Athinyeras, the Lady of Sandstorms... By the side of she and her offspring did the soldiers and warriors of our empire stand as friends and allies, our cooperation allowing countless victories - glorious and proud - over the Denizens of the Void. While her presence no longer graces our land of dunes and sands, her memory and selfless contribution shall grant strength to be harnessed for generations untold. ... A true mother to us all.

- Pharaoh Yhwesennamenei, last Pharaoh of the Realm of Sohetar

Ahthinyearath, also known by the stylized name of Athinyeras, was the Old Colossus of Sand. The very first Sand Drake, she was responsible for their creation and served as one of the Sea of Sand's main forces of good during the world's old wars. A wyvern of gigantic proportions, with a wingspan great enough to cover the sky and power over all sand, Athinyeras was one of the most powerful creatures to ever live in the region.

Athinyeras served as a role model of what a Sand Drake was by nature: benevolent, compassionate and courageous, quick to come to the aid of the world. Her death caused all of her children to be overcome in grief and wrath, which has since caused most Sand Drakes to become greedy, uncaring and hostile creatures. Few entities in the world record her existence since her death at the claws of the Crux, but some, including her last direct child Vixaatus remember her feats and importance well, ensuring her legacy is not lost forever.


Athinyeras was born in the distant past from an egg laid by Korddraigen, the Old Colossus of Earth, which opens the possibility that Venertimanoth may be her father. Through unknown means, instead of being born as an Earth Drake, Athinyeras was instead born as a mighty wyvern with power over sand, who departed to nest at the Sea of Sand. Upon arriving, she is said to have released a gush of life through the desert which led to the creation of the first Sand Drakes. She remained on the desert as a force of good who protected the region from the denizens of the Void, becoming revered and respected by races such as the Sohet as a result.

About 25,000 years in the past, when the Crux invaded Koldenwelt, Athinyeras combated the Idkin and eventually engaged in a titanic battle with the Simulacrum which devastated the desert, but it ultimately ended with the Crux emerging victorious and ripping the mighty wyvern apart. Athinyeras' death is said to have led the Sand Drakes into becoming the race of uncaring, greedy creatures they are today, and some scholars believe that the current Sand Colossus Almonohuim is in fact Athinyeras' spine given new life, though there are no means of confirming this.



Athinyeras appeared as a light-coloured Sand Drake of titanic size. While modern Sand Drakes are reported to reach an average of fifteen meters in height, Athinyeras was said to be around 780 meters from her snout to the tip of her tail. The massive solid rock formations on her back were said to be similar to those found on Earth Drakes, though she overall did not resemble her mother, having been born as a wyvern instead of a four legged dragon.


Athinyeras was a gentle and caring being who watched over all the inhabitants of the Sea of Sand as if they were her children, even those not created by her. She showed an intensive desire of keeping them safe, enough for her to fearlessly face Void Denizens and even a Simulacrum in combat, risking her life for the ones she sought to protect. She was said to have a deep care for all draconic races, be them Sand Drakes, Earth Drakes or any others, believing them to be all part of one great family..


Athinyeras is said to have been the most powerful user of sand magic of all time, with the current Sand Colossus Almonohuim only being able to use a fraction of Athinyeras' power on her prime. Her gigantic size gave her monstrous strength, yet she was still capable of flight. It is said that a single flap of her wings was enough to blast enough sand to cover the entirely of the desert, and her sand breath could break down mountains in instants with its sheer force. Due to being a gentle being, though, Athinyeras rarely if ever used the full extent of her powers.



Green faceI'm always happy to see you.


Yellow faceDo you wish something?

  • Pheonas - Your goals are pure, but I question your methods.


Red faceDespicable.


One must wonder what it must've been like to had ridden upon the back of such a colossal creature. The shadow she must've cast over the world... The thought of it is both brilliant and terrifying. Heh, I guess I have to accept that there are some with a wider and thicker girth than my own.

- Ahmalhrich Stormsword

Requiescat in pace, filia.

- Colossus Korddraigen



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