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Fire; it licks, it tares, it ravages everything it comes into contact with. It reduces structures to rubble, defaces the corpses of the fallen, and never stops, never relents until there is nothing left for it to devour. Then, as it writhes in its own hatred and relishes in its own suffering, it consumes itself.
- Unknown

Overview Edit

Attero Dominatus, also known by some as the Great Tyranny War, is an ongoing intergalactic conflict involving thousands of nations struggling against a single superpower––the Drakodominatus Tyranny. Though it went undefeated for most of its existence, the Tyranny finally realized to what point they had overextended themselves when a massive slave revolt tore their empire apart on December 21, 2791. As Dominatus Supreme Admiral Gravius Gnissenkrassau rushed to catch the falling pieces, the Tyranny's enemies took advantage of its weakness. Soon, the Dominatus found themselves fighting desperately on all fronts not only for the continuation of their beloved empire, but for the very survival of their species.

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Faction OverviewEdit

Tyranny Plot Edit

Prelude to War Edit

The presence of the Tyrant grew larger, his grasp grew tighter. The Gigaqudrant was absorbed into the Tyranny through the hand of Abaddon as our fleets went in each direction. Each day, our factories produced more ships. Each day, our scientists made more developments. Each day, our military conquered more worlds. Each day, we grew to be the gods we had destined ourselves to be. Yet, all things have their breaking point, the point where one realizes that overexpansion leads to cataclysm. December 21, 2791 was the day when we realized this. It was a day when our golden age became an age of shit.

- Sovereign Executor Wolframicht Stahl

The Storm Breaks Loose Edit

Across multiple dimensions, across every galaxy in the Gigaquadrant, our chips failed spontaneously. We immediately recognized the direness of this situation, for it took away our industry. We set up an exclusion zone. Our enemies however, did not pay heed to this, and saw this as our time of weakness, which it was. In our history, we had never lost a war, every lost battle was something lost for a greater good. But now, we showed vulnerability, and as the storm of slaves broke throughout the Tyranny, so did the storm of our opponents strike us like a fearsome hurricane.

- Sovereign Executor Wolframicht Stahl

Picking up the PiecesEdit


Fronts Edit

Andromeda Edit

The Andromeda Campaign covers the 2 year campaign of the Dominatus in their effort to conquer the Andromeda Galaxy. While already embroiled in a war with the massive Andromedan Galactic Commonwealth, they learn from the Free People's Coalition that the so called master race can be defeated by even slaves. See how the military superpower of the Tyranny is brought to it's knees by the combined efforts of the Andromedan Galactic Commonwealth and the FPC. Witness massive fleets from both sides smash into each other as the noble races of Andromeda fight to expunge the extragalactic menace.

Milky Way Edit

While the Milky Way had been a quiet front ever since the end of the Great Hyperspace War, with the escape of the slaves, the Katarians press the advantage they had gained in previous campaigns where the Dominatus was devoting it's advanced troops against the DCP and start the drive against the Tyrants from Mirus. See as Humanity, a young race still untried in the Gigaquadrant's geopolitics receives it's baptism in blood as it joins the fray against the Dominatus. Finally, witness the DCP, the Milky Way's premier power, launch into a massive war of annihilation against the Tyranny in order to destroy a power they see as a threat to their supremacy.


The Tyranny's actions echo across the Gigaquadrant, and they do not fall upon deaf ears when the Junction, an quasi-god race hears of their colonies in Borealis. They learn that it is not good to be noticed by the Junction as the faith they put in their purple "friends" is betrayed by the cold pragmatism of a race which views the lifespans of universe as other races do generations. When the two titans collide, the Dominatus quickly learn that powerful as they are, it is not a good idea to fight a race which eats planet for breakfast and digests the remains into planet fortresses.




Subplots Edit

Blood and Iron Edit

The struggle between the Dominatus Tyranny and the Iron Systems Federation, Blood and Iron centers on the Federation's ruthless campaign to eradicate the Tyranny, whom in their eyes have abused technology in the extreme, and beyond their potential to manage. They care not for slaves, or victims of the Tyranny's cruelty. They do not see the Tyranny as a threat. They see it as a cancer to be cut from the universe, and they will do so with every iota of arcane technology it takes to achieve their goal: The utter eradication of the Tyranny, to the last living being.

Master of PuppetsEdit

There is a man not many know, a god,
one wave of his hand, an empires doom.
His power stems from words, empires trod,
mortals are strings on his celestial loom.
He does not destroy, but he dominates,
entire wars are made to feed his designs.
His plans are there for galaxies to sate,
when it is doom for us, he is just fine.
No matter how loud the battle's din.
Live, Die, Antediluvian always wins.
- Anonymous Poet

Father and Son Edit


Pawns No Longer Edit

The Thérenian Dominion's and its allies' campaign against Tyranny. Starting from the general distrust among Tyranny and its allies towards the Dominion, it launches numerous attacks on Tyranny in Cyrannus, Milky Way and Mirus. This also marks the rise to power for a previously unknown empire siding with the Dominion in the war against Tyranny.

Between the Light and the Darkness Edit

After taking the Doomstone in the Milky Way, the Andromeda Galaxy was the place of interest for Director Cruciatus Infernus. Andromeda was famous for many things, the prosperity of the Andromedan Galactic Commonwealth, the culture of the Draconid Imperium, and power of the Dominion of the Xhodocto. Cruciatus was posted there on special request of Archon Angrus Mortarius, his equal in relative rank in order to aid the attack on the Deep Core Installation. Here, he fought Tyraz in an inconclusive battle. Vowing to strengthen his power even more, in order to defeat the Zazane, he put the majority of Occult Operations personell there in order to find artifacts, with him leading the charge. Such actions do have repercussions, and can only be kept secret for so long, especially when one tries to take artifacts from the Grand Inquisition.

Alternate Histories Edit


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