I believe in Asil's power to calm her loved one. Should she ever leave his side and Venáris-oul is unable to stay his wrath, I believe the Meridian could not tell him and Osaduesurin apart.

- Unknown

Asil is the husband of Venáris, the Overseer of the Empyrean Meridian, and sometimes recognised as the Queen of the Universe. She is also a member of the Paragons of the Horizon, one of seven deities which protects the universe.

History Edit

Asil is one of the Isurmanuril, a race of precursors that inhabited and cultivated the Asiliaphei Sector of the Meridian many aeons before the life that is known across the Meridian came into fruition. Her husband, Venáris was approached by the vanishing Empyreans, the creators of the Meridian, to oversee it once they left. Having accepted their task for him, Venáris quickly chose Asil to rule by him, and the first of many beings who would later become the Paragons. Olóiyom, Venáris' brother, was appalled with his decision to choose Asil as a Paragon over him, and turned to the mysterious entity known only as the Nihilist and later manifested as a creature of hatred that ruled the Fissure. She aided her husband in recruiting the Paragons, all of whom were originally beings like Asil and Venáris. Whilst Venáris appointed Ormerei and Nanallui, Asil encouraged Phaumea, Sasulto and Invasui to join the Paragons of which they later accepted. Asil, during Venáris' attempts to appoint Anenniush and Quesuat, saw the darkness within them, and was affirmed with her suspicions after they abandoned the Paragons in favour of Olóiyom.

Throughout the course of the Meridian's earlier history, Asil and the other six Paragons cultivated life and civilisation in hopes of establishing an eventually peaceful universe, though the presence of Olóiyom and his servants, and the comparatively worse threat of Osaduesurin, she and Venáris believe that there is much work to be done yet.

Characteristics Edit

Appearance Edit

Asil appears as a feminine Isurmanuril, standing approximately seven and a half metres tall with rich iridescent blue skin. Like her husband, Asil is clothed in anciet Isurmanurilian armour and her eyes glow a blinding white through her mask. She chooses not to possess an aura like Venáris, though in times of anger she has been shown to present a blue one.

Personality Edit

Asil seeks for peaceful outcomes in whatever situation she is involved in, though her calmness is not as that of Venáris'. Though her calm nature often soothes Venáris should he be roused to irritation, Asil's temper is visibly finite, and given the chance, is capable of terrifying anger against those who ire her. The other Paragons and those who have communed with them claim that Asil's temper is to accommodate both herself's and her husband's.

Abilities Edit

Capable of creation in scales beyond planetary, Asil is one of the most powerful beings in existence, though her powers fall short of some of the Paragons and her husband. Being able to fuse her minds with the other Paragons gives her omniscience and the ability to transcend her body in order to intricately observe the universe, though the strain on both her body and mind indicates that she retains some of her mortality as an Isurmanuril.

Relations Edit

Love Edit

LoveRelation "I would see us to the end of the universe, and beyond such."

  • Venáris - The universe could not be peaceful without you.

Allies Edit

Green face "I know have found in you a soul that is worth fighting for."

  • Invasui - I once saw you as a youngling, and I am glad to see you grow.
  • Nanallui - Venáris places so much trust in you.
  • Phaumea - You have a stout heart, and I fear we may need force.
  • Ormerei - I share my husband's opinion on your task...I hope it does not suit you ill.
  • Sasulto - Where I can calm my husband, sometimes I find it that only your words can find me some peace of mind.

Netural Edit

Yellow face "Speak, and I will listen."

  • N/A

Enemies Edit

Red face "To the abyss with you!"

  • Nihilist - Stay there...whatever it is that you are...
  • Olóiyom - I always saw jealousy in you. Now I know that you are willing to destroy us because of it.
  • Anenniush - I was right. You were nothing but evil.
  • Quesuat - To join Olóiyom is madness...
  • Osaduesurin - ...
By the hand of Venáris-oul are we governed;
And by the eyes of the Nihilist are we watched.
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