke?
Grikst - Give them a few minutes to board.

Suddenly, a horde of mutants appeared and charged inside the Dominatus flagship.

Grikst - Fire!

The Dominatus began firing their powerful armaments and began mowing down the oncoming tide of mutants.

Dominatus 1 -The Killing's a great start to any contract!
Dominatus 2 - Who are these guys?
Dominatus 3 - This could only be more fun if we were getting paid!

The mutants fell easily to their weapons. However, another, much larger mutant appeared out of the Wranploer ship. This mutant glared at the Dominatus with empty eyes.

Vorius - New genetic material.
Grikst - A new trophy! We can hang his pelt!

The Dominatus began unloading their armaments on the massive mutant.

Dominatus 1 - Wait, this thing is bigger than us!
Dominatus 2 - Keep firing!
Dominatus 3 - I thought we were the biggest things in Borealis!

Vorius did not react from the shots. However, his skin constantly shaped into faces which let out deafening pained screams Vorius merely walked forward slowly into the direction of one of the Dominatus.

Dominatus 1 - Is this a joke, these weapons are fresh from Installation 2, they blow up EVERYTHING.

The Dominatus stared in disbelief as the monster got closer to them, seemingly unfazed by their weaponry.

Dominatus 1- Fall back and keep up your fire!

Vorius extended one of his hands which too the shape of a tentacle. he grabbed the Dominatus and threw him against himself. The Dominatus was slowly digested and absorbed into Vorius' body until he became another of Vorius' scremaing faces.

Dominatus 2 - He just ... absorbed Tefrix!
Dominatus 3 - I thought only we could do that!

The two Dominatus unsheathed their swords and charged at Vorius.

Vorius - New...more...delicious...More! Perfect!

More tentacles erupted out of Vorius' body and launched themselves at the two Dominatus. The Dominatus tried to cut the tentacles off but each tentacle they cut off was replaced by new ones they couldn't react to. The Dominatus attempted to use their biomass tentacles to combat Vorius but that biomass was absorbed, forcing them to remain in their armor. The Dominatus duo also saw as the cut tentacles slowly crawled back to Vorius' body and merged themselves back to him. The tentacles entangled but the Dominatus saw that the fight wasn't in their favor. They both made a lunge at Vorius in an attempt to strike at his center. Vorius opened his body as if it was a maw, engulfing both Dominatus at the same time. The Dominatus were momentarily shocked but conciousness faded when they were absorbed by the monster.

Vorius - More...delicious...more...material...need more...more! Now! More!

Grikst saw the entire spectacle and was actually scared.

He called for the entire PMC to gather in a plaza to which the room Vorius was in was attached to. They focused their weaponry on the doors awaiting Vorius.

Grikst - When the doors open, unleash all your firepower!

The doors opened and at the other side, there was nothing. Vorius was nowhere to be seen except for a few surviving mutants.

Grikst - Hold fire.
Grikst - Don't waste it on these freaks.
Grikst - The true abomination is still behind the walls.
Vorius - More...come...hunt...give me more!

The Dominatus were somewhat unsteadied by the threat as they knew that there was true danger. A tentacle appeared out of the door, taunting the Dominatus to pass through the door. Grikst sent a squad of 10 to the breach. The Dominatus did not feel like Dominatus but instead like their victims. As they passed through the door, a huge mass of flesh fell out of the ceiling and landed on the squad, causing a large thud as it did. The Dominatus outside the door recognized the situation and began opening fire with all their weaponry on the hunk of flesh.

Grikst - Am I dreaming?

The mass slowly took the form of Vorius and absorbed the squad. As he did, his body grew even larger. He glared at the other Dominatus and launched tentacles at all of them. The Dominatus began to unsheathe their melee weapons and began cutting off the tentacles. They fired their hand weapons while charging together at the monstrosity in front of them.

Grikst - KILL IT!

Despite their weapons causing visible damage to Vorius, he did not react in any way, not even a pained sound. He merely kept attacking, creating tentacles and absorbed soldiers who got took close to him.

Vorius - Most...delicious...material...
Grikst - Is this what its like to be a non Dominatus?

Some Dominatus continued to attack but some started walking back and maintaining a long range distance.

Vorius - Dominatus...I am no Dominatus...I am a god...I am Regnatus!

Vorius' eyes shined and the soldiers were suddenly thrown into the ground by telepathy.

Dominatus - Shit, what the hell!

The Dominatus tried to fire back while on the ground. They also tried to transmit the threat to other Dominatus but found that Vorius telepathy had shut down the communications. Vorius' form slithered to them and absorbed them before they could have a chance to get back up. At this point, Vorius was nearly twice the size he was when he had arrived.

Vorius - Become one with my perfect universe.

Grikst, who was at the back, was still alive and immediately started running for the bridge of the ship to jettison off Vorius. Vorius' form changed into that of a Dominatus himself. He launched his tentacles at Grikst and grabbed him by his legs, slowly dragging him back to him.

Grikst - No!

Grikst tried to struggle but couldn't get away.

Vorius - Accept my perfection.
Grikst - Tyrant have mercy.

Vorius launched Grikst against him and began digesting him, causing excruciating pain. A few moments passed until Grikst had been completely absorbed. Grikst screamed as direct contact with Vorius taught him the meaning of pain. Vorius merely stood where he was, with a completely blank expression.

Vorius - … My ship now. Contract has been severed.

The Perfect Soldier[]

Simultaneously to Vorius' attack on Ausfault, the Tyranny's scientists worked on the silver-plated Planet Fortress controlled by Alfabusium. The combined efforts of the Dominatus and the Junction showed trememdous results and soon enough, the first individuals of the new "Project Overseer Mk II" were ready to be tested. Alfabusium appeared to the scientists on their shared laboratory as a robotic tendril with a core on its tip, where an eye was visible.

Alfabusium - Marvelous work, gentlemen. I believe our creations are ready to be tested.
Bubonis - Incredible, your cybernetics combined with our bioengineering create utterly powerful forces.
Alfabusium - Indeed. Now, let's see how this Overseer Mk II fares against a mock-up of enemy forces.
Bubonis - Let us give this magnificent birth light. Let us do so.

The supersoldiers created by the combined Junction-Dominatus effort were close to indescribeable, being what looked like a combination of all overseer races mashed in one combined with the Junction's advanced implants. The soldiers woke up on a training field where targets appeared for them to attack.

Alfabusium - Now let's watch them in action.

The soldiers attacked the targets with tremendous power, precision, skill and dextery. Their aim was perfect, their strength was enough to crush the targets to ash. They were fast enough to move around faster than the scientists could register.

Bubonis - What power. Their potency exceeds that of all our infantry save for us Dominatus. Truly incredible. Such a development should help bring some of our campaigns to a swift conclusion.
Alfabusium - Imagine using them against your enemies. Imagine seeing the fear on their faces as these perfect killing machines appear on the battlefield.
Bubonis - The overseers themselves were already a force to be reckoned with, but this is unprecedented.
Alfabusium - You have many of these overseers. But you never tried putting them all in one body. And this is the result. the greatest ground trooper of all history.
Bubonis - True. I cannot wait for their deployment. Perhaps I should report back to the Tyranny on this progress?
Alfabusium - Report back? Hm. Perhaps you should. I bet they would love to learn about it.

At this point, the soldiers had finished their training and entered the room where the scientists were located.

Bubonis - My comrades and I will take leave.

Bubonis and his fellow Dominatus scientists started moving to the door. Before they could leave, however, the doors sealed themselves shut forcefully.

Alfabusium - ...I'm afraid not.
Bubonis - Alfabusium, what is this madness?
Alfabusium - Heheheh. You're a very gullible race. You think I'm satisfied with "overseer" DNA?

Bubonis immediately recognized the severity of the situation.

Bubonis - Dominatus DNA is obviously off limits.
Alfabusium - I want Dominatus DNA. I want Dominatus soldiers and drones! I want Dominatus colonies!

Out of the ceiling, blades, syringes, saws and many other medical tools appeared on robotic arms. Bubonis tried to figure out a way to communicate this news to the Dominatus colonies but found his communications equipment jammed. The soldiers who they had worked so hard to create were now aiming their weapons at them. With no essence using psychics amongst the science group, he recognized there was no way for the Dominatus to know about this.

Alfabusium - The Mind ordered your assimilation.

The Dominatus knew that with combat armor they could overpower each overseer, but merely put in their scientific garb, they were at a severe disadvantage. Bubonis knew that even though the Dominatus were still physically more powerful, that the long range weaponry of the Overseer Mark 2s rendered the situation untenable. The soldiers surrounded them while Alfabusium's tools got closer. The light slowly got dimmer as the tools stood in front of the Dominatus themselves.

Alfabusium - Eheheheh. Stand still. You won't feel a thing.

The Crusade[]

Grevitrov pondered on there whereabouts of the scientists he had sent to the Junction. The inexperienced colonial administrator, sent to what he thought was the least glamorous of the galaxies where the Dominatus had colonies thought that on one hand, they were up to something special and everything was alright. However, his more cautious side told him that with a faction like the Junction, it was best to make sure that his important researchers were safe and sound. Thus, from the Dominatus capital in Borealis, he started the comms and hailed the Junction.

Grevitrov - Alfasubium , I would like to inquire as to where the scientists are and what they are doing as they haven't filed their weekly report. I trust that they are safe and nothing has happened to them.

On his screen, nothing but static was seen, though Alfabusium's voice could be heard. Instead of the former welcoming voice, Grevitrov could only hear metallic grinding and what could only be described as heavy breathing.

Alfabusium - Absorbed.
Grevitrov - My patience wears thin. I have no time for your puzzles or riddles. Are they safe or not? Speak not in riddles but in such a way that there can be no mistaking what has happened.
Alfabusium - Demanding. Absorbed into the Junction. My drones now.
Grevitrov - Madness. You realize that this is an act of war, and that there are dire repercussions for this insolence!
Alfabusium - Irrelevant. You have proven efficient. For this, you will be assimilated. Resistance will be met with extermination.
Grevitrov - You will regret this when your empire's history comes to an end by our hands. Such a shame that your eternal empire will have to be crushed under our heel.
Alfabusium - Infant. Speak not to your master like this. The crusade has begun.

Grevitrov looked at the screen and saw massive enemy movements on the Junction Tyranny border. What the scanners and comms told him worried a Dominatus considered arrogant even by his own kind. His sensors detected Junction Planet Fortresses in gigantic numbers approaching, one Fortress appeared on every planet of the Tyranny's borders, followed by fleets of Assimilators and Devourers. The number of Devourers was quite high, perhaps serving as Alfabusium's own sick way of mocking the Dominatus by attacking them with ships they had developed together.

The fleet slowly assimilated and destroyed entire worlds, slowly making their way inside the Tyranny's borders. Grevitrov saw this unfold on this screen as the barely garrisoned border worlds, worlds he thought secure were overrun by the Junction. He immediately sent the order for the main Borealis Battlefleets, positioned at the other parts of the border to immediately be sent to establish a defensive perimeter.

He immediately sent word to Demogorgon Prime that yet another enemy had entered the fray, not just a minor faction but one of the Gigaquadrants most powerful powers. Grevitrov closed the comms and muttered three words to himself.

Grevitrov - Tyrant Save Us.

An (Almost) Immovable Object and an Unstoppable Force[]

The arrival of the Dominatus fleets did not do what Grevitrov thought what it was going to do. While it did first stop the wave of Junction ships that was sweeping through Dominatus territory like a tsunami, it did not push them back. A world lost to the Junction was a world that would become a new Planet Fortress and a world that could never be reclaimed by the Dominatus. His pleas for more reinforcements from Mirus went unanswered as they had to devote ships to fight the Andromedan Galactic Commonwealth and the Delpha Coalition of Planets as well as myriad other factions. This meant that he was strongest at the start of the war and was just going to get weaker. He was fighting one of the most powerful factions in the Gigaquadrant, and while he just got weaker, they got stronger after every battle. Eventually, the stalemate was broken and the unstoppable juggernaut of the Junction continued to press on. When Dominatus patted themselves on the back when they defeated a contingent of Junction they were defeated and assimilated by the next wave of them. It was an invincible tide of purple that could at best be stemmed but could not be beaten back. It was not a contest of wit but a conquest of brute force. It was a fight where two titans were leaning against each other, pushing each other in hope that the other one would fall off. It was a fight were the Dominatus's best scenario was staying where they were, and one where day by day, week by week, month by month, they were were in spite of their best efforts, losing ground.

Operation Titanfall[]

The conflict had ground on for many months and the Dominatus were being pushed back. No reinforcements from the Mirus Galaxy in a fight against a foe that was getting stronger with each planet they assimilated was a bad situation for Grevitrov. Furthermore, it appeared that he was not able to confront the Junction in a brute force battle in their home galaxy and that no matter how the Junction's advances were stalled, that they continued to advance. The purple juggernaut continued to near the Dominatus capital, Grevitrov knew that if he merely continued his old strategies that he was going to face defeat sooner or later. Thus he made plans to focus his forces in one area, and in that one area force a breakthrough and drive the Junction back. By creating a breakthrough he would encircle and destroy Junction forces, severely weaken the Junction line and hopefully return to a status quo ante bellum. If it worked out really well, he would be able to go onto the offensive and invade Junction space. His requests for transfer of fleets from the Mirus Galaxy were met in vain and he knew that if went through with this plan that the Dominatus holdings elsewhere in Borealis would fall more quickly since they would have less forces to guard them. Furthermore, failure in this endeavor, would greatly expedite the demise of the Dominatus in Borealis.

Fleets were moved and planets were lost until the Dominatus were in position. It was there were Grevitrov made a speech, one somewhat hampered by his less developed rhetoric.

Grevitrov - I will not deny this to you my fellow Dominatus, the war has been going badly. We have met an enemy in which simultaneously facing him across a wide front is not a viable strategy, and one who grows stronger by the day. It is with this, that we are going to break them in one point and use that breakthrough to crush them in others. It is a risky gamble but one we must take if we are to have a chance of victory. Now, it is not merely a phrase with no meaning but one with credence now our backs are against the wall. Victory or Death.

Dominatus ships began the assault on the Junction, having been transferred from other sectors to the breakthrough point. Success was met for the first parts of the assault as the Dominatus began rapidly taking back planets because the focus of the forces had given them local superiority in that area. It originally appeared as if the tide of purple was being driven back. The Dominatus experienced a wave of victories at the breakthrough sector at the expense of more defeats in the neglected ones. Overall, it appeared as if all was going according to plan. In this sector, the Dominatus were not just holding off the Junction but pushing them back. Even though they suffered very heavy casualties in their assaults, higher casualties than in their defenses, the Dominatus position in the war was strengthening and after a long amount of time, the Dominatus had the Junction at the border. However, it was then that the Junction counterattack, formulated by the brilliant mind of Alfabusium was launched into action.

Junction ships which had been moved to the border from other sectors and which had been built started a massive attack on the Dominatus positions. Massive armadas of Assimilators, Devourers and Planet Fortresses appeared at all planets the Dominatus had taken back crushing the lightly left garrison forces from the Dominatus attempt at encirclement. All across the sector, desperate fighting ensued as Dominatus Tyrant Mark 2s dueled Assimilators, Dominatus Titans and Behemonths dueled Planet Fortresses and Devourers. The fighting dragged on especially in the Asphodel system, were the brunt of Dominatus forces met the brunt of Junction forces. It was a battle which pitted the prides of both fleets against each other, and a battle that would decide the outcome of the war. If the Dominatus won, they might be able to complete their plan, though if the Junction won, it was an almost open road to the capital.

The Battle for the Asphodel System[]

The Dominatus forces in the Asphodel System were elite veterans of the Borealis Campaign, and had the kill markings to prove it. However, now they were beset with the elite of the Junction, and had the fight of their lives on their hands. The Dominatus had in the system a few Gargantua category ones, ships built with taking on monsters like the Planet Fortress as one of the main design features. These ships represented enormous investments in Dominatus technology and resources, and each one lost was a massive blow to the Dominatus cause in Borealis. In fact, the Asphodel System saw all Gargantua committed there except one left to guard the Capital. When the Junction forces arrived and the battle was joined, there was no possibility of retreat. Victory or Death.

Countless ships fought in the pitched battle that both sides had been hoping for. A fight in which there was no excuse for failure. The eldritch technologies of both Tier 1 powers caused the rules of the universe to scream in agony at the abuses being dealt to spacetime in that system. Dark energy weapons tore through Dominatus ships while the latest prototype Dominatus weapons eviscerated the Junction ships. The star of the system, old and weary, was shattered by the mighty firepower that the two sides were using. The battle could be seen from many lightyears away, as the mighty weaponry both sides brought to bear etched scars in the fabric of the universe. Neither side was willing to give up and devoted all available strategic reserves to that battle. In the void of the system left by the shattering of the star, in the interstellar void, the two races continued to fight each other tooth and nail. Days passed with no break in the fighting as the concepts of day and night gave way to the dichotomy of the void and the coruscating light of the firepower used.

Neither side was willing to give up and neither side could back away from their commitment. However, by the second continuous week of battle, the Junction were beginning to get the upper hand as the Dominatus were steadily outnumbered and overpowered. Despite the valor and guile of the Dominatus in command, Alfabusium countered each stroke with a counterstroke and in the hellish attrition that followed, the Dominatus were being forced back. To say that hopelessness pervaded the Dominatus in that system was folly as they knew that if they were taken alive that they would be assimilated and used against the Tyranny. Some gave up hope, something new to the Dominatus and submitted to resignation and unable to commit suicide because of their biology, something that was their enemy now, they died by walking into the reactors of their ships. Others, floating in space in the wrecks of their ships were captured and assimilated by the Junction. As the weeks passed more perished in their ships as the cream of the Dominatus navy was reduced to nothing and consigned to oblivion. After a month of fighting, the Dominatus Borealis Navy, it's strength committed, was defeated, it's back broken by it's purple nemesis. The system lay silent, a defiled graveyard for the ships of both sides. The Dominatus's last hope of victory had perished, and though the Junction had paid a monstrous cost for it, The road to the capital lay clear, and victory for them became not an if but a when. Grevitrov's gamble had failed.

Alfabusium's Victory[]

Grevitrov sat in his palace as the sounds of orbital bombardment filled the air. Clods of earth were kicked up as the Junction smashed the crust of the planet open. He contemplated his failure as administrator and Medusa's stupidity at not sending any more reinforcements. The planet's back was broken as the Junction landed, their space forces triumphant and merely mopping up. While the Dominatus defenses were powerful enough to withstand the assault, and the Hounds of Kuzushimasu, lead by their founding overseer were creating mountains of Synth dead, the Junction just kept coming. Moreover, Junction space supremacy meant that the outcome was already a foregone conclusion.

Kuzushimasu - Kill them all! Fertilize the planet with purple blood!

Kuzushimasu ripped a Synth in two and by force of his throw used the remains to kill another. However, little did he know of the terror he was soon to fight. Alfabusium's silver Planet Fortress loomed at the sky, and a pod was launched in the middle of the battlefield. It opened itself and out of it, a visible mist came out and began levitating across the rubble of the capital city. This mist moved in circles until it united itself on top of a ruined building, slowly taking form of a Junction Mind-King, coated in silver-coloured armor. It was the being known only as Silver Death, the fist of the Junction hive mind. The Mind-King opened his arms and let out a booming, metallic roar which caused all synths in the area to back away. He began marching at the overseer force's direction, slowly and glaring at them with his single shining eye.

Consumed by blood rage, an overseer, though not Kuzushimasu charged at Silver Death. The synth looked at the Zí-Jittorám and, faster than he could register, delivered a punch at him. The overseer was reduced to bloody gibs which were flung away, his acidic blood doing no effect on Silver Death's armor. Kuzushimasu was taken aback by this show of raw power but was consumed by bloodlust. Now he had an enemy more powerful than the synths he was used to ripping apart, one who could hope to match him in power. Letting out a fearsome battlecry, he and his most elite hounds charged the Overking while the other Hounds attacked the Synths.

Silver Death's arms turned themselves into clouds of utility fog before turning themselves into several rows of blasters which fired at the hounds. At the same time, his wing-like limbs fired volleys of pulses which vaporized the enemies hit by them. However, Silver Death did not aim for Kuzushimasu and merely kept walking on his direction. The powered armor of the Hounds, some of the most formidable in the Gigaquadrant were shredded like paper by Silver Death's armament. Kuzushimasu watched as his Hounds fell around him and charged even faster at Silver Death, ready to avenge his fallen brethren.

Kuzushimasu - I will feast on your insides wretch!

The Zí-Jittorám did not realize, but he was trying to attack a godslayer. As he got in range, one of his arms took the shape of an enormous blade which he thrust through Kuzushimasu's chest, skewering his body and lifting him into the air. Kuzushimasu, powered on by sheer willpower and bloodlust used his tongue to try and flip Silver Death in the air. Furthermore, he took out his massive hand rail gun and shot Silver Death in the face with it. Before the tongue could reach him, though, Silver Death's body separated itself, becoming a cloud of nanomachines. His tongue and shot went harmlessly through the synth demigod, and once he missed, Silver Death reformed himself and took hold of Kuzushimasu's head, crushing it on his grasp.

The anger fueling Kuzushimasu and adrenaline meant that even as his brain was crushed he tried to deliver a blow at Silver Death. However, the realities of his anatomy meant that he died before he could deliver the blow. Silver Death threw the overseer down before firing his weapons at him, bombarding it to the point nothing but a crater remained. Without Kuzushimasu, the defense crumbled, most Dominatus having been killed or assimilated in the space fight above. With his enemy dead, Silver Death marched on. No victory chant, no smiles, he merely marched forward, looking for his next opponent, turning himself into a fog once more.

Grevitrov stood alone in his palace, the only one left on the world that was once the Dominatus jewel in Borealis. A very long time had passed in his war against the Junction, but the mask he wore on his face was not pride but hopelessness. Feebly grasping his sword, awaiting the inevitable, clothed in despair, he sat upon his throne, head heavy from his plight. He awaited his end, and welcomed the oblivion that was to greet him. Grevitrov heard what sounded like insectoid, psychic screeches outside. Moments later, one of the walls of his room was violently flung forward by an unseen force. The psychic screeches grew in volume, though nothing was seen yet.

Grevitrov - Come face me coward, is there nothing left you haven't taken? FIGHT ME!

He paced around desperately, looking for an enemy. Through the hole on the wall, a single creature floated inside, the debris orbiting it as if it was their sun. It was feeble and small compared to a Dominatus, yet the sheer amount of psychic energy radiating from it caused Grevitrov to have difficulty staring at it for too much time. A grub in a suit of armor, who looked around in curiosity. A Junction Mind. Grevitrov, one hand covering his eyes, the other with his sword in hand, paced towards the Mind, the psychic energy slowing each step but his will driving him on.

The Mind, noticing Grevitrov, levitated away, the debris of the wall being flung at the Dominatus as it let out echoing, psychic hisses. With his strength, Grevitrov punched the debris, shattering it looking for the puny being menacing him. His mind was awash with the assaults of the Junction Mind as he battled in both the mental and physical realms. At this point, three more Minds entered the building. Their psychic energy connected with each other, growing more and more unbearable for Grevitrov. They all hissed and screeched at him, as if they were ordered him to stand down. Grevitrov tried to resist as he walked ever more slowly, becoming more feeble, ready to submit to ennui. The power of the minds combined with his hopelesness driving him to defeat.

Junction Mind - Stop...enough...fighting...you will cease...

Grevitrov could hold up to the power of the Minds, but under the torment he questioned what he was fighting for.

Borealis ... Gone.
The Tyrant ... An Idiot who would drive the Dominatus to extinction.
Abaddon's Memory ... Something his daughter had defiled.
The Dominatus ... A species whose time in the galaxy, under Medusa, had passed.
His Ego ... Crushed by the weight of his failure and Medusa's stupidity.

He resigned himself to the oblivion the Junction Minds would give.

Grevitrov - I welcome Oblivion, take me.
Junction Mind - Become one...become many...one with us...one with Junction...Junction...one with Junction...one with Junction.

The first Junction Mind who entered the room levitated over to the side of Grevitrov's head, grabbing it with its robotic arms. A long, slithering tongue came out of the grub, waving itself over the Dominatus' ear, until it penetrated it. Grevitrov could only feel an intense sting before his mind went blank, the Mind devouring on his brain. Grevitrov did not even feel any pain as he melded with the Junction, in fact as he was assimilated he felt something that he had not felt in a long time - peace.

Medusa sat in Demogorgon Prime, observing the Tyranny throughout the Gigaquadrant. Pushed back on all sides, at war with the AGC, Junction, DCP, Humanity, FPC, among countless others, they were losing ground. Soon, she received a message from Borealis, a message of victory she hoped.

On her screen, a Dominatus appeared. It was Grevitrov. Except he was not at his office. He was inside a metallic-looking facility. And his body was changed, full of robotic augmentations.

Medusa - Is this part of your research Grevitrov, how goes Borealis?

Grevitrov spoke, though it was not him speaking. Instead, it was Alfabusium's voice.

Alfabusium - About your colonies, they have been, let's say, repurposed.
Medusa - What happened to Grevitrov?
Alfabusium - He's mine now. Adorable drone. Does all I wish for. Same as all the population that wasn't slaughtered. All mine.

Stahl entered the throne room at that time, making an inspection of the palace and wondering what had happened to Kuzushimasu, the overseer he had personally overseen.

Medusa - What! Vile dog!
Alfabusium - Admirable bodies, you Dominatus have. I'm proud of myself for winning this crusade. Well, partial victory. I'm not done yet.
Medusa - We will take it back and destroy you purple fiends!
Alfabusium - I don't think so. You see...

Grevitrov's body forced itself into a large grin.

Alfabusium - I'm not done until you're either all mine or dead.
Medusa - You will ... You will regret offending me! This isn't possible, I did everything right!
Alfabusium - Yes, you did good, giving me so many resources. That's something for you to reflect on your sleep. Talk is over now. Bye! I'll see you soon! Very soon!

With this, Medusa's screen went static. Medusa screamed and banged on the consoles. Stahl, who knew this was happening made a mental note to himself that Kuzushimasu, his personal overseer was dead and silently muttered insults to Medusa.

Stahl - So your genius has cost us two galaxies, dear Tyrant.

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