They're pretty scary. Say they only want unification of Cyrannus and freedom for all, but that's only on the outside. Who knows what these loony cultists are planning...

- Commissar Aerlon on Asdran'Ari cult

The Asdran'Ari Denomination is a major religious organisation (often called a cult) spread over Cyrandia Cluster. With a large sphere of influence and many followers under its wing, it is an ancient and omnipresent cult, distrusted by many.

Elusive and secretive, Asdran'Ari always maintained a shroud of mystery and enigma around its teachings, and many in the cluster believe that behind the benevolent facade of a saintly church, Asdran'Ari is in fact a force of deception and manipulation, using religion for its malevolent goals. This is not far from truth.

Note: The word "Asdran'Ari" may be used both as a name of the organisation itself (Asdran'Ari Denomination) and its followers.



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The ancient Twelve Colonies were the birthplace of Asdran'Ari.

Asdran'Ari is, so far, an ancient and powerful religious organisation. Naturally, the truth behind its original foundation and creation is veiled with mythology and web of half-truths and outright deception. However, the place where Asdran'Ari Denomination was first founded is known: it is the famous Twelve Colonies of the Capricorn Sector Alliance, where terrorists and zealous followers of One God were widespread before. Some of them did not vanish completely, particularilly so-called followers of the Ascendant, who seeked the unification of the Twelve Colonies and the fall of those who followed the Lords of Thirteen, awaiting the coming of a Messiah.

When the Colonies were united and the followers of One God became less common in the newly formed CSA, the Followers left the Capricorn Sector to find more followers of One, finding other, similar cults that too searched the Ascendant. Eventually, these cults merged to become the modern Asdran'Ari Demonation. They now had grander plans. They hoped that the whole Cyrannus and the Twelve Capricyránae will unite under the New Galactic Order.

Over following millenis, Asdran'Ari Denomination was spreading its influence, and eventually reached the Quadrants, where the Asdran'Ari ideas had found many supporters.

First Year of the Dark TimesEdit

The rising of the dark Galactic Empire of Cyrannus left Asdran'Ari in ruin and disorder. Not only the new order was persecuting religion all over the galaxy, but what was more important, the very cause of the cult was lost. Cyrannus was unified, and not by them and their mysterious Ascendant, but by something completely different. Tyrómairon. Many Asdran'Ari followers called for reformation.

As the old patriarch, a wizened Libertus under the name of Elichaon, left the mortal world, a massive debate began over the future of Asdran'Ari. Two cardinals eventually became the most prominent, with agendas opposing each other's. Sanada Dexxon, a Mortalitas Cardinal of Zephyrus, believed that the Empire is the new galactic order mentioned in Asdran'Ari teachings and Tyrómairon is the Ascendant; the goal of the cult was achieved. At other side, Nossira Pravenna, a Basileus Cardinal of Eurus, opposed the new regime, seeing it as a blashpemy in the eyes of the One. In a long fight for power, Sanada managed to prevail and crown himself the new patriarch. Nossira, filled with spite, was forced to yield.

Second Year of the Dark TimesEdit

Religious Matters

Asdran'Ari and the Empire forge an alliance.

As Sanada seized control, the new pro-Imperial policy was chosen and Asdran'Ari started to support the new regime while using it for their own benefit. This drew the attention of the higher circles of the Empire, and as such, negotiations started between it and the cult. Eventually, thanks to the Basileus Justiciar Corwe's diplomatic efforts, the Empire agreed to end the persecution of Asdran'Ari, in exchange for using it to spread Imperial influence not only in the Cluster, but in the whole First Gigaquadrant too. Now, the Asdran'Ari Denomination prepares to bring even more followers into its fold.


Much like other Cyrannus religions, Asdran'Ari beliefs are centered around the One God, a mysterious divine being that is said to watch over Cyrannus and Asdran'Ari. However, unlike other similar religions, Asdran'Ari also believe that the One's will is present in the universe, and one day a person chosen by him, the Ascendant, will rise and unite Cyrannus, and perhaps the whole Gigaquadrant too. This belief in the Ascendant is the cornerstone of the Asdran'Ari theology and its pan-Cyrannus ideology. Currently, most of Asdran'Ari believe that this Ascendant is none else than Emperor Tyrómairon, although some heretical groups disagree and see him as a mere mortal or even a demon meant to stay the Asdran'Ari from its true path.

Notable, Asdran'Ari have a deep hatred of the followers of the Thirteenth Tribe, who drove Asdran'Ari away from the Twelve Colonies many years ago. The arrival of the Ascendant is said to be coincident with the fall of Thirteen, and the horrors of the Intergalactic War are often blamed by the Asdran'Ari on the followers of Thirteenth Tribe.

Asdran'Ari is not concerned much about immortality, but have some afterlife beliefs none the less. They believe in reincarnation for most of the living beings in the universe, serenity in afterlife for those who follow Asdran'Ari. Torment in the afterlife is only reserved for those who were directly opposed Asdran'Ari ways, such as their enemies and those who left the cult.


Asdran'Ari is a large organisation; it is divided into several independent groups, called "Missions". Each Mission governs Asdran'Ari actions (which include converting, dealing with opposition, manipulating nations, and gathering intelligence) in some area; usually a galaxy or group of them. These minor Missions form five High Missions: Zephyrus, most prominent in the Unknown Regions, Boreas and Notus, two High Missions covering the former Republic space, Eurus, covering the eastern part of Outer Rim, and finally Anemoi, a Quadrantia division of Asdran'Ari. Their leaders, High Cardinals, form the Brotherhood of the Five, a ruling body of the Denomination.


Asdran'Ari followers are many and of many species - from Libertus to Mortalitas. You may even spot a Rambo or a Basileus in the crowd of cultists, species that will normally look down on such faiths. Many of them are disheartened persons who lost their loved ones - they commonly give most of their belongings to the cult - while others are cunning and intelligent schemers who see the Asdran'Ari as the way to gain power by taking leadership positions in the cult. Some are simple people who just fell in the wrong place in the wrong crowd, or young psychics seeking training which is often offered by Asdran'Ari. But there is one thing that unites them - no one of them understands the true power and the goals of the cult.

Patriarch Sanada Dexxon

And do not even dare to say anything. Listen to my words and do not think.

  • Name - Sanada Dexxon
  • Age - 402
  • Species - Mortalitas

Sanada Dexxon is a charismatic Mortalitas leader of Asdran'Ari, an enigmatic figure rumoured to have links to important Imperial government officials and probably even Queen Moch-Na herself, the ruler of Sanada's species. While religious and pious, he is not above luxury and enjoys art and culture, having a penchant for ornamented watches of Basileus origins. He is deeply dedicated to the Asdran'Ari cause and will ensure its protection and prosperity at all costs, even if it does involve serving under the Imperial rule, and is also highly intolerant to any kind of heresy, his resourcefulness and dedication making him similar to other famous Mortalitas like Supreme Commander Zillum.

Sanada keeps his past hidden, which is normal for any Asdran'Ari follower, but rumours are that in his youth, he was a member of the Mortalitas Empire' Intelligence, working for the queen and country. He found his new life when he was older, joining the western branch of Asdran'Ari and cimbing his way to the cult's leadership through patience and charisma. Now, Sanada remains a Patriarch of the Asdran'Ari, working to ensure its prosperity and bright future.

Nossira Pravenna

Sanada believies in Tyrómairon and only in Tyrómairon. He'd better place his faith in One...

  • Name - Nossira Pravenna
  • Age - 210
  • Species - Basileus

A clear second-in-command and Sanada's right hand, Nossira Pravenna is far more rebellious and free-thinking than her superior, serving both the cause of Asdran'Ari and her own agendas. A Cardinal of Eurus, she is cunning and intelligent, confident that her ways and right and yet rational; she will never put herself in danger and knows when she should talk and when she shouldn't. She deeply dislikes the current Patriarch, Sanada Dexxon, seeing him as an Imperial puppet: however, she veils her disdain of the Patriarch with fancy words and subtle deception.

When Nossira was a young heir to a noble Basileus family, she was intrigued by ideas of Basileus nationalism, wanting her species to start a massive war of conquest; over time, however, she lost her fervor and thirst for war and grew more jaded, finding refuge in Asdran'Ari. She has been awaiting the coming of the Ascendant for years, being highly intrigued with the concept of unified Cyrannus, all while retaining her cool mind and using her position in the cult to become an influental and respected member of Basileus society. When Tyrómairon came into power and seized control of the galaxy, she was disgusted that Asdran'Ari cause essentially lost its aim, and joined those who saw him as an impostor and not a true messiah. However, when Sanada Dexxon, Tyrómairon's supporter, became a Patriarch, Nossira refused to leave with other anti-Imperial followers to become heretics and instead remained as Sanada's second-in-command.

Ironically, it was Nossira who forged an alliance with Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, much to her disdain.

Axkva Leela 2

The Atlantica and the Ultimate One are relics of an ancient past. It is time to embrace the One!

  • Name - Axkva Leela
  • Age - 28 (Born in 23 BQF)
  • Species - Amiaeria

Axkva Leela, often called just Leela is an Amiaeria who is a part of the Asdran'Ari, a Cult dedicated to the One God. With enchanced abilities in reflexes and speed, this young yet impulsive girl is a valuable member of the Asdran'Ari. Her appearance is impressive, with decorated cloathes and helmet- she sends a signal of respect to the others. Also her length (she is quite long for an Amiaeria, which she used in her former carreer as a model in Rambo Nation). Though young, she knows very well to keep her mouth in conversations with the other cardinals. Coming from a wealthy family, she hopes to use her wealth to increase the Asdran'Ar influance within Rambo Nation! She settled herself down at Matakoro and soon she had various Serindia followers in the religion of the Asdran'Ari. Though she must be careful as the Asdran'Ari religion is listed as a Cult, and those are forbidden in public within the Nation.

Leela wears a non traditional robes and helmet, with yellow colors instead to the often black robes of the Asdran'Ari.


Asdran'Ari has a fleet of small personal frigates as well as larger cruisers. None of them, however, are suited for the combat and they do not usually use weapons. However, they often have advanced cloaking technologies for evasion and are quite mobile. These ships come from many empires, bought from many sources and of various forms. Hence, they are often unnoticable.

Asdran'Ari produce some of ships on their own though, based on common Cyrannian designs. They are usually used by the leaders of Missions, Cardinals and the Patriarch himself.

Metropolite-class Carrier
  • Name - Metropolite
  • Task - Varies
  • Size - 100 metres
  • Weaponry - None, can be refitted
Carriers are relatively small ships commonly used by Asdran'Ari to transport high-ranked members of the cult, vessels of Republic origins. While carrying no weaponry generally, they are sometimes armed with low-energy superlasers if self-defense is required. Like all Asdran'Ari ships, they have advanced hyperdrives and cloaking systems, which is important if they pass through dangerous regions.



Green faceLet the One give you his blessing.


Yellow face...


Orange faceWe have nothing to say.


Red faceDisgusting.

  • Asdran'Ari do not have enemies per se.

Quotes from other empiresEdit

A bunch of crazy cultists.

- Commissar Aerlon

You are nothing. Pitiful sinners. Disgusting freaks. All you have in your souls is darkness and sin. Eternal suffering, flames of judgement and damnation await you.

- Exarch Laurinn Ma'fest

Bah. Religious fools.

- Tyrant

Keep your heresy off our territory!

- Dark Apostle Geltastra

Useful. To a point.

- Tyranus

I never liked cults built around messiahs, someone charismatic enough could pass themselves as their "saviour". The Grand Inquisition will have to watch their activities outside of Cyrannus very closely.

- High Inquisitor Arsac

A dangerous cult, heretics as they do not believe in the Gods!

- Empress Ramashe


  • Asdran'Ari was originally an old fiction that was abandoned by TheImperios; with the help of Cyrannian, it was remade as a Cyrannian faction.

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