The Ascolion Transitional Republic (also known as the ATR, or simply Ascolia) was the governing authority of the planet Ascolia in the Corrick system following it's unilateral declaration of independence from the Federal Republic of Corrick.

Following years of what Ascolions viewed as mistreatment and subjugation at the hands of the Federal government, a large and vocal independence movement began to take shape fronted by a political wing, the Ascolion Transitional Caucus, and it's enigmatic leaders Abni Abdalluur and Dalaar Phanto. At the 12 DBF general election they received their best result in the history of the party, winning 41 of Ascolia's 45 chamber seats and giving them the ability to enter a coalition with the ideologically-aligned True Atavists. The Ascolions hoped this would lead to the possibility of a negotiated move towards independence, however an authoritarian drive by new Prolocutor Dina Horton ended all hopes of a peaceful settlement.

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