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For many years the FRA has been known for its stupidity and has made countless empires angry with their 'petting'. Recently with the creation of the Can I pet you? show in the FRA among other things has managed to draw the ire of the United Lanat Empire. The ULE is a cruel Warrior race and is prepared to teach the FRA that the universe isn't all peaches and cream and is ready to show the FRA what the universe is like outside their little Lala land. Soon ULE Warships will come knocking on the front steps of the Asgords prepared to show them the real meaning of pain and suffering.


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ConAngazhar.png Xho -- Error Found. Consider Death.

  • Cult of the Deathmarch




Liquid Ink[]




This is my log, 29 Norknaar 402 Kraw Era. I am almost at the "United Tralor Empire". I am expecting some nice beef and some nice drinks as I come into contact with the cute Aoblix. I can't wait to pet him, his skin is so cute!

- Avexia Tave'esna

These were her words as she entered Lanat Prime. As she was arriving, many Tralor were making offensive and insulting gestures at Avexia, but she took them all as a compliment, saying "Thank you!" all the time.

Then, she arrives at the ULE's palace, where Aoblix resided. Avexia then came across some guards, which blocked her way. She was wondering why they wouldn't let her go in.

Guard 1 - "Sorry, no Tralorphiles allowed."
Avexia - "Wait, what? What's a Tralorphile? Is it a philosophy?"
Guard 1 - "No, you fool its sick alien races who gets enjoyment by sexually harassing our kind! You are little more than a hand rapist!"
Avexia - "Wha? But your so cute and I need to see Mr.Aoblix!"
Guard 1 - "No one sees the all mighty emperor without an appointment and I know you have one! Now leave before I skin you-"
Guard 2 - "Wait, Aoblix said he always wanted to meet one of the...Asgord things. It might please him."
Guard 1 - "Yes your right! When Aoblix is happy he gives all his guards reWards! You, Asgord come with me you get to see the Emperor! But be Warned we Tralor are quick to anger and if you make Emperor Aoblix angry then it will be bad for your health. Now come."
Avexia - "Yay!" *Follows guard 1*

The guard escorts Avexia to Aoblix's work room where he was currently at. The guard instinctively bows before the presences of the emperor but Avezia doesn't and just stands there waving like a dork at Aoblix.

Avexia - "Hi there Mr.Aoblix! I'm-"
Aoblix- "Why are you not bowing before me? ON YOUR KNEES DOG!"
Avexia -*Guard pulls Avexia to her knees* "Ow!"

Avexia was not aWare of curteosy. She never bowed to Helenia, as she didn't need to.

Aoblix - "So, you're one of them. Why can't you understand you are too friendly?"
Avexia - "Awww, because we like the Universe! You are all so cute! Everyone! Now, can we ally you?"
Avexia - "Aww, but you are so cute!"

She then approached Aoblix and rubbed her hand against his skin, petting him. Aoblix was filled with rage, he just got sexually harassed, while Avexia didn't notice a thing. The guards were shocked, this was all going to go down the hill from here...

Avexia - "What do you-" *Gets grabs by Aoblix and head slammed six times into his desk*
Aoblix - "SUFFER!"

Aoblix brutally plumbed Avexia's head into his desk several more times before throwing her down onto the hard stone floor. The room was already full of guards and soon they began to sWarm and attack the already battered Avexia. Over ten Tralor guards where kicking and stomping on Avexia.

Avexia - "Why?!? I only wanted to be your friend!" *Cries*
Aoblix - "You defiled me with your sick sexual ways! Guards take her to the torture chambers!"
Avexia - "Is that a good place?"
Aoblix - *facepalm*

Avexia was then Taken to the Torture chambers. If anything, Avexia thought...

"Why? Why is it sexual? Petting isn't harassment, it's a cultural value... Now, what is this place, it looks like it could use some decoration, like flowers, and a Zalkarg! Awww Zalkargs are so cute!"

She kept on thinking about Zalkargs before a Guard appeared to Torture her.

Avexia - "Hi!"

The guard didn't say anything in reply, he just dragged Avexia to a large table and strapped her to it.

Avexia - "What are you doing, cutie?"
Guard - "You'll see soon."
Avexia - "Ok."

The guard turned a nob on the table and soon the metal bands around Avexia's wrist and ankles began to heat up and turn bright orange. Avexia's skin made a sizzling nose as it was being burnt by the hot metal.

Guard - "No, your punishment has only just begun!"
Avexia - "What did I do?" *Sobs*

The guard quickly got to work on Avexia's punishment by firstly by dropping acid on Avexia's skin. The acid made a fizzle as it slowly dissolved Avexia's flesh.

Avexia - *Screams in pain* "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!"

The guard only snickered as out from under the table he brought out a large, pronged needle.

Avexia - "Wha-what are you going to do with that?"
Guard - "You'll see now don't move" *Holds open Avexia's eye*
Avexia - "What are you doing with my eye?"

The guard slowly plunges the needle into Avexia's eye. Avexia quickly jolts with pain and screams out as loud as she can.

Avexia - "GET IT OUT!" *Jolts around in pain*
Guard - "Heh, no!" *Jabs the needle deeper*
Avexia - *Hysterical screaming* "BUT YOU ARE SO CUTE!"

Avexia was then thrown against the wall, and locked in. She wondered what they were going to do next... All she could hear was more gibberish in the ULE's language.

Avexia - "Ow ow ow ow my eye!"
Guard - "You pest! You deserved it for sexually harassing our leader! And I heard he was about to declare War on your puny empire... I will be ridden with joy when the FRA is wiped off the map of the Universe!"
Avexia - "Why would you do that??? We are friends!"
Guard - "You sir, are an idiot." *Leaves*

Avexia was left in despair... What was to become of her... and her empire?

A few hours past and another guard came to the room Avexia was in. Inside Avexia was still holding her eye in pain.

Guard - "Get up we are taking you off planet"
Avexia - "Are you taking me home?"
Guard - "No, we are taking you to a prison world."
Avexia - "Nooo!" *gets dragged away by the guard*

Week One[]

Week one marked the beginning of the United Lanat Empire's march of terror across FRA space.

The nightmare begins[]

The ULE bombardment

A large ULE invasion forces makes its way to a mid sized FRA colony in the Kraw Galaxy.

Captain Oril - "Warriors of the United Lanat Empire we are almost at our destination! I know this mission is below Warriors of your skill set but remember this is the personal will of the Emperor himself! This race must suffer for violation our dear leader! Death to Asgord!"

Soon after Captain Oril's speech the ULE invasion force was within range of the FRA colony. Instinctively a Asgord ship came to welcome the strange new visitors.

Asgord Captain - "Hiya! Welcome to- wait why are you locking your weapon systems on my ship silly? Now why are you charging your weapons, someone could get hurt! And-"

Before the Asgord could finish Captain Oril ordered his vessel to fire on the Asgord ship on full power. Several trade ships from other races that had weapon systems fired at the ULE ships but it was no use, the advance Warships of the Tralor made quick work of them. Oril ordered the invasion force to enter the planet near the Asgord city.

Male Asgord 1 - "Look ships! We are going to have new alien friends!"
Male Asgord 2 - "More friends the better!"
Female Asgord - "Look! One of the ships is glowing! HAPPY RAYS ARE COMING!"

Captain Oril was quick to order the bombardment of the city. The ULE ships laser cannons tuned and locked on the the Asgord cities skyscrapers and opened fire. What started out as hope for new friends quickly turned into panic as skyscrapers began to collapse around the city from the the ULE's bombardment.

Captains Oril - "Warriors prepare to make landfall! Show these fools the wrath of the United Lanat Empire!"

Soon hundreds of ULE transports began to ships thousands of Tralor Warriors to the city. The brutality has only just begun for the Asgords.

Kraw Briefing[]

While Kies was discussing defense for future KrawVisions, a Ionian scratched the door over and over, attempting to open it. Ionians are 4 legged avian beings, known for being extreme bards. The Ionian was scratching hard with his legs, after getting past the Idogen's security patrol using invisibility. The Idogen was a structure similar to Earth's pentagon.

Ionian - "Let me in, it's a catastrophe!"

Kies opened the door, he looked around for anyone, until he realized he is an Ionian.

Kies - "It's you. What do you want?"
Ionian - "Hello, I am Ki'hâzara, from Ionus."
Kies - "I know, "Ki'hyhzara". What is your business here?"
Kies - "Turn on our Galactic watch."

Durekorg turned on his Galactic watch screen. It showed the FRA planet of Geime'eles being attacked by an unregistered empire. Since the Kraw had no info on them, they saw them as an easy target, as the FRA are the least militarily active empire in the Kraw Galaxy (maybe even in the universe), and attacking them was easy even for a Civ Stage Empire.

Kies - "Send 250 Ships for defense immediatly. That will teach this odd empire not to kill of our confederates!"
Ki'hâzara - "Thank you. I will send the same amount of ships as well. Now, to save the FRA! We need them to have more fun!"
Kies - "What makes you care so much for the FRA?"
Ki'hâzara - "One thing - devotion. They gave us so much, they allied us and gave us a lot of gifts, and we were waiting for a time like this to repay them."
Kies - "Wery well."

The combined fleet then moved on to Geime'eles, where the ULE were attacking, however, neither knew the ULE's military capacity...

Cult Mania[]

Geime'eles was dystopian. Most of the city was now a burning wreck, the skies blackened because of the ash rising from the sky. FRA scout ships were searching for life and attempting to fire happy rays at Tralor troopers; only to be shot down seconds later. Geime'eles was lost to the ULE. Some 150 Asgord were missing in the downtown region of Tiel'zenes. The other 3 million were either dead or escaping the planet. These Asgord disappeared near one of the discos in the area...it was almost certain they went there for a party.

They were trying to brighten the mood, most of the Asgord's families became dust from ULE weapons. Of course, the idea of balloons, bright lights and techno music completely shattered the idea of refuge. They also began to question the idea of petting, and the idea that their Empress was a slow moving, even-slower-thinking zombie. Some believed the FKA was better, some completely oblivious to what was even going on in their own empire.

A massive ship flew overhead, but not the sound a ULE ship would make. It was far heavier, and made the ground shake. It made skyscrapers crumble to the ground. The Asgord thought this was a amplifier error, and fixed it the same time the ship stopped moving. They were none the wiser. The Asgord continued to party, even turning the lights on outside of the disco. They were beginning to present their own death wish.

A dropship flew to the entrance of the disco; Asgord still dancing. The doors flung open, blasted off the frame; the door hit some Asgord off the balcony to their death. The music stopped, the Asgord all stood motionlessly at the view of the beings at the entrance. Mahanayans. The Cult was in the room.

The Commander of the group stepped out of the dropship and took head of the team. One Asgord went over to hug the Commander; he was decapitated by the Commander's kick. The Asgord were uncertain whether to go over and pet them or run through the only exit; the entrance. FRA guards blasted happy rays at the Commander. The Commander stood with a look of absolute and utter disappointment. He went over to the guards, crush the blasters with his hands and broke the necks of the guards.

Commander - "...Is this all the FRA has? Whimpering little pests and...happy rays?"

Ikorgornians stepped into the room behind the Commander. They fired viciously at the Commander. The armor took the blasts like sponge. They stopped firing upon the realization that the Commander wouldn't die from such weapons. They stepped back in fear, only to walk into more Mahanayan Warriors. The Asgord turned away at the sight of blood and limbs flying everywhere.

Commander - "Lets make this perfectly --"
Asgord - "Hello, cutie! Can we pet you?"

The Asgord was blown to pieces.

Commander - "Anyone else want to be an idiot? No? Ok....lets make this perfectly clear. We are going to take you into our ships, dissect some of you and give the rest of you as a sacrifice to the Xhodocto. Guards! Seize them!"

The Asgord were picked up off their feet and into the dropship. The Commander ordered a Continental Glassing on the area. They left Geime'eles and disappeared from space, whilst the cruisers burnt up the ground over Tiel'zenes; the sky now red and with lightning. The FRA began to realise that maybe they are in tremendous danger...more that they could imagine.

The Coalition pounces[]

The Delpha Coalition of Planets has been on many battlefronts in recent times. The Asgord had been foolish enough to try and ally with some of the DCP's greatest enemies, and there was some word that their Diplomat Lezia had been involved some way with the Xhodocto. After a recent attempt of allying with Corruptus, it had pushed the already on-alert DCP into rage. The DCP, like ULE or the Cult, could eradicate the Asgordian species in no time at all. The DCP stepped in.

It was overkill, worse even that the in the DCP-KGGC War. The DCP's new Dreadnought refits and Bow' deshifted into normal spacetime, armed with a deadly array of new weapons, such as Subluminal Degen-missiles, long projectiles of incredibly dense degenerate matter mined from neutron stars, sharped to the thickness of compressed atoms, they had no explosive mechanism, this wasn't needed.

The first target was a deep space station named Euphoric bliss, a place of Asgordian happiness and where the FRA have fun with their allies. The DCP could have destroyed it without the FRA even knowing of their presence, but the DCP was here to punish. The Asgord opened comm screen - "welcome! WELCOME! Hooray its the DCP, come and join our fri-", however, the DCP replied "We are not your allies. We have tried to teach your pathetic race, but now you shall pay". The Asgord were barely phased, one replied "Ooh, pay? Its a guessing game, I Love...", but as the Asgord watched, a long pole emerged from the hull, not a gunport, it literally melted from the hull into the Bow's contortion fields. Then it was all over, the DCP fired the projectile like the spring mechanism of an ancient long bow, at such speed the station was hit with the power of millions of megatonnes, destroying it instantly. What was left was destroyed by a cluster of evaporating micro-black holes that had decayed with considerable force. Of the Asgord dead, there were some of their allies from around the galaxy...

The DCP now moved into FRA Space, but found a resistance of Asgord allies. After several shots of subatomic disruptor fire followed by implosion beams, the resistance fleet was evaporated in seconds. However, it was known the Asgord had 1000 allies at least in the galaxy, and the DCP's attention had turned...

Hunting on Geime'eles[]

The ULE had watched the Cults glassing of Tiel'zenes with great enjoyment, the only thing that would of made it better is if the ULE done it themselves. For the ULE the day was not over, there was still Asgord life signs on Geime'eles and new reports of an incoming fleet closing in on their position.

Tralor Crewmember - "Sir, incoming ships!"
Captains Oril - "Good! Let them come and try to reckon with us!"

Soon a sizable fleet of Kraw and Ionus ships came within rage on the ULE Warships. While the Kraw/Ionus fleet was just starting to get weapons lock on the ULE ships Captain Oril ordered all ships to open fire on the enemy vessels. The firepower was too much for even the largest Kraw ships and they blew apart into nothing but molten metal slag.

Kraw Crewmember - "Those alien ships are more powerful than we expected! We are taking heavy causalities!"
Kraw Captain - "You right, we must retreat or we'll all die!"
Ionus Captain - "No, what about the FRA? They are doomed without us!"

Kraw and Ionus ships put their ships weapons on full power in hopes of doing damage to the ULE Warships but their ships weapon fire didn't do much of anything and the ULE Warships quickly returned fire, destroying the remaining ships.

Back on Geime'eles surface...

Tralor Trooper 1 - "Find the survivors, I seen one run over there!"
Tralor Trooper 2 - "Yes, we will make the Asgord feel pain!"
Asgord Survivor - "Someone help me!"

The Asgord Survivor ran as fast as she could away from her Tralor persuaders but tripped and fell, allowing the Tralor to capture her.

Asgord Survivor - "Please don't kill me Mr.Tralor, we can be friends!"
Tralor Trooper 2 - "Friends with you? Yeah right!"

The Tralor troopers held down the Asgord survivor as another Tralor trooper began to remove her arm with his sword and then once the arm was completely severed from the Asgord's body forced the arm in her through, chocking her to death with her own arm.

Tralor Trooper 1 - "Come one there are more Asgords to smite!"

A meeting[]

The day after this meeting, in 30/09/402 KRE, a massive assembly involving over 1000 Races, including the Kraw Empire and the FKA was held in Horehronie, Kraw Empire.

A Disaster... a Massive disaster... 2.3 Billion Dead. 1 world lost. 30487 Kraw died. Many others from other races suffered the same fate. It's an immense disaster. Nobody has seen such a massacre since the KGGC invasion. And worse... the DCP are helping them. And so are the Cult of the Deathmarch. They call themselves the ULE, acronym unknown. If anything, we should send more troops over to the FRA. What are your opinions?

- Kies Kortograa of the Kraw Empire

Ki'hâzara - "You should send us more aid... Megaships, other similar ships, maybe ask the Tahars..."
Kies - "The Tahars refuse to help because the War does not benefit them."

Everyone wonders, then it all calms down.

Kies - "You may be asking, how are we still allies with the DCP? Well, those days are over. No more will we be allies of such mongrels!"

Everyone claps.

Kies - "Then it is so. We shall take further military action. How many ships will you be offering?"

Everyone offers from 100-10000 Ships. At the end, there are at least 1 Million Ships offered against the assault on the FRA. Kies plans on using 10000 for the next battle.

Kies - "Then it is so. ALLIES, TO War!!!"

Everyone cheers and sends their ships for FRA aid. The DCP just lost an ally.

DCP has no mercy[]

The Kraw had ended their alliance, but since they believed that they had not declared War they considered themselves safe from invasion, as well as their alliance history. But this is not how the DCP's mentality operates. The DCP fleet moved along to the Kraw Empire, every allied system in the way was pulverised. The Kraw realized the DCP was coming, and their allies stepped into help. The Kraw knew the DCP were powerful, but other than witnessing the DCP-KGGC War they were not truly aWare of what the DCP was capable of.

To the DCP, the best of the technology thrown at them was like sticks. Railguns, chemically propelled and nuclear missiles, and low energy laser cannons had no effect on the DCP's armour. In one battle, the DCP eviscerated nearly 2000 Honus/Ionian ships with just a few medium-powered Warships destroying them from the inside out. They couldn't even target lock the DCP's ships or escape, so sounded their cannons one last time...And met no success, the last barrier between the DCP and Kraw had crumbled...

Jokraata, was the first world the DCP reached. Kraw ships moved to intercept and fired their weaponry, but the DCP ship didn't even react. It simply emitted a sweep of particles that rained down on the world below. This was a Metreon cascade, a form of radioactive nanotechnology, which instantly destablized the planet's ozone layer. The weapon was quick, but brutal, in minuites every single life form, from Kraw to plant to microorganism began to blister and burn, as if being burned by invisible fire, or watching extreme radiation sickness sped up thousands of times. Kronak suffered a similar fate, but the world of Ikordom was used an an example to the now frightened Asgord... Every Kraw was put to death, and shown live. The Asgord now realized the true reality of pain and suffering of others. The Kraw were petted to death.

Soon a sizable DCP fleet began to attack enmasse on the Asgord's allies, especially the Honus and Ionian Empire. Using hyperspace missiles, colonies crumbled with no sign of the DCP's fleet.


Kies - "... Now, they'll try to take Ginozemes next. I won't let the DCP do what they did to Jokraata! We lost 9 Empires!"
Ki'hâzara - "I hate the DCP. I hope they die."
Lzut - "Me too. We Holus don't respect Warmongers, especially the Iteok."

While they were discussing, a popup appeared on a viewscreen, showing a wierd figure. The Kraw and the allies had no idea who he was. He was a green humanoid, that was what they could tell.

??? - "Hiya, guys!"
Kraw - "Hey, who are you?"
Ionian - "Are you from here?"

He revealed himself to be Emperor Mazipnos of the Tokzhalan Empire.

Mazipnos - "I'm Emperor Mazipnos, of the Tokzhalan Empire. You may have heard of me, or at least my Empire. And no, we're not from this galaxy."
Kies - Hello. "Are you here to threaten us?"
Mazipnos - "No. As I'm sure you're aWare, this galaxy is in trouble. And, while I could just ignore you all and let you die at the hands of extragalactic superpowers, or I could even join in with them in your destruction, that wouldn't be very nice. So, I have an offer for you."
Kies - "What is it?"
Mazipnos - "We will give you technology for your ships, so they can stand up to the invading forces. Quantum replicators, nonphasic shielding, and weapons such as superlasers and transphasic antimatter missiles."
Kies - "Woah, what are those?"
Ki'hâzara - "Nice offer!"
Mazipnos - "These are powerful weapons. Superlasers make regular particle beam weapons look like water pistols, and transphasic antimatter missiles can one-hit-kill any ship armed with phasic shielding. I should Warn you, though, that I don't know whether any of your enemies still use those. You can quickly install these into many of your ships, and immediately strike against your enemies. They won't be expecting it at all."
Kies - "Excellent. Thank you for the offer. What price are you asking for?"
Mazipnos - "Nothing. This is a gift. Like I said, it wouldn't be very nice to just leave you to your deaths, would it?"
Kies - "Thank you. We hope our relations extend further after this."
Mazipnos - "I'll transmit the technical data for all of this technology to you now. Make good use of it."

Mazipnos closed his communcations box. The Kraw and the FRA Allies now have a higher chance of winning this War...

Loron'Kikra rampage[]

Ray'loth - hur man im so hungry. oh i kno imma get more of dem asgord boyz an make pizza off dem

The Loron'Kikra were already attacking the Kraw Galaxy before the Genocide even started. But seeing it only made them more determinated into killing the Asgords.


The Asgord greet the Loron'Kikras

Several Loron'Kikras invaded the Asgord planet of Ginozemes. Despite having attacked their planet days ago, the Asgords already forgot about everything and don't seen to reconize the Loron at all.

Asgord 1 - Woah, big new friends!
Asgord 2 - Can we ally you? You are so cute!
Loron'Kikra - WES GONNA KILL

The Loron fired his blastas and exploded the Asgords to pieces. The other Kikras then invaded the cities and went on a frenzy, destroying all the buildings in their way. Asgord ships fired their happy rays at them, but the entropy in their bodies made them don't even notice the ships.


The Loron'Kikras started to violently eat the Asgords alive. Being it men, women or kids, they filled their bellies with living maimed Asgordians. The Kikras then climbed in the highest skyscrapers of the planet and started to roar to the sky, before firing bombs at the city.

However, Kraw ships entered the atmosphere.

Loron'Kikra 1 - EY ITS DEM KRAW BOYZ

The Kikras stole several bodies and came back to their ships, escaping the Kraw. The cities of the planet were razed, the few survivors lost their legs or arms and couldn't walk anymore, and the terrain was left too damaged to rebuild more cities.

Ray'loth - dis so easy we is gonna attak asgord dumbos moar and moar and MOAR

Rambo Aid[]

Rambo Team comes to aid some Asgord

X-493, leader of Rambo Team, together with X-210 and X-599 were in for a surprise. In secret, using a standard Rambo Nation shuttle with cloacking device were exploring the Asgord Arm in the Kraw Galaxy. After hearing a lot of rumors about the Kraw Galaxy Rambo Command ordered to investigate this new universe. However upon there arrival all of a sudden ULE ships arrived, brutally murdering the Asgord.

X-493 was angry and somewhat in a little bit of panick, ULE ships were quite strong compared a standard shuttle. One hit and they would all be gone, traying to escape they saw a small group of 25 Asgord running for there lives. X-493 made his decesion, X-210 decloacked in front of the fleeing Asgords and X-493 and X-599 openened fire at the surprised Tralor, killing the small squad of 5 Tralor.

The Asgord looked surprised and didn't dare to move. X-493 simply waved his hand pointed in the direction of the shuttle. The Asgord complied and the shuttle entered orbit and engaged Warp, heading to the nearst wormhole leading to the Wormhole Plataue near Rambo Prime. Upon entering they also saw DCP ships, and X-493 was sure the Asgord were now safe with the mighty DCP coming to their aid. Upon arriving at Rambo Prime the Asgord were treated from wounds and given emergency tents as refugees. Rambo Nation promised them they could return when the conflict in the Kraw Galaxy was over. Empress Ramashe (Dhazhrak) was well aWare of the DCP's true intentions, and instead of aiding the Asgord Dhazhrak ordered the Rambo Senate not to intervere. As the DCP was more powerfull than Rambo Nation, they would only be in their way and the DCP was well able to deal with the ULE. The Senate complied and told the Asgord the news that the DCP had arrived!

New faces[]

As the DCP was destroying resistances, they reached several Asgord colonies and "punished them" (not destroying them outright), to condemn the inhabitants. But as the DCP ships moved on, a bulk was arriving...

It was the Hogomoth Refuge, once a very peaceful and powerful empire now more gritty and on the brink of extinction. They had a plan, centuries before to ally with the Grox and ensure peace, rthey did not expect the galaxy to turn on them. Their ships were strong, and massive. Seeing the plight of the Asgord, a city ship turned up for aid, rescuing the Asgord colonies. A small Cult ship attacked, but the Hogomoth city ship proved its worth, destroying it in a short battle, the Asgord on the punished worlds were rescued, the Hogomoth's next stop was the Kraw Empire, and they were risking their species to help the Kraw...

Meanwhile, strange living ships from the sky descended on FRA worlds, including the Asgord homeworld. They were the steads of the Cephalodian Life Guardians. The Cephalodians came to protect the planets natural biosphere, in the case it was destroyed by invading forces, although they thought that the FRA Asgord themselves were dying because of an evolutionary failure, so let the "forces of nature" take them. In both cases, the Asgord were a bit worried when they saw the new mysterious ships come.

The Tralor Gathering[]

The United Lanat Empire knew that they would need more forces to quickly stomp out any resistance they would run into. ULE command was quick to order a command station build in the Kraw Galaxy. Upon completion a meeting was held on the station for the current situation report and future invasion plans.

Station KG-00-01, current headquarters of the United Lanat Empire in the Kraw Galaxy.

Tul *via hologram* - "We must make sure we are not caught off guard. Remember, a large sWarm of small pest can lead to trouble if we are not ready and that would lead to great shame on our part."
Captain Zornil - "I don't think we have anything to worry about, Master Admiral Tul. Our ships and Warriors are far superior to anything a native of this galaxy could throw at us!"
Tul - "Very true, Zornil but your overconfidence could and will lead to a foolish defeat under your watch. In fact thats why I stationed you at the Kraw galaxy and not the Cyrannus."
Captain Oril - "Heh."
Admiral Marog - "Silence Oril! Sorry about that, Master Admiral and yes I agree we must always be on our guard even when facing far inferior foes. May I suggest that we gather even more forces to this galaxy so we may hit harder and faster. The DCP, Cult, and several other forces has already started striking the Asgords and there allies and thats a good thing but we also want apart of the battle!"
Tul - "Good idea Marog, I shall order 1,300 more ships to Station KG-00-01 and from there we can plan the next attack!"

The TIAF Marches[]

"Now it is our turn."

Indeed, it was the TIAF's turn. While the others planned their next moves and the Asgord continued petting, as usual, the TIAF was going to take advantage of the confusion and have some fun with the Asgord.

They took a fleet to a medium-sized Asgord planet. The Asgord greeted them, of course.

Asgord 1 - "Hi! You shouldn't point your weapons at us like that! Someone could get hurt!"
TIAF Lt. General MacDeus - "...That's the point."
Asgord 2 - "Aww, can I pet you?"
MacDeus - "DON'T TOUCH ME!" (slams the second Asgord into a nearby building)
Asgord 1 - "Aww, you threw my friend into a wall! That's so cute!"
MacDeus - "I don't need to hear this. March forWard, army!"

The army began its march through the city. However, their goal was not to totally destroy the Asgord, just to change their culture and petting ways.

TIAF General McInnes - "Admiral, our goal is not to destroy their nation, only to-"
(TIAF Admiral Routhis rams a destroyer against a Asgord skyscraper)
McInnes - "Damnit, Admiral!"
Asgord (over communications) - "You're so cute!"
McInnes - "SHUT UP!" (punches hologram of Asgord)

The TIAF's goal on this planet was to take some Asgordian prisoners back home for some experimentation. The planet's cultural centers would be burned to the ground, but the cities would otherwise be left untouched. Soon, some Asgord realized what was happening and took refuge in some of the more safer locales, but many continued to mindlessly greet and pet the TIAF soldiers.

Asgord 3 - "Aww you were right! They're so cute! I just want to pet them!"
TIAF Soldier - "Out of my way, civilian."
Asgord 1 - "Didn't I tell you?" (pets the soldier)
TIAF Soldier - "Take these two to the holding cells."
Asgord 2 - "That sounds fun! Can I come?"

The entire planet's inhabitants were rounded up and put into prison cells, and those who agreed not to pet the TIAF officers were allowed to stay in nicer parts of the prison ships. The TIAF has left the entire planet uninhabited, and the next person to come will wonder just how the Asgord simply just disappeared.

The TIAF prison ships set course for the TIAF Kraw Galaxy Command, the TIAF's Kraw Galaxy stronghold.

Enter the Kroxxon and Kmazuani[]

Empires were now fleeing the DCP's might. The Ionians were now almost extinct. Hovering above another empire, the Kakadorian, the DCP enslaved the entire population, and destroying all but the fittest to work in mines of Theocron.

But some deterimned races, like the the Kroxxon and Kmazuani, made a desperate assault on the DCP, one of course which was fruitless but brave. The Kmazuani were second class citizens in the Kraw galaxy, but the DCP turned them arind and twisted their minds, turning them into savages and then re-releasing them to the galaxy, forcing them to invade the Kraw Empire. Meanwhile the Kroxxon were hydrogen breathers and lived on large planets and gas giants capable of holding hydrogen.

The Kroxxon were far more advanced however than many other Kraw races, and could hold out at least for a few minuites in each battle, and fought for every meter of space, colliding head long into DCP ships if they had to. They like any other resistance eventually fled, deep into the protective layers of gas giants where even the DCP couldn't easily find them. However, the DCP tracked some refugee ships to the Gas Giant Albion-7, carrying a large population. The DCP pericred the gas giant heart with Q-ball soliton waves, designed to alter the weak nuclear force to increase or decrease radioactive decay. The gas giant was an ultra-class, barely what is defined as a planet. It achieved short-term nuclear fusion, its atmosphere began to invert and boil. Thunderstorms raged across every cloud, the temperature raised and hydrogen was sucked toWards the fusing core. So the refugees were forced to escape. The DCP didn't bother gunning down the emerging ships, instead they sent semi-sentient drones which cased down the ships by predicting their moves and adapting. One lucky ship fell into the presence of a Hogomoth city ship, where it was saved.

The Kraw attack[]

It whas been 3 days and already the Kraw Galaxy was suffering innocent losses, but they had better weapons and they almost knew how to use them. The Kraw moved into La'an. Kane'es was near this planet. It is said that if the enemy takes Kane'es, the FRA will end. So, the Kraw and forces from 50 FRA Allies, which made up 48900 ships moved into La'an, where the ULE was approaching...

12,000 ULE Warships began to enter combat formation as they approached the Kraw fleet. The first strike came from the Kraw side as one of the ships fired one of their new transphasic antimatter missile at one of the Lanat Class Destroyers mk.1. The Lanat Class exploded killing all personal on the ship, naturally the ULE was surprised at how this could happen but it was no matter as the Tralor opened fire right after the Lanat Class was destroyed and managed to take out 40 ships within the first barrage of laser fire.

Admiral Marog - "Burn their hides for destroying one of our vessels! Leave not surviving!"

With Admiral Marog's words the ULE began to fight harder, quickly crushing all enemy vessels that got in range of their weapons. Even with the Kraw's new weapons each line of Kraw and allied ships was unable to hold the ULE's onslaught for long.

Kies tried desperately to defend La'an from the ULE. Kies fired Magnetic Gravity Missiles at some ULE ships, they feel before the Wormholes the Missiles generated, but after that, the ULE's forced bombed 4 times as many Kraw and FRA Ally ships as they did. Kies was starting to lose confidence, but he never gave up. He ordered 1000 Ships against the commander's ship. He was going to try to take him down.

Kies - "This will teach you to mess with our culture!"

Several ships formed a line in front of Admiral Marog's ship and opened fire. The front line of Kraw and ally ships was quickly destroyed and soon the second and third. The remaining ships broke attack formation but didn't give up their mission to destroy the command ship.

Soon another ship exited hyperspace. The ship was bigger than anything most of the Kraw have seen before and made even some of the most hardened veteran tremble before the awesome might of this new ship. This new ship was the Iron Maiden, flagship of the United Lanat Navy. Now with this massive machine of War there was was even less hope for the Kraw and their allies to save the planet from utter destruction.

Kies then decided to retreat. There was no hope for their kind to take on such a huge vessel. Kies went back, and so did the allies. Kies asked himself "How will we take on such a machine?".

Kraw vs. DCP[]

Shortly after the first Kraw revenge strike, the DCP made sure to crush any resistance that might develop. The DCP Intelligence of course realized that someone had supplied the Kraw and their allies with high weapons grade technology. The Tokzhalan Empire was the DCP's prime suspect, analizing the weapons fire, their ratios of energy, resonance and charge, but of course the DCP was in an armstice with the Tokzhalan, and their actions were completely legal with the treaty. But the DCP returned to the Kraw Empire to demoralize them. Superlasers, transphasic torpedoes, and other such weapons were already behind the DCP's technology slightly.
<Kraw perspective>
I was chosen, as the commanding officer in the 5th fleet. We saw their ships coming, this time in hyperspace instead of shift, using our more advanced subspace ansibles we detected their mass shadows push into realspace like finger putty. They were travelling at such velocity, and valiantly we sent an armed fleet of over a 1000 ships bristling with newly installed weapons and shields. Although, I knew, the DCP didn't care, thats why they had made themselves obvious, to make us feel fear. But we just felt anger, more so than fear, and in our blind courage we thought with our new weapons we could fight and win. We saw space bend out, Warping background stars, then, literally dozens of ships streaked out of each curvespace. Some crews surrended to their despair too soon and falted back, they were the first go. But other ships threw themselves into the face of our enemies, daring them to fire. We fired round after round of transphasic torpedo, our hopes dimmed quickly when they passed harmlessly on the DCP's shields. With dread, we realized their shields were non-phasic, so after emptying our salvo's, we switched to superlasers, and concentrated our fire. We managed to lower the shields on a Star Destroyer, but to our dismay it quickly regenerated due to nanotechnology. But now it was the DCP's turn, they fired strange weapons we have never encounted, long golden beams of energy which intercepted our ships, discharging their atomic structures into supersymmetrical matter that decayed in harmless showers of sparticles. As our fleet became fragmented, desperate ships collided head on with a capital ship, its SUSY weapons met most, but the remaining ships impacted on a regenerative hull. Finally, it released a strange torpedo, appearing like two glowing insects, in orbit of one another. They emitted waves of gravity we were later told, massive ones, akin to a pair of black holes, de-atmosing any structure nearby before the two decayed with explosive burts. Some of us escaped, including I. The DCP may well still be impervious to our weapons, but they failed to demoralize us, we have not lossed our dignity and we will fight to the end.

- Commander Orvo

After this, the Kraw seeked further allies. The Hogomoth, though not Warlike, had great weapons capability they had collected from around the universe and had been chased by the DCP numerously, and survived this far.

Cooked Diplomat[]

The Zarni Capital Fortress, a massive iron block of torture, religion, and religious torture. A location were hot coals are preferred over diamonds. Were grey-scale is preferred over any form of colour. The last place you'd expect to see an Asgord diplomat. Shocked at the appearance of such a creature, Commandant Klumzae rushed to inform his superior.

Klumzae - "Zir, zome creature calling itzelf an Azgord dezires an audienz with you, zire."

Zarni Lord - "An Asgord, hmm? I have heard such a name mentioned among the Divine Ones, but not in a positive tone."

Klumzae - "Zould I let it in, zire?"

Zarni Lord - "Very well, I enjoyed my last visit, this one may be interesting too."

Klumzae scuttled back into the corridor were the Asgord was waiting. It was most happy to be allowed in. It trotted in a childish way along the entire hall, dancing in pain across the hot coal boardwalk, all the way to the Zarni Lord's throne.

Asgord - "Hi!"

Zarni Lord - "What do you want, and step back!"

Asgord - "Why should I step back, allergic?"

Zarni Lord - "You are invading my personal space, none of my own species are allowed within five paces of me, so why should you be?"

Asgord - "Only trying to be friendly! *Pats Zarni on the head*"

Zarni Lord - "Before you commit your next act of sacrilege, would you tell me your purpose here?"

Asgord - "I want to ally with you! You people seem very powerful, you could protect us from the Tralor and the Grimbies that are trying to destroy us!"

Zarni Lord - "Hmm the Grimbolsaurians are our enemies, we could do with fighting a War against-"

Klumzae (Whispering) - "It'z none of my buzinezz zire, but ze holy onez are againzt theze Azgordz, zo we zould be fighting againzt zem too. A ztrong relation wiz ze DCP would not hurt, zey are zeveral timez more powerful zan uz."

Zarni Lord - "Asgord creature, our decision is made!"

The Asgord looked with anticipation at the Zarni lord. Orange lightening crackled at the Zarni claws, and struck the Asgord, throwing it across the room. The Asgord's flesh was black and charred. However, a moan proved the Asgord was still alive.

Klumzae - "Zould I finiz him off?"

Zarni Lord - "No, the Supreme Lord recently ordered me to find a replacement for that livestock species we drove to extinction. The Asgord should quite nicely."

Klumzae - "Zould I begin trying to find more, zire?"

Zarni Lord - "Oh, of course! I command that a fleet be assembled to invade the Asgord territory!"

The wicked laughter of the Lord and the Commandant rang out across the fortress, mixing with the screams from the torture chambers, and the chants from the religious sermons. The Zarni had entered the War, hungry for Asgord flesh.

No more crushing[]


In Corruptus territory, the news that the Loron'Kikra invasion in the Kraw Galaxy wsa defeated were spreading very fast. With the death of their Warboss in the hands of Tyraz and Zavrhos, the Loron'Kikras were scared away from the galaxy.

Emperor Marigrax - Why the sudden coWardice?
Emperor Marigrax - Hmpf, whatever...coWard.

Da Propa Big Bad Loron Empire officially left the Genocide...

UNO join in[]

The newly formed Unified Nation of Ottzello heard of the genocide through their allies, the Delpha Coalition of Planets, who told them to join in the frey. UNO certainly wanted to help the DCP after all they'd done for them. After evaluating the situation, they decided that

  1. They needed to feed the Loron
  2. They needed to test their weapons
  3. The Kraw Galaxy disrupted peace

So they willingly joined into tear apart the Galaxy, speeding up the carnage, for what they believed was a good cause.

Global Message[]

The Kraw were furious. Never before a whole army of empires amassed together to destroy an "innocent" and peaceful empire. The Kraw decided to send a global message to be broadcasted around the Galaxy.

Tell me, what good..., what good is it to you to destroy such an innocent and friendly empire which only wants to be your friends? Tell me, does that make you happy? If so, then you have no right to continue existing. This is an united and free Galaxy and I will not stand for foreigners with cruel purposes destroying one of our major races! STOP. THIS. INSTANT. Thank you.

- Emperor Varkeos of the Kraw Empire

Varkeos looked confident with this message, would it bring peace back?

Though, meanwhile...

??? - "Sad fate for this mysterious empire who pets... though we never understood them when they came to us... who are they? Why is everyone killing them? Their languages are just so difficult..."
???? - "I think it has to do with annoyance."
??? - "Whatever. When the Wars end, we will leave seclusion. Then we will have vengeance for being bullied on!"

Nobody knows who these people are, but their seclusion dates back 1200 years...

A few minutes after Varkeos sent his message, he received another transmission from Emperor Mazipnos.

Mazipnos - "Hello again."
Varkeos - *smiling* "What is it, Tokzhalans?"
Mazipnos - "Well, looking at the logs of your recent battles... it's no wonder you've been losing so many battles. Not that I can blame you too much; a lot of the problems are to do with the design of your ships, adapted to fire old weapons and use old shields, and the fact that you had to rush to install the new technology."
Varkeos - "Indeed. We are quite outdated."
Mazipnos - "It seems the primary issue is that you have been victim to the invaders' largest ships. I can help you with that."
Varkeos - "Excellent. how can you help us?"
Mazipnos - "Well... this is advanced technology. We've been thinking for quite a while whether or not to actually give you this. This was created by one of the few races that even the DCP have no hope against... the Daleks. Have you heard of them?"
Varkeos - "Daaxri says he heard of the word online. Otherwise it's Dalekia, Planet Kmozro."
Mazipnos - "They're cruel and heartless cyborgs; mutant descendants of one tribe of Terran 'Neanderthals' who were transplanted from their homeworld in the Milky Way and built an empire across the stars. And this was while the oldest of the DCP's member races, the Yoburt, were still trying to figure out how to make fire from rubbing sticks together."
Varkeos - *Laughs a little* "Anyways, what do you have?"
Mazipnos - "The first piece of technology we can give you is their 'death ray' particle weapon technology. Given your previous struggles, I'd suggest replacing your superlasers with this. Although the superlasers are reverse-engineered from Xhodocto constructs, it seems that your ships cannot cope with the demands of maintaining continuous particle beams. The second... well, this is what we're so reluctant to give you. The Daleks developed a form of teleportation that can bypass all known shields. All electromagnetic shields, be they phasic, multiphasic, adaptive, temporal, transphasic... none of them can resist it. Gluonic shields? We're not sure about them, but we doubt they can either. The DCP's 'ghost phasing' can probably make a ship immune to it, but obviously, if they're ghost-phased then they can't attack you. Be careful of rapid phasing and unphasing, though."
Varkeos - "All right, just teach us how to use it."
Mazipnos - "We'll send you the schematics for the technology at the end of the transmission. Now, a few words on tactics: Although there's no known way of resisting these "transmats", that doesn't mean that there's no way at all. There may be some quantum effect that can stop them, or a means of manipulating subspace, or something else that we haven't discovered. In order to prevent any of the invaders from deciding that it's enough of a threat to try to work out a means of stopping it, use it sparingly. Don't use it to beam soldiers into enemy ships, for example. Just, when faced with a dreadnought that your weapons aren't doing much damage to, beam a few antimatter missiles, or maybe Planet Busters, inside it."
Varkeos - *confused* "Transmats? Subspace?"
Mazipnos - "'Transmat' is the name of this teleportation technology given by the Daleks. 'Subspace' is a sub-universe used for many forms of faster-than-light travel and communication."
Varkeos - "Okay. Anything else?"
Mazipnos - "So, do you understand? Use the death rays as much as you like. But only use the transmat in absolute emergencies. Okay?"
Varkeos - "Okay... but explaining this to our commanders will be hard."
Mazipnos - "If you have any problems, just contact me again and I'll explain it to them personally."
Varkeos - "All right."
Mazipnos - "Okay. Bye-bye!"

As before, the communications box closed as unexpectedly as it had appeared. As promised, blueprints and technical data of reverse-engineered Dalek technology was instantly streamed through to Varkeos's computer; a new hope against the seemingly unbeatable alien fleets that were presently making their way, undefeated, across the home galaxy of the Kraw and their allies.

The Mortalitas Join the Genocide[]

Mortalitas exterminating Asgord during the short battle.

It was a normal day on the FRA colony of Ekotanes, Asgord congregated on the streets, blissfully talking about the Genocide, though completely missing the point of it. They believed that the invading empires were actually trying to make friends in a strange, alien way. However, just as they began to make their way to work, strange, tall and fearsome aliens beamed down in the center of city, cutting up Asgord and crushing them under their feet. True to their Asgordian ways, the government of the planet sent a delegation to greet the new arrivals.

Asgord Delegate: Awwwww!!! You are so cute, can I pet you?

Unknown Alien: You will sooner die, Asgord. We claim this planet in the name of the grand Mortalitas Empire!

Asgord Delegate: Can we ally you? You are such cuties!

The Mortalitas lunged forWards and cut the Asgord in two. He then commanded his men to hunt down and destroy all Asgord that attempted to pet or disrupt their invasion. Of course, the Asgord flung themselves at the Mortalitas Blades in a futile attempt to hug the invaders. Within half and hour, the entire planet was conquered and the majority of the Asgord population was destroyed.

Justice for the Kraw[]

In the next DCP attack, the Coalition did not send a large fleet, they did not need it. Despite the superlasers, just a few DCP ships could wipe out the entire Kraw species. A total of eight ships was sent into Kraw territories.

The eight ships launched an assualt on Klaktorgaad, a Kraw colony with six billion frightened people. A total of 30 ships guarded the planet from attack. The DCP ships moved in, it could be over in less than a minuite. The DCP fired a volley of neutronium arrows, destroying three Kraw cruisers instantly. Another Kraw ship fired railguns, luring another DCP ship into the trap.

But then the Kraw unleashed their new weapons. A pulse that had the appearence of electricity, the Dalek death ray, took its first victim. The Kraw quickly claimed another two ships, despite the nonphasic shielding. The other DCP ships switched to ghost phase, just as Maznipos predicted, and rapidally phased and dephased, destroying Kraw ships more quickly, so the Kraw retaliated with a transmat field. Whenever DCP ships dephased, an antimatter explosive was beamed aboard, and carried into ghost phase. Three more ships had been destroyed, invisibly, imperceptual in ghostspace. However, onboard quantum computers calculated a solution that was streamed straight to the crews quickly. For the next ship, another antimatter explosive was beamed aboard, but it was quickly isolated by shields. The charges were primitive, and easily contained by a magnetic bottle as those found in fusion reactors. However, the intense burst of gamma rays caused injury, the crew were beamed aboard the last DCP ship, which limped back to the nearest fleet. Before leaving however, it programmed the abandoned ship to collide into one of the Kraw cities...
They were obviously using Dalek technology. Only how would they get hold of it? They wouldn't give it to this bedlem galaxy of hillbillies, and they wouldn't be able to reverse engineer it from the black market. --DCP Captain
Maznipos. This is obvious. --DCP Commander
We shall see to them soon... --DCP Captain
That will not be possible. It does not break the treaty. --DCP Commander
I request to speak out. --DCP Captain
Permission granted, Captain. --DCP Commander
Don't forget why we are in this War. The Asgord are Xhodocto sympathisers (and more of our enemies). The Kraw sided with them, so are also, Xhodocto symphophisers. And finally, Maznipos sided with the Kraw. Foolish kid. --DCP Captain
Point taken. I shall put this forWard into the Council of War. We will need more evidence. Captain, in my orders you must send spy nanotech into Asgord, Kraw and even Tahar space. We will see exactly, where the Kraw are getting their "uplift" from. --DCP Commander
There is something to be noted. The Kraw might be a bit cleverer than we thought. They are capable of tactics sir. --DCP Captain
State. --DCP Commander
They used the transmat while also firing a death ray volley, to make it look as though the death rays actually caused the destruction of our ships. --DCP Captain
Still. It didn't work. --DCP Commander
And with that, millions of self replicated nanotechnology was seeded. The Kraw still suffered moderate losses, but they now had a chance, only, as long as they didn't become trigger happy...

Enter the Gros[]

The Gros were a Warmounger empire of ruthless dictators. They were hungry for more slaves. A drone then detected the Kraw Galaxy. Coming closer, it discovered the FRA.

Commandant Kolger and Emperor Gnorvi discuss the FRA

The leader of the Gros, Emperor Gnorvi, observed the images. The empire's greatest captain, Commander Kolger, was also there.

Kolger - Look at these things. Pathethic. Those shark-like soldiers are decapitating them and all they do is flail around like headless chickens.
Gnorvi - True. And also, look at this image. This "Asgord" is rubbing its hand over that other animal.
Kolger - What kind of culture is this?
Gnorvi - A weak culture, that's it! Your orders are to enslave this "Friendly Republic of the Asgord". They should be useful in working at the spice mines. You could even have some for you, working on your ship!
Kolger - Yes indeed, yes indeed!

Commander Kolger and his fleet then travelled to the Kraw Galaxy. He targetted the FRA's planets and went in their direction. They were ready for some conquering. A transmission was sent to the FRA, and Empress Helenia answered.

Kolger - Foul scum! We are the Stratocracy of Karnagtah! Prepare for enslaving!
Helenia - Hi cutie! Can we ally you?
Kolger - What? No! You don't deserve our alliance, not even our mercy!
Helenia - You are so cute! Can I pet you?
Kolger - Grrrrr! When I get my hand on you, I'll rip your face off your head!
Helenia - Awwwwww you look so cute like that!

Commander Kolger shutted down the transmission in Helenia's face.

Kolger - Forget the enslaving for now. I feel like murdering them!

The Gros fleet approached the FRA space. The battle would start soon...

Trigger Happy[]

The Kraw were victorious, after repelling the DCP invasion, they believed they were untouchable not unlike their Iteok friends. There was even new songs invented for the next years Krawvision. Then, they looked at their poor allies, the Asgord, and descided it was time to the save the Asgord.

A legion of 3000 heavily armed Kraw ships were flying over Asgord space. They cheered, thinking the Kraw was going to have a picnic. When the Cult of the Deathmarch, United Lanat Empire and other forces made their move they did expect the Kraw to weild high Tier 1 weapons, and the even the Deathmarch fleets were being repelled. When the battles appeared over the Asgordian worlds at night, the Asgord believed it was a laser show, despite chunks of flak and burning material pockmarking their cities like a deadly hail. For three days the Kraw repelled invasions, losing very few forces. Oh how pleasing this was, thought Emperor Varkeos. What did the Maznippple guy say again? "But only use the transmat in absolute emergencies", no, I'm sure he said "only use the transmat in absolute whenever". Of course the Kraw were becoming too sure of themselves using the Transmat device...

The Kraw also believed the DCP would never return. But they did, and used one of the simplist tricks up their datapackets...Holography. The DCP sent numerous semi-sentient hologrophic ships projected into Kraw space by a hyper-transmitter. The Kraw believed the ships were physical and yelled: THIS. IS. KRAAAAW after watching Earth movies. They fired transmat beams at the craft, "destroying" each one just as they were programmed too. But in fact, they were recording and scanning the transmat technology. The Kraw used it over fifty times on just one of the ships. In fact, their controllers were even teasing the Kraw with the "tricks of light", making them more fustrated and trigger happy. The DCP got what they wanted.

The DCP fleet returned to Kraw space, the bulk of it was still in the Asgordian territories. This time, the DCP was using subspace interference to block all but the strongest transmat, what was beamed in was isolated by internal shields. The death rays were still a problem, but the DCP used skill. And attacked not just the planets, but the entire Kraw fleet, decimating their forces down by a huge degree. The DCP decided to punish the Kraw instead of eradicate them, it would be more lawful after all, and destroyed all of their ship making facilities, and glassing their industry worlds, crippling them so they were out of action in a War they could not fight (perhaps somewhere in there, the DCP still had compassion after all for their old allies). But as a final insult to injury, the DCP rained dead Asgord onto the gleaming cities of Horehronie, so the Kraw knew the lives they had needlessly sent to their deaths was a worthless revenge attack.

Death Threat[]

Barely five minutes after the DCP ships left Horehronie, a Tokzhalan Mothership arrived at the planet and hovered over the capital city of Yorg. After announcing himself to the planetary authorities, Mazipnos beamed down into the centre of the city. Varkeos arrived to greet the Tokzhalan Emperor, although he was ashamed of what had become of his civilisation, but was interrupted by Mazipnos before he could even begin to speak. The Emperor spoke calmly, as members of Imperial group minds always did, but he had a hint of anger or annoyance in his voice.

"I Warned you. I told you not to the use the transmats unless it was necessary. Now your enemies have created ways to stop them. Yes, their defences aren't foolproof, but I have no intention of taking the chance that they might one day become so. Weakened you may be, but you are still the leaders of this galactic alliance... what little of it remains. The other empires of this galaxy still respect your judgement, and will still obey your orders. So when I say 'do not use transmat unless in emergencies', I mean it. It's a simple enough command; I shouldn't need to restate it. And you will follow it, or else. I could withdraw my forces from across the universe and remove all trace of life from this weak little galaxy within a few days. Do you believe me? Look at the sky. This is what I can summon right now."

As Mazipnos had been speaking, he and his surroundings had been covered in shade. Varkeos had subconsciously assumed it to be a result of clouds and ignored it, but now he looked upWards, and saw that thousands of Tokzhalan Drone ships sWarmed across the sky, and many more were pouring out of the Mothership and descending from space. Now that Varkeos was looking upWards, they fired a volley of ion blasts which disabled all of the city's defences - not that there were many left - and other electronic systems, and then launched EMP missiles across the rest of the planet, which did the same to all of the other cities in a matter of seconds. Then the Drones arranged themselves in a formation that stretched from horizon to horizon.

"You should."

Mazipnos beamed back up to the Mothership and the entire fleet instantly left the planet, leaving the Kraw to think about his threat. As a final, more subtle show of power, there was no more damage to Horehronie than the electronic disruption: even the sudden mass exodus of Tokzhalan ships had not caused so much as a sonic boom or a shockwave that was detectable from the surface.

Week 2[]

Week Two of the genocide.

Slow Cruel Genocide[]

With an electrical "pop" the Zarni cruiser exited FTL above an Asgord colony. Three FRA ships glided to meet it. However, all three met an inferno instead. The frigate then decended, hovering ominously above the Asgord city.

"Sir, ve are currently stationed above the Asgord city. Orders?" klacked Chief Pilot Klokol.

"Prepare to fire ze Happinezz Ray," commanded Commandant Klumzae.

"The Happy Ray sir?"

"You heard me! Ze Happinezz Ray!"

"As you vish, sir. Vhat intensity?"

"Level 10!"

The Pilot giggled maniacally. Level ten happiness ray was fatal to most species. The radiation given off killed them slowly but surely, and the "happiness" planted in the victims minds causes insanity.

The beams fired across the city, leaving a trail of insane, irradiated Asgord. Any decent person would have been sickened by the sight. But the Zarni are not decent.

Little blue imps[]

The Gros fleet reached the first FRA planet. Commandant Kolger looked at the planet with a sight of disgust.

Kolger - Look at them. Waving at us. These creatures deserve the greatest torture available!
Crew member - Sir, we have detected no defenses on that planet.
Kolger - What do you mean no defenses? No spaceships? No turrets? Nothing?
Crew member - No sir.
Kolger - This species is literally ASKING to be conquered!

Kolger and his men beamed down on the planet and marched toWard the nearest city.

Gros forces attack the Asgord

Asgord - Hi new friend! You are so cute!
Kolger - Silence, scum!

Kolger and his men were armed with electric guns that could paralyze enemies for hours. The Gros army opened fire, paralyzing the Asgords on it's way. As they feel on the ground uncounsious, the ships captured them with mechanical arms and threw them in cages.

Kolger grabbed an Asgord by the neck.

Kolger - Where is your leader, scum?
Asgord - Can we...ally you?
Kolger - Aarrgh!

Irritated, Kolger chopped the Asgord's head off with his blade. After some minutes of destruction, the fleet left the planet, leaving the buildings in ruins and no survivors. Kolger was contacted by Emperor Gnorvi.

Gnorvi - So, tell me, how was it?
Kolger - A complete sucess. This people doesn't care for their own security. 94% of the planet's population has been captured.
Gnorvi - What happened to the other 6%?
Kolger - I killed them.
Gnorvi - Heh...just don't forget, your mission is enslave them. We can't enslave dead people.
Kolger - I know. But I felt so insulted...
Gnorvi - Move to the next planet. I'll contact you again soon.

The Gros fleet moved forWard. They were just beginning.

Gale force death[]

Only five of the Asgord worlds had been completely annhilated. In most battles, the Asgord almost enjouted their last moments. The DCP was not going to grant them with this luxary, their sinister plan was almost right out of fiction...

Cloaked, the DCP ships attracted a large asteroid toWards one of the major Asgord worlds, infested with their kind. The Asgord didn't detect the asteroid hurtling toWards their world in time to stop it. The DCP fired it at just the right trajectory, in order to balance the planet's rotational spin, which was at a rate of over a 1000 miles per hour. The asteroid struck out of nowhere into the planet's ocean. Almost immediatly, the planet's spin slowed to a halt.

Although the planet stopped spinning, the atmosphere kept on raging, at 1000 miles per hour. There was no wall of wind, the entire atmosphere raged, stripping forests and unearthing soil instantly, cities and structures were ripped part and the Asgord and anything else were body slammed at incredible speed. The oceans also were spread thin, however, the friction generated temperatures hot enough to melt iron, any surviving structures or lifeforms were incinerated. Even tectonic plates on the surface were uplifted by the lithospheric shockwaves, wrenching them from the surface like some grotesque jigsaw planet. Nothing underground survived. Finally the atmosphere slowed and cooled, remixed. The planet was tidally docked, one side hot and one side in eternal night. The twilight zone was no better, wrecked by cyclonic systems such as hypercanes. Yet, in the rims of volcanic craters and fissures, organic material managed to survive, perhaps there would be life again...

Anger of the Deathmarch[]

A Mahanayan guard stomped on an Asgord's head - brain matter and flesh spewing across the floor and over the horrified Asgord watching. More Mahanayans grasped the Asgord with collars, clasping on their necks and sharp nails piercing their flesh. The Asgord wailed in pain as blood ran down their torso and then into the Cult ships. The children were then rounded up next to a smashed window - peering thousands of feet over the burning city. In the city there was panic - ships dWarfing the city and burning the buildings to a crisp.

The children were terrified. They also had collars over their necks and in their flesh. One collapsed dead, and slipped off the edge of the building, causing tremendous strain on the others who, if they moved would have been kicked off as well. It did not stop the Mahanayan, however. He kicked them off the building to a less-than-graceful death.

An Asgord cried out -

"YOU KILLED THEM!! WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS?!" - further breaking into tears.

The Mahanayan grabbed the Asgord's head. And with little hesitation, the Mahanayan tore the Asgord in half and threw the upper part of the body to the Dreznauv sWarm, who had already finished a pile of Asgord. He then turned sharply to the other Asgord, and they looked away as if nothing happened - walking into the ship in chains and half an Asgord dragging behind them.

The Mahanayan then walked on to the ship and with his terrible presence silenced the Asgord's mouths - instead they were sweating uncontrollably and some had faint tears run down their eyes.

The ship left the planet, and with a muffled boom signified the complete destruction of the city.

One particular Asgord caught the Mahanayan's attention. She was in possession of an Eskaria Portable Game System and was playing games, totally unaWare of crying Asgord and one Asgord torn in half aside her. He lowered down to her level - and crushed her hands with the system - breaking and splintering her hands. She yelped in pain and then found it impossible to untangle the mess the Mahanayan made. Another Asgord then gingerly petted the Mahanayan's leg.

The Mahanayan then stepped back, and with all the force he had in his body, kicked the Asgord to bits - blood raining over all the Asgord and leaving a footprint dent in the ship's wall. What was left of it then slumped on the other Asgord, and, as she could not move, shook uncontrollably in fear to get the Asgord corpse off of her.

"WE JUST WANT TO BE LOVED AND PET YOU!" One Asgord cried out.

The Mahanayan turned slowly to the Asgord. The Asgord backed into the wall and climbed up the wall if she could move backWards any further. The Mahanayan extended his claws, and gored the Asgord's eyes out slowly and painfully - more blood running down the face of the Asgord. The Asgord found the pain too extreme to respond and instead fainted with a face akin to that of a skull.

The Mahanayan then ran the eyes off his claws and turned to the door. The door lowered, and they found themselves on a dystopian planet. Down the earth-made hangar there were Asgord deathspiked in numbers beyond reckoning. The sour smell of Asgord flesh filled the numerous nostrils of the Mahanayan, and with a solemn breath, lead the Asgord and a few corpses out.

They then suffered the same fate as thousands before them.

The FRA's worries[]

Helenia was in her throne room watching the Friendly adventures, this episode showing complete Shu'ulathoi allying the FRA and with a magic rubber, erasing the DCP's meanness and writing kindness on them. Helenia felt joy upon watching this episode, however this joy wouldn't last long...

Ko'han communicates with her.

Ko'han - "Hello, Helenia. Worried, aren't you, Hahaha!"
Helenia - "Why? It's a perfect day outside!"
Ko'han - "Uhh, didn't you hear the news?"
Helenia - "Not yet, there was a Friendly adventures marathon on for the last 2 weeks! I felt forced to watch it because everyone's so cute!"

Ko'han fainted upon hearing all this. He could not believe Helenia's incredibly low intelligence.

Ko'han - *Wakes up* "You stupid being! Do you not know what has been going on with your empire? Gol'Taus died, your PM has died, and everyone is coming for Kane'es next!"
Helenia - "You are so cute!"

Ko'han roared so much it could be heard from outside his transmission center. Ko'han showed her the footage from the planets that were attacked. Helenia was in shock. The FRA... was dying.

Helenia cried a lot and demanded the transmission to be shut down. Helenia sounded an alarm for the 2nd time in Asgordian History. Helenia had this speech.

"I'm so sorry I didn't notice this... But everything's a wreck in the north, and everyone is coming closer to Kane'es, if they take this planet and kill me, there... won't be a FRA anymore."

The Asgordians were shocked.

"I don't know why, we never went to War with anyone, we never angered people, and they only bring up War with us???"

Another Transmission appeared from nowhere and took up half of the speech screen. It simply showed "Technical Problems - No video" in KUL.

??? - "We were attacked too, they destroyed our industry, our contact with 85% of our Territory, and they crippled our defensive territories, the Iteok are to attack soon. Oh, and we are Kraw. I know what this is about, It's racism! Just because we didn't fight in the War of ages they start attacking you guys and then us! Madness! I pity the KGGC and their valuable allies, the Junction... But the KGGC were also victims of the DCP's racism in early 402 KRE. Nobody has attacked the Tahars and the FKA yet. Thank the multiverse. If anything, after we come back from our knock out, we will prevent the DCP from crossing our borders ever again and ban all Galactic relations with the DCP."

Ko'han appeared.

Ko'han - "The DCP made us a bit stronger, you can't do that."
??? - "Your empire will be next then, Ko'han."

The Kraw dissapeared. Helenia was left in tears, and 1V407 saw this as a chance to get a 4th race on their Federation...

Asgord vs Asgord[]

As the Gros fleet was in it's way to the FRA planet of Elio'enes, Commandant Kolger was observing their new captives in the fleet's Slave Carrier. Hundreds of Asgords were trapped in cages as guards took care that no one tried to run away.

Guard - So, commandant, what are we going to do with these now?
Kolger - The Emperor has instructed to send 40% of the captives to the United Lanat Empire as a thanks for our newly formed alliance. The remaining 60% will be used in our next attack. Plant the Device on them.
Guard - Gladly, commandant.

From the walls of the cages, mechanical arms holded the Asgords while another arm carried a helmet-like device.

An enslaved Asgord meets a FRA one

Asgord - Oh, what a cute little hat! Can I have it?
Kolger - Of course you can, little scum.

The mechanical arm revealed a spike on the device's end, which stabbed the Asgord's head, but didn't hurted him. The Carrier then flew to Elio'enes, and the helmet'd Asgords were left free into the surface, meeting with other Asgords.

Asgord - Hey, cool hat!
Slave Asgord - Thanks! the little blue Grox guys gave it to me! It itches my head, though...
Asgord - The KGGC is giving hats now? I want one!

In the Carrier's control room, Kolger pressed a button, and the enslaved Asgord suddenly stopped moving and talking. The device on their head took over their brains.

Kolger - Set aggression level to...max.

Suddenly, the enslaved Asgords started to attack all the other Asgord citizens nearby. They acted like mindless beasts, killing their own species who were too scared to do anything. As more Asgords were killed, Gros ships destroyed the cities and captured more Asgords to be enslaved. Some hours later, the planet was in ruins, and all surviving Asgords were captured.

Kolger - Good job, everyone. Another planet loaded with new slaves.
Crew member - A ton of them died to the Device-wielding ones though.
Kolger - I know. Doesn't that feel great?

UNO's true force[]

It was time for the Unified Nation of Ottzello to show their true power.

UNO's Superweapons were about to rip the universe apart. With a single Mega-Cannon, the ships tore apart multiple Asgord evacuating fleets. All ships turned to Omega-Missile and Omega-Laser, merely to test out their weaponry. But that wasn't their true extent of their power.

With several Star-Drainers, ships were tearing right through the Asgord planets within mere hours. And while this was going on, the frightened Asgord ere losing their planets to UNO's Silent Destructors, at a rate faster than they could ever expect in their lives. And this was all being performed by unmanned vehicles (seen as mobile weapons, as they aren't piloted) set to kill mode... Not a single Kralgon, Ottzel or anyone was actually involved in this killing. Just AIs which could be turned off at any time. So the Asgord were not only dying til the setting was altered, but had no one to pet.

Cyrannian Aid[]

The URC evacuates the Asgord from Are'enes.

President Apollo of the United Republic of Cyrannus is known for his intelligence, resourcefulness and resolve. Upon learning about the genocides on the FRA Asgord, he approached the Senate on the matter and they decided that the Republic should send help and attempt to rescue as many Asgord as possible. He then sent a transmission to the crumbling Republic of the Asgord where he extended aid to the Asgordian people, The FRA President was very nervous and accepted the offer with no question. Sending a small humanitarian fleet to one of the few remaining FRA planets, Are'enes currently under siege from the Mortalitas Empire, he hoped that his plan could succeed.

Upon landing on Are'enes, the Republic troopers gathered up as many Asgord families as possible and loaded them on their waiting transports. However, a large Mortalitas army was heading directly to the evacuation site, where hundreds of Asgord awaited evacuation off planet. The Mortalitas attempted to break the barricade of troopers protecting the Asgord, but were initially pushed back while the last of the Asgordian evacuated the planet.

Just as the Cyrannian Fleet engaged their wormhole drives, the Mortalitas began bombarding the planet from orbit, leaving it as a broken shell of what was once a prosperous colony.

Kraw re-education[]

The Kraw Empire was left in a mess, however, it was punishment. The DCP decided to give them a chance to break away from what the DCP believes was going to selfishly cause the rest of their galaxy to fall into chaos. However, the Tahar believed even the shock of War wouldn't make much of an effect, so decided as a partnership with the Coalition, was going to create propagander, in the form of subliminal messages to fill in their media and qwell universal controversies and allegations of the DCP's speciesism.

The Final Strike[]

Several hundred ULE Warships began their final approach to Kane'es. This would be the final strike to the Asgords and at last they will end this universal nuisance. As the United Lanat fleet came into view of Kane'es they began to take up blockade formation around Kane'es to make sure no non ULE got in or out of Kane'es without being blown to molten slag. The hanger doors of the ULE Warships opened, allowing several thousand Starskipper gunships each filled with ULE soldiers to descend to the Kane'es surface.

On Kane'es the Asgord looked up at the sky in awe as the ULE gunships descended into view and filled the sky. Soon, the Asgord's awe turned into fear and confusion as the gunships began to open fire on the city below. ULE tanks was placed in the middle of busy roads and 'kill squads' placed on top the roofs of buildings to clear them out. Within five minutes the entire world was shook by fire and laser blasts the likes of which the FRA has never seen. Entire buildings were leveled by a single shell blast of ULE tanks. A young Asgord mother was hiding behind some falling rubble from the ULE horde holding her young child close to her. She hoped that she would go unnoticed but it was not long before a Tralor Trooper found her and the child. The Tralor quickly force the child away from the arms of his crying mother, who was pleading with the Tralor to spare its life. The Tralor has the child by the leg hanging upside down and with one quick swipe of his blade cut it in half. The mother didn't have long to mourn at least as the Tralor quickly killed the mother.

At Eka'enes City Helenia looked down at the top story of her house at the chaos below. Tears filled her eyes as she watch the massacre.

Helenia - "How... how could any race be so mean! I can't look at all this any longer..."
Asgord Secretary - "Helenia, its scary outside and the mean ULE have blocked all ways off the world! Plus our happy rays are not working!"
Helenia - "Ahhh! What can we do?" *Cries
Asgord Secretary - "I wanna cry with you!" *Cries* "Wait, whats that on the roof? Is it someone coming to save us! It is! I'm so happy now!"

The Asgord Secretary was mistaken... deathly mistaken. From the top of the roof can a Tralor Elite who was sent to finish Helenia. The secretary screamed in fear as the Tralor grabbed her by the neck, the Tralor drug her to the window and threw her threw out to her death. Helenia collapsed in fear as the Tralor turned to her. "You're next!" the Tralor said as he walked to Helenia. Helenia tried to crawl away but the Tralor just stomped his foot down on her leg, snapping the bone.

Helenia - "OWOWOWOW MY LEG! Why did you do that?"
Tralor Elite - "Stop your crying before I give you something to cry about!"
Helenia - *Moans*

The Tralor had grown tired of Helenia's moans of pain so he picked her up by the neck and preceded to punch her in the trough, enapeling her to make as much noise. Helenia's eyes filled up with tears of pain, she wanted to let out a cry but every time she tried to talk it hurt to bad. The Tralor threw Helenia back on the ground and kicked her around in the head, busting out her teeth. Helenia crawled on the floor in her own blood, hoping to get away from her assailant. The Tralor was done playing around with Helenia so he lifted her up by the arm and drug her to the lower levels of the building. Once there the Tralor found a piece of rebar sticking from a damaged part of the building and impelled Helenia from it. Dangling from the fall and rapidly failing from rapid blood loss Helenia weakly lifted her head up one last time before having it struck down by the Tralor. Helenia cried one last tear before finally dying. "Weak, pathetic creature" the Tralor thought as he walked away from the now lifeless body Helenia.

Now the entire world was in flames. Almost no buildings where left standing on Kane'es and as the gunships pulled away the final bombardment was given, cracking the surface of Kane'es and wiping out the few remaining Asgords there. The ULE successfully completed their task.

Ending it all[]

PM Kala'Talia was on her ship, heading for Kane'es. Her pilot was Diplomat Gol'Taus, who had a worried face. Gol'Taus tried to contact Kane'es, no response. When they arrived to the planet's athmosphere, the ground was black and filled with fire. Kane'es was no more. Gol'Taus and Kala'Talia cried at the incident. Kala'Talia knew this was the end when she saw the footage of everything taken from a sattelite - Helenia was dead. She saw the burnt FRA Flags, a legacy that was finished. Many were fleeing to the TAE, where they were horribly re-educated. Some fled to the Kraw and Tahar Empires, however, there were still 10 Billion people in despair in other colonies, such as Voe'etes. Helenia drew her notebook. And then, she contacted someone important...

Kala'Talia - "It's over... We'll join you."
??? - "Map of your Empire, or what's left of it."
Kala'Talia - *Uploads the map to his server* "Here."
??? - "Your ID."

Kala'Talia showed her now useless ID.

??? - "Now, sign here with a Touchpad device."
Kala'Talia - *Signs with a virtual pen*
??? - "Now, repeat after me, I swear full allegiance to the Terridor Federation as well as my people, knowing that we are safe from harm under Terrida's glory."
Kala'Talia - "I swear full allegiance to the Terridor Federation as well as my people, knowing that we are safe from harm under Terrida's glory."
??? - "Welcome to the Federation. We will now attempt to end the genocide. This was 1V407."

1V407 changed the transmission to Aoblix's throne. Aoblix looked annoyed.

Aoblix - "Speak, robot, or be gone."
1V407 - "We have assimilated the FRA into our Federation. Under our laws, they will no longer pet anyone in the Universe, even then, they won't be allowed outside the Kraw Galaxy." *Plays a recording of Helenia's allegiance* "She and they are now in our federation. They will have strict rules under our rule. So, will you end the genocide?"

Aoblix thought a moment , though the did want the entire Asgord race eradicated he could live with them being confined to one galaxy and not being allowed to pet.

Aoblix - "Yes, we could stop the genocide but we will not do it for free."
1V407 - "Name your price, Aoblix."
Aoblix - "Oh, I attend to! The United Lanat Empire demands that the Kraw Empire pays five billion sporebucks and a tribute of ten thousand sporebuck every year for the next ten Mirus standard years. Also, we require ten colonies in the Kraw Galaxy."
1V407 - "That is a large sum of money. Are you- "
Aoblix - "Yes! That is the price of peace."

1V407 thought for a moment. He could give all the money the ULE wanted, however, he contacted the Tahar Empire about the Territory issue.

1V407 - "Hello, Terkom."
Horkarew - "What is it, Terridorians? If it's War, prepare to have Terrida destroyed."
1V407 - "No, it's about the ULE. We are going to end the Genocide, however, they demand 10 colonies in this Galaxy."
Horkarew - "Tell them it can't happen, because of Kraw issues with them. You could either tell them to go to Gnaaha instead, or ask for an alternative favor."
1V407 - "I'll see what I can do."

He contacted Aoblix again.

1V407 - "The Kraw do not want you here, but you can either colonize the Gnaaha Galaxy or you can ask for any alternative favor. We're sorry."

Aoblix sighed before responding. He hoped that the races of the Kraw Galaxy would come to their senses but they didn't.

Aoblix - "I see... well that is a problem for them."
1V407 - "Explain."
Aoblix - "Because if they don't accept the terms I will have no other choice but to continue War and this time we will not only target the Asgordians. Tell me, can the Kraw survive a full scale invasion from us and our allies? Remember, you came to us for peace, not us."
1V407 - "I know."
Aoblix - "Then what will it be? Will we have our colonies or shall the Kraw Galaxy be thrown into a state of total War once again?"

1V407 had recorded everything, and broadcast it to the Tahar, who then broadcasted to the Kraw.

1V407 - "You seen it all. We'll take it from here."

He then contacted Aoblix yet again.

1V407 - "We accept your demands, all of us."

Aoblix chuckled under his breath. His treat worked and he got his way as he desired.

Aoblix - "Very good! You Kraw Races are more intelligent than you look. May this bring mutual well being to all of use."
1V407 - "Indeed."

Aoblix shut off the transmission. He was quite pleased with himself as he was able to stomp out an intergalactic annoyance, claim ten new colonies, and make the empire richer. This entire War was a great success.


The ULE Settled in the Oskerg arm of the Kraw Galaxy. Its neighbours protested, but it had to be done for Galactic safety. The Terridor Federation took over all FRA Colonies, and estabilished the Asgordian State, the 14th Terridor Federation state. They were given very poor rights and were oppressed to keep them from petting the Universe. However, the other 3 races still had their rights. The Asgord would get their freedom back in 50 years.

The Asgord who came to the True Asgord Empire were also oppressed, but less than in the Terridor Federation. They were being converted into TAE material. These Asgord became more cynical, demanding the destruction of the ULE, the DCP and others, but Ko'han put in the same propaganda from the Kraw Empire to calm them down.

Avexia was rescued from her prison planet by the Dagorian Mercenarium, and Avexia then became an asmbassador for the Dagorians. Avexia was not pleased at her people being opressed, but daily happy rays cheered her up. Lezia went to a nice home in the upper class section of Zeizela, to live with Tyraz. She too is not happy with the oppression of her people. She lost her job, but she gets an unemployment salary.

Ko'han finnaly got his wish, now he can focus on getting the TAE to Tier 4. It's a long and hard job, but they'll manage to do it. He annexed all FRA Colonies in Cyrannus and other Galaxies. The FRA was dead. No more people to join the TAE.

He ended it all by saying one last phrase...

Free at last from the chains of petting...

- Ko'han Keteros


The End?[]

All was quiet on the barren surface of Kane'es. The fires that had destroyed Kane'es had finally withered, and an eerie silence was cast over the planet. However, the silence was soon broken by the sound of two fighter jets landing.

Two hooded figures emerged from their fighters, and one looked around while the other was pulling some equipment out of his ship. The one who was looking around sighed. As far as the eye could see, there was destruction.

"Are you sure we should be here?" the other one said.

"No," the first figure said softly. "We shouldn't be here. But I want to be here."

The second one revealed a scanner, which emitted a green light across the immediate area. A low beep was heard, which signified something bad for the first one, who sighed in disappointment.

"All of the FRA Asgord are dead," she said.

"I told you we wouldn't find anything. So let's go before-"

The beeping of the scanner suddenly began to quicken. The second one noticed and turned in the direction of the scanner. The scanner had detected something, under a pile of rubble.

"Maybe all hope isn't lost."

The first one rushed over to the pile and began picking off the trash and debris. A light moaning could be heard underneath. The second one soon arrived to help. Under the rubble was an FRA Asgord. It was alive. Weak, but alive.

"Who are you? Can I pet you?" the Asgord asked.

"Don't be alarmed. We are your friends," the first one said.

The two took off their hoods to reveal their identities. The first one was Admiral Tanyan. The second was Admiral Khoffman.

"You're about to go to a safe place, far from the reach of your enemies..." Admiral Tanyan said, carrying the Asgord into the cargo hold of her fighter. The two fighters started their engines and took off, leaving Kane'es and the ruins of the FRA.

In the Bunsen Galaxy, Admiral Tanyan secretly delivered the Asgord to a TIAF preservation chamber. This was a part of the TIAF's "cultural preservation", the preservation of alien cultures.

The FRA civilization may have died, but the FRA culture still lives on, in the last FRA Asgord...

Slaves galore[]

The Gros fleet was exiting the Kraw Galaxy, after several days. Commandant Kolger contacted the emperor to tell him the news.

Gnorvi - Greetings, Kolger. How is the mission?
Kolger - A complete success, my lord. We have totally fulled 3 Slave Carriers with Asgordians. This is about the population of 4 entire planets. We are currently inserting the helmets on them.
Gnorvi - Excellent! Send 20% of these to the ULE to increase our relations and come back. You and your men need some rest.

The emperor turned the transmission off. Kolger gave a last look at the Kraw Galaxy. He knew about the Terridor and TAE intervention, but he knew that going further would cause too much pressure on the Stratocracy of Karnagtah. He noticed the Kraw were also aWare of his fleet, and knew about their leading figure on the galaxy. Having a fight with them would be a bad idea, at least for now.

Kolger - This galaxy...the beings in it are so small and insignificant...I wish I could capture each and every one of this scum.

A Gros scientist on the ship then approached.

Scientist - Commandant, the helmets have been inserted and are fully functional. May we teleport the gifts now?
Kolger - Yes, do that.

The scientist left and Kolger sitted on his chair, pressing some button in his control panel.

Kolger - Mission accomplished, boys. Let's go back home!

Kolger laughed as the ship travelled away from the galaxy. The Gros were done with this galaxy, and knew they couldn't come back anytime soon.