The Associated Free State of Siranian Andromeda (Turkish: Siranian Andromeda Ilişkili Serbest Devlet) is unitary parliamentary constitutional republic under a nominal military junta in the Andromeda Galaxy and a colony of the Imperial Siranian Dictatorship. It was proclaimed an autonomous territory in 2802, and the state's origins can be traced to the beginning of Siranian colonial expansion, with waves of colonization in the 2740's, 2750's and 2760's, with five independent - and quite unmanaged - colonies. For some time these colonies developed independently, but in 2763 they had mutually expanded to the extent of nineteen distinct districts, at which point they formed the union that was the associate state, which was more of a minor independent partner with the Siranians than a subordinate colony. During the Siranian administration of the late 2780's and early 2790's, the motherland tried to rein the colonies back in, but all attempts failed after the 2792 coup, when Andromeda-centered and anti-Siranian military factions took over the capital, Mardin, and began to act like a wholly seperate nation. Over time democracy was restored and some half-hearted attempts to rein in the Andromedan Siranians were made, but what remained a status quo was that Siranian Andromeda would never be one with the motherland.

History Edit

Early History

The association, known as the Siranian Andromedan Colonies or Siranian Andromeda, was founded in 2753 after small scuffles between the three main factions, that of Posof and Armultu, that of Adalar and Nazimiye and the independent colony of Mardin excalated into a full-on war between the five colonies, with Posof and Armultu emerging victorious and Adalar and Nazimiye occupied by the victors. However, Posof and Armultu were on the verge of financial ruin, and Mardin was the only colony that had remaiend unscathed, though it did its share of fighting with Adalar and Nazimiye. This allowed Mardin to reach prosperity unparalleled by the other colonies. After a decade of peacful yet tense expansion, the Siranian Andromedan Colonies formed a union, the Associated State of Siranian Androemda.

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