Astrosia is a mysterious, powerful and dark entity serving the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus within the Inquisition. She is permanently assigned to serve the Rector provinciae of the Legatus Finduilica and is highly feared amongst the Imperial ranks.

Wielding telekenatic powers, a red colored sabre and clad in dark armor with a frightening helmet, Astrosia is the one of the most feared Imperial officers within the Legatus who later gained an (in)famous reputation in the Cyrannus Galaxy as well during her service in the elite Imperial-Legatus taskforce Raptor Squadron.


Legatus EnforcerEdit


Astrosia her taks force leaves Garkarg to hunt down dissidents

Astrosia is assigned to the Rector provinciae in 20 AQF, soon building up a notorious and feared reputation amongst the Imperial and civilian ranks within the Finduila Sector. Her origins unknown, she obeys the Rector provinciae without hesistation and is second in command of the Legatus Navy. With the outbreak of the Second Great Cyrannus War in 21 AQF, Astrosia is tasked by the Pax provinciae to hunt down any dissidents within the Legatus Finduilica to prevent opposition within the Legatus against the will of the Emperor.

In february 21 AQF, Astrosia was tasked by the Rector provinciae to hunt down the dissidents that stole a squadron of space F16 starfighters from Rottum. Together with her subordinate, captain Veloci Onychus of the Autokrator-class stardestroyer, Tartatus she was given a task force by admiral Apticyus to command. She knew the admiral didn't think much of her though she wanted to prove him wrong. Her initial task force includes at least six Arquintens-class light cruisers and four Gozanti-class cruisers.


The dissidents escape Legatus forces, something Astrosia had to take responsibility for

Studying dissident movements, raids and fuel capabilities of fighters and LC-cruisers Astrosia managed to pin point the location of the dissident base and ordered captain Veloci to launch the fleet. Arriving at Home Base she watched with pleasure as the dissident lines were broken though was taken by surprise with two hidden assault frigates and a modified and stolen Imperial Acclamator-Class renamed as Eendragt. A lone freighter appeared mid-battle as well, soon after as the battle intensified the remaining dissident ships jumped into hyperspace. Astrosia, pleased with the victory destroyed all dissident presence at Home Base before pursuing, a decision that resulted in a late arrival at the "Rift" where a dissident assault frigate rammed an Autokrator-class star destroyer. With the loss of the vessel the dissidents were free to enter the rift, allowing them to escape to the Cyrannus Galaxy. Anticipating their move Astrosia had contacted Inquistor Chi Chodecra to intercept them but to no avail. The dissidents managed to escape and boosted the ranks of the Rambo Loyalist, an act Astrosia needed to answer for.


Berated by the Rax provinciae

Hunting the ResistanceEdit

It turned out Astrosia needed to wait for four days onboard the Crimson Talon, the Arquitens-class light cruiser under her command. Her right hand, sergeant Verico informed her that the Rector provinciae, Schlimm Eklig Statthalter was hailing them from Garkarg. The Rector provinciae showed his utter distaste for her failiure to stop the dissidents and refused to listen to her apology. He admitted that he and the Emperor, Tyrómairon were willing to give her one more chance to amend for her mistakes and send her to the Cyrannus Galaxy where she was to lead the military forces of the joint Imperial-Legatus taskforce known as Raptor Squadron.

TalesShowdownTar Kuuraen01

Astrosia, Rax and Verico on Tar Kuuraen

Her first mission involved Astrosia and Raptor Squadron travelling to Tar Kuuraen where, together with commander Vitiian Rax and sergeant Verico, they attempted to arrest New Republic agent Rhavor Aldorón and resistance associates Corva, Tyronius and Stench. After Verico failed to arrest them in the Jonalek Tavern due to a brawl fight, Astrosia awaited the group at the back exit with an escort of troopers. Her targets simply run away instead of fighting, just as Astrosia expected and she slowly persued them through the streets of Tar Kuuraen. Astrosia eventually rendezvoused with commander Rax where she informed her colleague that everything went according to plan and that Imperial tracking devices were installed. Astrosia was however surprised of the sacrifice of Stench and the Falcon, realising that the Resistance might go to great lenghts preventing capture.


Astrosia leading an attack against Loyalist forces together with commander Velasus

Astrosia later tracked down the Consular-class commandeered by Idris Vanguinar during the Valour of the Resistance-storyline. Subsequently she managed to track down Rambo Loyalist forces to Ozdudrahk where she destroyed most of the escort fleet of Ramannis Le Rambo while they attempted to escape their doom. Though Ramannis escape Astrosia was complimented for her actions and the subsequent occupation and invasion of Ozdudrahk by Imperial forces. After the battle she was ordered to rendesvouz with the other ships of Raptor Squadron to hunt down General Sesoka. She, however together with Raptor Squadron were recalled to the Quadrant Galaxies where Raptor Squadron joined the escort of the Executor to siege the Rambo Capital and bring the proud Nation to its knees. Afterwards, Astrosia led a Raptor task force into New Republic space where she found and engaged renegade Rambo officer Commodore Malegras and engaged him in personal battle onboard the bridge of the USS Galathynia. Astrosia managed to overpower the cyborg Commodore and captured him.


Astrosia strangles Apaltar

Later on Astrosia joined forces with commander Rax during the Second Battle of Lianna-station. Together with Rax and Verico Astrosia stormed the halls of Lianna, able to reach the bridge they sieged it and took control of the station. Turning the weapons of the station against the Rambo/NCR ships the allied fleet was utterly annihilated by the powerful cannons of starbase 08. However, Apaltar and various NCR troopers that boarded the station attacked the bridge in hopes of taking control again. During the initial attack Astrosia was hit in her shoulder. Though she ignited her vibro sabre non the less and deflected the NCR lasers, killing the troops onboard she used her powers to strangle Apaltar until Rax openly voiced her disgust. Astrosia released him though before Apaltar could raise a blaster he was killed by Lord Venatorius who voiced his disgust at Astrosia for letting the former NCR President live.


Astrosia vs Komamuka Sajin

In May 2820, Astrosia led the Raptor Squadron to annihilate the population of Yarchadia and carved the Imperial insigna in the surface of the planet. Notified by Loyalist assaults in the same sector she led a succesful attack against Malegras at Eris, driving the Commodore away and securing the shipyards for the Empire. Moving for Impaerusqiantia to defend the ShadowForge and the Saurien Sector Corporation against the resistance she faced overwhelming odds. The Loyalists, with aid of the native HarbronrSaurien overwhelmed the Imperial forces on the surface. Personally leading the last Imperial defense, she faced captain Komamuka Sajin in personal combat. Fighting on even terms, Astrosia issued a retreat when the Loyalists broke through the Imperial ranks and sieged the ShadowForge.

As such Astrosia and Raptor Squadron were dealt their first defeat in combat. Later on, in August Astrosia led Raptor Squadron against Dinotopian Republic star destroyers and managed to destroy their fleet, removing a staunch support of the Loyalist from the war and forcing them to focus on protecting their own borders instead of engaging the Empire. Astrosia endured her second defeat in September 2820 during the Battle of Ramar Shadda. Loyalist forces managed to disable the ICS Eternal Empire with reinforcements from the Dinotopian Republic- forcing Astrosia to issue a retreat as their position could not be hold any longer. Astrosia wondered if the death of Grand Admiral Decimius played a role in the recent string of defeats for the Legatus and Imperial forces.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Lady Astrosia has a cruel personality with a murderous obsession and desire to bring down the enemies of the Empire and especialley those honoring or serving the Light. She has an extremely low tolerance of failure a fear well known and feared amongst the imperial personnel. She dislikes dishonesty and deception and will know when someone lies to her. Many within the Legatus military dislike and despise Lady Astrosia, due to her being an Inquisitor and able to use "magical abilities", better known as "wielding" in the Finduila Sector and is something that is generally not tolerated.

She loves fighting on the front lines and is overconfident in her own abilities, believing herself to be unbeatable making her both arrogant and sometimes even reckless.



Astrosia of the Legatus


Orange faceYou will live, for now....


Red faceJudgement is upon thee!

  • Apticyus - I should be the supreme commander of the Legatus forces instead of you lizard!
  • Camron Dar - Mandator Dar, I have been expecting you.........
  • Komamuka Sajin - I will crush you next time we meet



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