The Blade of the Ascendancy, also known as simply the Ascendancy Armed Forces or AAF to the less ceremonial, is the military branch of the Ascendancy of the Broken Ring. It is known and feared throughout Aoshtai for its size and technological might. Wild stories are often told in other empires of how Ascendancy troops alongside machines from the notorious Ingens ultraheavy vehicle line rage mercilessly through cities, Lorem gleefully slaughtering enemy soldiers and civilians alike. The stories and rumors surrounding the seemingly unstoppable forces that make up the Blade are not without ground in reality, as vast numbers, and technological advantages give the Blade a considerable advantage over their many, many foes. The Blade is divided into three primary sections: The Exercitus Corp, which is the army, it deals with ground-based warfare as its primary role. The Classem, functioning as their stellar navy, consisting of all military ships and space installations. Finally, the Suprema is the high command of the military, it houses the officers not exclusively focused on either the Exercitus Corp or the Classem, such as the High Generals that direct the wider operations of the Blade as a whole.

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The ClassemEdit

The Classem is the Ascendancy's space navy, and is a part of the wider Blade.



Capital ShipsEdit


The Saber-Class is a sleek and elegant design.

Saber Class

The Saber-Class is one of the Ascendancy’s current mainline ships, a cruiser, and is renowned for its speed and power. It’s primary armament of hardlight beam batteries affords it power and range, with it’s powerful engines allowing for high acceleration. It’s armor and shields are average, but not poor by any means.

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The Gladius is a heavy-hitting and appropriately imposing ship.

Gladius Class

The Gladius is the Ascendancy's mainline destroyer. It isn't particularly fast, but can take a beating and dish it back twofold. They usually function as a supporting member of the fleet, not taking point, while delivering a substantial firepower element. Some variants also feature a glassing port for orbital bombardment or an improvised attack.

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The bulk of the Scythe conceals a large capacity for smaller ships.

Scythe Class

A dedicated carrier, the Scythe class features far less heavy guns than other ships, trading them for increased point defenses. It carries hundreds of fighters in its sheltered hangar array behind the "head" of the ship, which has a large shield generator dedicated to protecting the hangar alone. Due to the indirect nature of the Scythe's attacks, it hangs behind dedicated combat ships to physically shield itself.

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The imposing size of the Claymore betrays its impressive capabilities in combat.

Claymore Class

A feared sight to all, the Claymore is a large Ascendancy battleship known for its size, durability, and high firepower. Bristling with heavy weapons, Claymores lead fleets and use their extensive armament to hammer enemy cruisers and other large ships. Their size and somewhat undersized engines means that their maneuverability is rather limited, and they lack any extra point defenses, meaning that a powerful fighter offense can be the best means of combatting these gargantuan ships.

Subcapital ShipsEdit

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Agile and versatile, Angel fighters are effective in a variety of scenarios.

Angel Class

The Angel is a capable multirole space superiority fighter used nearly universally within the Ascendancy. Its twin hardlight emitters have multiple modes, such as long range beams, rapid fire bolts, and even explosive bombs. It is said that it takes a certain kind of crazy to become an Angel pilot, as mortality rates and physical tolls for pilots is notoriously high from the speeds involved.

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