Arvekian Union, formerly known a Bug union is a species union located in the Milky way galaxy. It consists of 3 different species - the Krisis, Defessa and Toseel (Mammals). It's notable for it's insect supremacism and hate for non-insects.

Krisis[edit | edit source]

"We are not for squishing, we are not small, we are INSECTS!!" - Bolieaux Unschrie

The species of planet Arvekia in the Lacac system. All Krisis, including Vivan DaTrak and Bolieaux Unschrie, are zealots. This is a result of massive Arvekian propaganda. Krisis are, how they call, are the "messengers of insects", which try to unite every single insect in the galaxy. Their current sub-leader, as well as the leader of the Arvekian Union, is Vivan DaTrak, a zealot. In the military, they are used as ordinary soldiers because they can adapt to different situations very quickly.

Defessa[edit | edit source]

"We may be part amphibians, but out heart and brain are insect!" - Ekivdol

The species of planet Scobulus in the Osmon system. Althrough the Defessa race shows some features of amphibians (tadpoles, etc.), they are considered as insects. Majority of the Defessa race are shamans, but you can find zealots and warriors. The Defessa are less supremacists than Krisis, due to their amphibian features. Their current sub-leader is Ekivdol, a shaman originating from a pureblood shaman family. In the military, they are used as cannon fodders due to their sheer number and weakness.

Toseel[edit | edit source]

"Wise mammals..." - Vivan DaTrak

The species of planet Kiphamphig in the Icanta system. Despite not being insects, Toseel wanted to join the union, possibly due to the Amaravaz-Arvekia war. The "Insect Union" changed it's name to "Arvekian Union" to avoid confusion when the Toseel joined. Almost all Toseels prefer the warrior lifestyle, but however, you can rarely find zealots. The Toseel are the least privileged members of the Arvekian Union, because they aren't insects. Their sub-leader is Arri the Rick, a warrior coming from, as his nickname suggests, a very rich family. In the military, they are used as grunts and tanks because they're more advanced than insects.

Relationships with other insect(oids)[edit | edit source]

The Arvekian Union has succeeded in charming the Wuermi empire, claiming that "they have proven themselves better than their makers" and "resisting non-insect slavery". Also, they dislike the Loron because of their intelligence, and sasying that they're a shame for both insects and reptiles, but they said that the Norol are good and that they shouldn't be part of the Loron species. They also allied with the Gobogm, another insect race trough trade and help.

Relationships with others[edit | edit source]

They have the best relationship with other insect/oids. See this for more info.

Green face.png Allies "Very wise races" - Vivan DaTrak

  • Gobogm republic "Another one joins the swarm... heheheh!" - Vivan DaTrak
  • Wuermi empire "Proof that insects don't need communication to be allies" - Ekivdol

Blue face.png Friends "I know why they fear to be part of the alliance..." - Ekivdol

  • Velruedi empire "Victims of same-species racism... that's why we should never humiliate our own species" - Vivan DaTrak

Yellow face.png Neutral "Neither good or bad, but we should work on our relationship" - Vivan DaTrak

  • Kgoveressi empire "They like that we dislike the TTK and hate us for being insects..." - Vivan DaTrak
  • The Empire of Kryyii "Paid our tribute. Thanks." - Vivan DaTrak

Orange face.png Annoyed "I can smell the fear from them, not crossing the war boundary" - Vivan DaTrak

  • Gabriel Ged "Stupid Kryyii criminal." - Ekivdol
  • Vildred Kazviu "Another scammer... where's the Kgoveressi police?" - Vivan DaTrak
  • Ocheo empire "Fat and traders, everything that's wrong with the milky way..." - Vivan DaTrak
  • TTK "Them and their "brothers" Kevidoru..." - Vivan DaTrak
  • Loron race "Their intelligence is an insult BOTH for insects and reptiles!" - Vivan DaTrak
  • Ervilgul kingdom "Insect-hating bastards! We were wrong about them!" - Vivan DaTrak

Red face.png At war "Stupid enough to attack and humiliate us" - Vivan DaTrak

  • Kevidoru empire "It all started with small conflict, then it grew larger..." - Vivan DaTrak
  • Nakvildi empire "Too xenophobic." - Arri the Rich
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