Embrace the light of life. At a cost of your mortality, you have become a messenger for the light. Balance the alignments of the universe.

- Vi'Navitum

Ascension is a process of mortal soul-cleansing, and turns mortals into an angelic-state of being. Ascended beings become immortal and gain powers to suit them in their progression of gaining Celestial energies. Generally, the power of ascension clears the mindset of an individual and changes the appearance to match.

Methods of Ascension[]

Whilst there are not as many methods to Ascend as there are to Descension, Ascension methods are often a safer route than Descension, as Descension often has the risk of death in the process. However, Ascension is frequently regarded as a harder process to find, as the number of ascended beings have withered greatly since the Tigris War.

Type A - Absolve[]

Absolution (not to be confused with the state of being) is the most approachable form of Ascension. Through other ascended beings, mortals can be ascended. Atiemus Angarg was ascended by Macin Xermilin in this fashion.

Type B - Enlightenment[]

Through study, beings can become ascended through enlightenment. Although this may take a lifetime, even hundreds or thousands of years to achieve, one can prolong their lifetime to study true ascension. Macin Xermilin was presumely ascended in this way.

Type C - Born Ascended[]

Some beings are inherited with Ascension, directly or hidden potential. Only two examples of these exist: Hierarch Kroc and Kithworto.

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